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Page 4 of Destiny / by Charles Neville Buck ; illustrations by R.F. Schabelitz.

DESTINY Chagrined tears welled into his deep eyes, and a flush spread over his thin cheeks. "I just-just got to thinkin'," he exculpated lamely, "an' I fogot to hurry. Listen at that water singin', Ham !" His voice took on a rapt eagerness. "An' them leaves rustlin'. It's all like some kind of music that nobody's ever played an' nobody ever can play." Ham's face, looking down from the commanding height of his sixteen years, hardened. "Do you figure that Pap sends you to school to set out here and listen at the leaves rattlin'" was the dry inquiry. "To hear you talk a feller'd think there ain't anything in the world but funny noises. What do they get you" "Noises!" the slight lad's voice filled and thrilled with remonstrance. "Can't you ever understand music, Ham There's all the world of difference be- tween music an' noise. Music's what the Bible says the angels love more'n anything." Ham's lips set themselves sternly. He was not one to be turned aside with quibbles. "Look here, Paul," he accused, "you didn't come out here to get water and you didn't come to listen to the fishes singin' songs either. You sneaked out to run away because you're scared of Jimmy Mar- quess an' because you know he's goin' to punch your face after school." The younger lad flushed crimson and he began an unconvincing denial. "I ain't-I ain't afraid of him, neither," he protested. "That ain't the truth, Ham." "All right then." The elder boy filled the bucket and straightened up with business-like alacrity. "If you ain't scared of him we might as well go on back there an' tell him so. He thinks you are." 4

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