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Image 3 of The Weekly Kentucky tribune, February 8, 1861

Part of The Weekly Kentucky tribune

i i MTgWIM Letter fUntutk; TTai-sp- Frio 4 y K.MO.N :: TO- ,A(i IS JKRO W - Union flag, under The hoisting of the Working and Busithe auspices ness Men's Union Association, will take afternoon, at 2 o'c'oek. place A beautiful pole, more than one hundred feet high, has been erected on the corner of Main and Fourth streets, and the flag is A very large and handsome one. On the occasion of rite hoisting, speeches will, be made by J. T. Boyle, Esq., of this place, and T. P. Hill, Esq., of Stanford. Patriotic music may also be expected, and a National Salute by the "Anvil Artillery." Everybody of course is invited to be present, and the ladies especially will be heartily welcomed. of-th- Good Tobacco. It seems to be generally conceded by have tested it, that Messrs. & Metcalfe have a large lot of Welsh i All lovers extra fine Chewing Tobacco. of the ''nasty weed" should call and try it. who all "4V. Andersou Wastiin; Citv, v,:S,V np 1! A ) 20, d Magazine for March has been received. Mr- JAS- - Caldwell, had his examining trial for the killing of Mr. !ScoTT IIankley, before Esquires Burton and Prewitt at Perryville, on Friday aud Saturday, and was admitted to bail in the sum of 52,000, which he gave. has-act-e- Caldwell Institute for Youns La- dle. Review of the classes The in this Institution was held on Friday last, in the presence of a large number of the friends and patrons of the school. It was a perfect success, and all present were in the highest degree gratified by the proficiency of the numerous classes examined during the day in the studies of the past, five months. In every department of the institution the review reflected honor and credit upon Mr. Sloan and his faculty of teachers, as well as upo the. pupils who so successfully demonstrated their advancement in the yarious studies pursue J by them Juring the session. semi-annu- I ES death of SA.MMIK. infant son of Hkmiy and Salmis Guay. Written on Sir: I have been informed that certain reiillomen in Kentucky are circu!a-tin- g reports, ti the eil'ect that I have voted to coerce the State of South Carolina. Permit me to say through yy(, that no proposition of that sort has been brought before Congress, and no vote taken which indicates the intention so to do. I did vote for the following resolution, oiiered by Mr. Adrain, of .New Jersey a democrat: ".Vsocc, , That we fully approve' of the bold ami patriotic act of Major Anderson in withdrawing from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumpter, and of the determination of the President to maintain that fearless officer in his present position, and that we will support the President in all constitutional measures to enforce the Laws and preserve the Union." This resolution was adopted by a vote of 124 to 50. I regarded that resolution as a compliment to a worthy and gallant oilicer, and as an expression of a sentiment, mentioned in the very obligation we have taken as officers of the Government. Neither the President of the United States, nor Congress, nor any body else that I know of, propose to coerce South Carolina, or any other seceding State, The object of all isto prevent bloodshed, and th par-- i titular "object of the Federal author"rie.s " is to act in the defensive alone. one is so rash as to desire civil war, and nobody proposesit,and I amasionish-ethat any sane man can construe the resolution into the coercion of South Carolina. Let it be remembered that there are two sides to this question of coercion, to both of which the people of They do not Kentucky are opposed. wish to be involved in a war with a sister State, aud neither do they intend to be coerced by South Carolina into a revoluThe attempt is being made to pretion. cipitate her, but thanks be to the Great Kuler of us all, Kentucky so far nobly and gallantly. Her course indicates a desire to protect her ov Tights, and with them to maintain this glorious U lARV S.lSfiJ. ! . Januauy n lis. xri II o : ' iSois. T XnT flu- Glutei) .T:el'e-l"'.- liva.ilcj j A little sutf'rcr, full of pain, on his l 'J ly l; mother weeping all m vain Was y!tiliii at its head. Kind fralii in sympathy drew near, And watched in mate despair; E'en while t hey watched, another sphere Had claimed that spirit fair! A X ned desiring to d; k cjl u with lie' others do ihe s:i:ae. is oi l e i n ha i II iiy, to hriag in. liicir cull-aa- il iiavj them set tu tnry Vvr ATG.iI Z i ri.dlts. '.'on a!; :e ... ai ' o:' u! I. .01 t my p.ct wjci'lellvT.' m lie lu rei u.u lu a lat lull. F. VKi.SKit. j in ci. tf TIIK under.; all lie can to r1. imes mi t he:, v. id l.dv'; gri':it p'e 'u.-r.a no tie ee ie TTOiTT? J ill iSliZSLOA jLjWYIVG removed to the large ami '' nuno- .! recently iy dams Slore-ruoMr: ivA invite a i on. n'.,. ;,c i: i:;.s.i ;i the oatronaue have licrcloioie nvi .V v- 1 have now a large ed. my. Upon In.' brow of pearly white n il was cn-A chillineos unee iiih'd with li 'ht, While in the A dark less ithcrcd fat. The tiny hands wire lidded o'er The cold and silent breast; The lips were sealed, whieh oft before A mother's kiss had .ret! o. k of eutu fWFWS Cigars, Tobacco, Cove and Spiced Oysters, Fresh ani . TAV jan X(i mnv si I tree store-roooverlay l!i5.iit-i;i.:is', mid a tine dry cellar, I :tin jircjiari''! to do h general Dark prew the home which once wis bright Kach heart was tilled with looni; all robed in white, An augel-chilVas cotliued for the tomb. For to that little, trembling form Immortal life was piv'n; within an nneid's arm And chi-pe- d God called it home to llenv'n! I F5''"',,1 ' iillblliiiS liiiiJ bjiUisiiWiJisi idJirfiiiJiJ, Xo more is heard that baby-voic- e; lint, all! beyond the skies, Danville, feb Where heavenly harps with praise rejoice, Its echo never died Tain ne'er shall rack that nentle breast, Xo more those eyes shall weep, Xo tone can mar the quiet rest, lcep. Or break the dreamless OFFERS J HA GEO. jan IS, Y. NEW BUILDIIIG, C0LL1X3. II. TEXEY. mmm smb & ESTA0LIS!L!i;XT. Iiiu;u siiiit.1, Fond Mother, dry your weeping eyes, And cease your mourning vain, Hath God not said that in the skies We all shall meet again? Xo lunger grieve! It is not meet That thou should'st thus despair; He cannot leave the .Mercy-sca- t, , But you may meet him there! s ii , A-- THE undersi?ncd having bought , (SVJut the interest of Mr. G. W. SjrAVlXG taken thcaOoveT.a !'Ce and as stated abnve by him, wouh!i(jJt I am now JLX nient House nud a share of the patronaee ot opening a large stock of hilly solicit t lie public. We are fully pr pared to do all work in our line which in iy be enii Usied to us, & with neatness and dispatch. Particular attteu-tiu- n Which was bonulit expressly ior this market, will be given to ail such ami will be sold as low as the snme quality of Jobbing, as goods can be bought in Louisville or elsewhere from the retail trade. My stock embraces evEoofinj, Spouting & erything in the line of We will al.-- keep a good assort meat of Union. It is useless for me to repeat that I am At o meeting of the Board uf. Directors, of the for the Union. 1 have not yet seen any BanrUlc J'rrr'cille Turniike Hond Co., held inreason to abandon it. It is true that. at the residence of Dr. J. M. .Meyer, on Tuesday, justice has been done by the politicians 1'ebruary, :.!., l.sill, .the following preamble "V of the country, but our remedy is in the and resolutions were unanimously adopted viz: Uf every dcscrijitioii. "Vni:ni:.s, in the wise dispensation of .tlod, Union aud not out of it. I think now our esteemed friend and neighbor, A. I. that I can see some ray of hope. The has been called from his earthly labor.?, OT every variety. ;md evervthiii;4 uiiicii perThere-torworking men and people are speaking-outthus causing a vacancy iu our Hoard, tains to the Tin and Stove reulved, and the politicians must obey. TEIH2Y & S2IITII. 1st. That ever since the organization of this Danville, jan 18, 01 if This movement for a dissolution of this Hoard, A. I. ', has ever been a faithful, Government, is generally believed to be eunstant mid eflicient member. JUST. the work of a secret, organized associa'Jild. That whilst we how with resignation to tion, which commenced its operations at the will of uur heavenly Father, we regret the now out of business and on expense, "J?ETX( Charleston to break up the Democratic loss of so valued a Iriend and deeply sympathiI would 1 respectfully urge all imlehied to alllicted family ol the party, and now seeks to overthrow the sing with theour sincere condolence. dec d. we me by note or account to eail and settle the reason and oiler to them But let us hope that ill'b'1 furcol tu Union. :trd. That this preamble and resolutions, be same immediately; ee ncixe J t' judgment and prudence and moderation spread upon our minutes, aud a cupy be sent to cutti-e- tn taw. I can at all times be found at my .Messrs. lloslcv & lvleh-n'sold stand, now will prevail, and this, the best country on the family of tile deceased. JAS." F. Ii.VK.NETT. Jtli. That the foregoing be published in the earth be blessed with more than her usujan 11, "GO, tf Caldwell Institute Dedication. Kentucky Trtuiute. that is done The interesting ceremonies of formally al peace and prosperity. If J. M. MEYER, I am content. it. r. t;i:i;t:om dedicating the Caldwell Female Institute, I am, very respectfully, C" Ililu ltU '!. next. The mv will take place on Friday Goods, Your ob't servant, HAVING soldGl! EEstock of Dry .MclJE A &c, N WOOD .v. 1'il, W. C. ANDERSON. dedicatory address will be delivered by I would recommend my friends and customers Jno. F. Zimmerman & Son. L. W. Green, JD. D. The orto do their dealing with them, as they possess Pev. The meetings uf the I!t;FomfKi t'ucueii, fur many advantages and they are determined to der of exercises is admirably arranged to t mouth, will be held at the i.iilixt sell goods as low as they can be bought in any cfjThe following letter, which we the s make .the occasion one of interest and find in the Frankfort Commoniccalh ol ihi'lmy llouie, on next Sunday aud .Sunday Dry Goods house iu the eoiuitrv. week. Preaching each .lay at 1 bo clock A. M. W. li. .MO lUtO W. pleasure to all who may attend. Saturday, needs no explanation: jan 11, 'Gl tf lSlil(BilCili,S Sionate, Jan. 23th, 1801. gg. Senator Johnson, of Tennessee, My Pear C;mhs: 1 feel under many JSV the Presiding Elder of the ITarrodsbu'-(piaiter made another great speech in the U. S. obligations to you for your many letters, District fur flic .March commencing January have refrained from making any public 17th: .".lh, and ending Semite on Tuesday. It was even stronand I beg that you will Continue the Feb. 2 v. 3, Kichmund and Providence, at tall for money, loiiiny that we would be my Kichlnond; enabled to make colic, tions ient tu .av our ger in argument for the Union than his correspondence, notwithstanding " 0 & 10, Lancaster, at Friendship; liabilities willionl .such :i course. omissions. What witn business, confirst, and was loudly applauded. A: " We have failed in so duin;r, and if our friends Circuit, at sultations, and unavoidable company, 1 " 14 .V la. Perryville at .Mt. Zion; Autioch; 1G desire to assist us in sustaining our credit, and 17, Ma.vville, have in truth hardly time to write a " 2d & 2 b Somerset, at thereby jihice u in a position to accomodate them, line to the best friend, or even to draw " 2G, llubbitis; Three Cheers for ISouIisrnoy. we hope they will manifest it by coming Your letters . have a " 27, iMcKinneys; Mr. Bouligney, member of Congress a free breath. ;n payine their indebtedness. " 28, Creek; from Louisiana, still occupies bis seat in freshness about them that makes me feel March 1, llandalls, V7E IdU3X.HAVE I.IOIJEY, the things von tell me. All md hope ALL interested in this notice will 2& " the House, the only one frcm that State and seehere are in chaos aud darkness,, Pulaski, at Sear"s; things come forward iuii.iediatciv. II it 10, Crab Orchard, at Liberty; " who docs. He proclaims his fidelity to yet i have every confidence that though J. L. & W. II. WAttGE-NER- . " Salvisa, at .Mt. Zion; jan 18, 'Gl, lm the Union, and says the people of his my resolutions may not pass they will be tQT'Pastors and others, fmembers of the are respectfully reiucs-le- d district alone have the power to recall the root out of which a settlement will Quarierl' Cunlercn.-esto be j.resent at these regular services, as grow. him. important interests Uein uid their attention. The news from Frankfort is that you J G. BllUCE," J'. E. will not call a Convention. I am glad of Danville, Jan. 11; 1HG0. Legislature of Tennessee has we should it. There is no cause why refused to appropriate a dollar to be exhasten out of the Union at this time, and GOODS LOW i pended in arming the State. They very unless that is intended, I do not know Li MA Rill ED Ky., Jan'y 2Jrd. does what we want with a Convention. Prelu Clarksburg, properly conclude that, as Tennessee residence of tiie bride s father, by Uev. not intend to make war upon any body, parations made often induce us to do at the W. Zimmerman, Mr. Elisiia J. Frrcu, of things from which more consideration John and no body intends to make war upon Fleming Co., to .Miss I.avina StnicKi.KTT, would have restrained us. Old Kentucher, it would be improper to tax the peo- ky has too much dignity and history .to daughter of .Mr. L. C. Stricklett, of Clarksburg-- 'ipIIE undersigned having bought the Large L mid Varied STOCK of ple for a military establishment. be drifted about by every changing. tide in politics. Her movements in the pres ent crisis ought to be well measured, well blED At his residence iu Lincoln County, The Washington Convention. The Commissioners from a number of considered, and marked with steadfast Ky., on the 30th., of January, 1SG1, Col. CEO. G-eiit- s' We ought to seo clearly 15. CUUPElt, aged Ti years. States assembled in Washington on Mon- manliness. DIED At his residence in Boyle co., after what we are to gain by Disunion, before .BOOTS A XL) SHOES, day last, and were temporarily organized we abandon a Union in which we have a illness, on Friday the ISth of WILSON, in the AlUiA.M l.NSKEEP C. enjoyed so much liberty, and so many Jiy the appointment of lion. John He was an upright and (Jot ii year of his age. 1 write in haste and must honest man, and in all the relations ot life, so Formerly ow led by Mr. "W. It. MORROW, "Wright, of Ohio, as temporary chairman. blessings. Your friend, tilled up the measure of his duty tovvanls his would respectfully inform our friends and the All the States that have appointed Delr conclude. that his old customers of the House, that it is our intenfmily, his friends and his fellow-meJ. J. CHITTENDEN. ?gates are represented, except New York, name and memory will long survive in the tion to keep up a good stock of everything G en. L. Com us. usually found in a first-- i lass Dry Goods House, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois. Elev-ehearts of all who knew him uclt. aud are determined to sell the same at A Fkiend. States are fully represented. E35, The Washington correspondent Danville, Feb. 2, 1801. EZTHEI.IELY LOW PHICE3. The Hall was closed to all but the of the Cincinnati Gazette, telegraphs unWe would also remind our friends that we members of the Convention, not even the der date of the 3d hist., as follows: have made large additions of the latest styles reporters for the press being admitted. "The latest advices from Fort of THE" GRE The Virginia delegates are desirous that state that many of the secessionist troops T fl T4TT7f2' Slit J A M Eji CLAUKES the whole proceedings shall be conduct- who had crowded iu all from parts of P e ed with closed doors. Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana are A motion to admit the Tress was laid leaving in disgust, finding that, Lieut. Prepared from a prr script ion of Sir J. Clarke, M. D., I'liiviciaii Extraordinary lo the Queen, dn the table. Slimmer is so strongly intrenched in his This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the A Committee on permanent organiza- position. There is no immediate pros- cure of all tho.-- e painful and dangerous diseases to which the female constitution is subject. tion was appointed, and the Convention pect of a fight." THIMMING3, It moderates all excess and removes all obstructhen adjourned over to Tuesday aftertions, and a speedy cure may be relied on. TO M ARSiIE2 noon, at which time John Tyler was cho- AJiout iie Roinforcomcjst orFoi't it is peculiarly suited. It will in a short time Slimier by Mralagi-iti)- . The proceedings being sen President. We find the following paragraphs in brin;j; on the monthly period with regularity. conducted with closed doorS, no report of Kadi bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Govthe Charleston Mercury, of the 30th: ernment Stamp uf Great .Britain, to prevent tliera can be obtained. count elicits. THE BROOKLIN HOUND SOUTH. And the best stock of A correspondent of one of the city Guttering t so o in s e, A GALL IN iSAUtf Mtm GEiYfS APPiREL, jSTQTJLCijl WE Suule-Cbape- lur-wa- NEy FIEM ) B,The 'ill AT Q GOOD AYear, Jan-nar- Caps, c5?c., Si'KClAI. MiTICKS. AiriGimEDY7 ils MEEIUOS, SILKS, CASHHSEZS, . LABI8 man-of-w- g one-thir- Thrse Pills should not tt:in bf femah-dunntj the FIRST TU REE MOST US of Preynauey, as tnry are sure to briny on Mscar-riay- , but any tlicr otiuir th y are safe. In all cases of Nervous and spinal Affections. ram in Lhe back Mini Limbs, fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation of the Heart, ami Whites, these fills will eil'ect a cure when all other means have failed, and although a powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel antimony, or anvthini; hurtful to the constitu Lp tion. full directions in the pamphlet around each packTie, which should be carefully preserved tiole Aiieiit for the United blates and JOii MUSES, Canada. Rochester, X. Y. X. B. $1,00 and G postage stamps enclosed to any authorized Agent, will insure a bottle containing over 50 pills, by return mail. Sold in Danville, Ky., by Wm. M. STOUT. everywhere. and all Drmj-U'istWILSUX, fETElti Co., Wholesale Agents, Louisville, Ky. nov. 2, 'GO, ly that will a"MlE only CEMENT (ifrnyico-e- make you ur IJeuc-Glleairur?, J'nrts uf furniture, Stronger than it origi- nally was. your Broken Ware, and quit buyin ' new. It is what it is represented .o be or i. sail. Ill .1 JJO 11 Lh! It can be had at ttug 24 tf il. HAMILTON'S. .Mend fTAVIXO just, moved into our SEW aui iccct't ca mi tit. l. h iving removed Ins Tailoring establishment !o the above stand, has just revive I aiul opened his Second luijiortatioii of Goods lor 0 MXT'S DELAINS, Cloths, Cassinieres tivA Vestings; tL0Til!3, In the town, and at price - that cannot fail to Our stock of please. Eleached Cottons, Irish Lin- ens, Hosiery, Gloves, m m mmm, cel. Hardware, Cuilery, ;c, &c, always be complete COLLARS. SHIHT3, SOCKS, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Hatting, Trunks, GREENWOOD Danville, jan 11, Gl tf lOvj.000 s & I'OMERS buy Go, it Iilcl 2ATH. WANTED SHINLiEEEOWr:R,S. oct 12, 60 t Siiirts, his NEW STOKE ROOM, has just ceived and is now onenine;. (iut in time the Christmas Holidays the Largest and huesi stock ol Waterloo Long Sxuvls, YEUV complete assortment in Drabs, 1- - Drab and LI in;, for sale at reduced prices. J. L. k YV. II. WAUGEXElt. nov 2, 'GO runs: run A at LARGE J. L. nov 2, WAGGF-.VER- . 'GO & ZJoXjaiiios, EI' T l'oplins, i'lui u 1'oplins, limeade I'op-ke., at lins, J. L. & W. II. WAGGENER. nov 21 CFLIT ZSPIIYH, White and redCclo O Braid, Cl'Ochot J. L. Danville, nov 2, ECOXD : i,,s! received bv 1SGO. V. W I. Mi) pay the following prices fn CASH for Good Ekkh' Hoiks, to-it : 5 cents for Green, or 10 and 11 cents for or Henry HamUry, delivered at niy Tan-yarilton s Grocery, or Rochester & .McNeill's, in Danville, or at Logan k, Caldwell s titure, in Milledgeville. fl will also Tan on the Shares, as heretofore ' S. S. MOORE. Danville, nov 1C, 'GO tlmar,Gl s. w. CLoVO. CO., & hi, sam . of C. P UAVING purchased ol the old firmthe above Co., all their interest iu f "3L,se xiz: 9 Of the best material and by the best of workmen. We will aUo always keep oil hand a full assortment of COOKING & Of all nauerns, HEATING O "V" which we will m 3 U march 30, 'GO, Danville, low IN aii'd Moii-ito'- .v 31 liridle. oct lib 59 Av STOUT'S . is NO WM. L. KEED. f 'f i t' if La fii 1 nil a fwf! a M f- DamaGii and JiTAINS. CU A SPLENDID STOCK OF Velvet Cloaks Shauls & Couiprising HlSXOitiES, KEADERS, BIOGRAPHIES, AVOR KS, ARITHMETICS, CLASSICS, and works on Rhetoric, AstronoMineral my, Philosophy, Geology, Cheuii.-.lry- , ogy, L oiicliotogy, opclcrs, tVc. T The Greatest Variety of Carpets, OilCloths, iiuas, &c.s- Ever brought to this .Market. Goods i3, - L iJ C A o Si C . A iiTiorexias, A Lar;.;e and Superior Stock of O list ozxa- - 3Ja Tvnv rccivod ami oirnr(l at my oM vVil known stiiud, ctnnvr of .Main .'Aid ;v laro ami co;nj!co slin k of Tiiirtl Sirec! DRY (lOUUS, Iv ?fM-in part of m;w 13 H0JIE LIANUTACTUHE. new and well selected, consisting ad stvus of btack fancy dress silks, IJc7Styl3 Poplins, 'XE -- Al.SO- II' Chins and Clneesmvas'c STl'L t'S ed Sashrasrss, NEW STYLE r!"!i'rrvT " 5? Carpets and Oil Cloths OJOC'JZIIIIIISJ prices. 'White miscellaneous Books, dr., dr., dr. G-ooc1- b, CO.MiaOSl.Mi &o.f I 1 ? L Stvl V New CLO 1-- A splendid assortment ail styles I also invite the attention of all to my tensive assortment of ex- Ladiei' Traveling Goods, PAINTS A.'Ii OILS, AXD PERFUMERY. Having built upon tiie stand on which my iiouse stood before the Fire, and litted it up iu the most elegant and convenient manner, I invite all to call and see for themselves if it is not so, and to examine jind sec before purchasing k I'ltid WELSH - & Oil Clotlis. Together with a superior stoek of BOOTS AND SHOES, lloitrti'ftt, llttts and Ami iu .1. LIETCALFS. & WALT0X, B. DKNN'Ift CLOTHING, MADE & DE.NXIS iliiJllJjil 2vE UU.iJ.1UUj nufactory, n Cas, everything in a fa,r-- elsewhere. Orders promptly filled and satisfaction guarantied with regard to price and quality. Irpsci'iji E'isysscikiu's inns attended to at all hours of the dav or nigitl. WM. M. STOUT. Danville, sept 'JS, tf 1. 1. - uMi m mt mm. -- A LS- O- Tiie Alams Mn ni A. IJ. I'aiiit nii,l V;tniL4 Brnslics. VKIIY fall and coin)(L,te a:.?(rtnient of t he a hove just rtveived and for sale hy sept Xx. 4 To the La.lies of this and the surrouiulinji comities, I woulil say, all I a.--k is a call, anil you will be eoiivinreJ tiiat it will be to your interest to buy of me. My Goo.l.- - M ere bought very low for cash, niel I will sell them at very small jirftlits to easi; ami iroin.t tune buyers. ood Come one and all. and I w ill jhow niy ami prices with pleasure. N. B. f Sf ItLCKlVKU a ) aliove fa orite brand sept 28, "60, tf hu stock of the W. M. STOt'T. e I will prices, CarietS, Socks, exchunse for proo'ls and ererytinny iu the way W. Danville, sept ot rash Jerns. Linseys, ot Coiiuirv 11001110. RUSSELL SL'iUXGS CIGARS. 1 S Liusi-y- Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Carpets r.iti'iit .lli'iliciii"s, Siiraciil in a worn, we nave an assorrniem oi a;i articles we have here info re kept, and can recommend our Goods as not only beinr of late styles-busuperior in quality, embracin g also as alLihe novelties of the season. Our old li ieu, Is and the public generally nra invited to favor its wilh a ..!!. Gr.SAT VA3.IETY 0E PHINT3, C'.'atlit'il niitl Srmva ftiilcns, S'.iediiiy; Hvt' Sliilfs, ' - aw s Merinos, Coergs, &c, LATE rCELlCATlDXS AXD zixi:s. o EQUAL TO THE BEST XOYLETIES 9F THE SEASON supply of Erench, Spanish, German. Italian, Latin, Greek and Hebrew Sc'lOol Sooks, CLONES, SCHOOL INESTA.vDS, and PAPERS of every description, Bf,SolJ at Publishers' and .Miiiuifactisrers' Games, Puzzic3, L Consisting of A complete History, Biograpliy, Essays, Poetry, tne Drama, Travclss and Voyages, IJovels, Illustrated Works, Toy Books, Juvenile Books, s g Hiiiioroiucru OF EYEItY DESCRIPTION. I HAVE mil a lull and coin- - constantly asortnu'iit of ATIIE .M AT IC A L Mi - SCHOOL SOOK3, ( Dauvine. ed will lie promptly received and oi ill for, at tbt rates of 5 cents per pound tor green and lo cents for drv. Br'jtJ will also keep a No. 1 Lot of LEATHER on hand forth?, retail trade at the same place .Side and Upper; Kip and Call'; Harness mud OrricR of SiMiiiii New ADAMS CELEUEATEi) CASH I WILL pay the highest price atHides S. for W. Green Dry. HIDES, deliverAll s ut e tf wanted ES Ce Danville?, Ky- - and Copper Vindov Glass and Glassware, READY Sheet-Iro- n "X Ul'U-i'- i V business, the undersigned will continue at the old stand, under the name and style of C. 1' 13 A EL & CO. the manufacture of all kinds ol Tin, Sole BOOKS! DICTIONARIES, Cash or Leather fjr Hides, T. BALL I. MOOltK, Ajent for Manufacturer, "V.' Main Street, Danville, Ky., M C. Sewino; Macliines! SCHOOL ROOK EMPORIUjI, It. Vv'AilGEXEK. LI. lloaic. - uiiivA, cus- s Sf.wixo Mach New York, August, 1SU0. This is to certify that Mr. W. I. MOORE, of Danville, K., is appointed our Sulr A''-nt7atch always Repaired "right now." to sell our New and Improved S 3tvi1I Itla- Bf4, ROOM Ip Stairs, over that of his XhineS, in the Counties .of Uoy'le, Liuco:n Gar brother, in the bouse so long occupied by them, rard and Mercer, in the. Slate ot Kentucky. iiloors East of the iiranch Hank. I. M. SINGER & Co., '00 tf has a few Fins Gold and Silver sept I'er.J. A. llopocr. Watches, which he will sell vtry totvf dec 7, "20 tf A Which makes our stock complete in every department. W'e would invito the attention of our customers, ami the public enoraily to our as we are determined to oifer great inducements to Cash or Pr.m;t customers on time. & ;U I 2HHJ19?!! PIPER JSD BOOK mmifflimm. B lltitis, Cunes, .''Ivia IMTATHE OF c. p. GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, Cloths, Cassimeres and & Vest in js Gent's Purnisliing Goods, S"" ;. F'. PAPER Second Importation -- iWIEE ri ? ""v? the WE are just receiving our J. L. STAPLE GOODS, In great variety. ItETt'RN.S thanks to public for the verv &t;., "3'.'5 tlattcriue he &'": recetition To which lie invites the attention of his mnl with sitwo bis tomers and the public. reitu h lu JJunville; but would observe.' Danville, sept H, '60 tf that, notwithstanding the wide circulation-othe "Tribune,'' there are thousands of his old friends who do not yet know that he is now here uuln; therefore, pass the word, for it may be a matter of interest to your neighbor, (who GO FALL, his Of every Grade and Fabric. Embracing all the latest, ft vies for 'GO T5 i5 WAGGENER. W. II. LADIES7 DHE33 GOODS, O.- -V I&'y., .AV. AVOLLASTON. A our' LATEST STYLES OF . Traveling Dress Goods, "t UR Stock enij fore niis.'brtuue much larger uiai more conveuu House oetter preptnng us to sliow as they should be seen. tf HAS just received '.'. TX NEW aud REACTl 1TL Oesitrns at 1 no 'J J. L. & W. II. WAGGENER. Vesting, Jil Xercliaiit Tailor, M.iiiville, S, Always fur judicious progess, T. R. J. A. is iu one thing a determinastill tion to give fail value fur ever)- - cent received from the public, in the Kxeeltenre nud Siqeritr l'trJor:urui--of las work. "Voting America,'' for whom lie has a high respect, can have his PaciHc, Manchester and Haraui,un & a call. Danville, dee 21, xIj, t'srllars, Cravats, G0. . ...3 V. l, Watch Repaired W. II. WAGGENER. , Ir:iives-st- Danville, net ?n. kinds EltE.VCll CANDIES, TOVS of every description, and all new and fresh; Stick Candy, Nl'TS of ail kinds, In a word every article in the Grocery ami Confectionerv line. ORANGES AND LEMONS fresh and (inc. FRESH l'EACIIES. l'i! ESER V ES. KETCIICl'S, SARDINES, FANCV ARTICLES, &., all new stock. I'RESII OYSTERS received every day, and w ill be served up at any time. Give him has been, perhaps, too busy to read the papers, to know titat he can .lO'.dA'get his received bv J. L. JCST W. II. & - 'JL JL Li fasoion.ible 1 respectfully invite a call from my old customers aui the public generally, as w ill spare no pains to give satisfaction to all who may patronize me. A. W. B.VRKKU. CONFECTI033t;UIE3, Ever exhibited in this place, consisting of all SAl.'-CE- on ine .nercnunr Ni A.u sun ciirrym-fax tailoring Durness in all us oraiicnc jLLi 1'ave u huge stock ..f piece Goods Uxoihs, Cassimerss, Vestings, &c, cc., and Inn ing good woiKiucu, will cut and make to order on the shortest jiotice, Clothing of any M. LEVE.NSOX. desired pattern. Danville, dec 7. 'GO tf C- invito all to call and Liaod that we can please ecu- - Which 1 am prepared to cut and make tu order on short notice. Also, a full variety of lr HATS, CAPS, &c, I would respcctfi ily invite the attention of my old customers, Farmers, llusiness Men aud all others to my stuck, being assured that I eau suit all both in (uality aud juice. M. EE V ENS' )N, Main Street, 3 doors above Sliced House. OCR TO WTC AT?,, tiie latest and most Cloths, Casimcrog T A CKA-GLOii- any other other House in the State. Particular attention given to KEPAIItING Will and jjf the very W'st quality, and at prices that cannot fail to oiler of nil kinds old styles made as good as new.s We will pay the highest price for old inducements to the purchaaers. Copper, lirass, Pewter and Lead. And tve wiil at all times keep a very large C. P. BALL, stock of S. W. CLOVD And many other goods too numerous to mention, to which we invite the especial attention of persons wishing new and desirable Goods, to examine our Large and Varied rstock, feeling perfectly satislied that we can give lite old customers of the house entire satisfaction. '7 7TT ENTIRE ntESII STOCII! Y. AVOLLASTOX, mm iiManirlactor'"7'.m Hats and Caps, RE.1DHI.IGE Containing styles of LIRGB ADDITIONS We wou'd see u feci ry body in TIIE AMI IIOCSH FALL IaIPOUTATIOX, WINTER STYLES! AXO Third Street, one door from the Deposit Bank, and two from Past-Oiac- Agent. F. YElSElt, tf Goats,AllFaiits prices;Vests, l styles and v Capt. Dexter, of the schooner Louis-ana- , press, says of the delegates that their from iSantee to Charleston, reports sentiments as expressed are conciliatory, having seen off Cape llomain, at nine and strong hope is entertained that the o'clock a. M. on Sunday, a large screw steamer. She stood in, made conference will result in the proposal of took her basis for compromise as will be Cape llomain Light-Houssnch a departure, and stood southwest under all acceptable to the Border States. sail and steam. The distance from Cape Romain to l'ensacola is about eleven OI-- I VIKGJXIA. O. K. hundred miles. The Brooklyn will probably be at l'ensacola by Friday evening. The election in Virginia for delegates, REINFORCING FORT SUMTER. The following extract from the letter to the State convention, was held on Monday last, and the indications from of a Southerner in New York is worthy of attention: the returns thus far received, are that s''I hope your coastguard will keep a the Union men have achcived a splendid bright look out. Gen. Scott would deFort Sumter by victory. It is believed that out of the light in delegates, the secessionists have elec- stratagem. It might be done by interat Sea a merchant vessel or steamted not more than and some cepting er that had been regularly cleaied for accounts place the number at even less Charleston. They could then throw the than that. Some of the Union candidates cargo overboard, put the troops aboard, received majorities as high as one thous- - hoist the Palmetto flag off the bar, sail in and votes. Old Virginia the 'mother and stop at Fort Sumter with men, stores and ammunition." States and Statesmen, is all right, and her proud and patriotic Kentucky J6cjr Tiie seizure of the United States daughter is with her in the glorious Mint it New Orleans,' with .?:joll.000, is sruggle to stand by and save the Union. reported. ivJ, - i- FILL r n ilAXAi-0l)- & Oct 5, '00 If would respectfully an eilizcn.s ot Danville and The Flittst Assortment ever in Danville. t tiist-elas- m Ited-t.-d- IR, 31"JM:0"V".IL, Consisting in part of prer-cn- 0 Wash-.siaad- s; s, iu the house between Morrows gro ery and the Express o'dice, and tni?t he will receive u porliou of the patronage, iie wiil seil low fur Supplies. lSGO-'G- l. (Jribs; Foldiii Soci ti.les; TcO'-a-- 'f ''ti s Divans; Parlor, Spring-Sca- t, Eii.abcth Medai-liui- i, Arm and all kinds oi One. Wood, ami Split-lluttut.'iiairs, Extension TaMes, Dining and lireakfast Tables; Wash Stan is; Work Tatiics; Tcapois, and in short, Stands; kind of Furniture requisite to I'urnisli any aud every apartment, and to suit the tastes of all. which we will sell low fur cash ur on 3 months' time to prompt ctisromers. out-du- , QeUhratedj Female Winter paril'-uiai'- TOEE. dee 21. Mo, &TIUKDST;?. C. purchasing elsewhere. call ihe .uicniioii u! ti.e bailies lo our stocK, as "we have in my new ail beautiful s!yies,whii h we will take great pleasure in showing to nil w ho may visit us. embracing Fine Ibircau.s. fen re and Sol'a Tables; Wardrobes; Ke. rctarics, Elagcrics, or What-Nuts- ; We y Yinter Fall V. W. Tit-ken- ; ."J. eonve-reeeivi- i:i:id(;i()i:s. A On the Old COIL :IALN j , AB9D1 jl JALi nsw ao U3i to a vicinity that he has opened EAJIVTILE, KY. NOTICE! r sa ii: Sa mtr MirTCALFM. J2ElIaO ICO II . NICHOLS & FUitXISiHXG rytiiE undersigned JL nounce to tiie CL0TI!L IU .tilt Cii on, FIT IlTITLTl-lJE'lo give us call before "GO. 7m S I, .' Danville, LEVENSOX'S V 7S' X'Z t HIK k Haiti street, iJ.un.i.e, Ivv. dee 21, ' "nil Danville, 'fiiu Si reel lil W. METCALFE. C. WFT-P.T- all who are in waul uf J. B. A1ZIZ, " i" . thev resiiectfullv in- vile the attention of .', J S. Gl G. L. SMITH. tin, tf " .11. . '""""Ti their friends and the t.ublic icliiic that w the,i, 7. .!. nt- li' st til k rciiXi ti:i:i: v, i ullered in this in trket. e iu ite Dozen. French Oil FA I NT! .VMS, Walking Canes, Unibreii;i, Sewing" Marhiue .t.'., .JAU who w.iat Uoods in uy bin- can now p;'t tnem at Easti'i n Prices ior (';i.-or ood Ca-d- i noies. Come a jui seu my llouJs an. I leant my price, as I am det'.-- inined to reduce my if you let this ciiaaee pass it is your own l'anlt. I IffiKffii! 31 HI 4, 01 G. W. ' FlirilltltVI' .' VV-'- co'didi-n- .;u with rt. .1:1 10 ..;. 00. without alarm-- , ai. 'rices truiu s Ivory llandk't Su-e- aii'l Siiver i"i.ide-- . Tahie and insert KXiVi, i a lull Setts or by the fall th y filled one ut'the most Sieendal ' '' . r Prices. fzs zli a,jniiiL'iit ol I. '. .)V HSMGVAL TO A. McGSOKTr'S cuuimunitv gcnerullv. Thou mourning Father, do not grieve Above that lifeless frame: lie doth bereave, Thu Lordfioth give, Hut blessed be His name! You're made, but by a just decree, A great loss to deplore; You may not ever parted be Fur he's but gone before. A Fine stuck at Wholesale CUILERI, & 'i:''-- i f f :r Co: La, Jt'etU'l, solid siLvr:u wvix: Embracing a large clock and varietv, jan Yns hi part of f nrtO ev : stoc: ,vT ill cJ .v 'lii-id- 'i'ea Setts, Waiters, 1'itcliers, Gultlets, CullVe L'rny, Cake and T rait I'orks, Spoons, &r., tVe.. ai deduced Trices. A lTATJ""TATfT?4 fr. T i-- j ' ' ;' in iliiixii. Sis., i'ot: MaIz T?ifri uf i; lo-- Sec. a lew weeks, his entire ir stock of S? H JtTHOT3 ';...' s IX Jewelry t uiuioic iu Ladies and Gentlemen s Wear. A lai''je and Handsome Stuck of GtjLI) AX ! SI E V Ell COLLINS lor sale: HARDWARE VINT, sold mv Tools, ke., to Messrs. TEX 10 Y & .SMITH, an having given Uj. the Manufacturing nud Job Work to them, would cordially recommend them to the iicor-abl- e of my old eutuiucrsTr- - tltf j ui m ofi?at G. Y7. II. HAMILTON. tf 1, "CI HI - '';' PE'l mm And will give special and prom jit attention tu to consignments of Produce, liroccries. Dry Hoods, or urher saleable an icies, to he sold on a- - may lY.n.te cither at A L'CTIOX An ex pi rienced .' be ordered by uwncrs. will he eiiiagcd and prumpt cadi returns made uf saies. ItuMuess in this line is respccUjllL v solicit; d. Fnrcitnr,! Wanroiis i ii s : ir ass v lii U Carbuncle", Garnett, Lava, idosaic, e.; iiaLiond lias and Cameo, JV, are iiillgS togctiicr wild a i; a,: ;ai .;i. tf 'jr. 1 f, oil t. p'.'rsuns ind to ( nne furw ard and settle bv a.- - I do intend, to "let my acnote or cash, not And nil accounts not setcounts stand up'-utled by uo'.e or Casli liy Feonerry 1st iie sued on. v,'. u. Frsncli China, Ciass an I Oiocnivaro, .ft otions. Pack ana in reat ':ii'e.': I'aiioy Articles, iiu ed to reduce my ddt-naii- OC'Stcd Preserved Fruits. it 2 IIAVIXG a very large stock of (b.uds.- all a:o! oft he mo a I'aduun.ibf' sy am t'on dstin- PA TP V i A. Jt3 a, , -. ! to i:r (rt ( . r?- ill v C. LUCAS. 28, Y,0 6m yi TO CI illi 1 Titl) JIIXL'IIS IU ;;!!! f i'Al'. AT Thrsldkeii's Oil Stanl, 23. light MiviTArTrnr'' ov Street, Yll.I.E, KY., I). IX all kivs ur narkAinvs, mm. I'ersons in want of sii' h nriif-ii'iiic Tul y invited to call and '.onui our ftur-learn our Drifts, hrtun hnyi;.L' in ioih. vc. nre coniideiit of we of the linn ni nr jHi'tic-i- l wrkni'-uno lenvs in w.irrmi (?: s . mid .13 en.-l- Of rll kinds .ioue in the bot tyie and on reaMr. Walton bcinir himself a sonable terms. we call ;Mr(i: ular .itieittiort to. No. 1 I'aiiil.-r- the .'It So-P- . So hailied. kind.-- Ot Hi-- Uanviih-- Vemcns in your wm i. VMS ad oi hae it ovcr- - t'.W.VLTO.V. . 1 L

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