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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-5- H. The Dream and the Challenge, Strategic Plan Progress Report President Todd gave the annual update on the Strategic Plan. He called attention to the report on the university's success that had been given to the members of the Board. The report allows the administration to measure the goals and objectives that were planned approximately three years ago. The next round of strategic goals and objectives will be set in the spring 2006. He thanked Dr. Connie Ray and her staff for putting the data together. President Todd reviewed the following goals in the report and elaborated on the slides: Goal I Reach for National Prominence Goal II Attract and Graduate Outstanding Students Goal III Attract, Develop, and Retain a Distinguished Faculty Goal IV Discover, Share, and Apply New Knowledge Goal V Nurture Diversity of Thought, Culture, Gender and Ethnicity Goal VI Elevate the Quality of Life for Kentuckians He praised Dr. Karpf and his staff for increasing the clinical income. They have made significant increases by more than doubling the projected percent of increase, and this has been tremendous. President Todd said that another goal was to increase the market value of the university's endowment to $500 million. The report shows that it has been increased to $538 million; however, an updated number as of this meeting indicated that it is $555 million. The administration and staff have really done a great job in achieving this goal. He praised Mike Richey, Associate Vice President for Development and Chief Development Officer, who has followed in Mr. Terry Mobley's footsteps in helping to achieve this goal. Under Mr. Mobley's guidance, Mr. Richey has really brought some enthusiasm to that area. President Todd said that he believes that at the end of last month the university was at $811 million toward its billion-dollar campaign. Mr. Richey had set a goal of $150 million by the end of this calendar year, and he feels that goal will be met. President Todd said that it is difficult to increase the university's ACT scores when taking the freshman class enrollment from 3,000 to 4,000. He said that he is extremely proud of the fact that the university has maintained its ACT range. He anticipates that the scores will increase next year. He noted that 26 percent of the freshman class had ACT scores of 28 or above. That represents 77 more students in this year's freshman class with that standing than there were in last year's class. He pointed out that 30 percent of the freshman class had a high school GPA of 3.8 or above, and that represents 115 more freshman this year with that grade point average. He said that he is very proud of the quality of the freshman class. This is a testament to the recruiting efforts and a statement to the scholarships that have been awarded. President Todd noted that the disappointing number was that the university is down significantly in African-American freshman.

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