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Image 10 of Annual report. 1911

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

X Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the years. Forty-two of the plots were occupied by different _ varieties of this forage plant. One of the objects of the Stations established in the dif- ferent states as defined in the law, is a study of waters used for various purposes. Professor Garman has from the be- i ginning, given what attention he could to a study of the or- ganisms inhabiting the waters of Kentucky, and for some time has had bacteriological tests made of various samples secured about Lexington, and sent from different parts of the State by physicians, boards of .health and water works companies. During the past year bacteriological tests have been made of two hundred and forty-seven samples. At the request of officials of the State Board of Health, Professor Garman made two trips last fall to the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky for the purpose of studying the locality with reference to the prevalence of pellagra, especi- ally with regard to the presence of insects thought to have to do with its spread. An insect of the genus charged, in Europe, with having to do with the disease, was found by him in streams near dwellings occupied by pellagrins, and proved to be not uncommon in the region in which most of the cases resided. A general study of organisms living in the streams has been made by Professor Garman, together with observations on the corn crop with reference to its condi- - tion as compared with that of other parts of the State, and with regard to the injury of the corn ear worm, which was already being studied by him under the Adams Act. The ‘ results of this work will be published in bulletin form in the near future. . Division of Fertilizer Control Work. In this Division, during the past year, 632 brands of fertilizer have been A registered by 53 firms. Samples representing all these dif- ferent brands have been analyzed and, in addition, we have analyzed 427 samples, representing most of these brands, collected by our inspectors during the spring and fall seasons, or sent in by farmers, making a total of 1059 samples analyzed. During 1911, there were issued 2,280,336 tags and ` 980,980 stamps of a total value of $33,547.29. The results of the work done during the year show that the manufacturers are keeping up the usual good quality of the fertilizers sold in this State, and show also that the fertilizer consumption is gradually increasing. Dtrz'sz`on of Food Control Work. Among the lines of _

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