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Image 8 of Kentucky live stock record, February 12, 1881

Part of Kentucky live stock record

, .vavat, iwy ntiiiv T WM Kentucky Live Stock Record, I04 ton's blindness. When ho came to me from Kentucky In the year 1853, no horBe had bettor eyes than ho had. The late Capt. Wm.J. Minor told me he would like much No. 10 JORDAN'S HOW. to see him work, and 1 Invited him to come Lexington ?B. G. BRUCE, - Editor and Proprietor. the next morning. That night got out of his box stall, and stood the wholo night at the seed box. My stable was a large one, with a passage In the middle, and TO CORRESPONDENTS. double doors on each end , and the bars must have been lest down of bis door, so that he Any Irregularity 111 ine dollvery of the could get out In the passage to Hie seed box, k Record should be and 1 not knowing to Is, when Captain KENTUCKY mmedlatelv made Known 10 mo jruuuauor. Minor came worked the horse two miles. He Correspondents attending Publio Bales moved so 6lugglsh that I knew there was will much oblige us by promptly forwarding something wrong, tind I did not give him marked catalogues containing names of pur- any more wark. As soon as Captain Minor chasers and prices, or ether Information as to went away I went over to the stable to see the result. what was the matter. I sound the horse for Insertion ah communications IntendedRkcobd must with a high sever, both eyes closed, and I Live-stocIn the Kentucky be accompanied by the writer's name and bled him freely. At the same time told Old address, not necessarily for publication, but Henry (my headman) he had to tell me as a guarantee of good faith. how the horse came in such a nx, and he All letters addressed to this paper, contalnH'ranK)y acknowledged ,the horse getting out and ever aster ing proper interrogatories, will be duly an- - ofthostabloto theieed-boxswerd tnrougn ine column oi nuerics uu this his eyes were effected. 1 have no doubt oe Answers. Those of a private nature, musi accompanied by a stamp; otherwise they that working the horse full brought It about Ho shrunk to nothing, and It was more than will not be answered. nothing but a sew green papers of our subscribers a week aster he ate The tag on the on which is the name of the subscriber, willn blades of fodder, I am very much pleased, and take much also have a printed number, when subscrib-tlopaid and has been corresponds when the number pleasure in reading the memoir of Lexing with the number of the paper on the tag, the subscription will have ex- ton that you are now finishing. Every word you say about him Is true. He was undoubt pired. was foaled. are re- edly the best race horso that ever Correspondents and contributors yours, J. B. Fryob. quested to write only on one side 01 a sheet Very truly Lexington was the flist horse that carried of paper. time for fourml'es below 7:20, and since that two ol his daughters have pioduced horses that have beat his performance. He wrought THE LIVE STOCK RECORD. a wonderful ohange In the time records, and for the past twenly years he and his get have seek the journal that has Advertisers should occupied the highest positions on the Amer the largest number of readers, and the Live ican turf. Is we examine the Racing Calen Stock Record has a larger circulation Hum dar, we find the fastest and best time on e to record at all distances, from a all the non sccidar papers put together sour miles, have been mado by Lexington bold state in Lexington. This is a and his sous, or else by horses out of Lexing ment, but a true one, and its circulation is ton or his son's mares. Besides all,thls you larger among the better classes in the sur- cannot lay your flnger upon a sire of any rounding towns and counties tributary to note. Imported or native, whose reputation as a stallion does not rest upon Lexington TsxinntarCi trade, which mah ,t the brst blond. The best of these stallions get are mil. medium for.auvartiiers tn ine JJtu&ygw pirijMnr.mi raare,oriauahtraxUxls-SnaRL- , uu iuui.koHju,.Tsaj8(. gion, Umintet men. dm, ous on mfsf ',' once hjuu largest number of readers and the b&tMasS lngton (except in the caso of Longfellow), King Alfonso, Glenelg, Waverley Fhaetou, 0 buyers, shouldavail themselves of ilf rcU Lougfollow, Virgil, Buckden, Australian, umns, as a medium Alarm, Billet, John Morgan, Revolver, King Ernest. Catesby.Enoulrer (whose dam is bv (Lexington), Hiawatha. Melbourne, Jr., Glen TURF HISTORY. garry," Lelaps, Saxon, Dickens, Star Davis Harry O'Fallon, and a number of others, to say nothing of what his sons have sired. It Memoir of Lexington. When Lexington was purchased Jjy the Is in the light of suoh facts as these that we late Sir. R. Atchison Alcxander.'jiis- great must judge ol the worth and merit of this great horse's produce. - powers as a racehorse had to be acknowlTo show what the descendants of this horse edged from his grand performances, but his detractors, having nothing in the way of hie have done, we annex a table of the best breeding, form and performances to com- - second, and third best performances at all 'plaln of, charged that he would get blind distances. TIME TABLE HALF A MILE. colts. The chnrge has lately been reiterated by imp. Leamington, ch f that a largo percentage of his got went blind. Ollllpa,Oleata (2), Lexington,!)? lbs: Sar by dam This Is untrue, and the proper way to Judge atoga. July 25, 1S71 0:17 of the matter is to take some of the largest juiziu q, u i tj, uy wuuuerer sou 01 Lexington), dam Katie Peurco, 07, lbs; breeding farms where Lexington's sons and Lexington, K ., May S, 1880 0:18 daughters are to be sound. First look at Idalia, b (2), by imp. Glenelg, dam item by Lexington, 107 lbs; Monmouth Woodburn Farm, the property of Mr. A.. J. 0:49 Park, July 4, 1876 Alexander, who has two sons of Lexington, OF A MILE. Asteroid and Pat Malloy, both have good eyos, and he has some twenty-twbrood Mollle Brown, b f (2), by Kin Allonbo, dam Mol'le Wood by Lexington, 97 mares, five of whom are blind. 1:02 lbs,;Springfleld,IU., June 17, 18S0 In the Freakness Stud, North Elkhom Brambalelta, b f, (2) by Bonnie ScotFarm, property of Mr. M. H. Baulord, there land, dam Ivy Loaf, graudam by Lexington, 8S lbs; Grave-senare threejsonsof Lexington, Baywood, Mon. 1880 , archist, and King Lear, all three have good Bye theL. I Sept.I 4, by Bonnie Scot- 1:02)4 Way, ch (2), oyes. Thore are twenty-twmares, only land, dam Carotin by Imp. Scythian, 78 lbs: SueeDShead Bay. Sent. 21. tvo of whom are blind. 1880 IMli In the Ranoocas Stud, property of Mr. F. Bonnie .. Wood, b f (3), by Bonnie ScotLorlllard, Jobstowu, N. J., there nro two land, dam woodbine by Lexington, 1C2 lbs; Saratoga, July 20, 1878 l:02Jj sons. Cuke of Magenta and Uncas, both with good eyes, ana eighteen brood mares' TUREE QUARTERS OF A MILE. only one of whom we believe is blind, The Barrett, bo (2), by imp. Bounle Scote land, dam Suo Walton by Jack Banshee. Hereis as small a percentage of HO lbs: Monmouth Park, N. J., blindness as can be shown by any sire, and 1:14 Aug. 14, I80O is infinitely smaller than either imp. Glen-co- e Knight Templar, ch g (3), by Fellow-crat- t, dam Emma Johnson by Union, or Yorkshire. It 13 easy enough to make 77 lbs;Sleephead Bay, L. I., Sept. 18, charges, but it is an entirely different thing 1BS0..... . .1:11 to test them by actual facts. Gouvorneur, be (2), by Harry Bassett,, dam Fenny by Jerome Edgar, 82 lbs; jA.8 a three year old no colt had better eyes 1:14 Gravesand,L.I.,Sept.l8. 1880 than Lexington, and his subsequent blindONKJIII.K. ness waaowlng to accidental causes, as will (6), by Fhaelou, be seen by reference to the- following letter Ten Broeck, b h by Lexington, 110 dam lbs; Fanny Holton from his former trainer, Mr. J. U. Fryor. 1:39 Louisville. Ky.. May 24.1877 1SSI. Boardmxn, b g t4), by Bonnie Scotland, HoLMDEL,N.JFob.2d, My Dear Sir. Your letter of the 28th dam woouDine Dy i.exingion, ui ins; 1:40 Sheepshead Kay, Sept. 21, 18S0 ultimo was received, and I hasten to give alt Search or, b e(3), by Enquirer, dam Bonthe Information can concerning Lexing. nie May by Bonnie Scotland, 00 lr.s; Kentucky Live Stock Record, Live-Stoc- " k half-mil- pub-lushe- d o- -o 1 o Bay-slow- o Ma-lan- Vol. 13, No. Lexington, Ky., May 13, 1875. (This-waa mile beat race in which ho dis1:41 , tanced the field) Warfleld.b s (5), by War Hance, dam P'lorac by M Ickey Free, 103 lbs; Sheepa- 1:12 head Bay, Sept. 25, 1880 ., ONE MILE AND AN EIGHTH Bob Woolley, br c (3), by Imp. Leamington, dam Item by Lexington, 00 lbs; 1:54 Lexington, Ky., Sept. 0, 1875 Hlmyar, b h (5), by Alarm, dam Hlra by Lexington, 115 lbs; Louisville. Ky. 1:54 Sept, 30, 18S0 (1), by Panic, Janet - EthelMurray, b fby Jack Malone, dam 105 Sprague lbs Brighton Beach, C. I.. July 31, 1878 1:51 (a doubtful record) Hlmyar, bh (5), by Alarm, dam Hlra by Lexington, 115 lbs; Louisville, Ky., 1:55 May 5, 18S0 Blue Eyes, ch c (4), by Enquirer, dam BucbubyPlanet.llO lbs; Louisville, 1:55 Ky., May 28, 1879 ONE MILE AND A QUARTER. Mendelssohn, be (J), by Imp. Buckden, dam Metella by imp. Australian, grandam by Lexington, Oolbs; Lexing2:08 ton, Ky., May 10,1880 Beatitude, b f (4). bv Bonnie Scotland. dam Marlnos-- i by Jack Malone. 107 lbs: 2:08 Chicago, June 21,1880 (jnaney uornam, Dg wi. uy uiarney-stoudam Aurora Ilaby, grandam Ultima by Lexington, 87 lbs: Lexing 2:08 ton, Ky., May 18, 1877 e, ONE MILE AND 7 THREE MILES'. Ten Broeck. bo(4), by ImpPbmton.dani Fanny Holton by Lexington, 101 lbs; Louisville, ICy, Sept 23, 1876 .......Stft.1, (This Is erroneously given in Racing Calendar at 5:26.) Ellas Lawrence, b c (3), by imp Billet, dam Sprightly by Lexington, 98 lbs; Saratoga, N Y, Aug 28, 18S0 5:281i Frogtown, b c (4), by Bonnie Saotland, dam Ada Cheatham by Lexington, 104 lbs; Lexington, Ky, Sept 21, lS72...52j Vauxhall, b c (4), by Lexington, dam Verona bv Imp Yorkshire, 108 lbs; Saratoga, N Y. Aug 7. 1869 0:30 Helmbold, ch o (4), by Australian, dam Lavender by Wagner, out of Lexington's dam, 108 lbs; Saratoga. N Y, July 5:30 20,1870 FOUR MILES. Ten Broeck, b c(4),by imp Phaeton, dam Fanny Holton by Lexington, 104 lbs, vs. Time; Louisville, Ky, Bept 27, 76....7:15J4 Fcllowcraft, ch c (4), by Imp Australian, dam Aerolite by Lexington, 108 lbs; Saratoga, N Y, Aug 20, 1874 7:19'2 Lexington, b h (5), by Boston, dam Alice Carneal by Imp Sarpedon, 103 lbs, vs. Time; New Orleans, La, April 2.1855 7:11.!. Janet, br m (6), by Lightning (sou of Lexington), dam Kelpie by Uonnle Scotland, 115 lbs: Louisvlllt, Ky.Sept 27,1879...! 7:23 MILE HEATS. Knight Templar, ch g (3), by Fellow-crafdam Emma Johnson by Union, 92 lbs; Louisville, Ky, May 24, 18S0 1:15, 1:17 Jericho, ch c(4), by Revolver, dam Skylight by Lexington, 110 lbs; Nashvlllo, Tenn, April 28. 1SS0 l:16)i, 1:15':. Knight Templar won the first heat by sour lengths, and came In flist for the second by a length, but was distanced for a soul, and race given to Jericho. Egypt, ch h (aged), by Planet, dam Lady Barry by imp Emu, 118 lbs; Louisville, Ky, May 28, 1879 1:16, 1:17 t, Uncas b c (4), by L xlngtoa, dam Coral by Vandal, 107 lbs; Bheepsbead Bay, Luke Blackburn, b e (3), by Bonnie Bcoiiana, aam ivevaaa dj Lexington, 9fi lbs; Sheepshead Bay, June 22, 1880.2:21 Spendthrift, ch c i3), by Australian, dam Aerolite by Lexington, 123 lbs; 2:25 Jerome Park, N. Y., June 10, 1879 ONE MILE AED A HALF. Luke Blackburn, b c(3), by Bonnie Scotland, dam Nevada by Lexington, 102 lbs; Monmouth Park, Aug 17, 1880 4 2:31 MILE HEATS. Torn Bowling, b c (1), by Lexington, Kadi, bg(6), by Lexington, dam Katoua dam Lucy Fowler by Imp Albion, 101 by Voucher, catch weight, about 90 lbs; Lexington, Ky, May 12, 1874 2:3434 lbs; Hartford, Conn, Sept 2, 1875...1:12, 1:11., Faroie, br g (4), by Leamington, dam Dan Sparling, b c (4), by imp Glenelg, Maiden by Lexington, 97 lbs; Saratodam Item by Lexington, 106 lbs; 2:36 ga, N Y, Aug 14, 1877 Sheepshead Bay, L I, Sept 21, 1880 ONE MILE AND 1:4114, l:l'J, 1:11' i Ten Broeck, b c (3), by Imp Phseton, Ada Glenn, ch f (4), by imp Gienele. dam Fanny Hollou by Lexingtou, 90 dam Catlna by imp Australian, 10ii 2:19 I be; won the first heat. lbs; Lexington, Ky, Sept 9, 1875 Checkmate, b g (5), by Glen Athol, dam Hlmyar, be (3), by Alarm, dain Hira by Full Cry by Vandal, out of Spring-brooLexlngton, 105 lbs; St Louis, Mo, Juno by Lexington, 111 lbs; Sheeps4,1878 1:42, 1.431,. ..it2:60 head Bay, Sept lb. 188) Camargo, ch c (3), by Jack Malone, dam Monitor, ch g (3), by Glenelg, dam Minx Vedette by Vandal, 100 lbs; Louisville, by Lexington, 98 lbs; Fiospect Park, Ky, May 20,1875 v..J:i2.-i- , 1:I3'4 L I, Sept 13, 1879 j k 2) ONE MILE AND TWO MILE HEATS. BradamSnte, ch I (8), by War Dance", GeorgerWIbsrraaciisffiTfMlfc, Jfov. 17, . SMJ4 1877 .fiE nciiE Doubtful. land, dam Nevada by Lexliv Willie'D., bg(4), by Revolver, dam Skyg;01 lbs; Louisville, Ky, SeptbO, 18HJJ, light by Lexington. 102 lbs-- ; Prospect uienmore,cn u (a), ny uien Atnoiuam .... Park.L.L.Sent.11.1879 Lotta by Hunter's Glencoe, 1(11 lbs: (aged), by Lexington, dam Sheepshead Bay, J une 25, 1SSO . .1 31 Arizona, b moy me jure. llllbs.; Louisimp. mub TWO MILES. ville, Ky., May 18, 1875 3:37 3:35 Ten Broeck, b h (a), by imp Phaton, THREE-MILHEATS. ram canny notion ny r,exingipn 110 lbs vs. Time; Louisville, Ky, Al829, Norfolk, b c (4), by Lexington, dam No1S77 vice by Imp. Glencoe, 100 lbs.; Sacra..:.......3:27 MoWblrter, chc(3), by Enquirer, lam mento, Cal., Sept. 23, 1805; best average Ontaiio by Bonnie Scotand, lOOlbs; Uvo u.?.at,s 5:27, 5S9 ,T.....3:30 Louisville, Ky, May 28, 1877 Brown Dick, br c (3), by imp. Margrave, Courier, b o(4), by Star Davis, damMlly , dam Fanny King by imp. Glencoe, 86 Lexingtou, lbs. (age dating from May 1); New OrJ byMay 28, 1877 101 lbs, Louislle, Ky, leans, La , April 10, 1855 ...S:31 . . . 5:30M 5:28 Mollle Jackson, ch 1(1), by Vandal, dam TWO MILES AND Emma Wright by imp. Margrave, 101 iloultor, ch g (1), by imp Glenelg, .On lbs.; Louisville. Ky., May 25, 1861. Minx by Lexmgton, HO lbs; Baltlmre, Sherrod, ch h (4, by Lecomte, dam Md, Oct 20, 18SU Picayune by Medoc, 101 lbs., won the Aristldes, ch c (4), by Leamington, ivm second heat. The lat two miles of Saiongby Lexington, 10S lbs; Le.Mg-lothe first heat were run In 3:35; the last Ky, May 10, 1876 ;.8:15 two of the second heat In 3:36Ji: the Mate, h h (6), by Australian, dam Made last mile of the third heat In 1:18. Gross by Lexington, lllflbs; Sdiat.ja, These are the best three and best tblid $13:16 NY, July 31, 1875 heat on record 5:35, 5:3i4, 5:2S . . s E T . TWO MILES AND A QUARTER I Preakness, b h (aged), by Lexlngin", clam Bay Leuf by Imp Yorkshire, 14 lbi 3:56J4 Springbok, ch h (5), by imp AustraliJ dam Hester by Lexington, 111 10s 18:56 Dead hrat Jor Saratoga Cup. StaKS divided. July 29, 1S75. Blue Eyes, eh h (5), by Enquirer, dm Buchu by Planet, 115 lbs; Chicago, UJ June 22, 18S0 S:5 Harry Bassett, ch 0 (4), by Lexiugin; dam Canary Bird by imp AltalomOS lbs; Saratoga, N V . J uly hi, mi , 3:59 . TWO MILES AND A HALF. I c (4), by imp Leamlngiq; my nil. darn Sflronir hv ma--Lexington. Kv.Msv J. IK7B Katie Pease, eh f (4), by Planet, tml i.iiuuio oiausueiu uy imp uieucoe,u lbs: Buffalo. N Y. Sent id. i,vm ii:"su ... ... .V, Jk 1 TOUR MILE HEATS. Ferlda, b f (4), by imp. Glenelg, dam La Henderson by Lexington, 105 lbs.; Sheepshead Bay, L. I., September 18, loSO 741 723 Lexington, b c (4), by"Boston, 'dam Alice Carneal by Imp. Sarpedon, 103M lbs.; New Orleans, La., April 14, 1855.....7:233; Lecomte withdrawn alter gavo the raco to Lexington. first hent, which Glenmore, ch h (l), by imp. Glen Athol. tlitni Lotta by Hunter's Glencoe, 10S ius.; uanimore, Md., Oct. 25, 1879 Willie D , bg"(4')', by'RevoVverfdam Sky7131 light by Lexington, 105 lbs., won the first heat by three lengths; Glenmore won the second by half u length and the third by a head. Lecomte, cb c (3), by Boston, dam Reel by imp. Glencoe, 89 lbs.; New Orleans, i HnllanlrlDl h An. La., April S, 1851 7:26. iVinaliitil .) n ..1 Or... n. . .. t, l jdiV. """ uuuiiicutj oy . Take a carelul look over tula list, and ou Albion, 90 lbs; Baltimore, Aid, Oct! will find only 6lght names out of the ; 1871 mix performances mentioned but what TWO MILES AND Lexington's Wood is cjosely Interwoven. Ten Broeck. b c (i. bv imn Phmmn h . , r. . .. u1........ U.U1LV.I4 .. JL.6A.1 UglO U , 1U3 IK! uy Enquirer's dam was Lida Lexington, Ky, Septlti, 1876 "as;; Blue Eyes, besides havingby Lexington, and Lexington, blood TWO MILES AND through Enquirer, his great grandam. was Hubbard, ch 0 (4), by Planet, dam MJ.I Alice Carneal, Lexlbgtou's dam. 'rSSbnly nie luuimuuiu uy imn. uiei.rnM lire ih!EsSs: names lu the list in which Saratoga. Aug 0. 1873 there laS6l a diKentucky, b h (6), by Lexington, aixim rect cross of Lexington's blood, either ou iMtiguuiin uy imu uiuucoe, 1..1 loi: Jr 9 sire or dam's side are By the Way, Glenmore, rome Park. Oct 3. 1800- wii Katio Pease, Hubbard, Egypt, Brown Dick, Tom Oohiltreo, bro (4),.by Lexlngto. dam Katona by Voucher, 118 ibb; jM Mollle Jackson and Lecomte, and only oue lomel'ark, N Y, Jurrol7, 1878 ml)i of the eight stands at the head of the best 1 7:i sevon-ty-seve- n ft

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