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Image 1 of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854), April 9, 1868

Part of Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854)

U. 32 Pleasant Street Office No r Ell MS f wo collars i end of the fdat ADVERTISING, puu 10 line, or less, Eae'i additional insertion Three months hix months Onevear $ I H MM A. h V. IdOU, - tngtox ;advKrtI8EMents c feet of the HAY8, rUGflES ft Car stop . Large grocers and Commission Merchants Livery Mtd Sale Stable attached Dealers in Liquor and Crain. Pike street Kx- General Stage BSSce. Ageat, Adams and Waahlngton, near Um between Madi-o- u ( oin pa v . ple K. C K. if depot. Proprietor. T. K.KANKIX, COVIN aTON, KY. irt-ela- a. for Imnr bre.lkl'a-t- f febil-t- Ieb(My JjiLAXTKK's HOL'SK, Kadiaon Street. House. briTHM Tike and Seventh. ovington. Ky. nDLLXLLIl's. ii ant T.vii.oit. Tlii- - Eoacc U he ated in the central portion, Dealer in ltead Made Clothing and Gent with lir-- t ctSM aei oinnio.lations. , It has with Furnishing Gooda. In en renovated and refund-liedcorner Madison and Sixtl South-la- it the beat o furniture. Thetahle trtllbefur-ni-h.-- d Jan. 24, 1887. with everything the market ail'ords. Street. Coviugtou, Ky. moderate. rharir'-w. WT. SMITH, Pro'r. im v. w. uirru -- ji V. Beorgu Hehr, Bla&ksinith, MIX. G. A HILL SMITH, WHOLESALE QUO EES, Shop on Walnut Street. Yiithiana, Ky. COMMISSION SJfESC II AX IS. irnrk entrusted to Af.l. ii Kentucky I!t vv'" '"' '' '::' 0,1 reasonable lo. U Pike street, Covington, c!'1' .nw9 done leeordingto nature. KctJ thin done in my anil to line, will be done with prompt ueiiiit those who .nay favor nie a'lth their en - alaa a KAUttlKtt, and ander-stautorn, lie apl2,6j of bone. tlie and n Foreign and Douieatk Lboors. 1 by whom they were appointed trary to the jirovisions of this hHn Harritus. dent lor one month therealter. It on- and without the shadow of authority, an I commend to these swilt accusers To tuid ? ly remains, then, to determine by and would it not be a righteous judr-- ihe significant prophecy ot Gouver-BSJU- l MKStAtfXM n. EMTilM. w hom and tor whose term the Sccre- - ment that he should stiller the penal MetfSf, who put into shape and tary ot War, Edwin M. Stanton, was ties here prescribed and be required penned this Constitution ot ours; and 0!h fairer to mo than the riant lunrn. appointed. Who denies that he was for this as well as other and even (ia 1 bid these beware thai they do not Of appointed by Abraham Lincoln, and ver crimes to look out for Ions yean now signally verify it: When he couieth Iresh iroin tiic ki daw. i. therefore could only hold his office for from the loathsome dungeons ol the' uliut, after all, what does it signify And brlrhter by far. than the noontide j,;,., cops tenn and'or.e month there- - Dry Toil ugas! that men should have a written Conblaze. Was it not die Presidents duty to' stitution containing unequivocal pr. alter, except by the reappointment Or the amber plow of evening's bazc. or mere sufferance of President John-- remove him.' Mow could he take and limitations? The legislaAnd sweete'-thamatini. or vesper ehinu son! Could language be plainer, care that the laws be faithfully tive lion will not be entangled jin the Are the memories of the o'.deu times. He anted unless there was harmony of meshes ol a logical net. The legislafoot be mote patent! There tonne thai rise above the real bears no commission Iron Johnson, sentiment in all the Executive De-- : ture will always make the power , lavs. the deare-t- . has only retained the place of Ipartsaents, and especially between' a Inch it wishes to exercise. Attempt ti' iny Bdaool-gi- rl best. Secretary ot War through the too luni and those who are so near In to restrain il by other means wi!! onOf i lovely f u e on arheee ehnnging cheek patient endurance ot that President, himthe heads ol Departments! ly render it more outrageous. The e!. Dimple! and blushes play at lint to spin out sophistry refined, it They are the mtitfbafS of his official idea of binding legislators by oaths is Who-- e eyes arc the' eolor from ileavoii is claimed by some that Lincoln's terra bunihr, with whom there ought to be! puerile. Hating sworn to exercise brought, and v.e must there-- 1 free and daily intercourse and among the powers granted according to their Wlio-- e brow bears the starry gems ol has not expired, fore iite the olheial life of the whesn there must le concurrence ol true thoujrht. intent and meaning, they wiil, dignitary Stanton, if indeed he nat- - opinion iu order nromntly and prop-- when they feel a desire to go further, Together we worried oer partta rnwa, urally abides fee four years and one erly to execute the laws. Mr. avoid the shame it not the guilt or wad. d throu-waters ol month thereafter. Is Lincoln, ton had differed essentially with the perjury by swearing the true intent yeara, Together we talked of the eoudag or does he still lire! Can dead mea President, had openly opposed! hssl and meaning to be. according to their l cams, or elouded ly ju),a Qgict miniater human policy, and had beeoue o!)noxious, comprehension, that which suits their Lifted with affairs? Had we not a Tvler adminis-- ; odious, politically rnd personally, to V1'6' purpose."' tar, than iar:h fairest Bow rs, r lu tration, and a Fillmore administration; him and bis cabinet. lie might have' U 'ere tlierlaioas bright, of tuoae glad--i Bd,niniBtntimi nf nftn nitlaimid Ia Mm in ib Sir, gentlemen tell us that wo may un wrt tu:u some assHRs. Andrew Johnson, who succeeded to goaga of ths indignant Cicero, point- - not even warn them of their evil - 1 15 Y s exe-coul- hide-and-- -. j -o- lo-ie-" w. m'bOXXOU)' AND JEWELEK WATCH MA Drexelloua BaiUIlag, Madi-o- n Street. on baud a eomplete asso;t me.,t of line Jewelr', IVatehea, Uver ant plated ware, line table eutlery. Ae. having established rMIK L oal Vard in Cvuthiaua. - now prepared la aapnlj the eitiaena nf the ity and wilii oa! in any pia;:ti:v. aunel J'oineroy and i ou hioir!i ii Kanawha Coals. ill be kept constantly on hand. ilespateh. if"Coal delivered with 11. iuay3l.(Xi I'. KISIJIL. d C'on.-taut- ly jaulS.(U . VOMI JJEW ii: Y BW8a GOOM A. UEiGGLNGER, Peak r la Htaph and baiter Ihry (Jooda, TIo Faney (iouds, sier. Embn id. d L'lkeet, Covlugtoa, Ky, rie-an- T. ITT Lit BACK. ATTOliN KX AT LAW. no2-CG-- J VS. I- - tf j Thou hast drained a breaker ol love's rea vine, And ear. it not BOW, lot uich draughts a- mine. perfume ofelomi- Thou hasl breathed lam. 0W rs. tow er-- . AiuN"epo-- ( d amid e'y-iu'TIs well! !jia thou iniahtest have lelt one sp;L, Where and home-lov- e could en; UNG V DSKDEBSOX. hu.-ba- h -- li;:-i,- h. T )RX F STB LET, opposite LEXINGTON, KY. il.VIX ficrchaist Tailor ST Court-Hous- e, and im:au:i: IN READY MADK CI.OI'IIIXO, Is ti;l Bsincthe Nitron Oxhle orl.angh- iuir for the extraetioa of teeth without Geutlcuten'a Fiiruishin Goods. Hats. pain, and r muuiei.d - it a- - altngetiier wife ; No. :::), Viko Sheet, lie is making the litest and at m teeth on pjold I'lale. ufper COVIXG'J OX, KV. 7l. lower glfll "ii rubber at $3l upper or s lortr wsets. i Kxis nsi ncpaid - on train in all Sept'!)-t- f a rnit n - m a- - s i;al;en i:e oaia ,I.U'iili BVKKLK. nioa. KMJI. JK. J'eb21-('.worth of work :. :. t - a- Carpenter New BUIIKLE & REED. Sellers.) Shop. J. K DILL. love-beam- elaiu. IXaruionr Hill. Bourbon eonntr, Ky. t f-- l Slasa sod Qacensware, To as--1 Wg to the conspirators of his counihe 1'iesidcncy as they didsunie that this is the term of Line: In tryi liberties: - "r coNCbt niD - vsnau- UUJ"r" belie the evidence of our own sen-- ua naUenUa I!Ust,';iThe term of the office and the ttrai ol the oiueer are ver uuterent ioW ion- - indeod. has he nbnspd things; the one is fixed by law, the their patience! other depends upon the lile, the re- Alter much tolerance he was or resignation of the officer. Iftely inrited to retire 'but invitation llie provision in the bill did not hints amounting to insult to a fer to the term of the office, but to proud man, haring noeneet, he was "the term ol Ihe President," the oili filially ejected and the bead of the ccr who then held it army placed in Ins stead "ad interim.'' This strained construction is hui Tnis "silent monitor for a time with another manifestation ot radical fren-- scorning fidelity discharged the and desperation. President John-- ; ties of the office, but at length, in an son, then, in the attempt to remove hour when we thought not bet ravin-M- r. Stanton, has in no manner vio the confidence of his chief, suddenly lated this law m its strict letter and evacuates and lets in this scorned and bearing; but if he had, what more can t official, with Ihe Senate at be made ol it than that in the exer- - hjs heels. Did ever audacity mount cise ol a high perogatlve he had Was ever Executive so outsell '.0 act in accordance with pievi- raged both as to personal and official ous laws of Congress, which had been dignity! .uMuiiu.u uy ui nupnaim vwui., the I ipsulont will, Ihot M,,lmn rather than of this which he vetoed,' and ealmness characteristic of the I :i .. ..c . i .. . una UK this monstrous not been passes upon? Had he encroa..iinen:; but who thought thai had not the right, too. to test a law the va- ,lfi .vnil!(i tn xfi ivi. his cabinet 'iidifv of whitdi aonbted that he would persevere in ,st land had (hc vxere Ql his und Lli aml easl this itbteuf ... . right ., inures tuatuewoulu again perotiv ? le- , attempt to . ,.,., fr-o nuiuuiesi (o ciiiaeu 01 inn ive- UIW MHO f..i UUMilflU lO lilt' In the aUernpl to displace I execution WICTWUKJ laws. ot the General Mr.btanon, and to install Gen. Lo- - lhmm u (hspatched to take charge t!' nal,0:;a 01 D?1 fn-- ? the office, and this cree, inhering- 1 re-lan- w-J-s- tw, - d du-z- y cast-on- cho-ihighe- tl - l : mJortbsin i cua.uw.u.f u. - enpcahmesM nf the Fi ealeait peecn oa sson. T. a,. Jones, oi . .. CHINA, bdq Builder. Contractor But teara Ibr departed joys arc vain, The past is past, and eaimot come again. Weaiy wur parting was, sad our farewell. Bat absence and time have broken the spell. s The that Inmiued those bygone aajra. A.-.old ill oblivion dusky haze, T. e tioaof alieeiion. are severed in twain. And friendship has loosened bar tastei tAieecaaor to I. IfPOUTEK AKU DEALER IX . Stan-Hee- h. in all courts W.1I prin t iee hi-HENDERON & LONG. halilrn in llarri-o- u county, will abo pB regularly to and praetier in thd Quarterly and of Sa-Builders and manvJhetiiret ireiiit oi'.rt- - of i'ei.dleton. and Circuit ter not. Doora. BUuds Flooring. VVeatlM?r Bminling. Court of iourtsf Ikaefcen I a. id oiy A Co- - Appeal-- . and Shelving, also fiii nihers ot all kind- - ! Mavsviile: Ileterem e: I . ). I O. ! nu t coldness on ev'rv ele. Hon. K.A. lack iter. xaiugtou; TUouwa S. brackets, cornice, luouldlttg and luahfa) t toflial it in hide, my Lide. Put look'd Lindev. Raa. Franklort. Ky. and ilailroad, ttth street, bet. Madi-on- . OFFICE iu ear of the Coort ho e, When i turu'd to her front the world dark ana imaaerly oecupud by Wm. K. NT am. a COVINGTON KY mart. JanlG-;Jlaw ollie. Aur-t- f Wltli a autrerittg lip and an aching hear!. Stay, had'ht thoa aodrop af the olden bahu, Dr. L. N. EODGEN. S. EINS'ilL7. To bring to the troubled spirit cahnf 1 d . I ASM A NX. COAL! 1. lor and during the term of to I'lesi- - the ollire of Secretary of War "con- - blazing and its wheels fast rolling New-- . ! CI AllS. sKvisdi: ro d- l' For the ('ywthiana oa lAilda C. C j meh2.ii; e- uiwiei-i-.i- SUt It AS Poaten, labels. Prograim. nusiness Cania Hand Hill- -, Vhdhig CanN ( ireulnrs. Uh Tieket-- . Blanks, lart Tickets, Bill Head VaaeralTti Wets We aie piepared '.o exreutc all kiuds ot BOCK. FI IN. AND FANCY CYNxAlANA, 'KY., VOL. XIV. c0! - "iTViut i M.;t i , j,,. . - Pub. f hT' i . wl IW 1J" II ll.lll li; til UlllOLtll A n (t iiiitirr Tin lll nm ln thi act he was supported by the President simply intended to present obsequkg,v bud. and Table Cutlery, Lamps, Chimneys, of every member ol Ins t abi-- the enestion fir judicial inresHgat.on , ayks t net, and no one of them expressed and sett emeuti Some on the other Coal and Lard Oils, &C, &C CFATMAX KV. ine ueneral vvitn the courtesy of a (lie bi with so side oi the Uonse have said, with ap LM!.- his abhorrence ol Uilol.LSAl.K AND liKTAIL. MHHtantlj'on grants ins reqnest and retires. KEEPSof Lumber, at hand every prieea. mncn emphasis as tins now valiant parent soberness and even awful ges- Ctuelniwtl Mier In.mKL. time lie. returns ' AlsoSa-!!o..r-- . IMiiidf, and all manner 3. W.Oor. Pike.fe Madison sts.. ki ighl oi the War office, Edwin M . turn, that it was the intention o the , DUIOIMJ to DBO tins brazen inter oper lor sahof material I. r building wirpH COVINGTON, KV. Stanton. Indeed, such was the abill-- . President to use he army to over-r.d..,. ,f lor Swihl surroumie(I hv so!(!iers and OB . . ared to contra lie prei ly nun nnicn he descanted upon its the laws and strike down the hber lag haaara tnim the stump. It we of bmthn. bavonets. , Having e;;ve. iji.M rieeol' a odious prtWisious that the Presidenl tieed the people. Did he send, sir, is the spectacle now pre- rtair builder he is p.v, as d to ,H,t up nii Tho Pccpic s Sdcc and Hat Stoic 'Nini una iw u.. v ;uu ins . ft o. vie iierai iiioiiia . 10 toe t or wince ovnicu iu um i.auiuu ui . . ...I.; l. CUUIl t bOODS, HOUSE FUDXISUIX6 Walnut .Street, second door South ol Wartiach's Stable, L i I . . . i , 1 . i . . i. - . i e i t ' , tir-r-e- -- ( MAM!A(Hi:!.l: aa it I htVALKU It f ""as . I S.f.W? AND HATS. HKK STUCK r, Hadiaon street, opposite Pike, CortKorrox. CYXTirfAXA, KY. M a-- M nyGentiemeafs Boots and Shoes I rr; lV;i'l:V'vi? p7',,,lH oblai,u'1 of evciy description made to oder,and guaranteed. kaowu'totlM bibuloiii trateruity, rcaipoaa dodby ;; e .ii. modal in"" adept- - from the noar oner for gale to my regular cnMom- I i't iih-- T KATEaUALS raj and the public al large the largest and I lad for love or moiiev uu'i coniplete utoek of boots and suoea er r arhfch ia Uoviugton. My r iinriM IJNES cVc. offeredselected aith great atoeh, eonaUU has HUftxttOUAi, miAAIUIISS, care, been oi Alaa caaaaa BMd Inhanna if ihe nhnUwi Men's. Boyg', hadh s. .Mise- -' and ( hildivn's wear, in both Katcrii and Cu'tum-uiad- c. bramis. Nov. 14, 1867-l- y tar Ipea hoaae day sad night. i rp iu and take a nip. Mar."i-l- v CHARLES & OVAL AND.QUAIUS MATHEV. ii..iaaj KINDS OF LUMBER Picture Frames S I ALL ZES S LEXIXGTOX rik'E, Neat K. C. K. IL Depot, Covington, ROSEWOOD MOlM);s. and , GILT. scautlliig. feuehtg, ahingleaand lath. sash, door- - and blinds. All orders will receive prompt olid PfCTUKEOOtEO, Ac. Ac. A )et104kn T II liliorrr Bros. NEW GALLERY . careful attention. (JL'E, MfiCHAKT TAILOR, Manufacturer ol Fine Clothing, Madison St.. foflagj JH, Ky. Opposite 7t!i Street Market. iiov2.c.(itr Salt! Salt. For Sale or Rent. t )7-- tt Jl - r IN-I- l mmdaee. J ai auoui nuu auui vrnspe4I uiuarj x J 1 UJ JJ1 sXena sdaj io tfutA'nn . put; Z. . . tvg i try, 1 much-vexe- d i I. i r . .. , .. . - 1 I I acoqo Nd - JJd lt - -- IV. 1 Attor-js,m1- Briefc Livery stable, now flfl BARBEL OF SALT just received MY new completed, on the coiner ofsboat JWtl and for aale hv Like V. EllsTER it and Walnut t.eets, t' nthiana. Kv. tf iiovKHODGES. Js-Nov T. li. It ILL. SIUHKST ( AS:i PRICK PAIH Milblieep Hides. Tallow and oflur M'T (oini'Fn l r imw; ioi La -.- .uorv V. A. KVKLKTH. - agfna j K' The Leavenworth Conservatire is responsible for the following: "A Kansas City editor went skating the oilier day, and ifipped into an air hole. His ears caught on the edge of the ice, the hole not being bis enough to ing winch he has been gmky of hlgli aw to elicit the judgement of the m()lx worlh so mnch They partially let 'em through. crimes and misdemeanors, sufficient highct court ol the t.oven.ment up-- hlooJ ()t the nation should stund still to warrant Jus impeachment and re- - on ilns nuestu n. W hx aL(l tl)e ...iuiu 8ysteni hc endangered Irozeand will be amputated, and used uJ i u,v.,l u ,aib. it;. i .u;, ...w,... mis v .io niaiu imi n iiiikss n.o a hiiu w cvi i uia even r amomrnim tins contro- - for door mats." , .,, ioi .. it... ....a- -- ciiarge oi .iii is i iue; violation to oe uones w as not necessary ior rersy. Voltaire says a physician is a man ii on a single provision of the bill; it a proper discharge of the duties of who mixes drugs ot which he knows But, sir, the fiat has gone forth; is lliir: the Executive and forthe peace and into a body of which, little, to harmony of the country! But to de- - right or wrong, wicked or worldly, he knows poui to cure a disease ot "Ba it enacted, cv:e., That any per. less, . J iI.t. .i i..i iwuui which he knows nothing. son holding any civil office to which prire me act ot an inieni or w iwimw m m uc disobey ev- - He is abused, stigmatized, anathema-ehe lias been appointed by and with the slightest duposition to without measure, but he recks Benefit your friends that they may this law the President being til war- - U" the advice and consent ol the Senate, and every person who shall hereafter ted in his efiort with General Thorn- - ot of the slanderous missels that are, love you still more dearly; benefit hurled at his head. He sits calm and your enemies that they may become be appointed to any such office, and as, soon sends into the Senate the name of Thomas Swing as Secretary wise as Ulysses in the Grecian tent, your friends, is an old Arabian max- shall become duly qualified to act The people will, I trust, and posterity, isa worth cultivating. herein, is and shall be entitled to of War. This would seem to be the whoh 1 am Mire, will, vindicate his acts, hold such office until a successor Vv hat stone shoe. Id have been placed shall have been in like manner ap- ease in its legal aspect. What right His highest eulogy lias been pro- at the Harden ol Kden after the main-pointed and duly qualified except as has been infringed, what liberty de nouneed by himselt when in Adam ain't in (Adaman stroyed, what law violated by the l"iHt the act complained of, he herein otherwise provided: Slid: uIf had been fully advised tine.) Provided, That the ISecietaries ol President! Rut there is a section el fc tern I thnaefendmg the trust commit-- ! "Oh, that my father was seized witk State, of the Treasury, of War, of my own removal was a remittent lever! ' sighed a spend-thribill upon which the l'res- tctl t0 mJ the Navy and of the Interior, the ident is to be impeached, that bears uretO lollow I could not have hesi at college. Postmaster General and the Attorney Section fire pro--1 tated, actuated by public considera-- , General, shall hold their offices re- in the right way. The young man who engaged him. tions of the highest character." This ,.mIvides v snective .' tor mul iIhi-h' .""(, ihn self to half a dozen young women I ill ll sentence will go down the ages to the president by whom iv they may hat il anv person shall, contrary lconje J know, sir, how vain is undoubtedly a beau ot promise. have been appointed, and for one to the provisions ol this act accept L.ords am a our elrort, our mpfemsL Why is a prudent man l'ke a pin? mouth thereafter, subject to teraorai any appointment to, or employment protestations aml votes? Fnity sV Because his head prevents him from by and with the advice and consent in any office, or snail hold or exercise, Is mM going too far. nrM(1!H.v nnst ol the Senate' or attempt to hold or exercise, bzards; the revolution must go cn The dandy who makes the greatest Who can doubt that here is a pro- such office or emnieyaaant, he shall m m it k ()bta. llourish isn't always in a feanllttsnj be deemed and is hereby declared, to, ceg to vision and exception that the Secre accomi)iishment. There condition. i c.,..:,k ; ; taries ot fctate, ot the Treasury, of be guilty ot ahigli misdemeanor, and k u litis uecii a op.jiiisii iiiuuwiuyu, ri:x War, of the Navy, ot the Interior,' the Why is a certifier of deeds, etc, like and, cviction thereof he has beeu a French revolu,ion 'anJ it be P1"11 thereior hya ine misiltnotbe amiss if some would En gland! Because he is not Postmaster General, and the or oy lmpns- - bring to niemoiy the fate of a Danton. ney General, are not included within "i twceeun.g tlie scope and meaning of this bill, omnent not exceeding live years, or a Kolespierre, and a Marat. A frog does not remember when he but are iu its spirit and letter ex- both said punishments in the discre might remind gentlemen of their was a tadpole, but others do. pressly exempted? And such was the lion of the court." solemn obligations on this occa-ii aj A man of parts A man part knave expressed opinion of the author and Now, do not the facts and circum- conservators of ihe peace, the laws, md part fool. the supporters ol the bill at the time stances of this case show, and has it and liberty of the country. But what of its passage in the Senate. They not been proven, Punch calls a badly told anecdote a that Mr. Stanton are constitutions and laws and oaths were to hold their olliccsrespectively himself -- attempts to hold or exercise' when the ttes of revoiutiou are still 'peer relation.'' i .(aW ' AMI cyathiana, Ky. Deei-t- r m . g 1 Keep on hand seasoned lumber, all Kinds. Dreaaed ahelring, loortng and all other kinds o lumber, ol ail tiitckueMea. Joist.! , TYLKS t " hand-writin- i Kent ucky. ALL , deeds or ol ilia popular wrath lo come. They avow that valiant men will sustain their action if necossiry each equal to two on the battle-field- ; or three ot an who nny oppose them. Van Ihiealsl fanatical delusions! I do warn them, sir, that tho spirit of liberty may still lurk in the bosoms ot the sturdy yeomanry of this land, and if provoked too far a million ot men will spring to arms to defend their rights and to ward oil" a nsnteV less despotism I might here, without aroftance, speak lor a hundred thousand riflentem ol Kentucky, who would be united as one man in the contest, equal in courage, strength and skill to the best the world has I admrmish gentlemen produced. that they mav not much longer enjoy the luxury of this Belshazzar least. e. may already The kindly seen upon the wall; they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Sir, the people ot this great country, if they are not dead to shame and dishonor, if they have a speck ot the valor of their revolutionary sires, will not submit to these accumulated wrongs and outra-no- ; rather they will rise' np in the full magnitude and majesty of their power, and come if need be, like avalanches lrom the n ountains, like hurricanes from the valleys, like the swelling waters of mighty rivers, like the surges of the lakes and the billow s ol the sea, even to this Capi- tol, batter down these doors, drive out these servants who have so misused their authority, purge and cleanse these halb, possess tisat tribune and altar, and place in these seats true and faithful sentinels, who, they and their successors, shall guard forever the rich heritage which their lathers have bequeathed to them. lamed lor the supremacv of the i he billiihowever 1 smallest squad of soldiers! that pleasure. Net an civi! evei themilitarv authontv, lor becomes a law, at least so we Will indmdual accompanied him; he went seVeral bordinaUen in 0 eonsideril tor the purposes ot the wr-- solitafy and alone. It was purely an Apartments, and torn juat its and wise gnmenf, and we are now told that the unostentatious, puet, civil proceed :llmini, ation of the laws. Is the 1 reM. cn t has violated it, ami m fa" tfe nhieh, tiner proper onft reputation or the life of Edwin If. VC SALOON, JNO. LALLY, Proprietor. T .' I done in luctuuati. Martf MAGNOLIA PJllNTll i JOB (Ml 3 ."0 HOIThhs 1 V .KiNNTKKET. within I'lKK depot. YNTUIAN Aeeoniiuodat'oiis insertion 1 - Cynthiana News Job Otike. THE CYWTHI ANA NEWS. OF SUBSCRIPTION, year in advance or $.i at the 1 1 o

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