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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 13, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

' J XLVIIL jNUMB. - ,. . A S- - . f TUR - - - August' i - V IX-- t t ' NOTICE. WHEREAS John Mrlhall,jun. day ofjune 7o 'made an entiy offoi ween thouland acies, to bein halt a mile well of aluige hicko'ry which itahds oive pole well of a lpring. emptjwg mtb the hoith. fotk or' luniiing thence S ,22?-E- . I405 poles, thence h. at right angles lor quantity. And wbeieL .is a luiey has linc'e bdcii made on, laid euti, sQidpaieiiHWlued theie-- ; on in the i.arite ol Kioinas as aiugnee ofthe said John S aj. d wheies the proof of tile said hickpiy tiee wlricli is how i'allenj depeiiUs on the tellun6ny ot NOTlCEr, p' fliall attejid tommilfiohers appointed by the court ot lafun cuunty, on the 26th ot sep- - I VL- - ' 13, 17981 - ""trAKEN up by the fubferiber ori PAINTING SIGN defiriptlons, doni by Of all JQ)';"'A , the wateis of Dry run, Scott a buy hoi se colt, two vears K G 0, K M 0 i? this lpring, appears to be frefli v oi hi.. Jl.k. :.,i OailkUWX wlic' At C'yt. William. Allen's.- -' wi JLl elded, a ltar Jti his sorehead, lus 8p Lexinfitoi , AiiiUit 11. mouth of Mill no vUiule pree uption at the i..;:.t.AiiL,i to an oiiler oh the rtear hind foo vlnte, crec:., on the nuitri lok of Lick61. depoli county court of Tetferfon, will blind, appratfed to Wm. STEAL; , ing ; in 01 der to take the be (old ai public auCtiori, on the lionraiul perpetuate the tcilimony , April 26, 1796 J 5thSep. iieU, on 2 ulonths crcclir, bt ldntlry witneHes icipeutiug laid A.r- - trp by the fubferiber,, V ella's ifnipi ovement , and qo luCi. in Louiivilie, sundry Maves or the liviniz in Clarke cpunty, on as ihall be judged neccl eltate ot tdnlund aylor, deed. raiiv Lick creek, a dark bfowii otJieJset. Qgieeaole to Lisv. Thruston, larj; twh JoaN .illcy, judged to be trtd y'eBijld, fARKtA. W i l l i a : a v tc, & Cao .ns TlLEX. &. 'Wiis fpting, no perceivable brand', l.exingtot)Au gult, JA'a 9b . KlCUARD 1 AY. OR, Cj 11,17 apprailed to 81. Ho dRtCKINRIDGE, CbrtNEtluS DiRHALX. jAugnUS,, '796-VVE ihall attend coinimihoucrs Mayj &, l?y6. t 1U bi. SUL.U tlY ai.nciiiLcj oy the cou.t ot now- ali, ;'ttils is therefore i Taken up the ;iiOln iber. the 1114 ieli bidder, on MonNaciion cuui.t;,on the twei.ty-le- rhtr near C ill lemon-- ' t hiilL pvitinii ui .ei)ii'ibei next, on u&- - 16 noif) all whom it may concern day ihe ntth day of Septemon Monday tfie thirij of u bfj notfe, tbreejtarseia tan J ring brand' ber ntv., ut tue late dweilmg-houf- e Mil lidi'e s p ecmptluii, on the that hmll on tuei.ur luticck JD, his ilhtfii to tht Otftqbo next, attend by my my Lert fodd, deceased 111 t lout.i hue 01 the hoi in J01K ot near h I.i Is l a biu. Is utii a tniif bin. Stbr the ipot wheic the laid ieott cot, u s"e reniaimng pare tthtvt hoiji c.iie t e nejroBt 'ioJ lust oo.ut 6.1c mile above ellate oi the laid jfr,f, ajlul, initial finer tet ,ldtd the m.L , n hicl.oiy oncellqod, with the oi luciiit. olue a Lrodtrick1 and iundry witnefles, 2fc o.iiUting of flock of to 4 lOf. decedc.u, o Uci to .lie dtpoulioiiK aucl then .nti theie perpetuate tlie lpot JtoKiV LliiHTi'OOT. 01 1..I1U. j dii ereut kmdj tanning ineulila, tht pti I cti.ate where the laid Xiee flood, and do Uio will Fi iiikljn covnti, April 4. v. ho Hiel iutiiitue. &c, ici;ctil.g lad 1 anc; a Inch other same daj , tor a a further things A.Jt t. nit iau((.iucii ' cJain. , and u fucu it..t. ai. as t.he prcmilcsand maybe deemed hi b' rented on the A near the mouth ot IWcuiinel's as ne., s, the J,'bar:iion ot ill iiui.cteiui) ailu agltt- cell .ry and authoiiied b the jaw f odd ended at uii, Scott county, a bion lioi'fe, ALilC tv iu. vhereon onie lad lie lpors and wi;c--i , hh in tins cale uiafle and piovidtfd. & Jas. Parker. thi time of Ins .iea'h. I riO. RSHALt: wnl be made known witlieis on bo'h sides, branaed on Lcxn.g on, ' , h ii. 7I.6The t' the neai ihoulder tjijis f hueen MH'JCAS FoitfisT Wv&z on ttie ytti Idle. O the day o. IwL,. J VY4Sy oi" June l7o, entered SOOBos hands one incli high, abt,u: twelve JOiliN PARKER, Ex or. iliAi a.ind coii,mii..oiKis treaiuiy wari'ant on branch yeais old, tfppra.lcd to 13I. '1 he fubferiber takes this vJLau, on. tea by the couit oi upon alui.oinc into ticking, aknown bjof z tfco creek thufecon- -' OH. W. JJAVIS method of iiituiiiiing all ulOU cuul.iv, '; lllC 2'jth ol ocp- - niine of Hat (rtex, including acabbinaod , 796 June in.provvmenl:jataip.ringaLouttwclvenii(e4 cemed, commlJiioneis a.e, liex.o,, jhn f,r"-'by law to executes deed uj by ih: iLb.t.iun, j 'BVi tei..ptn n iyj, ill crcci., a branch nciuv a lout.i east courie from tlie upper blue licks, on t..e edit lide ol Uid nranchMlH bright bay u rfc, bandea b tor any land w Inch ilobert Todd, of luci ui, A', . uiwi. And101 .... iic.i u i..le thereof lor auntitv. uec. inniiljtetiine was bound mntli hind feet whiie, a fmp, sour i,. r. s. itzgei ala's null ' Vw.,ea3 wiiliam Wetb 011 tue iStu dy pf &y ritten contract. yea s old, about fourteen ana an in to convey by e 1. June 17S0 enteied 1430 acres upjiiatren-mo.i-v halt hands hiiihs apprailed to l3i. crick And also to receive conveyances wriant of loudly .,itr,ii.iii fhf on waters of Hat en tr.3 incited entiv 1. , for any land which the said dece- ' g iani m iauei- j mj &UjU b fund V ', dent was entitled to, for, Tune 28. f7o6. ; u ao .111.1 othei act ' in FOHN fAhKEft. 0ls CUrk Sad co. and aiterwaidsWa or otherwise. . y and a" " -J 5 luntved tne Lime in nT'AXFiN up by tue lubltiiiK , 10, .176., ayv r vUJlC Lfxnn LiireVs. being nelirous to perpetuate teC lav. V H"11! fiaiiLlin .onty, o.i faiaiw X frTAS.''PiltKtAs. 'MtJSiMJy se) eftabkfli.the calls in 4iranch of Bailev'i iuii. j Inile lUV W4U lUi vy. uhm uuuutcu ixi uiuwi jwiu the road leading fiorn Lex179fm I nomas Lihard's. ari iioa Clarke couit appointing coininiiEoners to ONington to doolie's lla'io'n, a gray r."c;, about fourteen han.'s . 1V, meet pursuant to an aft ofaiiemblv eatided with some Cloaths in it, finall' bag - iil. dt.cna co.iiiiiiiiToners ' An aft to afcerum the boundaries of land! owner J hilj, hot docked, has no perceia-hl- c V a't o,.Vvii ami a bii.ile which the 01 and, judgid to be .jy the court of and for otner purpoles.' Notice is hereby: may hve upon paying the expence old, has marks of ihe coilai a..d given that tne said commiflionei s will meet ujui , c .lie twenty-nintDowning in the tor tartner Come fad.lle spots, also fume vthi ot this ddve'tifcmem X1.1v r next, on j'hn -- t the heufe of Capt. John to the iaidlands a'ojacent particulars apply to the Printer spots on the i tlmp. apprailed 10 3i. IJuc) ib piv cuij.tijii, on tne i.eatl county oi Uioike,day of ieptemoei next for on tie fifteenth aw? heieol. as 'a tr-- 01 cjuikiloiie cieek aiid the tne f urf ofes aforefaiJ,' and. such othersand JAMta .uli.CH.cL-- . 6 the jLutii.c t aioueiy'in'tlie va.u tn iiie no th loik ot Lick. ttffi said at points out and judifi-Aiignft A, 1 7$6 . " D M tj the places lpeciahy I town of Paijs and county of to take tUe depoh-tio- . thence piocad toentiles &fuiveys, and ujv oy tne luDicnoei, in m;2 Uic fa.u Bourbon, ror laifiig the futn of .'i.ii y. pi .uate ti.e teiiiinoiiy amine in futniiy ntrtciwi t3iat nllt- :oen inNe'fon couikv, near the nio'utii the rlavi-g23ot d .11a s for opiii-iwm. vEBa. f Chaplain, a dark buy unbice of mini, wimir. s i e'pecnng laid troduced' i.i -- king io'rl of me tork of ii.iiiii.iib, .nd du fuc'n other 9; 796., Mare ltar her sorehead, ii Inip an .n. to contains to river, pub.iihed ill tile Kentucky on Is. i.. fh. l.ia.f oe ni'Ied necellaiy old nem her nose, three - would fubjeOt the ManCtunt tlu? miimeis is done. Gazette fpiini, thirteen hands thiee mc.i-- e add aglceat le to i:law. age) s'to be accountable for 'one Att. jvs. Parker. THA r I isUliCr.. the com-high, branded on then'eai fUoul-de- r I exiiiT('H, fliall attend third ot the tickets Which might Auguit 11, 1796. but not legible, apprailed to X n.itVone s apppoiuted by t.ic be in thei ha.idsac the commence10I. , fit.ecutn-dament of the drying agieeable to jmntiary t6, ;796.-Vm. UOiiON. H L thsiubicibc 6r oneof us our. 01 laike, the at ih Degin-- h pubhlhed The next thefeheme W Will at. end co mmiiiioi.ers ap ut lia'-therefore tefulved, tlistt l likca Up D UldUDicf lOcl , r.g of an cuiy 1:. my iau.e tor, tea ty the court or Malou thediaWi.r of laid .tury llidll Roa.I run, in Wiiliington couii- v, on the tl.ntietli day of turee ihoulaTd and htty aties of J nomas not crfniiiuiue until the whole o , a grev mare, tin ;c vears old, next, ori lohn llufs's 12 .d mi rlar'cite.t ntai dHjiofed ot.'s w en'.ry calli to beiit the tickets can hands and a halt hii;lt, ap hirteen piccmpiicn on ?lie 1101th foikof noitii, eiglit- t(ur .. By order of the Jioai a prailed to 14I. ilcs' bcl'vV t. - tiundrea pole Ukirijr, about .'o . t ..,1 sit) 'AliD5, C B. AMOS Alio a ItraWbrry rtfan yearling ,MUii)i;"n s mill , in order 10 take idii'ies V, haley, which comer foi J,, Bonibon, Auguff 6, 179"' heifecolt, with three wli:uieel, tl e ctepuluions and perperunie the " a ihdt vetiie f.iBfcii-- . teltiniouy ot Inndry witndles tci- - ' tree sea a'bji.t a auar ei sit E-- h n known, the fom th day of nine hands high, apprifedto 3I "nit well ot biav.n . held their bers, did on SAMUf-L- .' &.UMSSOX. peCti.itr i.i.'d luis s improvement : jtorf.he.eto pe.petuate .he tciu- uly, 1796, voluntarily come a id May 6 I7y6. ami do inch uth'eracts as flnl! Ood and the betjie acknovik-itjS AKSN up. by ihefubsc.iber, judged neceflary and agie.Afilc to !!'0,1 ' Ccxt"nas '"el1 they lucii other acts vj'orld, thxt v.e nfver kiiew any Wafhingtoii couiTry, on rhi ee Jaw. thing of chailesQuirey, but that of Lick, a bay Waie blind of one eye, Alex. & Jas. Passer. propSr acco din; to law. riiNWlLts.LSON. an honeli man, and the llory that two hind feet white, a blaze face, LfximrtQP a'ignft 11, t7o6 The coini:ii.1?6ners will sit fioia vC circulated and lepoited againit trots natuial, fourteen an I a half i .N U day to day uAril the buhnels. is him we acknowledge to be a LIE hands high, appraised to 15I. ros. HT fliall atterd thebycom-- " Aiignli o", 179 and notoiious fallhood. Given un- - j 5 mildoners appoin ed the John M'Catslin. 'mids and seals the day a- der court of CU.rke, the fifth rttvENip by t ne fublciiber, Notice is hereby j:en to all, bove wuctcn that js. livinsoii r'ope's creek, ini day of September next, at the be- PUPXIC it may concern, Ih.iM on Fnda Thdmas'JoHnson. attend oV d the ltyt'i of Ai.i'uit nett, I iVafhington county, a small eray ginning ot an entiy of hve (seal Samuel Johnson, the preniiifs t an entry and fu.vey of ors Horse, rhirtetn hands and an inch acies of land in mynameand tlionf.'nu name (Ine ar Telle, Mofcs Black. high, eleven or twelve yta 3 old, cnceied f.'ay 10, 1780. on toner's fenil with th- - maias in liiyovr.aDuouited omirafioneis , Henry Botman. k of I icking, at a lick known tl'C coiul ni Butu'bon, under an fl. otti-"S on the near (honl- ioi branded thus N. B. Thomas and Samuel John-ioby "the name of liraniblct's lick tucky f.M fiJi purpojes irnde and pi ovwied buttock, appraised to 5I, live on Brush run, 'oranch of der and theie to take t le de yfition 0 now, but tksn called' the Red' lu)R, and then HUGH M'ELKOY. $2w Floyd's fork, Jefferson county. on Gill's creek then and these? t6 certain lifnelfes to perpetuate tcaitrono OuirvFY. Chari-fand lo- rdities Taken up by the fubferiber perpetuate thie tcilimony df cer- re'.atixe to the 1 AKfN up b"y tin h.blcriber on Jlicar bon's station, 1. ctte countv, a bav tain witnefle$, and do such other my said fuivey, and do fuc'- ct .: ati and thni5as may be ueen.ed e", u,.fe. 1 Three Lick, in Wallnngto iv. yeais old, ljunen and a hall aefsas they fliall think proper, accounty, a bay Ilorfe that has lw,i1 .. VfAi hieh.. ftai in ti.e loretiead. had on a cording to law. J' ' Julv 20, 1796. the poll evil, ten years old, sour Mail beli, lumeiaddlafpots, appraised to jl JOHN HALLEY. teen hando high, appraileu to ywifp z' ' Augulio,.i796. 1796. jjiay liuGti ONOPGltAS-S1 I ' jB a: .. 1 1 A . ? H 1 1 J' Mar-sha- ll, l-a , per-lo- ns i TO t 'o-.a- b-- l 1 aLO-i- t eom-li.ih.oii- tfs ;Jap-praiji- .il -- Ks 1 1 i y-- tv-r- tilt-Cj- 1 m.-lai- . itt. . . Ai- S - j - 1 A , 1 1 . v (1 1 not-- . tii.ti j ..,,. "'V- 5 nhit ff "! a- . I t-- e .- -. , j 1 h 1 ..-- A s, 1 , call-etii- or . i. 1 - I a . v - 111 . 1 yc-s"i- s 1 - an-oee- rs i f 1 1 1 11 . ....... ! I - 1 : ) I !'"!, e 111 L 1 I ar-- r- " I n n I a-- d - s - 1 1 . 5i-J- J5LA-MK--19fi-E'Da- 1 X 1

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