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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 15, 1952

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

fiticd as ttcdvoc -- f TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE i i Thou that makest thy bout of the law. through breaking the law dishonoured thou God. Roman 2:23. J 1 i i i 1 r a ' 41 YEAE3 or service a. J - ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 Vol 45 No. 43 JEFFERSON Underwood Desires To Hake February ID A National Holiday HARRIED AT LYIIDOII Dedicate Hew J'Tovn Organ COUim' :ndent county newspaper All E, Every Friday at $2.50 Per Ytzx JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FI DAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1952 IJclhodisb To TO Variety of Ills AID III CIIUnCH DEDICATION Is Causing Many v School Absanlc::-- ' that would ma' ? February 16, the birthday an; versary of Henry Wattersc ., famed late editor of the Couri Journal, is being contemplated t ' U. S. Senator Thomas R. Und wood of Kentucky. News of the senator's plans v contained in a letter to Mrs. 1.; brey Richardson, the tdito ; daughter, who is now in Sou . Miami, Fla. The senator atao su gested that the date be set as; ; i as a state observance. Legislation -- The new ortran reeentlv ir. chased by the Jeffersontown Methodist Church will be formally dedicated at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, February 24. Miss Shirley Hewitt, Jeffersontown, a student at the University t Kentucky School of Music, will be the organist and feature a program of contemporary and classical music . The public is Invited. The organ la being dedicated as a memorial to Mrs. Joseph L. Elllngsworth, mother of the late Carl Ellingsworth who left a bequest in her memory. The Rev. William E. Morris, pastor of the church, announced that a fish fry will be given at the Jeffersontown Fire House March 1 under sponsorship of the -- . A-- ' Richard Kapps:::r Found Dead In E:J; Heart Attach Victim V. The Jeffersontown area Community Council apparently ran into a stone wall Tuesday night in its efforts to determine the sentiments of business and professional people in promoting a chain shopping center here. The sentiments of those attending the meeting were about evenly divided for and against the proposal Only 14 of 35 persons who had special invitations to attend, or to send a representative, showed up. . . James Farmer Dies; Rites Held Thursday James R. Farmer, 85, a retired farmer, died at 12:10 p.m. Tuesday in his residence on Farmer Road, Buechel. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Bell Badgett Farmer; a daughter, Mrs. Charles Neidner; two grandsons, Charles and 2nd Lt. James Neidner; a sister, Mrs. W. F. Clark, Mt. Washington, and two Funeral services were held at p.m. Thursday in the McAfee Funeral Home. Interment was in Fairmount Cemetery. 2 4 Buechel Woman's Club To Meet Next Thursday A book review on "Audubon" will feature a meeting of the Woman's Club of Buechel, Thursday, February 21, in the club house at Bashford Manor. The review is to be given by Mrs. J. W. Jones at 1 p.m. and will follow business meeting at 11 a.m. and a luncheon. Mrs. P. J. Simon is program chairman. The club will hold its monthly dinner Saturday, February 23, at the club house. Mrs. H. L. Brown is to be hostess. . Mrs. Lester To Present Television Program Mrs. John Lester, president of the Middletown Homcmakers Club, will conduct Market Basket T. V. Program Wednesday, Feb ruary 20, 12:30 p.m. from WAVE-TV- . She will have as her guest, John Napier, who will present "Seasoning the Soul of Food." This is another television "first" showing slides of spices growing in their natural habitat in the various countries of the world, it wasannounced. 4 !':' attack. Surviving are his Mrs. Helen Kappesser; four hs brothers, Stanley Kappes: Charles Kappesser, Clifford Kr pesser and Raymond Kappess Miss Helen Kapps a ser, and a foster brother, Ru step-mot- Sgt and Mrs. Marlon D. Stallard are shown here following their marriage Friday night in the Lyndon Baptist Church. Mrs. Stallard is the former Miss Carol Elisabeth Cummins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Carl Cummins, Lyndon, and he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Stallard, Jeffersontown. The couple will make their home at Columbus, Ga. He is stationed at Fort Banning. Smith's Weekly Digest of Actions Of 1952 State General Assembly half-siste- r, ; Scherzinger. Funeral services were arrang' for 11 a.m. Friday, Myers Funer Home, Jeffersontown, followed interment in Cave Hill Cemeter. Richard Kappesser was a memt of the Jeffersontown Lodge Masons. J'Town er Pen-denn- 11-2- Florida Friday Br Box, Paulson 47 3 "Increasing the money supply without Increasing the things it will bay is like taking an appetiser for a meal of nothing 1" home-permane- nt Three persons who attended services in the Cedar Creek Baptist Church 70 years ago wore in attendance Sunday at dedication ceremonies of its new building at Cedar Creek Road and Bardstown Road, two miles south of Fern Creek. The Rot. Dr. Gaines S. Dobbins, profenor of church administration at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary delivered the principal address. He said the church, established 160 years 7atsr Consumers is ago. was the oldest in the Long Run Association. Those in the picture, from left are the Rev. William D. Martin, paitorj Mrs. Charles S. Riley) Judge Riley. Mrs. Gertrude Collins. Mrs. Patricia Berry and Dr. Dobbins. Mrs. Lula Brentlinger is seated. Judge Riley, Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Brentlinger were the ones who attended services in the church 70 years ago, Marlon C. Riley, a nephew of the Judge, is the oldest active member of the church. Annual Heeling Fire Hydrant Service Effective around March 1, the approximately 667 customers of the Louisville Water Company in the Buechel area will be charged for fire hydrant rental. The fee will be 30 cents a month per customer. This was decided Monday by the board of the company which took over the customers January 1 from the Buechel Water District when 80 per cent of the district ""'s annexed by the company. The echel district had never charg ed for the hydrant service. Directors of the water company said customers in other areas of Jefferson County pay for the service so it would only be fair to charge residents of Buechel. They added that regular water rates are less than those charged by the District. There are 78 hydrants in the area. The 22d annual meeting of the Falls Cities Cooperative Milk Producers' Association will be held at 9:45 a.m. Monday in the Crystal Ball Room of the Brown Hotel. Guest speaker for the occasion will be William F. Groves, operator of a dairy farm at Lodi, Wis., and a member o fthe executive board of the National Producers Federation and- a member-o- t the board of the American Dairy As- sociation of Wisconsin. He also is vice chairman of the Wisconsin Council of Agriculture and member of the state committee to set up a brucel-- : losis program for his state. Other features of the program' will be election of directors from Strawberry Growers president of the association will preside. Entertainment will be Meet Monday Night provided by Pewee King and his boys. A luncheon follows the A round table discussion of the business sessions. planting, fertilizing, cultivating and mulching of strawberries will GUEST SPEAKER be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday night in the Fern Creek Grade School, it was announced by H. C. Brown, associate county agent. Those participating in the discussion will be W. W.Magill, field agent in horticulture, University of Kentucky, and Carl Blomley, fruit and vegetable specialist of v: the State Department of Agriculture, Frankfort. All strawberry growers are invited to attend. Valley Leading In Girls' Cage Tourney Going into the sixth week of play in the County Recreation Board's girls' basketball league, Valley leads with four wins and one loss. Their one defeat was in a game with Southern last Fri- f with the County j Kentucky mayors, county judges, and civic leaders will meet in Louisville, Tuesday, February 19 to hear experts on industrial, agricultural, and business de velopment, education, and tourist Principal address at promotion. the meeting, sponsored by the industrial development committee of the Kentucky Chamber of Com merce, will be governor Lawrence W. Wetherby. Robert M. Watt, Lexington, chairman of the committee wo will preside at the 10 a.m. business session at the endennis Club, said the purpose of the panel discussion is to stimulate Interest dn community development on scale and to give city a state-wid- e and county officials and officers of development associations an opportunity to ask questions of experts in specific fields of development operations. State winners of the Kentucky Chamber's youth essay contest will be presented at the luncheon session at which Wetherby will speak. Three college scholarships and a $100 defense bond will be awarded to the four State finalists, who wrote essays on the subject, "What My Community Needs." Chamber President Sheridan C. Barnes, Elizabethtown, will preside at the luncheon session. 4 126,000 Kentuckians Have Heart Disease An estimated 126,000 Kentuck' ians are victims of heart disease according to the February issue of the Bulletin of the Kentucky State Department of Health. Though heart disease is the leading cause of death every month, it gets special emphasis in Febru ary to concide with Valentine's campaign Day and the month-lonof the Kentucky Heart Association. Heart disease has led Kentucky deaths since 1930, the Bulletin points out, and the percentage is steadily increasing. In 1950, the last reported year, 9,205 Kentuckians died of heart disease. tion board. Another activity for adults that is gaining popularity at a rapid rate is the woodworking shop program conducted at both Southern High School and Eastern High School, on .Monday nights from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Again this" activity is free and the public living in the areas served of those two schools are invited to and participate in this spit recreational activity. Some of the citizens of Jefferson County may be interested in dramatics, if so, a dramatic guild is being formed at Lyndon under the . supervision of Dr. Charler Mc-Glo- n. For Information . call this course any one Dr. McGlon or Mr. Kenneth Lam, principal Lyndon Grade School. Public groups in the county are invited to use the Flying Squadron services of the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board and there is no charge for this service and for information concerning this and other services of the County Board one rn-in- g Mrs. Owen's, 99, Dies In Her Residence At Pleasure Ridge Park Mrs. Matilda Owens, widow of William Owens, died at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday in her residence on Terry Lane, Pleasure Ridge Park. She was 99 January 16. Surviving are a son, Herbert Owens; two daughters, Mrs. Nola Matthews and Mrs. Myrtle Ward; a sister, Mrs. Laura Bearry, Glasgow; 18 grandchildren, 28 great- grandchildren and two Funeral services were arranged 1 :30 p.m. Friday in Manning's Funeral Home, 612 West Broadway, followed by interment in for Bethany Cemetery. Numerous Chug Holes Draw Ire Of Jeffersontown Auto Owners All games are played Thursdays at 4 p.m. and the public is invited. d. Melbourne may call CL. 2618. 4 . g William P. Groves day with Shirley Croghan scoring 22 points to run up a 43 to 19 victory over Valley. Holding second place in the A NEWS ITEM: Phone league is Southern with 3 wins Jeffersontown 5143. and 1 loss. Fern Creek has won 3 and lost 2; Our Lady of Mercy has won 2 and lost 3 while Kentucky Childrens' Home has won none and lost 5. Recrea-Boar- Heights the third Friday night of each month is being used for square dancing. This dance is operated by the Melbourne Heights Recreation Committee and in with the County Board. The square dances in the county operate from 8 p.m. to 10p.m. and are held at the school sites. No admission is charged but once in a while the local group will ask for an offering to take care of the expenses other than that provided for by the county recreaAt Commercial Group Monday Morning Districts 7, 9, 11 and 16, the man- agers report by R L. Duncan and Another opportunity for square dancers to dance cn week end nights is being set up for the first and third Saturday nights of each month operated by the Lyndon Recreation Committee in 7etherby to Speak At Meeting oi State Dairymen Plan Of Buechel To Pay For REOFFICIAI Shel-byvill- Wli VbdqlxboM County Recreation Board Increase Its Square Dance Prcgrcin h The Wetherby administration in Frankfort has neither approved Mi's. Bary Addresses nor disapproved a measure which would order the state commisMeeting of sioner of industrial relations to Woman's Club Tuesday hold elections to determine union strength among employees of intrastate firms. The Jeffersontown Woman's Jefferson Representative Mrs. Club Meeting Tuesday was full of Thelma Stovall said she would interest to the many women who introduce the measure in the attended. The report of the pres- House following the Lincoln's ident, Mrs. James Skaggs, on the birthday holiday either with or Board Meeting at without the Governor's support Lexington was most helpful, as Labor people haye been diseu,, was the talk "on legislation by sing such a measure as Mrs. StoMyrtle Applegate. Lunch vall proposes since the start of Mrs. was served by the hostesses, Mrs. the Brown and Kentucky hotels Ivan Cowley, Mrs. James Floore, strike in Louisville nearly a year Mrs. Russell Slade, Mrs. Russell ago. Pickets were withdrawn Pelle, and Mrs. Herbert Downes, from the hotels only a few weeks assisted by the following mem- ago under court order issued bebers of the Young Woman's Club: cause of repeated disturbances. Mrs. Marshall Floore, Jr., Mrs. Mrs. Stovall said her bill would JAMES T. NICHOLSON Joe Reid, Jr., Mrs. William Yates, provide that the commissioner of Mrs. Gordon Weber, Mrs. Lee industrial relations "shall hold A general discussion on Red Drevenstedt, and Mrs. Henry elections upon request of either Cross activities on a national Groves. and international basis was the employees or the employer." After lunch the state president, Management representatives are given Wednesday by James T. Mrs. Howard F. Bary, brought an said to oppose the measure on Nicholson, executive vice presiinspirational address. Mrs. Bary grounds that it would create more dent of the American National said being a club woman is both confusion in labor relations and Red Cross, at a meeting of the a challenge and a responsibility. add to strife. Louisville Chapter at the The Federation of Club Women is Approximately Club. Industrial Relations Commisthe largest organized group of sioner, Edwin C. Willis has de- 300 representatives of chapters women in the world, there being clined public comment on the bill In Kentucky and Indiana at11,500,000 clubs in 381 countries. to broaden and tended. The Louisville the powers of his ofMuch worthwhile work is carried fice although he has conferred Jefferson County quota for the being that as with labor representatives on the drive March out, one 1 has been set women work together they learn matter. at $452,365. The national goal to "agree to disagree agreeably." Mrs. Stovall said the bill would is $85,000,000. The world is crying for Christian provide that the Commissioner leadership, the federation can be certify the results of such elecused as a channel for it, as the tions, but she added: "I don't Rites Thursday For wnmen vunvk tnpnthpr tn mnlin know what force the certification eaen community a oetter place would have." Mrs. Sylvia Crady to live. Higher Jobless Pay 4 Mrs. Sylvia K. Crady, 73, a naAnother bill of interest to labor 4th Audubon Screen and to management has been tive of Larue County, died at 2 stuck in the "orders of the day" a.m. Wednesday in her residence Tour Is Scheduled for a week. This is House Bill 145 on South Park Road. Surviving which boosts unemployment com- are her husband, Butler R. Crady, pensation benefits and provides and a daughter, Miss Jessie Crady, The fourth of a series of Audubon Screen Tours is scheduled closer scrutiny of claims. It is an a teacher at Fairdale High School. Funeral services were held at for 8 p.m. Wednesday, February administration measure agreed upon by employee and employer 2:30 p.m. Thursday in the Mead20, at Manual Auditorium (formInow Home Baptist Church. erly Halleck Hall). The speaker representatives. A penalty clause reinstating a terment was in Hebron Cemetery, will be Dr. Alfred M. Bailey, director of Denver Museum of Nat 1 per cent penalty on employers in Bullitt County. ural History. He will show n whose reserve accounts are excolored film "High Country," pic- hausted brought objections from Rev. Lloyd L. Roach tures of wildlife, both birds and affected employers. Union repreanimals, in the Colorado Rocky sentatives also would like to see On Vacation this, as well as merit ratings, Mountains. Dr. Bailey is a noted naturalist, eliminated. Employers who do not scientist and photographer. He is have unemployment claims now The Rev. Lloyd L. Roach, pasalso the author of the book, "Birds are exempt from the tax. Or- tor of the Jeffersontown Chrisby of Artie Alaska," and contributes ganized labor prefers a flat tax tian Church, accompanied on all employers for payment of Mrs. Roach to magazines. The public is and Mr. and Mrs. unemployment claims. Evan Romine, are vacationing at The first show of New Smyrna, Fla. They left Sunstrength on the Senate day and expect to return in time floor came on the vote making Funeral For permanent the increased income , for March 2 church services. Fish tax put into effect two years ago. ing is the principal recreational Mrs. Ellingsworth Opponents were able to muster activity. Another resident of Jefferson14 opposing votes to 23 for the adMrs. Minnie Ellingsworth died town, W. H. Speer, also left for ministration measure. is visTuesday in her residence on e The Senate approved the hos- New Smyrna Sunday. He, iting his son and daughter-in-lawRoad. Surviving are a son, pital licensing bill over Harry Ellingsworth, and two protests from chiropractorsstrong Mr. and Mrs. Ross Speer. that daughters, Misses Ina and Mary it was an effort by the medical Ellingsworth, doctors to "put us out of busiFuneral services were arranged ness." Passage was assured after Care of Orchards To for 2:30 p.m. Friday in Myers Fun- the Senate voted down, 21 to 11, eral Home, Jeffersontown, fol- an amendment to exempt chiro- Feature TV Prcgmin lowed by interment in the Jef- practic hospitals from the law fersontown Cemetery. providing minimum standards for Winter care of orchards, includhealth and safety. ing pruning of fruit trees and House Majority Leader Harry grape vines, will be discussed on A world day of prayer service King Lowman expects lower the "Farms and Folks" program has been arranged for 10:30 a.m. chamber approval of an altered Monday WAVE-TThe featFriday, February 29, in Harvey "barbers and beauticians bill," ure is on scheduled from 12:30-12:5Browne Memorial Presbyterian which would boost license fees p.m. each Monday. Church, Mrs. C. B. Seidel, pub- and lessen qualification standThose on the February 18 prolicity chairman, announced Fri- ards. The bill was sent back to gram will be H. C. .Brown, ascommittee to delete a provision sociate county agent; W. W. Ma-gil- l, day. The service is sponsored forbidding application of field agent in horticulture, by churches in the St. Matthews waves except by mem- University of Kentucky, and J. Vf. bers of a household. area. Fegenbush, Buechel. Mid-Wint- pr - Richard Kappesser, 42, a pa solicit ing house was found dead in bed Tuesc' by members of his family w sought to awaken him. Dcpi Coroner William T. Kammei said death was caused by a her Last Rites Held For 1 Irs. Freda Kaufman Council Hits Snag In Shopping Center Idea m -- Wesleyan Service Guild. Proceeds will go toward erection of an educational building at the church. Mrs. Freda Meyer Kaufman, 43, died at 5 p.m. Monday in her residence at Coral Ridge. Surviving are her husband, Herman Kaufman; two sons, James T. and Herman J. Kaufman; a daughter, Miss Jeanette Kaufman; her mother, Mrs. Freda Meyer; two brothers, Max Meyer and William Meyer, and a sister, Mrs. Margaret Gilezan. Funeral services were held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Manning's, Chapel. Burial was in St. Stephens Cemetery. a rnmhination of measles, mumps, jaundice, influenza and virus infections is cutting snwpiy into attendance of Louisville and .Tpffprsnn rountv Schools. Many teachers also have been reported ill. Rome schools have reDorted ab senteeism of more than 23 sm cent since the outbreak oi xnua influenza cases three weeks agt. This is more than double the nor mal amount. Richard Van Hoose, superintendent of county schools, said influenza was causing most of the trouble and expressed belief that '. the situation is getting better. For example, approximately 450 students out of an enrollmeEl; of 1,650, were absent one day this week at Eastern High School, Middletown. One teacher report ed 11 out of a class of 31 absent. -- Highway Department Extends Rid Deadline Dozens of chug holes on Jeffersontown streets, particularly on Watterson Trail, are drawing the ire of many motorists. One driver said he by passed A musical talent contest will Watterson Trail whenever posbe held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, sible because of fear of damage February 20, under sponsorship to his automobile and offered to of the Younger Woman's Club of contribute to a fund to repair Jeffersontown. Participants are the streets. students of Fern Creek and EastAnother person said he ern High Schools previously reg- contemplating "stocking somewas of istered with Mrs. Ray Anderson, the larger holes with fish." club president. One Jeffersontown businessman Others desiring to enter may do so by contacting Mrs. Anderson. advocated an assessment on propThere is no limitation as to the erty owners to rebuild the streets type or variety of music competi- together with sidewalks and curb-ingHe termed the assessment tion. Prizes are $15, $10 and $5 may enter the an "investment" and estimated and the winner Third District semifinals in Louis- that for each $100 spent would increase property values twice ville in March. amount. Mrs. Flo Gousha, music chair- that Another suggested repairs which man of the Kentucky Federation of Woman's Clubs will be mistress would relieve the situation at of ceremonies. The contest will least temporarily. "Some of the be at the Jeffersontown Grade streets couldn't be much worse," he added. School. Music Talent Contest JTown Raises $805 In Polio Campaign Set For February 20 An invitation to contractors to bid on a construction project on total of $805.47 was contributed by residents of the Jeffersontown area in the recent Moth- Road has been extended by the Department of Highways.' Bids will be received until A ers' March on Polio. Mrs. Cedric L. Cowan, captain, and Mrs. Euexpressed gene Gregg, thanks for workers and contributors for their respective parts in the drive. County 7cman Dies; Funeral Wednesday s. Mrs. America Doan, 69, died at 12:30 a.m. Monday in her resi- dence at Coral Ridge. Surviving are her husband, W. R. Doan, and a brother, Flemmie Mahoney. Funeral services were held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Chapel. Interment was in Cave Hill Cemetery. Schop-penhors- t's the Jeffersontown Fisherville The Droiect will hpoin nt .Tof fersontown and extend ona and miles toward FlshAr. ville. Plans call for grade, drain one-tent- . h ana mgn-typ- e surface Buechel Youth In Navy At San DIca Recently graduated from the Naval Storekeepers School at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, Calif., was James L. Bowman, seaman apprentice, UCN grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Jamei B. Bowman, Route 3, Eued-c- l Bowman entered the service JiJ ' U. S. - 24, 1951. . 1 , '

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