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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Office of the President December 13, 1994 REPORT ON UTILIZATION OF THE GENERAL FUND SURPLUS EXPENDITURE PLAN FUNDS The utilization of the General Fund Surplus Expenditure Plan funds as approved by the President for expenditure during 1994-95 is as follows: University System 1. Classroom and Instructional Lab Renovations $1,170,000* 2. Deferred Maintenance and Life Safety Projects 497,000 3. Academic and Administrative Computing Systems Upgrade 433,500 4. Merit Scholarships 86,000 5. Agriculture Research - Animal Sciences 94.000 $2,280,500 *In addition, $500,000 has been allocated from the President's instructional equipment fund as approved in the 1994-95 Operating Budget for equipment for these classrooms and instructional labs. Community Collece System 1. Instructional Equipment $ 398,200 2. Match for National Sciences Foundation (NSF) Math Grant 225.000 $ 623,200 Backaround: The Board of Trustees approved the University's 1994-95 Operating Budget on June 18, 1994. At that time, an operating budget addendum was also approved for the General Fund Surplus Expenditure Plan funds of $2,280,500 for University Systera general operations, $623,200 for Community College System general operations, and $1,500,000 for the restoration of fifty county extension agent positions as included in the General Assembly's enacted budget. The addendum also noted that during 1994-95 the $2,280,500 within the University System and the $623,200 within the Community College System would be utilized for critical one- time programmatic and capital needs of the University. The funds would subsequently be included in the proposed 1995-96 Operating Budget submitted for approval by the Board of Trustees and would be utilized for high priority needs for the University as established in the University Strategic Plan. The President indicated to the Board that he would report back to the Board on the planned use of the funds for 1994- 95 once the funds were allotted by the State. In August, the University was notified by the Governor's Office for Policy and Management that the Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet had certified that these funds would be allotted in 1994-95. At that time, the President requested the chancellors and vice presidents to identify their high priority needs for the use of these funds. The above plan represents the allocation of the funds based upon those identified priorities.

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