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Image 1 of Hopkinsville Kentuckian, May 3, 1904

Part of Hopkinsville Kentuckian

m i V II VOL XXVI ii i y- j il r f Li > ilr IVfHOPKINSVrLL1i n L sVY > EntutKimt hi f t Yt 73 ESDAy 10 AY3t904 > J t > I AT heelsY- ular or French At 300 to 350 Y q jN Useful IViblates the P r Sections b 63 and 64 of lOur ConstitutionOpinionUnanimous rankfort Ky April 29The fi i At 250 sevendifferent high heels tiJapanese Patent Leather Sandals turn sojesi opera fi fit200 heels 2 to 7 l> 175t Wjj rt < At > l f styles Vici StraprSanaals 4FiveJdifferent soles sizes 2 to19 At 150 I 1Jjwith ¬ ¬ ¬ J K Anderson ¬ < Co Line See Our New YJ V 3 tJ 0i1r L j f > Vi f XiJIMv Buggies 1 1 J l We have the bestt the county f or P750 see t oneyear ed for yt Guaran rr 44- < rii A YOST u G The Tennessee Central has in augurated a Sunday excursion train from Hopkinsvllle to Nash vine and return the initial trip be ing made last Sunday The ser vice will be continued during the Summer The rate is one fare for the round trip and trains stop at all intermediate stations between Train leaves here and Nashville Hopkinsville at 7 am reaching Nashville at 11 oclock Return ¬ ing it leaves Nashville at 430pm and arrives at Hopkinsville at 830 ¬ ¬ pmd WARDEN TO WED CO 202 South Main St Bride a Famous Beauty of Gray son County I Ky 7 u ia r i passedI and that he like 30 cents made some reply he does remember what it was to the insult when the officer clubbed him from the side making a gash three inches long on his head Great confusion ensued people crowding around Taylor and denouncing the officer Taylor did not take the train but after being cared for by a sur- ¬ Morris geon returned to the hotel says the striking was a part of the disturbance growing out of the act that Taylor was over the line and refused to get back He also says Taylor tried to strike him look em 36 inch Black Taffeta Silk worth 150 T StM Main JONES Hopkinsville Ky TRICK CHANGE OF SCHEDULE L 71 ea51AI May 1Hon- TURNED Leaves On Groom Who married Christ ¬ ian County Woman Here Forty Minutes Later N Accommodation d The marriage of Mr Alexander Veech Goodman and Miss Margaret Rives was quietly solemized last Wednesday evening at the home of the brides sister Mrs Elliott B Beard in the west end says the Only the immed ¬ 6 oclock Shelby Sentinel 640 a m instead of Regular connection at Guthrie for iate relatives and a few close Louisville is made as usual The friends witnessed the ceremony accommodation reaches Nashville which was performed by Rev H D at 930 a m Returning it reaches Maclachlan pastor of the Christ ¬ the same ian church Mr and Mrs Good this city at 845 time as formerly No 93 South man left immediately after the at ceremony over the C O for a trip bound passes Hopkinsville Louis Many handsome 54 the St Louis to St 1201 a m No fast mail which formerly passed wedding presents received attest to here at 950 pm now departs at the popularity of the young couple who is one of Mr Goodman 1020 p m thirty minutes later bound morning Shelby villes most practical jokers No 52 the North turned on him on the train for St Louis departs at 941 had of his wedding His friends instead of 945 There were no day Several changes have been made N schedule on this di- ¬ in the L most important The vision change is that of the Hopkinsville accommodation and Nashville This train now leaves this city at i pm atrick cellaneous articles belonging to James Hanratty Jr There was X800 insurance on the barn and ad joining outhouses The loss of Jas about 800 with Hanratty no insurance The origin of the fire is unknown ¬ Jrs I unearthed an antiquated trunk and filled it full of all sorts of old things and decorated it most outlandishly It was shipped to Louisville and when he and his bride arrived at the Louisville Hotel it was there to greet them along with the taunts of the bystanders The following poster was distributed by Mr Goodmans friends to the passe gers on the train when it reached Sbelbyville and the good natured groom enjoyed the joke as hugely as any ot the others The poster which was in large type read uDontRubberA country couple from Shelbyville Ky just married and on their way to St LouisBuy your Lard Vinegar and Eggs from Alex V Goodman Bride Dont Disturb Them II >3 ¬ NEW TIME CARD PRESBYTERIAN MEETING Additions of Ham Schedule of Evansville District Only One Affected Meeting 128 BeginsTotal At the city churches Sunday fife then more persons were added to the membership traceable to the Ham meeting The Baptist church 8 Methodist 4 Cumberland Pres ¬ byterian 2 and Christian 1 This makes a total of 128 The meeting at the Ninth Street Presbyterian church began Sunday Rev L O Spencer will preach twice a day SKULL CRUSHED Says Hearst Would Win With Thomas Mason a farmer who lived near Allegree met a horrible death Mr Mason was engaged in falling a tree when a limb fell on him His skull was crushed caus ing instant death He was about fifty years old and leaves a family Hands Down 125 yd Our Price By Limb of a Tree Causing In ¬ stant Death Joe A Parker the Populist Chas A Nelson of Hardin county leader was in the city Saturday and Miss Annie Campell of Gray incidentally indulging in much son county are to be married May strong talk for Hearst He says 19 Miss Campbell is one of the Hearst is the only man the Demo ¬ prettiest women in Grayson county crats can elect and if he should be Mr Nelson is the present Deputy nominated the Populists would Warden at the Frankfort penitenti ¬ keep out of the fight and let the en ¬ ary and Has served his county two tire labor vote of the country be terms in the legislature and was a thrown in a body to Hearst which member ot the noted sessjon which would enable him to carry Ohio decided the GoebelTaylor guberna- ¬ Indiana and Illinois and most other doubtful states torial contest < 1- 5Oc yd PARKERS ROSY VIEW Frankfort t t Our Pri ¬ roughly ordered him to get back striking or pushing him He con- ¬ SUNDAY SERVICED trolled himself and as soon as the train stopped got in the line of pas Excursions Will be Run secgers with his instrument case in one hand and valise in the other During summer ¬ pBggy in it Jf Shirt Waist Silks worth a yard ¬ T Driving Wagons Etc Jr Price 25c yd ¬ i- zY iJ Oxford Suitings worth 50q a yard Grant Thomas and wifecolored changes made on the other trains people of near Roaring Sprung are For Using His Club on Civil En- ¬ ion the division gineer Taylor in jail at Cadiz charged with mak ing way with two of the formers At the L fc N depot BARN BURNED Saturday children The children had been afternoon Civil Engineer Harry living with Viny Thomas their Taylor of the T C Railroad was Destructive Fire Occurs Not Far mother and were delivered to struck on the head by Officer Lee From Oak Grove Thomas some months ago A Morris as a result of which They have mysteriously dis Mayor Henry suspended Morris Fire on the farm of James Han appeared Sunday morning pending investi ¬ ratty Sr of Clarksville situated A searching party of fifty or gation Mr Taylor was at the between Oak Grove this county and more citizens of the Roaring Spring resulted in the depot to take the train for Nash Ringgold Tenn neighborhood was organized and vine with his wife His version is destruction of Mr Hanrattys barn spent Saturday and Sunday hunt that he was standing with one foot and a large quantity of corn hay ing for the children but no trace of over the deadline and Morris oats harness plow gear and mis them was found Phaetons I Price lOc yd I Surreys q > tI F 1 tt1 i e8 Store j t 1r < l w ofAppeals I Ladies finest Patent Kid strap Sandals turn soles O to E last opera heels 1 Imported Mercerized Ginghams worth 25c a yard 1 > 4 Jnes e Act Unconstitutional St Petersburg May 1Russlai torpedo boats belonging to the Wa reg- ¬ divostok squadron sank a Japanese ti s of Carter Elliott and Lewis i1 i military of transport the Kinthe Maru 4000 tons during night of April 26 with all on board void in that it violates Sections 63 + with the exception of seventeen off- and 64 of that instrument which ixtyfive4f1- sections prohibit the reducing of the icers twenty soldiers the crew and eightyfive coolie cafj jarea of the counties from which a µ friers The others who refused to mew county is made to less than 1 > surrender were Sent to the bottom four hundred square miles their X population to less than 12000 and with the ship ttiat the line withinterimiles of an old Admiral Yeszen also reports besides the sinking of the Japanese Bounty seat The contention that the lines or boundary of the new steamer Goyo Maru at Won Gensan on April 25 the Russian county proposed would not close nut run into the State of Ohio the court disposes of by saying that the r of 220 tons whose crew veresayfidl act as a whole shows what was Rear Admiral Veszens full r meant its magisterial districts be sats that 200 men went dojjjrnl ing properly definedand such a c mistake alone Would not have invalidated the act The whole court In the case of the smaller Japan nese transport sunk by the torpedo- considered the case and Judge opinion from Hobson delivered crew was a at Wonsan the there was nosen which there is no the dissent ashore because ac Judge Hobsons points in a nut commodations for them in the tor- ¬ shell arpedo boats eFirstThe old counties must not Plan Submarine Attack be left with less than 400 square Port Arthur April 28One of miles of territory SecondThat the new county the submariner boats was put in commission April 24 It was re- must not contain less than 400 ceived in sections at Port Arthur square milebefore the war began At the first sThirdThat the new county ¬ lines must be ten miles or more from opportunity it is intended the sub marine vessels will be employed the county seats of the old counties FourthThat the old counties against the heavy ships of the enemust not be lett With less than 12 my 7 1Tv 000 inhabitants FifthIf any one pf the above MYSTERIOUS CASE constitutional provisions have been violated then the act is void says Searching Party Fails tbv Find the court Missing Children LEE MORRIS SUSPENDED Ladies Patent Kid Sandals oriel Fifth Avenue and Blucher styles B to E last I tJii JIcountyof lOur Russians Rrepaftfg to marine B t Are Proud Of c f 1 j I I I i Pf and 200 Lives Lost I jk ifN034 m BECKHAM COUNTY Two Japanese Transports Sunk Court of Appeals Declares the That We r KENTV RUSSIAN INNING Slip erstt i v Ir jk 5J 1 ¬ The new 1 time card went effect Sunday The only change made effects the Evansville district and these resulted by the N bridge at Hen ¬ using of the L derson instead of a transfer boat All I C Trains will go into Evansville twentyfive minutes earlier as a result of the use of the bridge and freight trains will arrive there an hour earlier than heretofore No local schedules are affected C into KELLOND AND SEWELL Former With fl K < T With the T Latter C W A Kellond formerly with the I C at Louisville is now chief clerk for the general manager of the Missouri Kansas Texas with headquarters in St Louis Brought to Asylum Mr O M Sewell formerly withuihe Commodore Wilson of the Dalton I Cat Fulton has been appointed country in Hopkins county was freight agent of the Tennessee adjudged insane last Thursday Central at Nashville Mr Sewell and brought to the Western Asyl- was formerly asssistaat su erin ¬ um Thursday night His mind tendent of the road fimtH the office was abolished at few days zgo has bees afficted for some time >V

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