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Image 1 of The Frankfort roundabout, April 7, 1894

Part of The Frankfort roundabout

J W i I Tee Frankfort Eoundabout J 1 mr wqmwMwywa WJflWp - GEO A V LEWIS Publisher A m V4 Highest of all in Leavening Power Wv 1894 100 In Advanoe NO 31 m 2 Country Resklonep Humeri Latest U S Govt Report 7 TERMS Business and Professional Directory The country house known as the Dr Dickerson place on thtf BILLIARDS AND POOL Lawrenceburg pike just opposite ROBERT GORDON CHAS G PAYNE the Spout Spring belonging to Painter and Paperhanger Billiards and Pool the estate of the late Gen Scott Brown was destroyed by fire on FURNISHED ON Tte Club Main Stiect ESTIMATES satisfaction guaranteed SHORT Orders Monday left at P Grays It was occupied at the The Finest Tables In the city Gymnasium mid promptMattention Hardware Store willSlreceive Mar 3m Bowling Alleys attached time by Mr Church Vaughanwho CONFECTIONER lost nearly all his furniture There LAWYERS was no insurance upon either fOHN R TODD CHAS T RA Y house or contents and the loss is Manufacturing poem down with hirm next court about four thousand dollars The Attorney at Law Confectioner day fire started in the roof and is sup41 St Clair Street W H Posey Master CommisFrankfort Kentucky posed to have been caused by a Home made Candles Fruits Nuts and Ice Cream sioner of the Circuit Court made Water In season Cigars and Tobacco Office In the Hume Building The neighbors ami soda defective flue Near netforldge the following sales viz gathered in quickly and worked JVM CROMWELL DBUGS The Frankfort Brewery property f hard to save the contents but the was bid in bv Mr John W Rod Attorney at Law flames spread so rapidly that they W H AVERILL man for the Farmers Bank which Frankfort Kentucky Baking Powder ARSGUVTELY PURE - i- DEVOTED TO LOCAL AND SOCIETY NEWS FKANKFORT KY SATURDAY APRIL VOL XVII Hrf fa WEEKLY PAPER 4 MANUFACTORY ANOTHER ifc- v- A Chair Factory to be Estab lished Here - kW 1 Frankfort is to have another chair manufactory which will use onlyffree labor and will furnish employment to quite a number of were unable to get into several Druggist Chamberlain we learn made the purchase for Messers Also Heal Estate Agent Will practice In the V hands rooms at all Courts of Franklin and Main Street opp City Hall and will also give specialthe adlolilng counties Hays and Gray who have until an Ohio party The Parker proputtentlon to the pur A general stock of Drug Fine Stationery a chase and sale of real estate collection or rents Cigars and Tobacco specialty recently been- connected with the erty on Arlington Heights was Prescriptions claims and the negotiation of loans Nominated Tor Surveyor compounded at nil hours chair factory in the prison have bid in by John W Rodman for Mr J Monte Tharp formerly NO W R WILLIAMS W CHINN JR CO made arrangements to lease a por- the Farmers Bank and the Safety of this city has been nominated Attorney at Law the tion of the buildings at Messrs Vault and Trust Company Druggists as a Democratic candidate for Grahams planing mill price for all was 2930 Choate Frankfort Kentucky 314 Main Street County Surveyor of Oldham cour and hogshead factory where they The property of Lucinda Hans Will practice In all State Courts Office second Prescriptions carefully and accurately filled at all floor Custom House hours A flue line of Fancy Toilet Articles will establish a plant for the manu- brough in Bellepoint was purchased ty Nervous Prostration NEWSDEALER facture of the higher grades of by L B Marshall for 400 FLOUR AND FEED chairs for which there is always a The property of Hiram Smoot GUY BARRETT A large manufacturer whose affairs REOCK DONALDSON Mr Hays left in the country was purchased by were very much embarrassed and good demand News Dealer and Flour Meal Feed and Wednesday for Grand Rapids the Louisville Safety Vault Co for who was overworked and broken Bookseller down with nervoiiB exhaustion went Country Produce to a celebrated specialist He was Michigan to make arrangements 180 332 Main Street told that the only thing needed was Block South Side Fine Stationery Periodicals of all kinds Fane to dispose of the output of the to be relieved of care and worry and Oysters FishFined Jjcg Broken Goods anl Game in season Choice have a change of thought This doc- factory and Mr Chamberlain Pickles and Preserves tor was more his pa Mr Jacob Ahler was driving tients health considerate of financial leaves next week fpr Chicago and PAINTERS than of his LIVERY He the east to place a portion of the the delivery wagon for Messrs circumstances use Drought to have advised him to Miles Restor W B BRTDGEFORD DARNELL output and purchase machinery Sower Ahler Thursday morning ative Nervine the best remedy for MANGAN prostration sleeplessness The Painter and as soon as the latter arrives and in turning the corner of High nervonB headache ill effects of spir Fine Livery dizziness the factory will commence opera and Clinton streets one of the spin- its tobacco coffee opium c Thou Terms Reasonable 10 St Clair Street testify to cures Books dles of the wagon broke letting sandsbottles free at J W Gayles and tions Wall Paper Paints Oils and Glass constantly on trial 5 219 Main Street nunu The gentlemen who will estab- that side of the vehicle drop on the Mr Ahler was thrown lish the factory have had many street years experience in the business out and dragged some distance will put in a first class plant and his left leg being broken in two produce goods of which any city places between the knee and will be proud They had a flatter ankle the bone of one fracture Mr ing offer to go to Evansville protruding from the flesh ITSOTXT Indiana but preferred to remain Ahler was taken to the confection- Messrs Sower Ahler here where timber can be had in ery of where he received medical atten- large quantities and at such a low 12 lOjinch 14 16 figure that chairs can be manu tion and was afterward removed 3 50 3 75 4 00 6 i factured at much less cost than in to his home where he is now lying in a critical condition northern cities which will enable Will remove to his new quarters on St These machines are guaranteed in every respect and to give satisfac- them to put their product on the Cheap Power Clair street next door to It K JIclure tion or returned at my expense market in competition with the Je Sons Now that we have an electric old established factories and make About Ten Days railroad the city is being canvass a good profit The projectors of the new enter- ed by Mr L A Farns worth rep or sooner if the working men will push paper liantrinrr and prise should receive every encour- - resenting the Jenny Electric Motor the carpenter work quick time it painting through in all now agement from the city lor the es- - Company of Indianapolis for the depends on them and until then 1 will retablishment of the factory here at purpose of introducing electric duce my stockthis time will prove a blessing in motors into manufacturing estabHARDWARE MERCHANT Allien as Possible the way of furnishing employment lishments the electricity to be to sonic of our idle citizens and furnished by the railroad company at unheard of prices will not move any more goods Announcement bring into our midst skilled at a low rate The motors are will sell them than I can help if low prices We have printed a pamphlet Mo apologv is necessary oh the giving the mechanics symptons There is no doubt small occupying very little room cause of cancers and score of medical propriety for varieties c about the factory being a success and will reduce the cost of power Anyone feeling inter- thus announcing to the profession tumors from the start if push and energy Very materially besides requiring At some of these prices figured China and the public that we have made esting can get a copy free by ad- count for anything as all of the no engineer or fireman and have Silks suitable for shirt waist only 28 cents a long careful and special study dressing yard gentlemen interested are built on no machinery to get t tit of order a yard 85Watered Silks only 49 cents acolors of cancerous diseases together Dks Current Smith worth 32 inch China Silks Jn all Paris Ky other at 49 cents a yard worth 65 cents Black with all malignant and 17 tf those lines and will hustle from Uought His Homo Brocaded Silk at 79 cents a yard worth tumors and are able to offer the the jump W J Scottow keeps on hand results of our extensive experience Mr H F Duncan has purin Kentucky and surrounding a fresh supply of Aromalc Dont Court Day Do You Need a Corset chased from Miss Maggie Russell countries in a system of rational fail to include a package in your 28 6U and successful treatment that we next order for groceries An unusually large crowd was the residence on Steele street believe has never heretofore been in town Monday and the street which he has been occupying for If you do buy it this week you can sive attained and we are able to point Dr Halos Household Ointment money hawkers and patent medicine men several years for four thousand to thousands of successful cases 250 quality will be sold for 200 reIs the finest remedy in the world Only a few five hundred dollars and is did a lively business 150 quality will be sold for 120 not in a boasting but rather in a It absolutely cures catarrh It cures pairing and improving same jloo quality wilt he sold for 80 cents horses were shown but a good spirit of thankfulness that we are Neuralgia and Rheumatism Cures 75 cent quality will be sold for 64 cents thus able to prove so clearly our Piles like magio Cures Salt Rheum ItH n Mistake Diadeal of stockwas offered 50 cent quality will be sold for 43 cents in the most soothing manner Cures cent quality will be sold foi 36 cents assertion that our system does Inflamed and Granulated Eyelids mond Bentley the Silver Tongued To neglect caring for a cough or cold 45 Every time you cough you incrensa You should take advantage of this removal cure cancer With a positive Cures Coughs and Colds Can bo Blue Grass Auctioneer reports tne trouble ana soon an inflammation sale and buy while they are at these prices knowledge of this fact now so taken internally A positive specific1 a for pneumonia Outs Bruises Burns that the following sales 10 long year 1b started controlin Dr short time is fully endorsed by thousands of suf- Chilblains Sores of long standing difficult to Hales Houseling steers at 1925 per head 6 hold Cough Oure has such a magic ferers and approved by the pro- vjorua aim xtunions are curea quiCKiy effect upon a cough allaying all irri fession we should be wanting in different from all else superior to all 18 milk cows at 2052175 tation so quickly that every person equal humanity if we neglected any else it haBnooheapest25 and 50o boxes Large size and Sold at P Hv 3260 4 in the land should always have a bot 3025 2525 means in our power to spread the Carpenters drug store tle of this wonderful medicine on 8 mules from 40 to 85 8 horses hand to begin taking at once upon glad tidings among those afflicted It At No 319 Main Street near with this most terrible and hope- For Sale or Rent My dwelling from 40 to 7550 Diamond the first appearance of a cold oosts only 25o and 50o a bottle at house on Ann street State National Bank promises to bring that celebrated P H Carpenters drug store less of diseases o tf J T Buckley ij i - 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