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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 16, 1916

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iwririMfrwiiiimmitiitriiiTrT r - THE KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, NOV. 16, 1916. VOL IX WILDCATS WANT TO GET AT MISSISSIPPI CREW CLEANLINESS NEXT TO THE Y. M. C. A.'s AIM. GODLINESS AT HALL Southern Bunch Comes Y. W. C. A. Rooms Located In Basement Close To Highly Touted and With the Laundry Good Record MARSHALL GAME OFF FURNISHINGS Mississippi A. and M. Saturday! Marshall College got caught out in the first cold spell and frigid pedal ex tremities resulted. Marshall 'wired Dr. Tlgert that no game could possi bly be arranged with the Wildcats this season. The gap in the schedule will probably be left. The Wildcats have been kept off of prey for two weeks and are hungry for victims. They hope to taste of sweet revenge Saturday for the drubbing received at the hands of Mississippi A. and M. on a hot day last year. It looks like now the weather will be as different as the score. Plenty of rest and careful polishing has characterized the week's workouts of the Wildcats. Whether the rest will prove a help or injury is yet to be seen. Dr. Tigert has his crowd on edge and itching to go. The Miss issippi game will tell whether Kentucky is in correct condition to turn all the tables upside down by beating Tennessee, which beat Vanderbilt Saturday. If the Wildcats should celebrate Thanksgiving by painting Knox-vill- e blue and white it will give Kentucky a good claim for Southern honors. Mississippi has a good team. They have taken the scalps of Chattanooga, which held Tennessee to a small score, and bruised Transylvania up considerably the second game of the season. Mississippi is said by some football students to have the best line in the South. will probably The Wildcat line-uhave no changes. No official line-ucould be furnished today. The whole team will go in in good condition and that spells a lot. Alvin Thompson, the end, who did excellent work in the first part of the season, and who left the game to undergo an operation, will be out of the game the rest of the season. The only thing Dr. Tigert would say before the Kernel went to press was that the Wildcats will all be ready when the whistle blows and there'll be a fight. twelve-to-nothin- g p "COLLEGE SPIRIT" TO BE DISCUSSED AT "Y" The Y. M. C. A. will hold a meeting next Sunday, night at the Y rooms. The topic of discussion will be: "What is True College Spirit?" Student speakers who have been selected for the occasion are J. Franklin Corn, Charles Gordon and Bart Peak. Three points will bo emphasized in the speaking, college spirit on the campus, and in students' in the class-roo- NIFTY r, KITTENS WIN FROM To with the church. To promote a program of unselfish service. To provide as far as possible, bureaus, work for needy students. thru employment S. R. 0. FOR To win men to Christian life and develop them in it. Making the best of a bad' bargain is what the Patterson Hall girls have To provide wholesome social life. been doing since the only room in To unite the students in promotthe building available for meetings ing the interests of the University was made into sleeping quarters this and the individuals who compose it. fall. The lack of a place for the Y. W. To unite the students of the UniC. A. to hold its meetings has presentversity of Kentucky with the worlded a serious problem, since the weath wide Christian brotherhood. er has prevented services being con ducted on the porch. At last, how' ever, the difficulty has been solved. The laundry in the basement which Y. M. C. A. WILL OPEN has previously occupied two rooms, has been moved into one, and the CAMPAIGN NEXT WEEK girls have converted the other into an association room. Curtains at the windows, a flower box hiding an un Every Student To Be Asked sightly corner and dashing yellow To Become a Real shades over the lights have worked Live Member miracles with the old laundry. The Young Woman's Christian As- HAS DONE GOOD WORK sociation has planned the room for a "The hunger for brotherhood is at community center, to make up to the girls in some measure the loss of the bottom of the unrest of the mod ern civilized world." That is the feel their- old Recreation Hall. ing in every Y. boy's heart, and Mr. a near akin to it McINTEER IS WINNER Johnson hasthe feeling campaign for Y. great in starting OF BANANA CONTEST M. C. A. membership that will be waged next week. With a zip, a boom The Agricultural Society held a and a rah the membership campaign joint meeting with the Home Econom- will be started Monday and not a boy ics girls last Monday night in the Y. will be missed; all will be given a M. C. A. Building. Professor J. T. C. pressing invitation to join in the Y. Noe made the address of the evening, movement and no sheep will intentionon "What Education Should Mean to ally be left out of the fold. us and How we Should Spend Our But this is a campaign for new Leisure Hours While in College," and members not in name but in spirit. three solos were sung by Miss Effie Deep down in the heart take stock of Land. yourself and see if you are going in it The boys met at the Y. M. C. A. for the name; if you are, you should and went in a body to Patt Hall, not go in. The fight of the t. M. C. A. where they drew lots to see which is a fight to establish in the college young lady would honor each with her boy's heart the fatherhood of God and company to the meeting. About forty the brotherhood of man. Charles girls were present. Rann Kennedy says: "There's a lot After the program, a banana-eatino' brother knockin' abaht as people contest was pulled off and the prize don't know on." His statement is of one dollar was won by B. B. Mcln-tee- true. When you look at it this busiafter it was shown that several ness of brotherhood you find there of the contestants had put their ba- are many fellows that you would realnanas in their pockets Instead of the ly like to "buddy up to," while on the placo intended for them by nature. other hand you can find fellows to Refreshments, consisting of agricul- whom It would mean moro to be a tural products, grapes, apples and ba- comrade to than all of the ready cash nanas, were then passed around and most of us could spare. for a time very little conversation was Did the thought over touch you that Indulged in. we a ro all descendants of Adam, all brothers and the earth is ono great CHINESE Y. MAN HERE homo? Well, it is a fac.t. Every boy In college, has a room in that home to Mr. Win, R. Stewart, a Y. M. C. A. himself, sonio of those rooms are so missionary at Nanking, China, who is lonesome they ure next t door to Hell. Do you over meandor homo on a furlough, was a visitor the University Y. M. C. A. this week. and rap on your brother's door, Invito Mr. Stewart will shortly return to the li i hi to talk with you, smoke the pipe foreign, field. Ho has been associated of comradeship and partake of your with our former Y. M. C. A. secretary, good cheer? Do it and you will find E. L. Hall, in the work in China. (Continued on Page Five) g No. 9 T Howard and Peak Carry the Miss Margaret Wilkinson Score Ball Over and Frank Shinnick Take Prize Is 13 to 0 STRUGGLE THRILLING BARNHILL ALSO WINS (By "Sap.") A deafening collection of "Meows" Students of the University of Kenwas heard from the "Kittens" last tucky and Sayre College and many Friday when Assistant Coach Tuttle filled) the University townspeople took them from the source of their chapel to overflowing last Friday infantile pleasures and put them on night for the annual "Amateur Night" the gridiron at Georgetown in front of given under the auspices of the Strollthe Tiger Cubs. As the Wildcats fight ers, the University dramatic club. in their lair so did the "Kittens" fight Thruout the entire program the audhaunt of on the muddy ience was impressed with the original the Cubs, and the end of the game ity displayed by the contestants for found the score 13 to 0 In the Kittens' the Stroller prizes in the best amateur favor. performance of its kind ever given in In the first half Jack Howard car- Lexington, according to critics who ried the ball over for a score and were present. The happy and the "Red" Adair kicked goal. In the last sad, the pathetic and the ridiculous; half when some one blundered the the classic and the burlesque all signals Bart Peak ran for thirty yards found piace8 in the entertainment and went over for another. At this furnished by the young actors. Nor sensational play of Bart's the crowd was the art of music without reprewent wild. Two thousand Georgetown sentation, for on the bill appeared rooters cried out their pain, fair young Harney's "Meat House Quartet," of s tore their hair and shed big Patt Hall and Cincinnati fame. Texas tears of sympathy for GeorgeRoy Barnhill won the individual town, but to no avail, as the game prize. The act presented by Miss soon closed and the Cubs were un- Margaret Wilkinson and Frank Shinable to score. After the game a rush nick was unanimously awarded the was made to get better views of the prize for the doubles. The judges offspring. Many compli- were Professor Enoch Grehan, ProfesWildcats' ments were dispensed. People were sor E. F. Farquhar and "Uncle Jimshoved to exhaustion by those who my" Lyons. Mr. Barnhill showed wished to get a full view of the Kit- marked dramatic talent in his act, tens. The game was a grand suc- "Out Bottoming Bottom," an arcess as evidenced by the Georgetown rangement of the Pyramus and This-bBumble Bee's extra, which was on the interlude from "Midsummer Night's street in a few minutes after the game, Dream." Mr. Barnhill impressed the telling of the splendid work of the audience with his ability and cleverKittens and giving the constructive ness in taking successively the many opinions of the Eastern scouts who different parts in this Shakespearean follows: were present. The line-uThe act staged by Miss selection. Cubs. Position. Kittens. and Mr. Shinnick was Wilkinson Jennings unique in that Miss Wilkinson Is the Mosley Left End. author of this play, In which she playJones ed the title role, "An American PrinLisanby Left Tackle. cess." She won the admiration of Arnold critics both as an author and as an Lancaster Left Guard. actress. Mr. Shinnick, in the role of Kelley Anderson (Capt.) a metropolitan newspaper reporter, Center. showed good dramatic form. Minor Sloan F. 0. Mayes made quite a hit in his Right Guard. original monologue, "Hamlet at the Barlow University of Kentucky." Boles "To bone, Right Tackle. or not to bone," the pseudo Hamlet Johnson declared, was the paramount Issue. J. Shinnick Right End. W. Lindsay commanded the sympa Ogden thies of his hearers In his act repre Peak Quarterback. senting a foreigner at the University. Henderson Mr. Lindsay showed rare ability In Howard Loft Half. character representation. Bnugh Atkinson The most decided hit of the evening Fullback. from a humorous standpoint, was the Lane farce, "Dot's Dilemma, or One at a Annlr (Capt.) Right Half. Time and They'll Last Longer," preMany substitutes wore used by sented by tho "Bill" family of Patt. both teams during the last half. Hall. This original play was highly enjoyable. Miss Josephine Thomas Society will hold as "Dot" and Miss Eyrl Richmond as Tho its monthly meeting in tho Natural a "Cuckoo" student, did excellent Science Building at 7:30 Monday work in this production, as did Misses night. Clom nml Rlckotts. straw-strew- n e p

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