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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : Weekly ed.), January 31, 1901

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : Weekly ed.)

i forging Aheadof all pa a All the news thats worth reading Is In The SUN The SUN pees In the U Pint District SSNtIRSISSSSSSSSSan I IVOL ME VIINUMBER PADUCAH KY 5 STAMP DEPUTY i NEWS AND COMMENT STATENEWS 0 OL ROSE IS APPOINTED TO AN IMPORTANT INSUR J ANCE POSITION AIR The body of Jude N Pearl who disappeared from Port Gibson Mitt Rote unitary of the Mr C two weeks aaowat found In the river local board of Insurance underwriters with heavy weight attached The United States Judicial Bill Re has been appointed stamp deputy for The creditor committee of the the Kentucky and Tennessee board of ported Fixing Two Districts and ended Morrlt bank of 01 underwriters for Paducah effective Ala report total attett of Places For the Courts This It an office of February 1 anil llabllltlet tl81S131 great Importance and it I s tho tint LI Hong Chang U said to be suffer time Paducah has been fonrnlshet Ing from fever and delirium end his CORBIN FEUDISTS TRIAL with such a representative of the Lila u despaired of boardThe Tho big steel war threatened be position carries with it a salary tween the Alorgan interests and Car Notorious Murderer Trough tu BeI of about 11500 a roar and the duties negle I t reported adjusted I of the deputy are to Inspect all dally Treed Gore Pursuers the reports of local Insurance agents be The Mlatoorl legislators hu op a last Night I two cent fare bill III fate U quite fore they areforwarded to their res pectin companies and If rates and uncertainTbe risks are found satisfactory will re that Mr Paul Kruger I10 ceive the stamp of the deputy and be again seriously III at Amsterdam is GIBSONS CASE UP AT CATLETTSBURG forwarded by him to the proper com denied Zany instead of by the agent himself A Chicago dealer lit railing gum Catletttbnrg Ky Jan 80The as heretofore Another Important and tobaooo ai a new chew case of Win Gibson who brutally duty of the stamp deputy I s to in It U bettered tome one U working murdered a little step daughter decide questions of I peat buildings corner In cotton thovlng a red hot poker down her rates and such things The expense President McKinley WM S3 years throat I t np for trial I I It I t proving tof the place are borne by the com old yesterday hard work to get a Jury The talk of panics doing business in a place I lynching It not to rife now that Gib ran I s before courtA CHURCH WINGO BANK S THURSDAY THEY WAIVED EVENING JANUARY LOWER ASSESSMENT TilE BTATK BOARD TilE I CS 1 EDITION aIllsIt1NN NEWS EXTRA REDUCES ASSESSMENT- SESSION IN MCR ACKEN NOTES Application war made at Newark N J for the appointment of areoelr er for the Rogers Locomotive works A ship Debated to have been the Mary of New York burned at tea and all on board perished The Erangellcal Alliance hu start ed municipal reform movement at St Louis Alonzo Patterson a boy who dltap peared from hit hit home at Atlanta and war hollered to have been kid naped was found at Altoona Oa Encouraging reports are coming In bunches from the Philippine Orange raisers In Florida fear a cold map and much damage to the crop Senor Verona says the future of I Cuba I t dark lIe alto says It U too early for the Gland to have Independence Verona li an annexlonitt Martin Scott a well to do farmer residing neat Princeton Ind com mttted suicide ai the result of grief over hit wlfei death In anticipation of a visit by 3lrs Nation tile aloonkeeperi at Arkantat City Kan erected barricades In front of their places of business and potted sentinels about town 5 By a vote of 113 to 100 the house agreed to the conference report on the army bill In the course of the speechmaking Mr Hull gave Shatter credit for the Santiago campaign one of the greatest planned and fought In any age Robert B Church a colored cilia ten of Memphis born a slave has contributed 1 1000 to the Confederate I Veteran reunion fund Church I t fairly wealthy Just one year ago today Senator Goebel was shot Kit assassin is still uncovered and promlso to continue unknown unless he may confess There are It is true manytuipectt but there are also many bearers of false testimony perjurers and tub omen of witnesses i aaaaaaata A YEAR ATTACK FEARED The aiMmcnt of the Illinois Cen tral railroad on Its property In Mo On Royalty I By the Anarchists Declared Openly by President and Hicks and Lowe Did Not Want a Crackon county hat been received When Queen Victorias Funeral Friends Only Avertable by Con County Clerk Graham from the state Preliminary Trial For Short auditor and show quite > difference Takes Place Next Saturdaygress Doing its Work between this year and tat year as Changingteumonr This year the total assessment In PRECAUTIONARYMEASURES tho county ii on < 369100 the amount TWO LIVES LOST IN A fIRE GAMESTERS FINED TODAY Inildet ho city ta55t30 The Union Depot company it assessed on 120200 Be By the Will Detective Taken while lilt year It waa attested on The Southern Railway Company Comes Ran Who One Awn Was Stuck Mobile Into Control of the Force of London and the t56oooLat In the Coiti Several 50 and For rear the etsestment and Ohio Road Soldiery county wet on 561850and the cltyt Offenders Were Held portion on 1304130 The reduction It made in the prop- ARRESTED SUSPICIOUS CHARACTERS DANGER OF LYNCHING IN BRUTE erty outside of the mileage The rate I ElMENDORFIS CASE WAS CONTINUED U on trackage I greater than last year being this year 58430 mileage All London Jan 80The posilblllty of other property It assessed at 109000 Washington Jan OOTbe cabinet Judge Sanders hail a big court this a wholcatle attack by anarchists on City Tax Collector Kraus believes Informationmorning anti several offenders were the railroad hospital and Hunttngton Tnetday discussed such royalty at the queens funeral has was at hand bearing on the pro held over on felony charge Quite a Row assessed at 118000 each not escaped the attention of Saotland latt al visions of the Cuban constitution and concourse of spectators was present to year were omitted through Yard It it a fact that more promi the opinion war espresso d that the toe the dead game sports surprised nent royal persona will be gathered at Mayor Lang thinks the chanrg was in the midst of a fascinating game at made because of tho removal of the completed document would reach Windsor nod Saturday than at anythe Inkenolt club Sunday night passenger depot and the conversion of Washington about February IS when time In many years and the open congress It Four pleaded guilty and three were the former passenger depot Into a it will be placed before threat of the red to dynamite tI s known the president regards prompt fined 820 and costs anti another who whola aggregation and himself at well Wllliamebarg Ky Jan IaThe freight house great action in this matter as of very has left town was fined 50 and costs Is golden Corbin foudltt caw It on trial The Impotrance and would not hesitate to Tho realization of this hat startled TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUR accused are charged with murder SELECTED BY WILLIAM DALTON No other warrants hue yet been u CIRCUIT COURT congress together In extra sestlon call sued them and they are now busy running There la Interest and an undercurrent ING A CHANGE OF AS A SUITABLE PLACE appear neces to consider It thould It auspicious characters out of the conn of feeling which needs but a kindling Robert Hamilton colored who was DAVIS CASE WENT TO TIlE JURY vary The need for prompt action on try Suspected anarchists will be ar i to grow serious The court house I s running the crap game on South Ninth AT NOON TODAY I Spooner Philippine bill Is regard tho rested on Imaginary charges the night being guarded night was presented Noon street Sunday at Into Arreited Break To The Crab enOther Gores County scarcely leu urgent than the dis ed at beforo the funeral for setting up a game a felony charge The danuco suit of G W Davis position of tho Cuban constitution Mlddlesboro Ky Jan for Breaking Into the Broadway The police aro watching Malttests hold of Interest to the and said ho wanted to plead guilty against I tho Cohankut Co for f 2000 and tho statement Is made on high au Andy Hnhge of IaBherlffI I who disavows any intention of mak Methodist Church Perpe The court heard the erldencomd tho war given to the jury at noon today thority that In the event of tailors of Tennessee who with a ing an onslaught on royalty en bloc cue was so plain he was held over In after a trial lasting several days either of these measures to receive the had Lewis Men an alleged despot this week Ho says organized anthe mm of 1160 and in default of The suit of Rachael Davis colored consideration of congress an extra ses ate Virginia criminal who has Ore archy Is not responsible for the asses Ymterdayt Mat lit U Metwugrr Billy Dalton a white man about 2S bond went to jail against tho Paducah Railway and stun IIs tracer inevitable killings to his credit surrounded in a elation of crowned heads in recent Light company for 12000 damages The lank of Wingo closedt the doors log house on Taggarts creek twelve years of tgewat arrested about noon years and that murder I s not their J C Lowe and Chas liicki the Washington Jan BOTbo presi today on a charge of breaking Into tho young con men arrested Saturday for Injuries I s now on trial lad Friday which the directors de miles from here let Men get creed Broadway M E church at Seventh cided advisable daring a change of bnt captured the woman with the out I The suit of J11 Robertson against dent will certainly call an extra eel Incidentally he remarked thatC night for short changing at Poagei lion of congress If the work DOW be cashiers There was some dltutlifao law Twentytwo hundred dollars re- and Broadway F Noel was continued clothing store and Schroeder grocery 0 oil Rhodes not Edward VII Is king Edward Reynold tho colored jan lion among the directors with the ward has been offered for the arrest of the case of W A Gardner against fore thus body is not disposed of This Despite Malatestas pro of England waived examination on two charges of I itor clams that a few days ago ho had obtaining money by false pretenses management of Caihler jt 3l Drano Myers Mvers says be will not Miller judgment was rendered It the free expression of the president li The British under Beth ne are to citations Scotland Yard I taking no and a movement war started to get render Sheriff Hughes UTS he will tome clothing ttolen from the church and were hell In the sum of 200 each for 13920 against Nancy J Miller and those close to him attempt to drive t he Doers out of Cape chanoe and will be within arms reach another cashier and the cue was continued at to A is In Today he caught Dalton there with a In each cue be taken dead or alire A posse of Edward the kaiser and all conti Ernest Elmendorff New York Jan 30Two lives ColonyM vest brush and blclo lamp heAs dated In the Messenger Judge pursuit of who I s jointly charged with them S Miller i Day hat settled with Havana nental royalty down to tho obscnrett were lost and many had narrow et o ad stolen today He 1s alleged to pleaded not guilty sod the case I s set D n Staufleld of the City National epee in a big lire here this morning on his sewerage contract being paid prince Washington Jan 80The new ju have gained entrance by breaking in for Saturday bank went down last Friday on the TEMPORARILY INSANF 130000 Ed Marshall the war correspondent were Early IlUlorteu Inrltatlon of the authorities of the dicial bill for Kentucky which di and the property belonging to Roy who tat ono leg In Cubo escaped from The Chinese are remarkable u a na Joe Scale and Tote Williams who he war arrested by Chain Gang Wlngo bank to look over the affairs of vides the tate Into two districts baat HAD TO BE CHARLES SEXTON tlon for their carefully preserved his the building by sliding down a plink COMMITTEES MEET the Institution I and at a result of bit finally been reported by the senate Overseer Joe Wooods and Assistant AI had a fight on Lower Court street late COMMITTED TO JAIL torlcal annals even from the most re The bill provides for Townsend and Reynolds wore out a yesterday afternoon were fined e0Inrettlagtlon Mr Drann vacated the committee The mote period of antiquity London Jan 30The heir apparposition of cashier and Jas Tartt court at Padncah on One second Mon warrant agalntt him for house break- and costs and 110 and cats respective Charle Sexton the well known bar ent to tho English throne hat the ALL TIlE HEALTH BODIES TO mention of pottery IIs found In I Jr I day and the third one In November Ing rtltn of Emperor Hoanctl In 2MB be was selected to succeed htm UK IN SESSION TillSHe Is not danger i German measles Porcelain was fore the Christian era The case It set for tomorrow morn The bank opened up again for bust Annie Holland colored for being AFTERNOON insly sickmad under the Han dynasty IS D log before Judge Sanders ness this morning and Ralph Stan MR BARNIIILLS WILL drunk and disorderly Ittt night was night committed to jail to prevent hit 0 at least 1600 years before U was Truckee Cal Jan BO1ol1n lab Sold who has been In the banking fined U and costs Injuring himself or some one olio There li to be a meeting this after known to the western countries of the glob business In Louisville went down this 115 LEAVES ALL HIS PROPERTY having tried to jump out a second om while drunk kicked hit wife to noon at 8 oclock A SAD DEATH tajttf at tho city hall of charged with story window Ed Moore colored death Hit boots were consul with morning to assist the new cashier un all the unitary committee AMrlwui women DMAS Will There TO HIS MOTHER rob totting Jim Millers pocket and ell ho gets familiar with the routine As his trouble It thought to be tem blood who he was captured Ho will 1 one press Amen According to the Peril is from the council one from the Ma CHARLES GLASS SUCCUMBS bang him of 385 at a Second street I o lynched If not spirited away of the work Mr Drann bat moved of any board of health one from the Medical em women are the but d essed 1O PNEUMONIA A copy of the last will of the late saloon was held over and in default for lunacy Vltaro says lilt family to Faltonwhere he formerwho Ylaft the exposition Ills brother from Ala New York Jan 80The Southern and Surgical society and one from the that American women have even set AIr Will P Bamhlll Jr who died In of bond was remanded to jaiL I I ly resided The bank stock I i owned I lame who I t here will probably taker has secured control of the Commercial club the fashion for their French titters Mr Charles Glass aged 17 a well by citizen of Wingo and Fulton and Texas and war burled at Savannah him to Alabama at soon at ho recovers Mobile w The object of the meeting is to dis and Ohio railroad Toe con LICENSES was filed for probate In the known grocer In the employ of Mr MARRIAGE It the capital 115000 The bank has Tens case sanitary mattes trot is Just commenced Good and oJieao lob worfBun ottka ce unty court here today open running about two years Louis Clark died about noon today E N Gulp aged 20 n farmer and BIRTHPLACE Of CYCLONES He leave his halt Interest in the at his home on South Eighth from Ml s Alice Roark aged 17 of the flaky UoraUlol Tktlr liemq nolo Pastor Webb of the O P church arnhlll Stock yards here and his pneumonia after a two weeks illness- county were licensed to marry today Crdl and DealaBlaa I divided the city Into eight die- half Interest in the companys propin Illinois whore his The wedding will take place tomor has He was born For the world well of the MlatlselD ForCash with reference to his church erty in Marlin county Tenn to his parents who are now here reside row Rocky mountains are tkt point tricts pi the and wa and appointed two leaden or over- mother Mrs Annie Barnhlll likewise b- ut had lived in Pandean for may E Rudolph aged 20 of Ballard of origin not only of the rivers e 1 the seers who are expected to work up all his other property all of which his yeas and formerly with hit brother county and Miss Lucy Pearl Terry ter flows but ol the con4 tlac of air the banked laows letter Interest among the members father U to cold in trust Ills father owned a grocery at Third and Jack angst 19 will also be married tomor- moisture the currrat which form the suMtrranitn Mr W P Barnhlll 8r U appointed the baal of the entire watershed says seatreelsIremarried about a year ago row Alneilles Matailie Their cold altl rr meeting and church services lots of Shoes Ladies tudii stem to shed the waves la the THE WEATHER Each district 1s to hold tour fellowto MU Merrlck who survives him plies below and la their battles ita Engineer calm laves a brotrer ship meetings a year and each mem He l The weather predictions are for eratt the cyclones and the letter goods tier In the dlitrlct U expected to visit farr and colder weather Tho mer windy terrors whloh devastate the Dan Ohs each other member at least twice a MESSRS KATTERJOIIN PREPAR deceased wasja worthy young envy went to 28 last luight but Is ex westers plaint They are the begin The n n year In the interest of the church A ran liked by all who knew him end pected to go to 19 or 14jabove by fling of the hcartbretklng bllixardt ING TO EREOT NEW HOUSES which tit up the traffic of the motro I LOT V union fellowship meeting will be held many friends will regret to learn of morning LOT III LOT I I polltan streets or chill blood endur at the church once a year sacs the homes of the prier They are Ladies Red and Black Sole Extension deathThe Messrs Katter jhn are extending The A Ladies Fine Hand I 100 Ladies Governor Sayen report just made In a word the atmospheric lop of the will take place tensor I This I t a new plan the pastor hat through to the hoi Satin Fur Lined Juliets t Button Coin or Square Turned Lacs Shoe Nat originated BUll will doubtless bring husbands street afternoon at 1 oclock from the to tho Irgltlatnro shows that 11988 contlnentaud one would expect to find building quite a fill and lllOOaI low church Rev W II 114 were contributed to Gahton and among them the same ececsses of na row toe Patent tip Sizes 2 J2 gratifying results Toe Patent Tip Sizes 3 J2 to 71 cut from 150 First Christian completed will build a row of toI The burial vicinity because of the storm last Sep tare that art seen on the smaller Pinkerton officiating off the 412 when the wind whips the The corn crib of Tom Short a tow houses on each tide of II 400 pales Mimes Button and Lace will be at Oak Grove under the tember Every nation under the sun roofs of lofty buildings orflan dark when LOT IV lies from Wlngo burned last night Shoes cut from 200 and 150 to clouds lower over the Jersey hlllt or Knoxvllle Tenn hu secured the Iauspices of Mangnm lodge I OO F contributed to the sum n LO I under clrucmstanoes which suggested the gentle mountains of the Camber Tan Vie in Button or 100 Sizes 1 to 2 II from Ohio of a to I Gens J F Wade and Wm Ludlow arson and ho tent to Fulton for blood removal that plea HlN irbnrtkwl urwuwMl land Ttt though tile Rocky mtfun Ladles Narrow Toe But ILadles and Coin Tees Heel A free location and big shoo factory Manila probably to re I THESE GOODS FOR CASH ONLY are to go to bounds this morning to see If a trail ttlnt are the btflnnlni of such awful AU ton Hand Turned Patent and Spring Heel things at errlontt and billiards they lieve Gen Lloyd Wheaton and J lie lost about thirty expense of removal are auured 15005 could bo found ter SON GEO ROCK I Will Cure You are singularly immune from thewhen or Kid Tip Sixes212 to 512 I ilies barrels of corn In the lire which was 0 Dates I rible effects of thus phenomena put control when discovered they reach their full growth on the BUN tOt mutt Of going elsewhere for your shoes WvctUil la sharp The The remedy is simple wear one plaint blow typical storms are dra Rose Dowdy flied a novel damage strong and They are pair of our Monarch Pats Pat- matte But lacking In the chance of aPerkins and See Our Window Display suit today agalnit J S ent Colt Skin Kids The only Pat- long run across the plains where terre Jack Dowdy asking judgment Of 50c each I s constantly Neekweat which we a all drutilau 1lIa ent Leather Shoe guaranteed successive rileaccumulated with lift for 11000 She says they had her of proiress their coughs used colds DOM 25c All shapes and I remedy for cote against breakage on the 17th offering at Price 350 per IIt usually of short duration and their wrongfully arrested B WEILLESON uustatt or hylc Price U eeola Immediate sphere of action small They B WEILLE on a writ of lunacy from colon SON lush pair are as U all the phenomena the storm discharged on Investi which the was from IU genesis to its conclusion were and she was humiliated and liven In miniature In this respect the Dont otherwise Injured In feeling to theI EconomizeAT storms of the Rockies dither from amount stated Orntohfleld and PalI thou of the Swiss Alps The latttr aro severe protracted and toll of catmer are her attorneys astrophe The former complttt Your Own Expense IkeaiMlrtt briefly and then let the balance of the continent wreeUe with what they lave given forth Probably But Have Your Property OFFICE IN I nowhtre I t storm and cllmnte so varied All phases of nature cata Covered by We have sold over FIVE HUNDRED OVERCOATS during our BROOK HILL BUILDING clysms alternate with all phases of na- of ture peace and pleasure The entire FIRE SALE at a great sacrifice and while it is true we still have about Telephone 238 gamut from tunsalneto black gloom TWO HUNDRED left which MUST BE SOLD in January They frequtatly is ran within a single day l Fourth and llroadway SON And Stove Company GEO 0 HART or an hour A morning will open clear are all good reliable makes and sold formerly from 300 to 2200 Take the elevator with the sun warm Perhaps at noon They are all marked in plain figures and to show our desire for selling heavy the clouds will gather and a Who have the best LINE of RANGES in the City rain begin In a few mlautw this will them and at the same time show our gratitude to the public for their gen TO CURE The GRIPPE turn to sleet end thin to hall Flttees arc Represented by erous pitronage the past three months we will sell every minute after the storm begins It wll1 WROUGHT STEEL NEVER BREAK RANGES be mowing heavily and aa hour from the time the lint cloud appeared the JULIUS FRIEDMAN 1 sun will be shining again The whole Old shower rain hall and snow will have iy thunder and been accompanied Tablets of Quinine lightning Fire Tornado in the house at just HALF the marked price Those desiring a RAG RIGHT PRICES NO A Laxative QUALITY i bI bI r WEEKLY 1 SlipI t i 1901 31 0 0 aiaaaad INaaoiaaNN The Paducab Sun aaaN1aSNsbaplaaaaacag errort at Iln orI i t- Myersh p a antt InoanoI d hporary r t payI for Cash a ONE HUNDRED CENTS SALE iT ROCKS In executorSTREET Fine Finest and consist 200 250 and 300 in the House ltOO 1100 11I u 0m e r 1100 bI ICnonllleI a OJ This a AT Dont Fall Down But Fall In Line DR FRANK BOYD 1 OVERCOATS lkllonI reAt rgallon s of some of broken HALF PRICE With the Big Line of Customers InsuranceThe tr USEEitL7 LT S i 0Hydrobromate These Tablet will cure Grippe In leee time than any other Remedy Alto cure Coughs Cold and nil Catarrhal nOectloni Neuralgia Malarial Ilcadaclit etc GARENERi DRUG STORE Third tad Tcanetite Strict Monitor Life Accident Burglary We and LiabilityIOffice are happy Reliable dont you want to be Then buy a RANGE us and see the goodwife smile- l wcr floor s 1 s OVERCOAT AND Majestic iet low to O t50c for 25c Buy some of the handsome SOe values In the Tits we aye now of feting for 25e B WElIIE SON r waterJ LAN must come early damaged by lire or Phone 690 ULSTER < if These goods are absolutely perfect and not T SCHWABS 216 Brodway II theI i

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