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Image 366 of Annual report. 1911

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

34,6 . Division of Cliemistry. ANALYs1s. ‘ One gallon contains 88.1 grains of solid matter (1.51 gram per liter) composed of calcium carbonate, mag- nesium sulphate, and sodium chloride, with traces of iron, silica, potassium sulphate, and lithium carbonate. This water would doubtless prove laxative in effect. WOLFE COUNTY. 36374—Water received from J. H. Barker, Hazel Green, Ky. Sample a gallon jug. Received in August, 1911. ANALYSIS. One gallon contains 55.8 grains of mineral matter (.957 gram per liter) composed mainly of sodium sulphate with considerable amounts of iron and aluminium sulphate, some calcium sulphate and traces of calcium and magnesium car- bonates, potassium sulphate, lithium sulphate, sodium chlo- ride, zinc and silica. The water has a strongly acid reaction and would be classed as an acid sulphated chalybeate water. [ . L

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