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Image 1 of Bourbon News, July 2, 1909

Part of Bourbon News

s its b a jc 44a y c 7Aci3 bc cro J a e Tw O a i c c THE BOURBON NEWS H J Y i i41i x y i t 1 Tuesday f ¬I ¬ i Thedefendant theLexington t I i proceedings for contempt of court for employeeif Bourbon Circuit Court was fined > 25 dischargethe I On Wednesday Judge Stout granted a judgment in favor of the plaintiff in the action of 0 H Peters vs Sid Fire j I from infancy has been bereft or her mind this being the third inquiry ante her mental condition millet Seed No Call for Bank Statements f No call loir a statement of the condi tion of State banks as of June 30 the date on which calls usually are made was made by Dr Ben L Bruner Sec retary of State this year but he will wait until some and call on the banks for a statement when they are not looking for it It is usual to call for a statement from the State bankson June 30 that being the end of the quarter but this year Dr Bru Del has decided to make the calls at irregular intervals so that there can- ¬ not be any warning or preparation for Many of the State banks the call made inquiries over the t telephone Wednesday of the Secretray of States office about the call as of June 30 it f being thought that the call would be j wealth vs Mattie Ritchie a lunatic was taken up and a verdict in accord r Cane and z The judgment orders the issuedDr Bruner believes that the inter ¬ deedof tarnsfer set aside and the title ests of the depositors and creditors of of thejjroperty a lot in North Middle the State banks can be protected bet ¬ ter by nothaving the time for the in the call known and he has adopted this case of Ed Emerson vs A S Tnomp plan but the brokers over the State have not understood exactlv as yet Or Bruner the Republican Secre- ¬ F Rena her a citizen of Winchester who was tary is great on making grandstand indicted at the recent sitting of the plays in his eagerness to make the Bourbon Grand Jury on the charge of public balieve that he is something ex fraudulently obtaining from another traordinaryas a State Secretary or his signature to a writing was return ¬ that he is a more painstaldn official ed to court Wednesday and made re than any of his Democratic predeces ¬ turnable Saturday July 3 When ar- sors but at the close of his term it rested by the officer Renaker gave will be readily seen that he is only an bond in the sum of 500 his surety be ¬ ordinary Republican State official full ing E S Bean of Winchester of talk and bluster emphasizing the It is claimed by the prosecution that I at every phase of the game Renakerrepresented himself to b a t a firm handling Healthful Food a general produce business that he had We are agents for and have a full made a large shipment of eggs and other produce to Eastern parties and line of the following healthful foods needing some money had a citizen of Christians serial flakes nourishing Bourbon to endorse his paper for the delicious and curative especially recom sum of 250 when in fact it is alleged mended for stomach and intestinal disorders Christians imported Protoil be had made no such shipment The following order was entered of nuts combination nut butter cerial flakes bannana coffee fruit wafers record Wednesday morning City of Paris Vs E T Hinton In etc All delicious and healthful WMSAUER accordance with a mandate issuing from the Court of Appeals the order Dry Cleaning overruling the plaintiffs demurrer to answer is set aside and it Try our new dry cleaning processjit defendants is ordered that defendant issue an exe ¬ is just the thing for ladies waists and cution against J H Haggard and skirts Homer HorineiOn bond filedwith plain ¬ THOMAS BROS tiffs petition and that plaintiff recover of defendant its costs herein expend ¬ Mair Farm Sold Backs Sewer Pipe > c Tops Wind Guards etc Whitehall Portland A Wall Plaster Sand for Brick Rock Lime in hulk or Barrel Plaster > ofParis Goal Salt Hay Estimates furnished on Plastering Paving and all kinds Cement Work STUART OBRIEN Paris Kentucky Both Phones I I 77 Dewberries Sour Cherries Gooseberries fantaioispes and Waermel onsfiin ice < If I rflit + I I lilliif < AIL QASS YAUOEVHEE psmmMMCEs lATWff AND VVATgLM 845 WSR THE SEAP BR0WE Hot Weather Specials The Famous M cCray ReHgerators The Refrigerator is the guardian of your food aiid upon it depends enjoy that food in fresh and perfect condition How important then becomes the selection as the actual health of youraelf and family and the economizing of the household daily expenses are aqua ly concerned Take no chances Buy a recognized everywhere as superior to all others in insulation and drainage Buy now the opportunity is yours The saving in your ice bill will Boon pay for we are making reduction Quarter Sawed Golden Oak Pdrcelain Lined Galvanized Iron ii Mosaic Tile bottom Regular Price II Oak Opal Lined Slightly Damaged Regular Price June Special Canopy Top and other style Hammocks Paul Sawyers Original Drawings Kentu6ky Scenes I BROWER 6 a CP rc ec Z Dee o < to u t I 1 tJ i Iii Ii a ti 1A 1 j 37n 1 L 0 s jfl 35 2 w 1 53I c yd t A Extra Special Solid Color and Fancy Seco Silk CA 2c to 3313c yd i Highrgrade Tan Pumps and 198 Oxfords Sale Price I Big Bargains in Every Department FRANK f I 1flfI Q 1 tw 4a c c Io f 1 t n I I II I F ci Q I > I CO tJ D + n 15c Fancy Linene o P f f 35 and 40 cent Grade Special Price 25c Grade Special Price 0 It b r iII 50c Grade Special Price Bookkeepers N t If t Ladies Highgrade Linen Suits White Tan Blue Green and Hello Special Price each e the grave by Elder Carey E Morgan The pallbearers were E F Clay Jr Miller Ward Gates y Spears and John v > v Yerkes < i 11 frfyfyfy4ityfrifr a r f Solid Colors and Fancy Linens For swell haberdashery and correct style the emaculafe dresser has to look no further than our store What we have i the correct thing and we have everything for men We solicit your patronageMITCHELL BLAKEMORE t G I i 1 bIifti T at the family residence near this city at 1 oclock a m after several weeks illness The funeral took place Wednesday morning at 1030 oclock Services were conducted at Main and Broadway Lexington Ky n ki on Tuesday CO f I Blakemore Now Going On o Samuel Clay Jr the five yearold son of Mr and Mrs Samuel Clay died furniture Wall Papers Draperies and Art Goods i owr DEATHS A 5 B Ig Reduction Sale I The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J U Boardman and is a handsome attractive and accom ¬ plished young woman The groom is the son of Mr and Mrs Geo W Wyatt of near town and one of Bour ¬ bons industrious and substantial young The happy and popular farmers young couple left immediately after the ceremony for a bridal trip to the lakes Miss Tinnie May Jameson and Mr Charles Stuart Clarke were married on Wednesdy afternoon at 3 oclock at the home of the brides parents Dr and Mrs J W Jameson on Pleasant street Elder Carey E Morgan officia ting They left immediately after the ceremony for an extended trip to the 60 W The Ladies Store Be Correct 70 J FRAUV RCO All kinds of office supplies such as bill files day books pens In pencils rubber bands ledger e c in fact any ¬ thing needed in office work PARIS BOOK STORE JuneSpecIal ik1rI q ot 1 y y it was a pretty one lakesAttention 80Golden JuneSpecial Carpets mitchell I 1 v ir- wI This young couple kept their secret for a number of most intimate friends did not know the wedding was to be at this time While a quiet event I f= undersigned having purchased the of Clothing and Gents Furnish ings from Executor of the Estate of C R James are now ready for business We cordially invite the public to call and the same time solicit a share of its pat rohage It will be our aim to carry the best in this lin that can be bought and will guarantee satisfaction to our customers The farmers of Bourbon are invited to make our store their headquarters while in Paris Respectfully L well a1UIIM I 00 I An Invitation t just received a beautiful has reached a state of perfection line of Rumchandas and wash fourin we will offer at 25 and 50 refer known before This means hands that cents that only the best grade of wheat is BLAKEMORE MITCHELL ground and that the flour produced MATRIMONIAL meets every requirement of the breadmaker and pastry cook Deal Miss Westye Boardman and Mr erg handling these flours have the W Wyatt Jr were united in with them Ask your grocer George marriage on Wednesday afternoon at for Purity Flour the home of the brides parents on Seventh street at 230 oclock Elder Carey E Morgan being the officiating Co The Paris minister I HIGH Part of W R Blakemore I Something New Logan Golden Oak Opal Lined + W Tennis goods of all kinds r V ARDEN SON w1 fLOUR MILLING I Quick Free Delivery to Any the City i 1 c t THE i + L MARGOKEN s 179 ++ we fat We have Red Raspberries tjtI ery to all parts of the city Stich seasonable goods as tHe following received y Black Raspberries Wallace Mitchell We will receive this morning fresh fish of all kinds Remember we dress them free of charge to iQuick deliv ¬ J C f I Fresh Fish Jive Green Trading Stamps June Special + + r 4 t = < fresh every day + jn Hbt I I Tennis Supplies Telephone TJ 7C lat 4Ji- f k S Highest Market Price Paid for Baled Hay at all times t > r I As executor of the estate of the late Nothing worthy of note transpired Thomas F Muir 3 M Darnaby Wed ¬ in court yesterday nesday sold at public auction the Muir farm one mile from Muirs Station pin Fayette county and containing 312 acres to Simon and Jonas Weil for 85 or a total of 26520 W S Johnson now occpuies the plate hav- ¬ ing a lease on it until March which possession will be given the new purchasers d t- > 1 ed 1 li I ¬ air NUMBER 57 t< = Concrete and Plastering Work J TT1N ¬ Cement and Alabaster 0 j I plaintiffA Cellar Traps Chjmney I Q t r i plaintiffA S White s iI I Winkler 7 and Fittings v Yom rtto I Bourbon Circuit Court Brick Fire Brick co jK PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY JULY 2 1909 p Sugar iJ4tc u PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE 1 c I I11JM G A 0 0 l j- lr Iy jt IY ie > J a i 0- 0 1 1 7 t 4 b i Ii xv s

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