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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 25, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS COLUMBIA VOLUME 5 Visit to Goebels Grave Dramatic Episode POSTUFFIOE DIRECTORY ADAIR COUNTY ¬ M Russell Postmasterofficehourlwcckdays700a m 930 pm of a highly dramatic ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ Carriages r Shop ion How to Cure Croup Mr R Gray who lives near Amenia Wagon Cham ¬ Elias PeabQdy who lives in the Duchess county N Y says berlain Cough Remedy is the best northern part of Madison county bad a terrible tussle the other night withImedicine I have ever used It is a fine I have leased the R C Eubank a strange visitor from the moon childrens remedy for croup and never shop and will When given as soon or James Whitcomb Rileys Crack of faile to cure Wagon Wotfk Doom bird which he turned loose in as the child becomes hoarse or even Madison county in 1867 when he was after the croupy cough has developedspecial attention Work done of the Anderson Democrat it will prevent the attack This by me will be firstclass Peabody was aroused from his dreams should be borne in mind and a bottle duce taken In return for work by something falling heavily upon h1sI the Cough Remedy kept at hand roof The thnmp was followed byIready for instant use as soon as these symptoms appear For sale by M scurrying Cravens OIHDS He jumped out of bed and grabbed PACKING There will not be time at the Janu ¬ his gun In the moonlight he saw the strangest kind of a thing He lowered ary term of the Franklin circuit court BOILER TUBES Well Casing Iron Pipe his gun and went out to meet it for Berry Howards trial It issaid de Though he cried Shoo as loud as he may have a hearing for bailGeneral Brass and Iron Goods the thing came straight at him Fells A Deadly Attack for Water Gas and when it came into close range My wife was so ill that good physic ¬ Factory Supplies Mill and Peabody grabbed it around the neck ians were unable to help her writes oTT MFG CO1 The visitor demonstrated in a second M M THE AHRENS Austin of Winchester Ind to Peabodys mind that it was not a INCORPORATPD but was completely cured by Dr 325329 W Main member of the goose family for ac ¬ Kings New Life Hills Teey work cording to the honest farmer it threw wonders in stomach and liver troubles a few kinks out of its neck andsho Cure constipation sick headache 25c out both of Its long legs landing on at T E Paulls Columbia and W H Peabodys breast with such a force as Wilkinsons Liberty floor him Then it stood guard over r One hundred and sixty street cars PRODUCE DEALERS him and his fowling piece blinking at were destroyed in Chicago by the burn ¬ great blight weld eyes We charge no commission on Butter Poul ¬ him with try and Egg Also guarantee highest market Peabody says he grabbed it again and ing of the Lincolnavenue barn of the prices Chicago Traction Company caught it about the legs but it set its 471 Brook Street wings in motion and laid him out The PrIde of Heroes LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY again He was game however and at Many soldiers in the last war wrote last succeeded In getting it in a corn to say tbatjf or Scratches Bruises Cuts crib where he locked It up until morn Wounds Corns Sore eet and Stiff and Strange Bird Fights Farmer givee Citrdage Proe BUBANKt Hose Belting footstepsJ f t SteamC 1 Louisville SLI Kentucky BRUNERCO WllOLESALEt Faners Farmers I am prepared totakeyourordersfori Joints Bucklens Arnica Salve is the ingWhen Peabody Inspected the bird in best in the world Same for Burns Hydraulic Rams daylight its legs were large and short Scales Boils Ulcers Skin Eruptions It had- and Piles It cures or no pay Only tOithrow water from your springs to and its feet were not webbed a yellow beak and large white eyes 25c at T E PauUs Columbia and W your houses or barns Can also furnish while its feathers were snow white and Hi Wilkinsons LIberty pumps of any kind cheaper than ever very coarse When he peeped through The worst earthquake shock since Write to me at Columbia for estimates a crack the bird was walking up and 1868 was felt in Manila Sunday morn- ¬ or call and se me at the Marcum Ho down the floor turning his head in ev- ¬ ing One house was wrecked and ery direction He opened the door Yours truly tel many houses were damaged and it go out but it showed no sign N WOOD Purify the Blood of flying away It walked into a pool By taking the old reliable Botanic of water but hustled out in surprise cures ulcers THE if water was a new thing to it It Blood Balm B B B would bump against the side of the scrofula eczema pimples itching skin CITIES SHOE STORE f barn and into the fence yet it is not aching bones boils carbuncles If you are all run down take B DB It will blind DEALERS IN give life vigor and strength to the Exclusive High Grade Neuralgia and Lame Back blood B Do B makes the blood pure Boots and Shoes have been a sufferer and rich Druggists 91 Trial treat- ¬ Dear from neuralgia and lame back for years ment free by writing Blood Balm Coi tOBJOJNTOBa OP two bottles of your liniment cured me Atlanta Ga New Designs accept my thanks and best wishes for For Sale or BentA good conven Fitting Modern Shoes your success I am sincerely yours lent dwelling on Burkesville street ad Perfect Mrs Sadie Morris Springfield Mo A joining the Hancock Hotel3iG Fourth Avenue SALLREBRoa TBartlett Agent Cane Valley ICy t THREEj SIrI f ¬ LOUISVILLE = Ji 1 i KY >fl pehiapacall Columbia TCjr llsI ¬ = ¬ ¬ KieltyS NUMBER Wllmore S Syto Rothchild Hotel- M WILMOKE GraJyvilje Prop Kentucky to stop TIIEllK at the aboved named hotel stable attached Bros Udefnbaum BOOTS AND SHOES 619 estDahl KlA Loulsilh StI Kc x Lhl YETINEM SURGEON M Nance WHOLESALE PRODUCE COMMISSION GOMPflNY 333 Seconi Street Loulsvllc Kentucky p lets 0 Tniel of Aihiir Uliiiiticp solicited prices u Savinorany FII 1C Ant 7EE I am fixed to tale can of r + CM I > C11EXS1IAW W1SERIAH II Sncccssors to Adam JEWELEKS and Established J rata it GatglGae Gas Go ond Street Dealers to Diamonds and 0 Fine line of Holiday attention given to work of poods in our line 132 bctwec n 1st and 2ond- Kentucky Acctxlfim Gus r lighting Town Residences Etc and Water Works for OpostteSiusic LOUISVILLE f1 i ¬ Works ¬ usThe J or Ky Belting trfr Pulleys and Mill toJ ¬ B 925 W soulTher Hawe i SWeinbaum MANUFACTURERS Good sample rooms and a firstclass table Rates very reasonable Feed Hartlesly Henry KotbcbUfc Is no better place Factory Fittings Saws MESTOWNartstunpull fr Tools skilled work men We solicit operators in this r andadjoining ¬ talitfa bet ¬ 0 0 i I i e orderi iyour e i i ZS i i s i i 01 + s J e o i + + 220 2 I rd i i I e N000 0 OON a 000 0 p PATT KV J7 No 1 otter placecan be found than at the above named hotel ¬ Its elegantly furnished and the ta ¬ ble at all times sup ¬ plied with the best ¬ soaks from its usual place at the 000 s ii i + new t the market affords Peed Stable in con aection J PATTERSON Stoves and Ranges For gpQct grade of sheet iron stoves stove Chairman Payne of the House Ways foot of the bed he knew something and Means Committee says a bill will was wrong He got up and light ¬ beframed reducing the war taxes onne el a match to investigate and the general lines of the last bill for found a burglar in the next room this purpose coils of tho snake which pipe elbows and dampers call on me A force of 1000 Colombians Liberl als supported by 4000 Venezuelan troops is reported to have taken Rio Htcha December 10 after two Vene zuelan Generate had defeated 2000 Colombians at Trienta Sold with or without vessels extra low Come and get my prices before buying ¬ CourierJournal year and News150a in the had its tail out the window rattl ¬ i ng for a policeman Mrs Mary Hays was drowned near Williamsburg while attempt ¬ ing to ford the river Tho male she was riding became unmanage able and got into deep water and ¬ htxas washeH off FJ C L COOK STOVES 4 t U tV HaUC l lbiaiif r 1 It f 4 1 7a ff ¬ i f 25 1901 The great claim that Chriat makes Just three months ago this morning for himself is that he has come into President McKInley died Just three the world as the source and the only months ago today at Buffalo Mr source of spiritual meYThe Revcr Roosevelt took the oath of Alice as end J F Cannon President and sid V In this hi ur of deep natural be Man was created in Gods image The Rev- rava mint I wish to state thixi It AhaU not without consultation be my alto to continue als lulely un erend John L Brandt they broken the policy of President McKIn We judge that he died that who live should not live unto them- ¬ Icy for the peace and prosperity and selves but unto him who died for them honor of ourbeloved country And the whole country stood reliev ¬ and rose again The Reverend C R ed and grateful for the announcement WatsonWInter forces men to fight cold and that the dead Presidents policy would be the new Presidents chart hunger or be overcome Out of this Yet now that three months have battle are born courage and fortitude passed since that pledge was so solemn and foresight We Americans are ly given and so loudly acclaimed by ing sight of the value of cold human nature needs opposition There is a the nation that it Iud all the moral a covenant iiti vhci tin physical as well ns > pir tuihinns tionIelTctof aMj ths pciitilcircr to Opposition is raver plea int fut leis Prol tit gH htr what du we sv V 1C T ho Revcn std J profitable Mr ROJSU veils first messa to U in BrennanTrials grcssis an ibsolule rvjecllou of the gave us Plymouth Rock andImain feature of Mr McKiuleys policy it is the same spirit in the moral and as he outlined it in his very abe speech physical world that forces us cut of at thr Buffalo Exposition ami which the place s of cast and complacency aud proved to ba his farewell message in makes us attain unto the bestThe the country That speech was receiv Reverend W J Williamson ed with approbatlcn that was not lam Of all titles Christianity has re ited by party lines but was national juIced most to be called The Jell loa in its character Its keynote wlsre of the poor The Reverend F M cipr city Its gist was contained In these memorable words Sometimes unexpected agonies The period of exclusiveness is past come into our ovn hearts whenr expansion of our trade and comthough our work appears to be accept merce is the pressing problem Comable and succcssfnl the worker is mercial wars are unprofitable A polignored and forgotten This is what Icy of good will and friendly relations tests Reverend E Duck will prevent reprisals Reclprocrty worth treaties are in harmony with the spir- ¬ Smooth outthe little imperfections it of the times measures of retalia ¬ are not which mar life The fly is a littlet In President Roosevelts message thing so is the rift in the lute but the one destroys the fragrance that might there is nothing like that He has practically repudiated it alland the fill a room the other destroys a har reciprocity treaties are dead mony that might thrill a Nor is this the only though it is the Reverend J C Horning n abandoment of Mr McKI nicys No cause is so Impotent as not There is a new order of Fed find men ready to endanger life fo- policy appointments in the South It ritTile Reverend M T may be good but it Is not the abso The result of every ministers study lutely unbroken policy of McKinley ought to be a systematized form oIs to be a new Collector of the ttruthThe Reverend F W Sneed Thereof New York the first Federal Port office outside of Washington and he Race for U S SenatorIs not to be Mr Bidwell whom Mr Mr J M Richardson editor of the McKinley had decided to rcappoint Glasgow Times writes his paper as And the chief counsellor and senatori follows foom Frankfort al representative of President Roose- ¬ There is one feature of the situation velt Is not Mr Hanna that should give heartfelt pleasure to In fine three months after the new every good citizen Whatever happens Presidents promise to continue absthere will be no repetition of the riot ¬ Mr McKinleys olutely unbroken ous proceedings the bloody tragedies policy nothing material of that policy of the BlackburnHunter and Goebel remains unchanged except that the Taylor legislatures No republican war in the Philippines goes on und thewill call out a thousand ml riffsheltered trust the monopolies the subsidy hunters and all the capited States Senator There will be no talistic combinations that thrive by ringing of riot alarms at the dead hour Government privileges and favors con ¬ of night The legislature will not inue to enjoy the Administrations dispersed at the point of the bayonet first consideration and care New or recalled for slaughter There will York World be no more of dark conspiracy or iota mous assassination Bradley Is retired Owing to the great quantity of floatto private life Taylor is uneasily ing ice in the Mississippi river steamy writhing on the bed he made for him- ors plying between Memphis and St self in Indiana The republican party Louis have been compelled to tie up has been tried found utterly wanting Fenians are accused of placing an and turned out of the power It could only use to abuse Democracy will at infernal machine in the Liverpool Ex- ¬ which exploded least conduct itself decently and re- change building publicanism is powerless There will wrecking the building and causing a be rows but they will all be in the fie democratic family and like the provo The blizzard in the Westand North erbial feline fight only result In mofe west has spent its force The damage democrats There will be a royal bat is not so great as first reported tiebut it will be of brain and politiA fire at Salem W Va destroyed cal strategy There will be pitting of is intellect and sharpening of wits and fiftysix buildings The loss with little a fierce struggle for a prize the hIghest estimated at 200000 that can come to a Kentuckian honor insurance ed by Kentucklans but through it all I Rattlesnakes aro grateful if will shine thesun of goodhumor andy ou gun their affections says a will all b3 between democrats it a correspondent the Cbrsicannn republicans are not In it thank God My brother Jim Texas Nows The Gradyville High School will found a fiixfoob rattler near town open under a boulder and in- ¬ first Monday J n January Primary course 9160 Intermediate stead of using his advantage he course 200 Teachers course 260 sympathetically released the snake Good board can be obtained for 9150 which became a pet and followed for full week from Monday until Fri ¬ Jim about and guarded him as day 8100 Address watchfully as dog One night he John W Flowers Principal Bliss Ky was awakened and missing the r i DECEMBER Three Months Hay Passed Thoughts From Sermons I strolled out to the Frankfort cem The Senate chamber was the scene episode when etery one of the most beautiful spots Senator Benjamin Tlllman of South on earth I verily believe and stood COURT DIRECTORY Carolina challenged his colleague Sen- by the grave of William Goebel the yesterday d ator McLaurin to resign with him on kindliest spirit of them all yearThuCtactnrCouarThreesesstous Monday In January third Monday In May and the spot In order to use his own lan ¬ evening There is no mark now to third Mondly In September guage that they might be allowed to distinguish the little earth muun d Circuit JudgeW W Jones wash their dirty linen at home Mr where after his stormy life and tragic Commonwealth s AttorneyN H W Aaron ShcriffrJ W Hurt death he rests at last Presently they McLaurin did not take up the gage Coffey Clerk Jno B ¬ The incident was the sequel of the will rear a marble shaft that will tow er towards the sky and stand a mute e ¬ very bitter controversy which arose be COUHTY CcumPirat Monday In each month tween senators in South Carolina last undying protest against the cruelty of Judge JW Butter County AttorneyJaeGataettJrman to man But it will not bring ClerkT R Stults springMr him back The unconquerable spirit H Mitchell Jailers McLaurin arose to a question of Assessor Q A Bradshaw has fled to the God who created it personal privilege and proceeded to SurveyorR T McCaffree thepowerful brain the dauntless heart D Jones School SuptW explain what he charged was a con Coroner Leonard Fletcher the poor tcnementof clay have mould spiracy to discredit him and it did not ed back to a mother earth kinder Monday la meet the approval of certain Demo CITY COOET Regularcourt second more merciful than his fellowman ach month cratic leaders Aiid the end of all the struggles of a IdgeJ W Atkins He declared that he was being hUe orney Gordon Montgomery life such as fen ltioitals ever live is a millated and according to public hillock of clay a handful of withered CHURCH DIRECTORY prints was to be excluded from the flowers the darknes the silence tile Democratic caucus because he had act- oblivion of the tomb Oh the infinite PRESBYTERIAN ed upon certain public issues in a way pity of it all Better athousand fold BnBKSviLLB SIMM Key T F Walton pastor Services second and fourth Sundays which he considered for the best inter better had democracy lost and its n each month Sundayschool at8 a m ever y ests of the country and of the people great leader lived to lead it still Sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday of his state night There was but ode William Goebel He announced himself a believer in Kentucky will never look upon his like METHODIST the old Democracy and after denounc agalnJ M Richardson in The Glas- ¬ ROT W P Gordon STBBBT BUBKSVILLB pastor Services first Sunday In each month ing the new Demooracy leaders who gow Times Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 am Prayer he said had brought destruction upon meeting Thursday night Operations in Wayno the party declared that he could not BAPTIST be driven from his old allegiance into The following is a summary of oper¬ W B CAVE OBBBK8BUBO SlBBBT Bey a party with which be did not care to ations in the Wayne oil field as given uastor Services third Sunday ineach monthPrayer affiliate by a correspondent to the Courier S andayschol every Sabbath at 9 Lm steeling Tuesday night Mr Tillman reviewed the whole con Journal and is doubtless corrector troversy and Mr Hoar took occasion nearly so Total number of wells drill- ¬ CHRISTIAN CAMPBBLLSVILLB P nEd ZT Williams to express the opinion that it was very ed sixtytwo total number of producPastor Services First Sunday In each ing wells twentyeight Cartotal number month Snndayschool every Sabbath at 9 am doubtful whether both the South Prayer meeting Wednesday nigholina seats in the s e n ate were of dry wells thirtyfour total number noon reality vacant He contended of producing wells worked out of floodtLODGES that when the resignations were offer ¬ ed fourteen present number of pro ed last springs to the governor they ducing wells eighteen number of 4MASONIC could not beW withdrawn thereafter wells better than 100 barrels four LODQD No 98 F and A MRegu COLUMBIA total daily production 780 barrels av¬ ar meeting In their hall over bank on Fri having become immediately operative day night on or before the full moon in each The climax came when Senator Till ¬ erage daily production a well forty G A KEMP WM month man challenged Mr McLaurin to join one barrels Note the average producT R STULTS Secy B A M No7 meetsI COLUMBIA COMTEK icupreparing their joint resigna- tion leaving out the four large wells full moon Friday night after JAS GABNBTT JB HP tions and handing them to the presid- ¬ at Suunybrook is about five barrelsa W W BBADSHAW Secretary ing officer of the senate The episode well The pay wells outside of Sunny was brought to an abrupt close by Sen brook are from from one to six years tor Lodge moving an executive sesIold and are drilled only to first sand New J KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY < r 1b t

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