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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 15, 1959

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

the Jelcins eagle v. THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, THURSDAY, KY. Bethlehem teams take national prizes ions but State First Aid Cham-The Mine Rescue Teams of well since they placed .' n .Bethlehem Mines Corporation. .Jenkins, won top honors at the flnt in standing with tho other 1050 National First-- Id and Kentuoky teams competing. Mine Rescue Contest held In 21 N t m. l Mine Buffalo, N. Y., on Oct. 5, 0, and itnrue Championship Team is compowd of Douglas Dam7. The Mine Rescue Team from ron, captain; . William Scrgcnt, by James Salyors. Truman Conlcy, Mlno No. 22, captained Donahue, Albert Douglas Damron. won the Na- Wilmcr dt-and Raymond Litts. tional Championship with the mnnor-uMine Rescue team from Mine No. 21. captained by Kelly DcSimone. tak- Team from Mine No. 21 Ining second place. The combina- cluded Kelly DcSimone, capRescue tain; Eugone Brown, Paul Mine tion First-AiWarron Yonts, David Team, explained by Warnic .T and Joo Walker. The Flint .Jr., won the National ' Hon Team National 'Championship for combination Champions was captained by teams. Additional honors wore theirs Warnic Flint Jr., with team as a result of their wins at the members John Huffman, James national contest. The Mine Res- Zldoroff. Ray Vinson, Bill Lonvllle Jones, and Clyde cue Team from Mine No. 22 aggard. was .declared Kentucky State Fifty-twteams from eight Champions and tho one from The states took part in the three Mine No. 21 runner-up- . ys of competition during the combination team from Mint? No. 21 was declared not only Mine Rescue Contest This PIVISJU icuonuM 6301 State Combination Team Cham- , 1 i p . Nar-ramor- c. d ; Col-Un- a. o ! con-pu- n OCT. 15, Midgets lose bowl By R. Percy Elkins Woman's Club hears schools talk test is sponsored by the United States Bureau of Mines and the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association In cooperation with tato mine inspection agencies, management and labor organiThe Jenkins Woman's Civic zations, and other safety-mi- Club had its regular monthly tied groups. meeting In the library Tuesday, Oct. 0. Accident The program chairman was Mrs. R. W. Storey, chairman of proved A hunting accident fatal Oct. 0 to Louie Combs, 12- - Education. For entertainment, her ear-olson of Estill and Mary Mrs. Storey presented Pollidgo Combs of Carcassonne. daughter, Martha Ann, accomCoroner Virginia Craft said panied by Rebecca Brown at the youth's shotgun apparently the piano. Mrs. Storey presented a panel 'lppcd and discharged as he of the Legislative d crossing a log while hunt- discussion ing in the woods near his program for education based on recommendations of citizens' home. Funeral services were held committees. Mr. Jack PIckcP Monday at Jcnt Mountain Ceme- simer introduced the panel and gave a brief discussion of tho tery it Carcassonne. Survivors besides the par- Legislative program the KEA ents arc five brothers and has set up. three sisters. The panel consisted of Mrs. Craft Funeral Home had Kersey, restaurant manager, charge of arrangements. Whitesburg; Mr. Johnson, l. fatal d The first annual Midget Bowl at the Jenkins Ball Park Saturday and a fine game saw the visiting Pound team como out ahead The Jenkins team had a touchdown called back, so you sec what a good ball game it was. A parade to the field the game. Queen candidates rode convertibles behind the band and team. Miss Ncdra Hawks was selected queen by four women Judges. The runnerup was Miss Brcnda Buchovlch. Attendants were Judy Griffin, and Jill Sutfan. We realized about $250 which will pay for half the equipment purchased. We will probably have another fund raising project within the next two weeks. Only 70 days tilt Christmas order Masterpiece Christmas Cards now from The Mountain Eagle. PAGE 5 was staged 1959 teacher. Vlrgie; Mrs. Curry, teacher, Jenkins; Mr. Webb, teacher, Fleming-Neon- ; Miss Back, teacher, Whitesburg, and Mr. Morgan, teacher, Plkeville. The following points were discussed by panel: the teachers' salaries (KEA believes should be set up an average salary of $4,775 for qualified degree teachers), free textbooks, long school term, special cureducation, transportation, rent expenses, higher education, vocational education, capital outlay, school building authority and teacher retirement. The discussion was very enlightening and was well worth anyone's itmc. We should all write to our congressmen before January what wo believe about each of these points. Never before such a car .'briced with the lowest 0-- pro-cod- ed THURSDAY, OCT. 15 ONE DAY ONLY On Stage In Person "The Cheeta Stage1 Show" The Animal Star Of All Tarzan Movies Stage Shows At 4:30 and 8:30 ' Admission 60c & 25c Lexington residents visit relatives By Mrs. Bettie Hensley Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hensley of Lexington visited last week end with Mr. Hcnsley's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Hensley of Isom. Mrs. Hensley returned home Sunday after a. visit with her parents two-wee- k Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bcntley of McRoberts. Mr. and Mrs. Hensley are the nroud narcnts of a six pound boy, born ScpL 10. Tho name Is Claude chosen for him Anthony. Mrs. Emily Collins is very in at her home this week. Paul Collins and sister, Mrs. Shirlev Burns, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Collins over the weekend. Little Ronnie Keith returned to with them. Mr. and Mrs. Finley Hensley were visiting their parents last weekend. Rita Faye Shepherd of Lexington visited LIda Banks last weekend. Dicie Combs of Colson stayed Sunday night with her mother, Emily Collins. Herchel Hensley visited three days last week in Lexington with his brothers. We were so sorry to learn of the death of Raymond Hensley. We offer our deepest sympathy to the family, relatives, and friends. Miss Ruby Morton is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Astor Mor ton in Indianapolis, Ind. n Coy-ingto- ULVAH Mrs. Sallie Brown has dinner guests By Lovell Caudill Another good dinner at Sal-li- e Wednesday. Brown last Several gathered in to spend the day with her, also meet a sales lady. We had a wonderful visit also heard plans for a big supper to be given at Hazard later this month. This event is being carefully considered by Maggie Brown and Jan Mitchell who wish so much to get in on the free supper by presenting a $50 order, (sounds Hko a trip to Washington for these gals). Another thing we women are really proud of here at is that Mildred Rogers made her driver's test last week and received her license. We all look up to her now, for Blue-fiel- d sure THE COMEDY STAR OF THE TARZAN pictures Thnlty Htnrta sedan 4t ono of a complete now lino of economy care In tho low-pric- Dodgo Division of Chrysler Corporation field. o DODGE DART 1 3 w-- - THE HUMAN Saving can bo oxcitingl Why scrimp on comfort, stylo, luxury? Dart makes thorn yours at lowest cost! economy teamed with full-siz- e Hko full-scan now Dodgo Dart that's made for you. In fuot, that fino sculptured beauty pictured above If you le CHIMPANZEE pride and pleasure, thore's can actually cost less than n "economy car". ninny a So you any "Yea, but how about gas economy7" That'a when you And out about Dart's sensational new Economy Slant "6". Acta Hko an 8, yet delivers top niilwigo (story at right). And If that's not enough, look what elso you're getting for your monoy. New rattlo-frc- o, virtually rustproof. oninpleco Unibody construction squeak-fre- e, Rido, Free-Fligsuspends tho engino In spaco. Torslon-Air- o Power that New finest over dovised. And moro all at no extra cost. Como on in and boo what all tho oxcitemont'a about. Make today the day you discover tho Dodgo Dart. .vffifccut-dow- "six" that acts like an "eight"! A ht FOR MODEL, MODEL THE 10ARD PRICED DOWN WITH ACROSS THE "LOW-PRIC- E HELD" DODGE Car Cor Cor DAtT f P C SfNCCA foitlony Savoy PIONEER PHOENIX I folilom S00 Gotmi Biicoyn Bldr I Fury Now Dodgo Builds Two Groat Cars: I B.I Air Impolo Low-pric- ed money-savin- g a big STAGE SHOWi in Look under tlfo hood I Notice how the Economy Slant "0" U slanted a full 30 degrees. A special Intake novw - - manifold provides evenly balanced fuel distribution to all cylinder. This highly advanced design lota this modern engine brtathe butter, broatho dtejitr, to deliver V--8 savings. "go" at wonderful ftild since 1955: There's Thi U the first new "G" In Uie nothing Hko It on the read, Drivo a Dart "Six" and seo for yourself. tho Dart line, too.) (Two now low-pri- Dodgo Dart Luxurious '60 Dodgo with Also ?1tiK)f JAC&0ft and others on th program: ' same A Big Double Feature: Mickey Roonoy and Mamie Van Doren in JORDAN MOTOR COMPANY HIGHWAY 23 JENKINS, KENTUCKY 'THE BIG OPERATOR' and David Love in FROM OUTER SPACE' 'TEENAGERS Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends, two sisters also and six brothers of Aunt Nancye Back, who died last Thursday at Irvine, Ky. She had been in poo r health for quite a while, yet her death came suddenly. Several of the relatives of Letcher attended the funeral among them were Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Rogers, Agnan Back. Janis Mitchell and Lovell Caudill. Another shock to us here was to hear that Herman Campbell's house burned down last Monday. Herman's wife is in the hospital in poor health. Wo sure hope how soon she feels better. Their only son is in service. Mrs. Ray Collins spent Monday with Aunt Sallie, also visited and had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dixon, nood to find Aunt Phoebe feeling some better, anyway she could go (o me taDie lor dinner. They made It, yes, Jimmie Mitchell and Phyllis Cole completed their long awaited wedding last Saturday. They wero happily at married Blackey. Wo hope they continue to be happy all through life. Miss Clara Shaw visits in Lexington Miss Clara Shaw visited her nelces. Mrs. Paul Smith and Miss Rlieba Cannon In Lexington this past weekend and was guest of tho Raflncsquo Garden uud baturuay at Transylvania Collego Llttlo Theater. The special feature of tho club was tho presentation of Mrs. Ruth bmerson Kistner, a nationally known flower arranger, who featured Thanksgiving and holiday arrangements. Mrs. Joe Morris, formerly of Jenkins, la ,tho president of the club.

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