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Image 12 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 15, 1959

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

HE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, DAY, OCT. 15, 1959 WHITESBURG, KY. PAGE 12 Jefferson's nephews involved The nephews of Thomas Jef ferson were Involved In the murder of a slave In Livings-to- n County, Ky., In 1811. The crime was committed shortly after the death of their mother, Lucy Jefferson Lewis, sister of Thomas Jefferson. The family lived near Smithland on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Cumberland. One day a slave lad accidentally broke a pitcher. Lilburn Lewis, one of Lucy's sons, mutilated and killed the boy and burned his body in a roaring fire. The crime was committed on Doc. 16, only a few hours before the earthquake of that year created great havoc. Fearing his wife would relate the deed, Lilburn tried to keep d, her from seeing Fund started for library honoring President Eisenhower Letcher County residents have contributed nothing to the fund being raised in Kentucky for the Eisenhower Presidential Library. The quota for this county is $250. Checks, made payable to tho Eisenhower Library Commis sion, should be mailed to Fred B. Wachs, Kentucky Chairman, Eisenhower Library Commis sion. 237 West Short Street, Lexington, Ky. Nationally, only f of the money needed to construct the facility has been pledged, but officials of the Eisenhower Library Commission, confident people, but with her child to her father's house. Not long after, a passerby observed a dog gnawing a human bone and started an Investigation that resulted in a warrant for the arrest of Lilburn Lewis and his brother Isham. The brothers decided to die by their own hands before officers arrived. Ishnm saw h brother shoot himself over their mother's crave. nut frightened by Lilburn's death agonies. Isham's courncrn fall! Orleans. and he fled. The Lewis home became the He was captured and nto "haunted house" of the neighin an old log fail at Salnm. borhood. Many a passing boat- then the county scat. Later he iinan declared he heard heartescaped, joined the army under rending groans from the cemean assumed namn nnri ie tery where Lucy Jefferson killed in the Battle of New Lewis was buried. she escaped that funds for the research Approximately 20O Kcntuckians tributions will be tax exempt. preciation for tho fino tervico center will be obtained, aro have contributed thus far to In a letter sent last week to this man has rendered, not to ground- Ihe campaign. going abend with a number of Kentucky business mention tho debt wo owe him breaking plans, Both military and presidentiThe Kentucky campaign will al papers of Dwlght D. Elsencontinue through Nov 15, Its hower will be preserved in the goal is the receipt of donations Presidential Library, which is a from at least 1,000 contributors, All con project leaders, campaign officials said. "Dwlght Elsenhower's efforts to balance the budget and pass tho Labor Bill obligate all of us to show some littlo ap non-partisa- n for winning the war and holding tho peace. Tills is tho only opportunity Kcntuckians will have to show their gratitude to Dwlght D Elsenhower." one-hal- NiNtTT-DH- EDUCATIONAL BALLOT - Holiday f roftf f edam LETCHER COUNTY CONSECUTIVE NO Name of Voter for the quietest ride you've ever tried d Ride In a 'SO Rooketl Come ... a Quadrl-Balanoe- Residence Reg. No. 6 O REPUBLICAN For Governor Bert T. Constitutional Amendment Number One " Shall Section 99 of the Constitution be amended so as to permit sheriffs to succeed themselves or act as deputies for succeeding terms? If you favor the above Amendment ill DEMOCRATIC PARTY stamp in this PARTY stamp in this square. John M. Robsion, Jr. For Lieutenant Governor For Lieutenant Governor Wilson W. Wyatt Pleaz Wm. Mobley LJ n LI Henry H. Carter r Edwin E. Freshney For Attorney General For Attorney General r John B. Breckinridge stamp in this ! For Auditor, Public Accounts m Joe Schneider I 1 r -- For Treasurer P. "Jo" Warriner Mrs. Ed ' 1 I square. lJ I' 1 1 n -- kkkkkkkkkkkkH BaBaBaBaBaH ' k kkkkkkkkkv HH - BBBBBBbVbL ri 1 .' '. Jf liBT RaakkkkBkkkkl oBBBBmi 'wBlkkVlkkkkkkH !PBBbVL. .t4BBaBalBaBaBaH 'LLLkSslBnBBBBBBBBBH BLLLLLLLLBLm IH1bBBBBBBBBH VBLLLLBbLLLLI LJ For Clerk, Court of Appeals LJ Nova E. Wellman For Railroad Commissioner speak at the courthouse in will Wendell Van Hoose For State Senator 23rd District 0 Willie Dawahare WHITES BURG For State Representative For State Representative r ,LJ . ' - BLLLLLLLLLw George P. Whittington For State Senator 23rd District Archie Craft - K lJ For Railroad Commissioner for NO For Treasurer Wallace (Wah Wah) Jones -- (Miss) Doris Owens Neon, Kentucky I For Commissioner, Agriculture, Labor, and Statistics For Clerk, Court of Appeals Emil Clay 413 -- LU CONSECUTIVE NO. Name of Voter Residence IOCUT IXCIKt OUSt GOVERNOR Douglas F. Miller Robert (Bob) Damron A BaBaBaBaBaBapw For Superintendent of Public Instruction For Commissioner, Agriculture, Labor, and Statistics Imerson "Doc" ' Beauchamp It BBBBBBBBBBkBT For Superintendent of Public Instruction Wendell P. Butler YOU Democratic candidate l Thelma L. Stovall Hillard Kincer stamp in this J MKI lire-actio- BERT COABS War, For Auditor, Public Accounts For Secretary of State NtW CAI ring" introduced on the '60 Old. Vilira.Tuned lwdy n mountings of rubber that are up to 50 thicker Iuto been electronically located at the points of least vibration on Oldsmohile's GuanMieam Frame to insulate the body from road noise and harshness. Try a '60 Rocket on the road today I "ride-engin- w l Constitutional Amendment' Number Two Are you in favor of the issuance and sale of bonds to pay a bonus to veterans of the Spanish-America- n square. YES If you oppose the above Amendment For Secretary of State A QuadrMlalanced Hide? It's the smoothest, steadiest and j I World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict, which bonds shall be paid from the proceeds of a tax levied upon retail sales? If you favor the above Amendment -- DLDS N0TH1N0 UKI in COOK MOTOR CO., INC. NO Samuel S. Cannon -- THtKI J square. YES If you oppose the above Amendment For Governor ConTbs What quiclest ride in Oldsmohile history . . . and you owe it to yourself to try it out on the roadl This dramatic advance is tho result of new Saturday, October 17 at 6pm EST HLVbMbbV Combs also will Reg. No, appear at a fund-raisin- g di nner at the are available at Democratic Headquarters Whitesburg. VFW Club after the rally. Tickets.

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