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Image 15 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 4, 1957

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTITKV KFRNT.L. TtuUv. Ckt. Dairy Lab Named For Men 's Style Expert Gives Latest News . . er Fraternities fall. After all, football season lias opened. clothes yet? I know it's still warm (Continued from Pajfe 1) but fall weather is about to freeze us out. Much of the we fiusselh bought for freshman year may Hickman.ille; James Aubrey Whipple. look seedy, especially for those of SIGMA CHI lc hn Wl.JS hnnrrHf if f t , T rvf V. W tlirno 11111.1. John P. Boston, Leonard tow'li, Mary. Laboratory. . The name was recommended bv Dr. D. M. Seath. head of the UK Dairy Department, members of his staff and representatives of the dairy Industry in Kentucky. A plaque is to be erected inside the plant and will carry this in- scription: "Barkman Dairy Prod- ucts Laboratory, named in honor of Professor John Orville Barkman for his 33 years of distinguished service to the University of Ken- tucky and to the Dairy Industry of Kentucky." Professor Barkman was ap- .pointed to the staff of the dairy section of the University of Ken- tucky in 1919 as instructor in dairying and dairy specialist. In 1922 he was made assistant pro- fessor in charge of dairy manu-- , facturins?, and since 1949 has held the title of associate professor and field agent in dairy manufactur- inc. Professor Barkman has served the dairy processing industry of Kentucky for 38 years. years apo. In any event, my boss land; Kdwnrd V. Faulkner; James H. I'eloff, Louisville; Vane Smith. Somerthis summer gave me a few good set. SIGMA NT wardrobe tips. As a recent alumnus, he suggests that the best place Dan Leslie Abbott. Louisville: Philip III.; to get style information is on cam- Bedford Austin. Crete.FranklinShelby H. Delano Louisville; B.illou. pus . . . from the local p owner nrabson. Hazard; Charles Richard Browning, Raywick: Charles S. Buster, or haberdasher. Danville; Milton Phil Conrad, Louis-- i Naturally, T argued the point ville; Harry Robert F.stes. Kevil; Louis with him sinrp T v.ritp n stvle William Dolt. Louisville: David Clarence Ind.; Fuller, column but he said, "Yes, tho Griffith, Evansville. James D.lOvie" Lee Hardman, Walton; boys canjpet general and national Lonan, West Va.: Nick S. Herieleney, trends from you. but each college Louisville; Melvin Hay Kouns, Ashland; C. Mattock, Jr.. Owensboro; and university has its own special Hubert Lionel Olson. Arlington Heights, Dennis likes. For these you can check III.; Robert Arthur Hose. Auroro. N. Y.; your local dealer." That makes Ned C. Russell. Louisville: William Drane Scott, Louisville; James William sense to me. Wilson, Louisville. My boss went on to say that SIGMA PHI EPSILON each wardrobe should have at Joe B. Adams. Madisonville; Jesse T. C. Demaree, least one good suit; one that is Bryant, Lexington; John John to wear on a theater or Lexington;John P. Gillaspy Ashland: Wilsuitable Green. dinner date. He also simested liam Curtis Morgan. Paducah; Gary L. Former Kentucky Governor Keen that a basic wardrobe should have Pennington, Jacksboro, Tenn.; Albert Johnson was Clay Richardson, Mount for many years a two weeks supply of regular shirts ert W. Schulz, Clarksburg,Sterling: RobW. Va. newspaperman in Richmond, Ken- from 12 to 15 (according to a natucky. tion wide campus survey conTAU KAPPA EPSILON Arrow, the average colAlvaro Cayledo. Bogatia. Columbia. ducted for lege man owns ID dress shirts and S. A.; William Edward Desmond, Geln J.; Henry Dirkerson Goff. 10 sport shirts. He recommended Rock."N. Lexington; Rodolfo Ralda, Asintal. that the majority be white, saying, Guatemala, C. A. TRIANGLE "You can never go wrong with a Philip Roy Claudy, Ft. Thomas: Jack good white shirt." The rest I personally filled out in tans and blues. I Roland Greene, Ashland; Richard B. Watkins,. plus a couple of the new broken line checks and stripes in CamZETA BETA TAU Robert B. Branson, Louisville: Stuart bridge Cloth. D. Goldfarb, Lexington; Gary M. GoodHe then went on to list a few man. Dayton, Ohio; Jack L. Isaacs. other necessities: white wool ath- Louisville; David I. Joffe. Louisville; Leslie letic socks, tweed sports jacket, Bruce Kaplan," Louisville; Barrie Krupp. Myron I. Konicov, course a good sup- Louisville; Louisville; Master, Louisville: chinos, and of Frank ply of underwear. Bulky knit and Ivan H. Norman, Louisville; Howard B. striped sweaters will play an im- O Koon, Louisville: Freddy Rosenberg, Rosenberg, R. Frankfort; Kenneth Rosenthal, portant part in a campus wardrobe Louisville; Bernie Morris Tefllebaum. Louisville; Robert Louis this fall. One item that is sure to Nashville, Tenn.; Allen Waldman. LouisWeissel, ville; be useful is the car coat or its N. Y.;Richard Ian Zachariah.Mamaroneck. Louisville: Philip L. warmer brother the toggle coat. Herbert Hal Libertson, Greatneck, N. Y. ' co-o- e; rr. 2- -1 We're equipped with violct-rosterilization and vacuumized loose hair remover for your protection y STARNES & BARNES Barber Shop 339 MAIN PHONE ONE DOOR EAST OF MAMMOTH GARAGE ' E. 2-92- Wc Need Your Head In Our Business" n : o TO o LONDON-CORBI- N LOUISVILLE vii V i r City I I i j a ; ; FOR RESERVATIONS I Cll ! jfour I rival Agnt tuoo 01 51920 swing into Ivy style with wool sporrcoars in Ivy patterns "the scholarly DRUG STORE" Here's one of the season's favorite style choices: Fashion Tailored sportcoats in all wool fancies or fine woolens enhanced with colorful, decorative threads.' You can choose from stripes, checks, or herringbones in rich shodes. Fountain Service m I SANDWICHES AND SHORT ORDERS -- t' ' Students for years have enjoyed the scholarly atmosphere at . . Stop In! Dunn's. ' "V OPEN 7:30-10:0- 0 "X. f PiSQMIOJfS 1 wool flannel ITEMS Leading Names In Beauty Aids PROMPT I! i dress slacks v. 1. FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE .. ' v SCHOOL SUPPLIES Wi kd i 1 f " 'W W95 - Choose whichever style you prefer; Jvy with plain front and back strap or standard in stripes or model solids . .. . and in the season's smartest shades. Dobho DRUG COMPANY LIME AND MAXWELL o and many other points MS 'ik. o V -- 1 ; FL-Thomas. I O o o Bristol-Kingsport-Johns- on ' MTidi-sonvill- 1 937-S- IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL Professor lencth And so, another summer Both are three-quartfades away . . . Snajhots look coats fitted with toggle buttons. pood, but when that tan fades The car coat is simply a lichter The UK Board of Trustees has and peels, summer is gone. version of the woolen coat in Most of us had Jobs and corduroy or water repellant poplin. approved the naming of the Uni- versity dairy products laboratory there's enough cash left over to as the Barkman Dairy Products finance an escapade or two this . 4. Sazcwi pt&uvt&caf aoax metuy Jac4 CCA DC JLHliJ 213 E. DIAL MAIN 77 0

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