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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-7- with the results and very pleased with the amount of research the university is doing to affect Kentucky's problems. He was pleased to report that the university is on target to complete this goal. Under the goal of discover, share, and apply new knowledge, doctoral enrollment and doctoral degrees awarded are two things that the university is tracking. Dr. Jeanine Blackwell, Dean of the Graduate School, announced at graduation that the university has exceeded its goal for awarding doctoral degrees. It was a very pleasant announcement, and this achievement is very important. President Todd reported that the university is behind its goal in doctoral enrollment. Some of that could still be due to the situation with international students. The economy could also have an effect. The university will continue to work hard in this recruitment area. This goal is still to be achieved. Post doctoral enrollment is very important, and it really is a measure of the amount of research the university is doing because post-doctoral students come to join faculty who are active in research. This is after they finish their Ph.D. The students are really on top of their game at that point and want to go into an institution to work with faculty members. The university has exceeded that goal by 20. It still has another year to go. President Todd said that he is very pleased with this accomplishment. President Todd noted that in the area of diversity of thought, culture, gender, and ethnicity, UK will not meet its goal. He reported that he had been meeting with faculty, Interim Provost Scott Smith, Associate Provost Phil Kramer, and Vice President Bill Turner to discuss improving the strategies in these areas and to get the African-American diversity where the administration wants it to be and where it needs to be for the good of the university. President Todd talked about the resident African-American retention rate. Two goals have been achieved: overall undergraduate retention and graduate enrollment of resident African-American students. President Todd noted that in general first-year retention is down, at 73 percent, and the graduation rate is 53 percent. He pointed out that between the end of the freshman year and graduation there is work that needs to be done. He said that strategies will be put in place to meet those goals. President Todd said that the university has never been able to meet the African-American administrative and managerial goals in the faculty and staff areas. The administration will have to focus strategies in that area in order to improve the percentage. He pointed out that there is work to be done there. President Todd said the university had done much better in hiring females for those areas. The university is close to meeting its goal for hiring female faculty and has exceeded the goal in the executive and managerial staff areas. One of the good things about tracking these each year

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