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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 16, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

CMS. E. SENG Jeweler and Optician 306 EJartelS!,, Louisville Wedding Gifts sad Holiday Presents in large varieties of GOLD and SILVER, CLOCKS and CUT GLASS. Jewelry of All Descriptions. GREEN TRADING Isn't it Christmas eveV Was His Own STAMPS TESTING EYES and filling of Oculists' Prescriptions our Then a girl's voice spoke the lowest, softest contralto tones Bell had ever heard; he almost loved her for the sweetness of her voice. "Friend or foe, Santa Claus or burglar, all sre welcome here tonight, aren't they, dad?" "Certainly, Ever The old man's voice softened wonderfully as he Saota Clans He Gave Gifts to Others and Found a Prize For Himself ti By MARIA G. HAWKINS Copyright, by American Press Association. 1910. j i j Sherman Bell dropped from the train and then stood watching it make its laborious way through the piling drifts. The wind screamed around the little railroad station and tore at the roof savagely. His married sister had recently gone to live in this quaint old village, and she had planned that this first Christmas in the country was to be of the genuine old time variety. One of the chief features of the Christmas eve entertainment was to be a tree and the advent of Santa Claus down one of the wide mouthed chimneys, which was to be thoroughly cleaned for the occasion. "oa are to be the Santa Clans," she bad written to her brother the week before. "Frank is entirely too I stout to come down the chimney, but an athlete like you shoultl be able to accomplish it without difficulty. We have had the sitting room chimney DOUBLE YOUR CORK CROPS cleaned there are four chimneys in this old house, you know and it Is so large that by standing in the Use The hearth one can look up and see the sky overhead. Frank will rig a rope SOED IMPERIAL PROLIFIC ladder to help you on your downward CORN path, and the fire won't be built till afterward. Now. we want it to be a complete surprise to the children, so from lOOto 200 And gather you miftht as well make the descent bushels per acre instead of as soon as you arrive from the train. Don't forget to take the G:30. Reof the the trifling out-pu- t member, I shall expect to see your feet coming down the chimney at 8 corn. common Will leave one of o'clock sharp. Hundreds of testimonials. Frank's old motor coats on the porch for you to wear." We have no agents. Sherman chuckled delightedly as he For particulars addrer-made Ids way down the hill. How the youngsters would shout when they saw meant Jsrsey Meadows Seed Farm, the Santa Clans hemerry to be! In faced mask his pocket was a Station E. Ho. 3, Box 142, LOUISVILLE, KY. with snowy hair and beard attached, and in the suit case he carried was a small pack stuffed with little toys and His odds, and ends he had gathered. larcrer gifts ho had sent on by express TO the day before to be placed on the tree. He came upon the house sooner than he expected. He recognized it at once by the arched gateway around which a naked wistaria vine rattled in the wind. The windows showed a mellow glow By depositing your earnings in of light as he softly entered the gate the Bank. You will find that and nroceeded nn the snowv nath to- you will not spend your money right and passed around to the ell as you make it then, lor you will where Marcia had said there would be take pride in watching your a ladder leaning against the wall. balance grow larger each month. There was a ladder here, and she looked in the porch for his old fur coat. There was nothing there, and it was evident in the haste of Christmas preparations the coat had been forgotten. Sherman felt ruefully of his own fur coat and then with a shrug of the shoulders opened the suit case and adjusted his pack and in the shelter of the porch put on the mask Bat it is altout as hard to save and placed his fur cap on the snowy mosey as it is to make it. unless hair. "They haven't come into the sitting you keep a room yet Well, I guess I'll start my descent and let them know I'm coming. I shall freeze to death out here." As a matter of fact Sherman was very warm and comfortable. Sherman Bell flung a leg into the mouth of the chimney and felt about YOUR for the rope ladder that was to be W His foot touched a small firm foundation and rested there. Presently he was standing inside the chimney on a narrow ledge of bricks that projected there. As he looked dn'v.-wrrrat the black pit beneath there was the H JZfFZRSQH sound of ar, opening door, and then a where a illumined COUNTY SANK, light fire of logs the hearthready to be was laid neat kindled. jnFFEP.SONTOWN. KY. Nowhere could he see the rope ladder that his sister had promised should be there. He bent his body and braced his feet on the projecting bricks. CHAS. C. "Hello, Marcia!" he called in a guarded whisper. A faint scream answered his voice, and the light disappeared for an inEUECHEL, - KY. stant to be followed by a stronger one and the tramp of many feet and the sound of many voices raised in laughGeneral auctioneering done. ter, alarm or speculation. Sales conducted anywhere. "Merry Christmas, everybody!" roarSatisfaction guaranteed. ed Sherman Bell down the chimney. During the petrified silence that folTerras reasonable. lowed the brick that supported one Cumb. phone E. 131-a- . E. 111-rfoot gave way and rattled down the chimney. As a matter of course Mr. Bell lost his balance and went down p.fter it, raising a suffocating cloud of eoot as he fell. The pack of toys swung over his head, thumping him vigorously all the way down till he stuck tight in the chimney just before he reached the fireplace below. Too sooty and uncomfortable for utterance. Mr. Bell maintained a dignified silence until his kinspeople should see fit to extricate him from his uncomfortable position. "What do you suppose it is?" he heard a feminine voice inquiring tim- specialty. s M-- tf LARN Sk I brother-in-law'- MONEY MADE !S MONEY SAVED BANK ACCOUNT SOUCif o. f WHEELER Auctioneer a 31-- tf READ idly. " 'It,' my Journal On sale at Faneili Bros. dear girl," scoffed an old gentleman whose tones Bell did not recognize. "There is not the slightest doubt it is a man a burglar, I should Judge." "A burglar in crimson silk socks?" Bell hated the youth who jeered thus at him and kicked frantically for free Iras-cfbl- e j j I TOLSTOY "It's Santa Clans, of course. dom. til., l "Then our friend must be released, You can fancy how uncomfortable he must feel. Henry, can't you help him down?" A strong hand clutched Sherman Bell's ankles and gave the necessary impetus to his further descent. "Merry Christmas, everybody!" said Sherman feebly from behind his jovial mask, "Merry Christmas yourself!" rejoin-- i ed a strange old gentleman, and as the fictitious Santa looked dazedly around he saw that he was among perfect strangers who suddenly went off into a gale of laughter at his appearance. He recovered himself quickly, however, and emerged from his sooty condition with a little shake of his fur coat and an adjustment of his blackened mask and beard. The old gentleman and the girl called Eve stood together, and he bowed low before them. "Santa Clnus, at your service," ho said in his pleasant voice. "I'm afraid I've made a mistake. I was due to get down Mr. Frank Adams' chimney at this time, and I was sure I had the right house." "Across the street, sir," explained the old gentleman gravely, yet with a merry twinkle in his eyes. "Santa rarely makes mistakes, yet who can blame him when these houses are so nearly alike. The Adams house and this one, sir, were built by twin brothers and are alike as two peas. We are glad to see you, though you did give us a surprise." "It's my business to do that, of course," laughed Sherman, and then without more ado he swung his pack to the floor and proceeded to find within it some gift for each of the strangers There was he had dropped among. much laughter and merriment over Eve Ross the toys he distributed. blushed warmly over the one he gave to her. It was a miniature fireplace with a figure of Santa Claus emerging from the chimney w ith a pack of toys. Afterward Sherman doffed his mask and stood forth as handsome and well set up a young man as one would care to have drop down the chimney onChrist- mas eve. I m atraiu i ve made ratner a mess of the floor," he said ruefully after introductions had been made and he found himself in the midst of a family party. "Never mind that," consoled Mr. lioss aunaoiv us nu leu me vu. uuu another warmly lighted room in the midst of which stood a huge Christmas tree. "We've had that room closed for several days past because it is sooty. Something happened to the chimney the other day, and a man has been here tinkering with the job for several days. He knocked off today on account of the snow and left all his ladders and so forth around, so that made your path easy, eh?" "It did. I found the way well prepared," laughed Sherman. "I'm sorry, but I believe they're waiting for me across the street, and the youngsters will be disappointed if I don't make my appearance down the chimney at the appointed hour or as near to it as I can manage." "Surely you're not going to try to do it again tonight!" protested Eve. "It's rather a dangerous feat, you know." "Not a bit," reassured Sherman. "You see, the houses are low and the drop is not a great distance, and they will be prepared for me. By the way, I must express my thanks for my cordial reception." They laughed and pushed forward, and young Henry Ros'j gripped his hand In a most cordi".! manner. .After he had shak-.uds with everybody and iTv.mised to come over the next Jay and tell thjjla about his second chimney adventure, Sherman went forth, his palm still thrilling from contact with Eve's rose leaf baud. He found proper preparations made for him at the house across the street, and his descent of the Adams chimney was effected in the tamest manner, and his appearance was the signal for the wildest rejoicing on the part of his nephews and nieces. "Where did you get so black and sooty, Sherman?" asked Mrs. Adams after awhile. "We had this chimney thoroughly cleaned, and Timothy said there wasn't a speck of soot left." "I don't suppose there is, my dear," returned Sherman amiably. "My soot came from another chimney. Before I tackled your chimney I played being my own Santa Claus, and I've made myself the most beautiful present in the world." "What was it. Uncle Sherman?" asked little Amy from her seat on his knee. "What was your beautiful present, and may wo see it?" "Some day I hope to show it to you," returned Sherman solemnly. Mr. Adams spread his hands to the genial fire and eyed his brother-in-lawith a keen, amused glance. "Amy. my daughter." he said, with a chuckle, "your Uncle Sherman means he will soon introduce you to a beautiful auntie!" Sherman stared and reddened. "How lo you know that?" he blurted out. Marcia arose and, slipping her hand In her husband's arm, drew her brother to her side. "Your face betrayed you, dear," she smiled at him. Little Amy had been thinking deeply. "Then Uncle Sherman's wife will be Mrs. Santa Claus!" she cried joyfully. And of course that is what they called Eve Ross after she married Sherman the following Christmas. w WAMTED BLOOD. Turgeneff and ?nj Reconciliation Tht Followed. Raymond Beconly in the Paris Figaro gives the following account of an early encounter between Tolstoy and Turgeneff, which shows the Russian sage in a different frame of mind from the one in which the world has since come to ki,ow him: It was on the estate of his frieac!, the poet Fet. near Yasnaya. Turgeneff was among the invited guests. The hostess inquired after his daughter, who was being reared in France. Turgeneff spoke highly of his English governess. "With a truly British exactitude." he said, "she requested me to fix the sum which my daughter might spend for charity. And now she teaches her pupil to mend the ragged clothes of the poor." "And you consider that a good thing?" asked Tolstoy. "Certainly." replied the other. "Tt brings the benefactor into direct contact with the persons whom he is helping." "On my part, I think that a we'll dressed chiid who handles dirty and ill smelling rags is playing a hypocritical and theatrical farce." "I must ask you not to speak In Turgeneff, with this way," ex? menacing looks. "Why should I not say what I am convinced is the truth?" remarked Tolstoy. "You think, then, that I am educating my daughter badly." and. while Fet was interceding. "If you will talk in that way I shall box your ears." Then he left the room, begging Ms hosts to pardon his abrupt departure. Tolstoy also went. At the neighboring station he wrote to Turgeneff demanding ati apology. Ho ordered pistols and fried to provoke his rival to a duel. TurcenofT's answer, very dignified, brought the apology demanded by Tolstoy. He closed by saying that he thought it best thai two men with such opposite tempers should henceforth break off all relations. Tolstoy, carried away by his anger (it was in 1SC1), declined to be satisfied with such an answer. He felt that he had lie demanded been gravely offended. reparation by arms. He therefore repeated his provocations. His friend Fet, who attempted to pacify him. succeeded only in drawing from him this vigorous reply: "I beg of you henceforth not to write to me any more. I shall return your letters unopened, the same as I do with After these occurrences Turgeneff returned to France, where he passed the greater part of his time. Some months later, on reflection. Tolstoy regretted his violence. Seized with remorse, he sent Turgeneff a letter asking his pardon. "I find it exceedingly painful," he wrote, "to think that I have made an enemy of you." Turgeneff forgave, as one may imagine, but the complete and definitive reconciliation took place much later. His Quarrel With d Turge-neff's.- " OLD ENGLISH . ONE OF MANY STYLES WE CARRY JR. Combined PLANET Drill Seeder, and Hill Double Wheel Hoe, Cultivator and Plow, Equipment: "NE PAIR HOES, TWO PAIRS CULTIVATOR TEETH, TWO PLOWS, TWO LEAF GUARDS. The Planet Jr. is in a Class by Itself. It is the best possible implement of the kind: perfect mechanism automatic device for stopping the feed, and has also the new seed in x. It is thoroughly substantial and accurate in planting all kinds of garden seeds in either hills or drills. CATALOGUE FREE ON REQUEST. a See us when in need of anything- in the farming implement line. We have what you want at the right price. - STUBBS & CO., Seedsmen WOOD, Incorporated E. Jefferson St. 219-22- 1 LOUIi ILLE, KY. AN EPIDEMIC OF GRIP iiirtfi COUGHS and COLDS ROCK, RYE, GLYCERINE, WILD CHERRY, with mentholated Oil of Pine, that will cure the Grip quickly, stop a hacking cough and break up a cold. 45c a pint bottle, mixed ready to take. Last Week of HOT-WATE- GEM WATER $1.00 HOLEPROOF $1.25 HOLEPROOF $1.50 HOLEPROOF 7.r,c BOTTLE SALE R 50c BOTTLES, 2 Quarts WATER BOTTLES, 2 Quarts. .. .ir,c WATER BOTTLES. 2 Quarts. . . .$1.00 WATER BOTTLES. 2 Quarts. .$1.25 . Fountain Syringes like quality same price. Rectanus Co.'s Everyday Bargains. 3 Bottle Peroxide Rolls Toilet Paper .10c liars St. Louis Soap . . 3 '3 liars Buttermilk Scan Dozen Paper Napkins.. 10c .10c .10c Boxes Blue Tip Matches AO VfMJ, 10c .10c .10C For full Qt. Old Patterson For full qt. Old Taylor For full qt. Old Prentice sPFr I A I 25c 20c Bars Ivory Soap .. Bars Sapolio 100 A. B. S. Pills Doz. Sedlitz Powders 2 Pounds Powdered Borax 2Cans Tettlows Talcum.. Box Gossamer Powder 1 3 ..lie ..15c 1 4 4 . 15c ..15c For full quart Mellwood For full quart Old Charter For fu;l quart Spring Hill O wv Tooth Brushes. 15c Tooth Brushes, loc THEO. RECTANUS, ..15c ..15c ..15c 4 rows, all bristle. rows, all bristle. Preston and Market Sts. Incorporated LOUISVILLE'S BEST DRUO STOKE HOUSES. the Days of Vooden Huts, Thatched Roofs and Clay Floors. The habitations of English common people for centuries consisted of a wooden hut of one room, with the fire built in the center. To this hut, if a man increased in family and wealth, a !can-twas added and later another and another. The roofs were of thatch, the beds of loose straw or straw beds with bolsters of the same laid on the floor or perhaps eventually shut in by a shelf and ledge like the berths of a ship or by a small closet. The Saxon thane or knight built a more pretentious "hall." a large open room like the Roman arrtow vith a lofty roof thatched or covered with slates or wooden shingles. In the center of the hard clay floor burned great fires of dry wood whos" thin acrid smoke escaped from openings in the roof, above the hearth or by the doors, windows and openings under the eaves of the thatch. By day the "hearthsmen" and visitors when not working or fighting sat on long benches on either side of the fire and, as John Hay puts it, "calmly drinked and jawed" or. gathering at long boards placed on trestles, regaled themselves on some sort of porridge with fish and milk or meat and ale. At night straw or rushes spread on the floor formed beds for the entire company in the earlier and ruder days, when the "baser sort" were glad to share their straw with the cows. Charles Winsiow Hall in National In SPRAY tk', NOW o SPRAYING OUTFIT Save your trees and shrubs from insects later and insure a beautiful spring bloom. YOUR LAWN should be put in order by using Our Suburban Lawn Grass Seed, which has no s ?Ar especially if enriched by our Shredded Sheep Manure. All kinds of insecticides. Send for our 1911 Tree, Plant and Seed Catalogue. It gives ideas and suggestions. F. WALKER & CO., FLORISTS Ca..!. ntvuuv., uui ill A.,o..o JkJt i Home Phone OPPOSITE ST. JOS- EPH'S INFIRMARY. Louisville, Ky. 1388. Cumb. Phone M, 1383-- BY E. R. SPROWL. UBUC SALE Magazine. Tha Cabal. The term "cabal" as applied to secret factions of any kind had its rise in England about 1667, being first applied to the cabinet of Charles II. and formed from the initials of the cabinet members' names Lord Clifford. Lord Ashley, the Duke of Buckingham. Lord Arlington and the Duke of Lauderdale C, A. B, A. L Since that day it has been customary, in all English speaking hinds at least, to apply the name to any secret conclave, especially in politics. $1 UP Land and Farm Personalty. Of THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1911, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M. 'ill on above date sell to the highest and best bidder, on the Having sold my farm. I premises, about one mile souti. of Middletown and 3J miles N. E. of Jeffersontown. my personal property, consisting in part as follows: Two good young work mares. good Jersey Duroc cow, Jersey bull. 5 Jersey heifers, (with calf), 24 nice ewes. 1 registered buck. e wagon, Studebaker spring wagon, Jersey Brood Sow, lOshoats. 1 runabout, 1 break farm wagon. Superior wheat drill. hay rake. surrey, 2 buggies. cart, John Deere riding cultivator, McCormic mower. land roller and slab. disc harrow. hay frame. 3 smoothing harrows. 1 John Detre break plow, 3 Oliver Chilled e corn planter. 1 plows. shovel plow. 2 Jouble shovels. 3 Junior cultivators, l e corn marker. coulter and. Jointer, Junior seed drill, 3 Junior wheel hoes. good cutting box. corn sheller, wheelbarrow, l wheat fan. 1,000 pounds platform scales, 1 washing machine. set spring wagon l iron kettle. grindstone. 1 lard press, harness, bridles and collars, several sets buggy harness. 2 pairs double lines. 100 bushels or 6 tons hay in loft. 17 barrels second crop Carmen potatoes. 2 stacks hay, corn in crib. 6 104 extra onion crates, 3x6; 4 dozen hens, lot of bacon, double and single trees and stretchers, crosscut saw. hand saw. rip saw. brace and bits. hoes, shovels, posthole digger, forks, log chains, wire stretchers, etc ; household and kitchen furniture. Also 1 Aspinwall Potato Planter. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 one-hors- 1 one-hors- 1 1 1 two-hors- 1 The Way She Saw It. "You must not mock people. Hazel. Once upon a time, the Bible says, a crowd of little children mocked a good man named Elisha. and two bears came out of the forest and killed two of them." At 3 o'clock p. m. we will sell the land. "Wasn't that an awful thing for from Mid two about acres of It comprises 62 building good land onnever good county roads,water andmile in as good their mothers?" Newark News. failing tunning is siteand has dletown. Splendid as you will and in the county. Must be seen to be appreciated. neighboroood Tbrms On personalty: 110 and under, cash: over that amount a credit of nine Useless Telling. months without interest: purchaser to execute note wfthoeapproved security, negotiable "Yon can always tell an English- and payable at the Bank of Middletown. No property to removed until terms are complied with. man," said the Briton proudly. per cent, and On "Of course yon can," replied the and deposit as acash, balance in onefaith.two years with interest at 6 $100 guarantee of good Yankee, "but It doesn't do any good, A If PD E. B. SPROWL. Auctioneer, f T TJT A If V because he thinks he knows it all." Jeffersontown, Ky. Cumb. Phone BLAH IVXIl DAIVLJV. Philadelphia Ledger. It Bros, Lunch by Fanel 1 1 1 1 forty-- One-thir- 38-- d J, ft, FIJI

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