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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 29, 1948

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

You Need Office Supplies, Typewriters, Etc We Do All Kinds of Printing from a Pest Curd to a Newspaper &7 r'O-iJ-A"-- si.-- VOLUME NO. 41. WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, Club Rally Day 4-- H To Be Held May 15 Whitesburg In The date set for Club Rally Day is May 15th, at 10:00 a. m. at the Whitesburg Grade School Auditorium. At this Rally all girls taking sewing Projects are urged to enter their work and compete for prizes against the other girls of the County. Girls are urged to complete their projects and be ready to enter the Contests. This contest will be carried out in the form of a Style Show. 4-- H The Demonstration Teams will also compete for Prizes at the Spring Rally. Boys Team and individual demonstrations will receive Prizes aswill the girls demonstrations. Club Members from the entire county are invited to attend this big day whether they enter the contests or not. Club members are urged to plan now for May 15th at 10: 00 (C.S.T.) at Whitesburg Grade School Auditorium. 4-- H Opening game of baseball is scheduled for Saturday night, May 1, Jenkins vs- - Pennington Gap. Many good games are being planned for the coming weeks. Body Of Youth Found In River Beckley, W. Va., April 26 Three boys watched a companion drown this week-enin a modern version of Aesop's Fable about "The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf." Fire Chief Bernard Martin said Robert Lee Tyree, 16, of nearby Dry Hill, apparently became sick while swimming in a fish pond here. James Lively, 14 one of the party, said Tyreee called for help, but his companions at first thought he was joking as he had at other times. d, NEW CONTEST WHO IS THE LITTLE KENTUCKIAN? NEW JINGLE I Imtj always lived in Old Kentucky, I am a brave man, but not single. My initials aire in this Jiagle. FIRST CLUE-RO- WS are news, and we have no naws it way business. SECOND CLUE Sioux City Sue. THIRD CLUE "My Work Up North Continues to be, While the People Back Home Depend on Me-New Clue: I am old yet young, my work has always been by brain and tongue. " .1 The little Kentuckian is not W. Howes Meade or Narse Whittaker. Lt CoL ENTRY BLANK BENEFIT SENIORS CLASS, JENKINS, KY. Mail To: "CONTEST" ' Care MOUNTAIN EAGLE Whitesburg, Ky. Here is my entry. I am enclosing $ to help the Jenkins Seniors. rhe Little Kentuckian Is My Name Address -- ity State PRIZES ARE A $2995 Dormyer Mixer Donated by Quillen Electric Co., Neon, Ky., and A Sampsonite Handbag, donated by Dawahare's, Inc. Green Metal Lawn Chair, ADDED PRIZES donated by McRoberts Self Service Store. Ham or More donated by Food Shop ADDED PRIZES Donated by .Album of Hiwaiian Records Whittaker Music Company, East Jenkins, Ky. $7.95 Blue Silk Gown Donated by Conley Clothing Store, East Jenkins, Ky. Added prizes this week: $5.00 in dry cleaning donated by Mullins Pressing Shop East Jenkis. $10.00 Fonutain pen donated by Childers Drug Co., East Jenkins. Read The Eagle weekly for new clues and prizes. The first correct name sent in will be the winner. (In Jase of duplication the one post marked first will be the winner.) Watch your local paper each week for new clues, new prizes and name of winner. (Contest Promoted and Advertised through the Eagle for the Benefit of the Senior Class of Jenkins High School). 10-L- b. if sst. Pound C. Of C. In Negotiations For Freight Station APRIL 29, 1948. Grand Jury Hears Sharon Heights Hospital Charges On Holdup Of Bank of Pound Jenkins, Ky., April 26 The former Jenkins Hospital now Pound, Va., April 23. Norton, Va. April 22 The known as Sharon Heights HosPound River Chamber of Com- pital is now in a position to Charges against the three men merce, reactivated several care for contract patients as alleged to have held up the months ago, is hard at work on well as private patients and Peoples Bank of Pound last negotiations for a Chesapeake also provide for Office calls as Thursday were brought before and Ohio R. R. freight depot formerly. the Wise County grand jury for Pound and vicinity. We are happy to inform our Monday morning. Recent surveys taken among patrons of the high qualificaTwo of the men charged by the merchants and business tions of our chief surgeon, Dr. the state and federal governfirms of Pound and vicinity John B. Floyd Jr. ment as being involved in the show a great deal of freight is Dr. Floyd has his A. B. from robbery, Fred: Blackburn, of brought there. Much of this the University of Kentucky; Wheelwright, Ky., and Newfreight comes by rail to other M. D. from the University of man "Red" Mullins, of Pound, towns and then is shipped to Louisville; Internship from St. are being held in the Wise Pound by truck. Elizabeth Hospital Covington, jail while the third, Homer The results of the survey Kentucky; Residence in medi- Bates, also of Wheelwright, have lead many citizens of cine at the General Hospital in who was shot in the left arm Pound to believe that the pos- Louisville: three years in sur- and abdomen while attempting sibilities of the C. & O. estab- gery at Ochsner Clinic, New to flee "from the bank is relishing a freight station in Orleans, La., two years surgery ported in good condition at the Pound are good. at the Lexington Clmic, New Norton General Hospital. The Pound River Chamber Orleans, La., two years surgery Regular term of court comof Commerce has been very ac- at Lexington Clinic, Lexing- menced Monday, with Judge tive in many new develop- ton, Ky. George Morton on the bench. ments in the new coal field He is also a member of the The civil term continues for around Pound and it's activi- following: The Kentucky two weeks, the criminal term ties were very instrumental in State Medical Association The beginning Monday, May 3, into American Medical Association. with the old cases coming up getting the railroads Pound. Senior Fellow of Southeast- first, followed by The Chamber of Commerce ern 'Surgical Congress and is an organization that func- Fellow of the Alumni AssociaTo Help tioned years ago, but was re- tion of the Alton Ochsner activated this past winter. It's Medical Foundation. Has taken Keep U. S. "Bread main objectives are for the the examination of the Amdevelopment and betterment erican Board of Surgery: Basket" Filled of Pound and vicinity. It is Master of Science degree in With domestic food conaffiliated with the Virginia Surgery from the Tulane Uni- sumption increasing yearly, to- State Chamber of Commerce. versity of Louisiana. While in 'gether with continued de Lexington Dr. Floyd was on mands for foreign aid, the staff of the Good Samari- Club members are determined Cooper Speaks on tan Hospital and St. Joseph to help keep America's "bread Educational Program Hospital and was attending basket" filled. W. L. Cooper, Superintend- surgeon at the Fayette County For this specific purpose, ent of Stuart Robinson School Cancer Clinic and the Cancer roundly 200 thousand farm was the principal speaker at Clinic of the St. Joseph Hos- youth are taking part in the 1948 National the Rotary Luncheon meeting pital. Field Crops Friday. Mr. Cooper spoke We feel that his services will awards program. The program briefly on the new legislation be most acceptable to all of our is designed to help acr governing schools and partic patrons. quire a better knowledge and Sharon Heights Hospital ularly the new law which prodevelop skills in approved vides for physical examinafarming practices that will tions for both students and Commonwealth of Kentucky serve to increase production of teachers. Mr. Cooper thinks DEPARTMENT of 'REVENUE food, feed and fiber crops. The farming practices include carethe new ruling, although a Frankfort huge undertaking, is a fine ful selection of seed and most April 23, 1948 thing and a step in the right proficient use of land and direction. He also states that Hon. Arthur Dixon available farm machinery. in order to meet the new re Judge Letcher County Awards for superior H quirements it will be necessary Whitesburg, Kentucky crop production records proto solicit the support ol the Dear Judge Dixon: vided again this year by Intergeneral public. The Kentucky Tax Commis- national Harvester Company sion has examined the assess are county medals, a Chicago The subject of a better tele ments as of July 1, 1947 as re H Club Congress trip for the phone system was also brought ported by the county tax com- state winner, and $200.00 Fowup at this meeting. It seems missioners and equalized by ler McCormick scholarships that plans are under way the county boards of super- for national champions. whereby better telephone fa- visors. After comparison with Last year's state winner in cilities will be provided and assessments of other counties Kentucky was Sammie Windpossibly a new dial system for and other data in the hands of ers of Tolu- Whitesburg and vicinity. Mr. the Commission, There were sixty-seve- n increases Virgil Picklesimer has been were ordered in the assessment county medal winners in Kenworking for a better system of property. tucky last year. for several months- - He states This is the fourth consecu Kind of Property that a better system may be Lands and Improvements Farm tive year of the program, hadi but that rates are subject 5 per which is supervised by the ExPer Cent Increase to be increased. tension Service. County excent. These increases are necess- tension agents will furnish The Rotary Ladies Night ary to equalize the assessment complete information. meeting will be held on May of your county with that of 21st. A committee has been other counties. Dave Craf I Receives appointed to work out plans In accordance with sections for this annual event. 133.150 and 133.160 Kentucky Gift From Ins. Co., On the 22nd and the 23rd Revised Statutes, notice is High Schools hereby given you and the tax- of this month a Sales Congress payers of your county of this of the Kentucky agents of the Accredited action of. the Commission. A Reliance Life were held by ofWord has Just been received copy of this notice is attached, ficials of the company to those at the office of the County to be posted in a conspicuous agents witli outstanding reSuperintendent of Schools that place, in your county, as re- cords during the past twelve all three of the High Schools quired by law. months. Among those receivunder the County SuperintenAny official or taxpayer r ing awards was Dave Craft of dent have a high rating and the county desiring to protest McRoberts. He was awarded a are fully accredited as Stand- this action may be heard by beautiful and expense engravard high schools. Also that all the Commission at three o'- ed Hamilton wrist watch for work in our schools will be clock Thursday May 6, 1948, at Mrs. Craft. This is a very unfully recognized by the State the offices of the Department usual prize and was awarded Department of Education and of Revenue, Frankfort. for having submitted a very the State Colleges as entrance substantial volume of business Sincerely yours, requirements. H- - Clyde Reeves, Chairman each and every week during Kentucky Tax Commission the past twelve months. Now that the Kentucky Mr. Craft contracted with Wildcat basketeers are off the Each year the President of the Reliance Life Insurance sports pages temporarily an- the United States receives Company in February 1945, other Kentucky event moves hundreds of gifts; the practice and he has already distinguishinto the spotlight. On May 1 started in George Washing- ed himself as one of the comthe 74th consecutive running ton's day. pany's leading insurance salesof the Kentucky Derby will be men. We salute him for doing held at Churchill Downs in There are more than 2,300,-00- 0 a good job in a conscientious Louisville. Boy Scouts in the world. and desirable way. new-case- s- 4-H'- ers 4-- 4-- H 4-- 4-- -- NUMBER 44. Clean Up, Paint Up Week Planned For May 10 - 14th Junior Chamber of Commerce to Sponsor Clean Up, Paint Up and Fix Up Week, Assisted by Lions Club, Rotary Club and Woman's Club. The Civic Clubs of Whitesburg have gone into action on a Project of major importance Everyone to every citizen of Whitesburg. knows of the ill effects of having trash, dirt, unkept buildings and rats around their High Court Affirms Death for Nease Franklort, The Court of Ap peals attirmea the death sentence toaay of Jasper JNease, hrst of three hitchnme slayers wnose case reacnea nere. IN ease, JJaniei Mcfeak and Heroert H. Workman, after neeing tne guardnouse at Fort Knox Marcsn 13 a year ago, were convicted of armed of Vernon C riodges in Liouisville. he yielded to tneir plea for a riae and was f ouna later beaten and drowned in the Kentucky River in Perry County. Tne trio was indicted for murder, but were tried first, separately, in Louisville on the armea-roDDecharges which aiso carry a maximum penalty of death. McPeak and Workman, also condemned to die, nave appeals pending here. Nease has 3U days in which to ask the high court to reconsider today's ruling. If u declines, a date will be set for his execution in the electric chair at Eddyville Penitentiary. roD-De- ry ry Spring Practice Football Game Attracts Large Crowd On Friday night, April 23, the Whitesburg Yellow Jackets and the Fleming Pirates met on the Whitesburg Field for a spring football practice game. An exciting game with Whitesburg holding the score 19-- 0 was played before a large crowd of fans. The Yellow-jacke- ts scored twice in the nrst quarter. Receiving a pass from Eddie Minns, Porky Polly ran about 50 yards for the first touchdown. For the second score, Billy Kincer caught a pass in the end zone. Two extra points were made on kicks by James Gose. Early in the fourth quarter, Ralph Palumbo, going round left end ran about 35 yards for a touchdown. Extra point missed. Line up for Yellowjackets was as follows: Porky Polly Right End Right tackle Jack Green Johnny Banks Right guard Center Harold Minns Left Guard Carl Collins Left tackle Edison Garrett Billy Kincer Left end ijunrtcr back Eddie Minns Right Half James Gose Left Half Doug Polly Full back Ralph Palumbo. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Potter of Harrodsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bonta of Versailles were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. B. of Kona over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wrjght of Neon have moved to Florida for their health. Mrs. Wright has been ill and was advised by her physician to change Mc-Aul- ey There seemed to be NO doubt in anyone's mind at the first Committee Meeting as to the need for a drive to help make Whitesburg a more beau tiful and Pleasant place m which to live- - Now the Committee will need the help of EVERYONE in order to make Clean-u- p Week a complete success. Some ways in which every Property Owner may help are: 1. Clean out the attic and put trash on the curb in a conspicuous place. 2. The Basement also needs cleaning usually that will get rid of many rats and certainly will give more space for needed storage. 3. Old fences which are run down should be torn down and piled together so they can be hauled away. 4. Branches and limbs should be piled where they can be seen and hauled away. 5. All lawns should be mowed and cleaned. 6. Emptv lots should be cleaned and the debris made ready to be hauled away. 7. A little Whitewash eoes a long way in making the place look more attractive. There are of course other ways of Cleaning ud around the place. The house wife Knows of these, but it is urged that the property owners make their own places readv for Clean-u- p Week. The Week of Mav 4 is the week all trash of all kinds from trees to paper and grass will be hauled away on Friday May 14, without a penny's cost to the owner. This is FREE. The committee requests everyone's help in putting the trash on the curb so it will be seen and picked up. On the 14th, there will be lour trucks working to haul away all trash, so you need not be afraid it will not be picked up. The Committee met Mandav. April 26, and have worked out many plans for getting the job completed. The following members from the four civic clubs of Whitesburg were present: McKinley Day, Chm. Miss Hazel Childers Mrs. Louis Ammerman Dan Maggard Bill Allen Beryl Boggs Bob Fike Blaine Polly Kermit Combs Leroy Fields Bradley Goodwin But this only represents a very small number of the committee. Every citizen will be a member of one committee or another. The Committee requests the cooperation of every citizen and many will be called on in the near future. Here's hoping next month we'll see Whitesburg more beautiful than this. 10-1-

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