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Image 10 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 15, 1959

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Verlon Shepherd heads Combs drive in Blackey By Larry Caudlll lJl ducted for Winter cover the was .aid clcctJNV' forRichard Cernettfrom Leesheme the weekend Col.3, Jim May, who has been retired jhcal lhc brcach of the Demo. lege and Bill Back was home Itwa, hi. "vacation," from the operational service of the Louisville & Nashville Rail road for several years, as his brother, Debcrt, drove him to Hazard. There ho met his son, J. W., thence to Lexington, and on to Louisville to visit Mrs. Faith Dixon and his sister, Mrs. Rosic Huggins. She joined him for the trip to visit their brother, Enoch May, In Savannah, Tcnn. The Democratic campaign in the lower end of Letcher County of Bert Combs, for governor, and Wilson Wyatt, for lieutenant governor of Kentucky, will be under the direction of Verlon Shepherd, Blackey. The appointment came from the Combs-Wyaheadquarters In Louisville of Shepherd as chairman. Shepherd said an active campaign will be con- tt law, Mrs. Bertha Buckhold. Combs-Wya- tt Letcher takes four district 4-- H needed By Joe Owens By Robert H. Flke Ceunty Agricultural Agent cratic forces resulting from the from Cumberland College, WilCombs-WyaLast Call For "Cever" victory over the liamsburg. Those bare fields arc calling ticket in The Rev. Charles Sydner the primary. presided at the communion ser- for a cover for winter. Plant Relatives from this area at- vice at Docrmann Church. food leaches (runs off) from the tended the funeral in QuickMrs. Gladys Buckhold and fields left bare. "Savo that sand Oct 10 of Mrs. Nancy Mr. and Mrs. John Charles plant food." Back, who died at her home at Buckhold visited the family of Let us not forget that if wo Irvine Oct. 8. Jess Loggins in Kinesoort. take from the soli wo must reMrs. Back was the sister Tcnn. turn something. of T. A. Dixon, of Blackey; Mrs. Betty Branson joined A Call For Leaders Matt, of Hazard; Ira and Ike, of hcr husband, Stanley, in Louis Has your Club been organized as yet? It may be that Ulvah; Ishmael of Bull Creek villc- and William Henry Dixon, of Barren County's entire area the boys and girls need help Indianapolis; Mrs. Sally Brown was reserved as land grants to from your parents. If you would of Blackey and Mrs. Allie Col Revolutionary War soldiers of like to give your boys and Iins of Indianapolis. Virginia. Ownership of many girls a little help cal tho Touring briefly the Eastern of these grants is still in tho County Agent's office. Seeded Your Lawn? Seaboard, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. hands of their descendants. Now is the time to be seedDixon and Mrs. Crittie AnThe Kentucky Division of ing your lawn if you've not drews will visit Washington, Forestry distributed 14 million done it before. For a good lawn Mount Vernon, Williamsburg, tree seedlings in 1958 to land- fcrtiizc now and then early in Jamestown, and other historic owners to reforest 14,509 acres the spring before crab grass time. spots. At Virginia Beach, Va., of idle and eroded land. they will visit the family of Mrs. Jack M ;ss, a granddaugh tor. At Ric. tond they hope to have a reur i with the Rev. and Mrs. I D. Wallace. Mr. Wallace is former pastor of Prcsby- Docrmann " emorial He and his wife terian Chun have retur '1 from a tour of mission dut n Africa. At Wil-liamsburg. plan to stop nd Mrs. Ralph Mr with Brown. H the son of Mrs. Sally Brow.' of Gr villa Noble Mrs. Booneville ...ted her sister-in- tt Chandlcr-Waterfiel- prizes d 4--H 4-- 4-- THURSDAY, EAOLE, OCT. WHITESBURG, lfSf 15, PAGE HILLARD KINCE8 By Minnie Adams Mrs. Ohio Stewart, Mr. aid Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Craft Mrs. Oscar Back, Mr. William Agent Clubs and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Craft Adams and Mrs. Betty Blah-las- t spent last week visiting rcl- weekend. atlves and friends In Ohio. Russel and L. B. Blair visited Mrs. Belvle Blair, Colmon Mr. and Mrs. Willard Blair of .r Ti nf-- f T II- man, mr. nnu Airs, junior uiair Eubank last weekend. and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Blair visited WilBill Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Ray liam Adams Saturday night. Collins of- Cincinnati last weekMr. and Mrs. Arlle Craft of end. Hamilton, Ohio, visited Mrs. Sarah Blair of Red Fox here last weekend. visited Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Mr. and Mrs. James E. Blair Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur visited relatives in LouIsvHle Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Wat- last weekend. son Blair and othors here last Fanny Ann Eeff of Eubank wicek. visited Minnie and William r. Dewey Adams is very sick at Stamper Saturday night. his homo here. Evan Adams and Danny Ben and Enos Stewart of Bell Burkhcad visited Mr. and ifr. County visited Mr. and Mrs. Ohio Stewart Sunday. Obic Stewart Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. Emmltt Adams Mr. and Mrs. Greente Blair, Mrs. James Harris and son, spent tho day with Mrs. Holes James Michael and Arnctta Mao Adams last week. Mrs. B. H. Blair and Mary Adams of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Eoff and Fanny Helen Blair visited Mrs. Poll Ann of Eubank visited Mr and Blair and family Sunday. I I I - rcl-atlv- 60 NEW RAMBLER FOR . y Anchor Fence Protects Children, STATE Pe ts and Property REPRESENTATIVE We Fill All Doctors Prescriptions Now you can five your children safe place to play economically by installing a genuine Anchor chain link Fence. Call today for FIIEE estimate. W. R. ENOCH. at MS S. lff. Ken. Hrflter SU PUcrrflla CE QUILLEN DRUG Fred Coffey Napier's Pharmacist UPHOLSTERY SHOP Whitesburg, Ky. Phone 2360 .4 ii I960 HAZARD, KENTUCKY Phone GE your business li e iiieitiieiiijaiiiiaiiiieiiiyiiiwiiiia'iiiaiiiiti'iiiaiii'aiiiiiiw kViitaUaililalHla'iila'uli newest edition of America's compact station wagon leader. Six. 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AT ALL RAMBLER DEALERS uMlll.c M Iw m mm tlM Ii i.Hi mkm-- limit, Maaaaa law nt m ami valfctaif HbiaT COOK MOTOR COMPANY INC. Address all orders te: Deane, Ky., or Jackhern, Ky. oar room Small I960 Rambler Custom L. H. HALL, Hall's Auto Parts, nl and comfort USE Chinese Chestnut trees, highly resistant to blight, heavy rooted, bearing stock, bears In two ot three years. Let's get chestnuts going again for our own use and for our game. Trees two to three feet, each S3. Three to four feet, the best size to plant, quick bearing, $3.95. Delivery around Nov. 1. Terms, 50 per cent with order, balance when you come to got your trees. You will be notified when the trees arrive. You should see these trees bearing en my farm. Yeu weuld not take any price for them after yeu see the first crop. Himb-Hi.- Gives You the Best of Both: NAPLES MANOR LAKES Naples, Florida VP i Only Rambler a'lraliila'i a.ii)a!iila!ii'ai. INTEREST Prices Begin at $499. 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Tho full decades of pioneering in modern u tiiiijiijii;ai;iiw'ii:iit!it!i a V-- 8, FROM THE WORLD'S LARGEST BUILDER OF COMPACT CARS Located In Walkertown Cossle and Haxel Quillen RAMBLER CUSTOM CROSS COUNTRY Highway 112. 10 BLAIR BRANCH ANNOUNCING THE NEV STANDARD OF BASIC EXCELLENCE.. RE-ELE- We appreciate KENTUCKY. Crafts visit in Ohio Assistant Agricultural Letcher County had four district champion project winners from their nine entries. These championship ribbons went to Faith Armstrong for her project books on Good Grooming and Entomology; Sandra Bloomer, for her project book on Frozen Foods, and Danny G. Adams, for his nro- jeet book on hogs. Tho following club members received red ribbons: Jewel Banks. Sewing project book; Charity Sturgill, Grooming project book, and Joyce Ann Franklin. Clothinc nroloct book. These club members have been recognized for doing an excellent job in club work. I am sure that they have learned that your return from a job is related to the effort that is put In the job. 4-- THE MOUNTAIN Neon, Kentucky

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