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Image 5 of Kentucky 69 into 70

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

I University AtcWv* Margaret I. Xing UbrĀ«y -University of Kentucky I. wtlngton, Kentucky 4M06 The editor and some of the staff of the 69-70 Kentuckian assume full responsibility for the choice of pictures, theme presented, language used and total development of the Kentuckian. The content of this book had not been developed with the knowledge or approval of the Board of Student Publications. It is our desire to assume complete responsibility for the 69-70 Kentuckian. Disclaimer y 5 i, The University's Code of Student Conduct contains the statement that "the editors shall have the right to editorial freedom without the prior approval of copy . . ." This book is being published even though the editorial comment, pictures and graphic design contained in this edition of the Kentuckian were found not to be representative of student activities and therefore unacceptable for publication by the Director of Student Publications for the University. The responsibility for the editorial comment, pictures, and graphic design is solely that of the editor, Alex Soteriou. Charles A. Reynolds Director of Student Publications

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