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Image 1 of Kentucky sentinel (Mount Sterling, Ky.), August 27, 1868

Part of Kentucky sentinel (Mount Sterling, Ky.)

"rae-- . rs;t TIP I T..1 TIO.VS li ITU square consists of space equivalent to ten Ihia size (Brevier) type: A O k . 9:1 2:1725 8U2 i7!2r.iH). 12'lS 25'3:il50ll00 Three months Six months One vear IS ECTOlt V. Hon. It. I'ppersou, jr., Judge. V. R. Young, Com'th Alt'y. J. .1. Crawford, Clerk Hon. M.M.Cassidy, Jndfte J. D. Reid, Oour.ty Attorney. VOLUME I. COUNT V DI Cibcbit Cociit. County Coukt. J. R. Garrett, Clerk. W. B. Tipton, Sheriff. C. G. Deputy. T. H. I'ro'bert., Jailor. E. K. Garrett, Judge. J. W. Ibirroacrlis, Marshal. Tlios. Metcalfe, l'ros. Att'y. COURT. " BUS I N E S SJ3 AR DS AT LAW. ATTOHNEYSMount Sterling, Ky. on Main Street, Ollic Ja. ar. iv. jztizisrT, ATTOllNEY ATKV. LAW. MOUNT STERLING, practice in Montgomery. Rath and the adjoining counties. UKl'ICREXCK C.ei'eral Wm. L.Jackson, formerly Judge of the l'lth judicial Circuit of Va., and now resident Atornev, Louisville, Kentucky. one door OFl'lCK Up Stairs, entrance Reese's Jewelry Store. Jan. W LAW. AT ATTOlEY MT. STKRLING, KY. to all Business confided W Ids care. Vili ' attend promptly 'Office North side Public Square. Jan. . 'iticuAim j n.wis itnto . RKin. LA, ATTORNEYS AT STKRLINO, KY. MT. confided Will attend pronely to all business i their ca.o. Special attention will be given to the collection of nil Claims against the Vnited States Government. Jan. CIIAWIN' GUM. She did not smoke nor did she drink Leer, Porter, Ale or; But oh! she had one serious fault That lovely girl chewed gum. Her mouth was busy all the time, And never did sheconio To Church or any public place, Without her chewing gum. holt, ATTOHMY AT vtr. xx. practice in Mon"tmery, lblth, H JLh ell, Wolfe, Morgan, Magoiiin coun V Pow tics, and in the Court of Appeals, v. Jan. 1 r. JNO. J. COl'.N liLISON. TCRNKU. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. S'ri'.iii.iNo, Ky. Moi'nt M. M. Ut'.AKB, 1). ; D'O.A.SIB. XXl-S-. jirofrss'onal busillis. . attention given to chronic sick-es- -. !'- -' rvEcsiExxiLasr. Gr.'Tsa:. Dontal Stu'soou, JlorST STliULlNG, KY. Olflco one door below Reese's 'lip T. xx. 1 j nia-cs-EXJ- . lars 11 Store, Je-lr- ptai-- s. it i ) n ;rnrr, m JIT. STF.IU.I.N'G, KY. Office o er .Maupin 3 atioc oioie. ilnin btreet. March (I. l j.i. n 1: s rnK.- k. I'll Pracl v. vxi-i:iii- t: 1 , 5 KY., MT. STKI1LIXO, 'TKNDBRS his professional services to the eoptc of Mt. Sterling and vicinity. Oflice nnd liesiilenre on Main Strcetop-,,csii- e the Presbyterian Church. npr.9-4ni- " Ttra. II.IJWWIH I K It A" ..V ' , I'll vsii: National lintel, Ml. Sterling. oiii.v'ie Jii iinil Office Where one of ihem may always be loan ami nbjhl unless professionally absent. Jan. hi;i , HOBERT MOORE, ANIMAL, PORTRAIT, I'ilRTRAlTS LANDSCAPE AriD FAINTER. of fine stock, and horses, Photographic terms. Portraits enlarged to any si?.'' up to life, on or canvass painted in oil colors. STUDIO Over Taliaferro k Co s store, Winmnr.2l-3chester, Ky. Jas. Stcakt Run. Tavi.ou. Stcaut. Jno. pa-p- STUA II T, TA YLOR .y CO., AND jrai and I) K At, HUS IS Country Produce Generally, COAL, SALT. lA MRfill, ETC. Yard and Warehouse, near freight Depot. PARIS, Jan. 2a-1- DEALKIl KY. IN Cooking Kanges, Stoves, Grates, Iron and Marble Mantles, Pumps, Woodcm Ware, Tin-War- o, AXD HOUSE FURNISHING H AIM STREET, (Ilmlons Jan GUODS, &C, Block,) PARIS, KY. 2.!-- tf ""ilOUSi3? SIGH, AND nnniTU 31. X. mm. i3owoi IS now prepared to execute anything in his line in tho most tasty and workmanlike manner. His facilities arc ample for executing all kinds of AD PAPER HAMDirJG. t r i . . ,.,. i. tl ' - 4 ' a! w -.- ;r , , 1 .. . 'S tc j f,,i af" i 1 . i . 1 baltnl-sideratiu- 11 tm-k- '"'- 1 'ls i .) - . 1 h" h?"" j oo.-iiii- ,,., . , i " , a pic-ss- '"'l j Our Candidates and t'ae Conscrvative Kcpublieans. We do not doubt that the great majority of the Conservative Republicans are heaitily with us, and will stand with us shoulder to shoulder in support of our candidates Seymour and Blair in the struggle in which wo are engaged, to biing tho administration of tho Government Within tho limits of tho (.'onsti tution. We have ample reason for this belief, and we rejoice, for the country's sake, at the manliness, good sense, and patriotic motives which have led them to abandon a once powerful party when it its real and revolutionary designs-micame out boldly, uniting, with us, for the most sacred, and vital rights of tho people. With them as our allies, we have joined hearts rind hands; with them we will light the good fight into which agood cause calls us; and with them, by tho blessing of Heaven, and the power lodged in heavy blows and popular majorities, we shall triumph. But still there are no doubt some Conservative Republicans lagging behind, who are not in full sympathy with 11s, who stand halting between two opinions and who nevertheless, desire to be on tho side of truth, justice, and the Constitution. They say. pcihaps, that they Would have been with us had wo placed at tho head of g our Presidential ticket a man less than Horatio Seymour. With all duo lvspcct for their objections, we are constrained to say that we consider them untenable, and, moreover, not altogether worthy of men who really desiro to stand at their country's side in the hour of danger, and defend her against some of her own children who arc madly seeking to destroy her liWlies. To them, indeed, as tons, it should be a matter of little consequence who bears our banner, so that tho inscription on the banner is what it should be. They should hear in mind that it is in the nature of things that wo can not all have the man whom we may individually prefer. The best that we can do is to have a cause that is just and good, and entrust it to the best man that is possible under tho circumstances. Leaving aside all prejudices, and taking up tho issue of what possible objection can any Conservative Republican reasonably have to Mr. Seymour? There is not one of such who will not bear witness to his eminent talents, his administrative abilities, his pure patriotism, his exalted virtues, and ids unspotted private character. They will not certainly do nnr to tho platform on which ue sianus, 101 11 is eminently wise and conservative; to the principles he holds, so far as they apply to the present contest, for the same as thosj held by Washington and Adams, Hamilton and Jackson, and Jefferson, Madison, Clay, Webster, and a long line of other illustrious names of both political parties; to the time-honore- tincom-piomisin- ,llcrchttttl s , Co m m i s s ion My letter is already too lon Tho Hew York Riots Who Was Re for Jnlv sponstblo for them. roadhig, or I would "expose other .ecus; 11 1 I. Office ami rooms over Wyall's (irnc.ory, where on they may .Kays he found except wiifii absent i ( pioa.nmg. The fallowing letter is from General .1. : i l.v the pnemiec f,f (:. U-- an papers ;' the East m The figures, as they come in from Ken T. Miller, late Insneetor-UYnor. of the s! ,.., ... .i... an; I, . a iu fav tjiai iook a ...m -- ..u.,., iVlmoM umco tuia 01...1 a., iv .1.;. auac 1 lor ine jeiiioerai- He is prepared "to stand m abolish :i the moment Ui;iii; K , ... ,'..:... , . . r 'ni. lasL icuuiis, ...i.:..i we fetatt . .ol JSew . lork. ... iinjuiuy .i..i . u uicu . . xiio ivduuuuui 111 me r.auicai column in t,ua meme.u o. r MJ .act!, t..egan. set clown eigl.iv lie was then m Wisconsin, an.l Presidential election: They are by far published knows move about the faets than gave sufficient aid in forwarding volunteers j thousand majoniy for Slovene, the too sanguine. We can assure our frfcndi ;Uh: Caua"!.ale, ,or ovurnor' Tl '0"oral 1. V;'ln0Cl u , on going over our cause wan sue ' nlno'ans words in this under the call ol the Present, On Lis re - ,l1IT,.,.,mr iho .:., ., k tatewillgofurlhcr: tnrn to New York, he promptly aSsi:;te.l j energetic work the Democracy conservative Pepublieat.s as may be in - tl.icU flom vhieh in Kiowy th,y como can can clined to hesitate, we lind what? That an,l will probably show laraer -- ains. ae- Falls, N. Y., July 20, Governor Morgan and Adjutant-Genera- l the .Slate. While this is (he first time iu II. I). Kkmp, Esq.- - Sin Tho Williams, and recieved the public thanks our history 1,on we l.avp l.,l . our Presidential candidato is able, ine- - cording as they are recieved. The result "'- - .u."u " - .juau n 01 uov. aoyinour are not leqtifred to take 1,1 eaeu 01 oihoial.s. As tion of the parly, outside, of two oro tired proncnaoie, experienced, and 111 all respects t most eminently filled for the I110I1 and re tnu delensive 011 the jovcinm. no wvfcc.t a vigorous prosecu- - counties, our ojipoiients are badly demor , . Riois. ,.; . fA are avvaiic to the nuiltilanous mi.selnel tion and spely conclusion of the war, and ali;:ed make whatever . bubseciuent disclosures sponsible plaec to wltu-- tlievluivc vesolv - ...i.ui, .1,,. !'.i;,..,i .,. throw the ,.c. Ui ;, nomination il.ev ed to elect him; that ho stands upon a plat- - administration of the "tjioveruiiiout. d.e upon his may on tho Hth of We xponsibility upon the party then in power promptly tilled eveiy call September, they will form and upon principles that are unexeep- - cannot, therefore, shut our eyes to the di- - at Wasliinylon. It is now known to have 'ate. Ite preferred voluateeriii'j lo the fail to he satisfaetry to a large section of "ft; and manfully opposed nnlamful tlicir paitv, and the "cohesive power of tional.le, and which he is bound to carry ,'ciJ,u f these straws wj"ieb bhow how the been part of a conspiracy to place the city 11111 am::ts 5a. thu l'yal States; but outside of plunder," malice and hate will out, and that the cause of which hois lead- - q iv tl?" Democntt'c 8nJ Statc of Xt'w Yo,k lm'r not ba in SGG was -- made so against his own wishes, and majority for member ofConress, (the sol in order to control the elections in IV '"" "c juiucu 110 issue wan ttie Oovern- - suliicient to bind the party together. It .1.:" mcnt. hy a ihundei ing demand of his countrymen itary 0.10 who represents that youny iState) un'l lbtJ4. f, uillbe ...tioiw in 11113 ciecLiou, which he could not resist wan, at the election of the first Monday in He was also emphatically the soldiers that when "logues fall out honest men get The outrage was cunningly devised, hut is 0110 wliieii appeals spontaneously and with irresistible fi"".1:!',-1'''01'- ' pju ofj poorly txectitcd. Fiis: the for s gum i lg the fi'ieuJ. lie originated more measures for thoir dues." t 1,aibcl' ofXow Yolk were stripped of troops their comfort on the field while on fin lough power to every heart. Now, what more do, The leadeis of the l!adi,i party bclmj t!l,ls bcell,!1 a somxe of danger instead thr.n the Governor of any olhei loyal State principally 01' can, they or other .men want?' hati tWCnty thousand, faking these two as an composed of rogues and nil-Sstrange as it may sound to manv, ho who have "stolen themselves rich in the appeal can be made to them that their example, we will find that tho people arc 01 ilelense. lha magazine on (..overnor's country does not make through these eon-- ! uo iioancioning ineir Hostility to tin: wan-- lsianu was tcit msulliciently gnanleil, and "'si stiggcsteti the constitutional amend- - name of liberty," will drive whole "n'1, ; i'ii runs j.oiicy of the ruling fae- - as was officially reported to me, during the went by which the right of the sol, Her to which we have adverted? lo ions of honest" Rciml.licrw u. ,.n,.l,0 , .uuno. ... . .... ..keeps . lew to vears 0 neace. has tion, wlncii dm i 1 very vessel ot , not, uniociieii. , was voieu 11,10 ,n service was seemed. Jli while our columns move on with the liat whom we sneak 1 measured onsen1.1 national iteot, ana uepr. v uiei ine ordored to Hampton Roads, though a rebel promotions were ever made with an eye sin - tread to victory. To the uav iv in jiiii ng v. 1111 us neai lily, wuony prici s and war taxation. The Ken Democrats of and with a will? election has tnheu place since tho cruiser was reported in the immediate gde to tho merits of the officer, either on the Kansas in every county We say, perfect What is it? Prodi u- dice! What! pvedjtnlice at such a time as Presidential nominations of both parties neighborhood. The city and State were held 0 in the recruiting service, and no yonr organizations, enroll every mail who v' ele ,na'j0? "a - drained of their J'?1 b0 far flom tlw militia under urgent calls stain of partisanship or corruption appears has grown sick of Radical plunder and this, when great principles are at stake? nation ot the iiailical party strengthen n;0 from the War Department. hat! does duly call us to At this mo- upon a single commission signed by him. misrule into your clubs, take off your coat Prediudiee? the backbone wf,i , laetion, or the nomina- tbe rescue of free institutions on this conti - ti,,n of Seymour and Blair weakening the ment a draft was ordered and a quota T. Mil inn. and go to work", and as sure as ihe Novem call us by ev- - spinal column of the Democracy ia the portioned confessedly unjust. Two city nent, our laws and liberties her election arrives victory will be yoinsi From the Xew York Wre. they have turned the eotuse of cvcnl.s Congressional Pistiicts (the 4th and Oth) ery obligation which love of country, the Nominate a full ticket in every county, Eadieal Election Fisures. T1- are but the were called upon for six hundred more relief of kindred ft 01,1 despotic chains, self- - 'M other way. Several of the Radical pipers have been without regard to success or defeat, and , early indications (the skirmish fire as it preservation, and Whatever else we value were ) ot ,1,. great revoIt:tinnai y ,battle conscripts than tho two states of Vermont woik like men who have a country tosavo no figuring at the electoral vote, trying to; ., .. ......Ct , V. It c u liicu :s imom to open, j tue otlier elee and Xew Hampshire; and the twelve Dem- n.l .1 " IJI.I ""rb'--' show Grant elected, but are unable to and liberty to transmit to their uosteiity, hold us back? Is this manly, is it worthy, lions which are to come off between this oeralie districts wcie requited to bear and all will bo well. V !V,U N ilCliwi , nn.n, IL I 'II...1 is it wise, is il "! When the iud 'c - au" 11,0 1 ''dential contest in .November, much larger draft than the sixteen ll pub- q ,, 7 V cations of Iitau districts poll nearly double the num- I,StC,r' Byrcn. ment and the heart are convinced; shall 10 1110 lianicai Usui pa- , ol ,ul"""' b"" 6' ';,,,..,, lnequa iu lonow ing table as An English in lliocbSirse of & pieujuoice oe nuoweu to step m ana over -,.s .,,,,1 notions, u ho can fell ilt ,lf, oer 01 votes. tne liadtcal ticket can dto: mittcd and commented upon by the public uie best review of a new life of Byron, says: o t men m iiiL ii iuuiiu) s inn nun ugainsi nominees 01 ine nicago convention may vruansas , , , ,r , ., Mississippi .nu nicy ueie not coireeic-u- , His name did not appear on subscriami, sov-ulier salvation? Is predjtidicc omnipotent, te ovei wncunea hy tiie weight ot Kadical Nebraska then, in the breasts ot really patriotic men ''"'"""istralion since the rebellion was penning negotiations, secret ordeis were Illinois ption lists, though his purse was always Id Nevada y given to put the wheel in motion without Indiana 12 New Hampshire ) open to the needy; he wrote Hebrew mcl- Many ofourennservative Republican hreth-- r'0""'1 carry on their shoulders? Il we look ,. Iowa North Carolina ! odies hich a li ing critic has pronounced clUiei' Gel,oral 1:1 ren fought under Me Clellan. Did it ever !lt tac facts u hich confront the people when nol,l.v,n Kansas Rhode Island of the Department, or Governor to bo "fraught with the spirit of Isaiah,'' s for 0:10 instant, when their right arm they come to vote, we lind that taxes (0 the "land Louisiana South Carolina lie amount of &J,000,Ujy,(K'0 more. And mour, according to agreement, or even the Maine needed, lo hesitate to rush into the Tennessee jy t of did not subscribe to the "Propnga-,- ll"s lien the Gospel Society;" lie abhorred l.e" 1,10 .7l,ntl.v' ls llt l'aec and the mayor or police authorities of the city. breach Massachusclt yes into the jaws of death l;i .Vermont at bis , . i'liil ivy iivi'u 11 a ic'iuciioii To secure a riot a Saturday was selected Michigan 0 8 word of command, because they were not i', e West Virginia j slavery, but he did not swell the train of ol taxes atcl tne national obligation as a 4 S Mr. Wilberfoice. isconsin in full political sympathy with their leadei ?, Vu;t of victory won, God knows with what on which to commence the outrage under Minnesota Ho poured forth pro- Itiscly ilercriptions of the glories of foreign They and he fought for the same cause and terrible sacrifices to every honi" and hearth the circumstances detailed, and a Sunday yv Total, lands, but he indulged in none of tho senwon iftogether. Why can thev not co '!1 t'lrt country. But instead of the load was artfully allowed to intervene between It will bo seen by this table that the forth in the same spii it again? Tlu-- mnv lightened we are coHe-.- up-- to beat- the beginning and conclusion of the con- timents v hich make Englishmen 'justly great (Jutes of Now Yolk, Pennsylvania, not bo in all respects in entire sympathy I'"'tlt "actions, to submit to incicased Ohio and Missouri are conceded to the proud of their country." In order ta keep a portion; e'peiutitu:es. with all ol .Mr. .Sevmour s puluica! opim-- i ol the country Dunn"' these proceedings and in further In his opinions he was a kind of "Her-mi- l in subjection 111010 troops Democracy. They al:;o give up Alabama, ons, but they are in entire sympathy with are called lor. .Men loisted into Congress ance of tho devilish design, articles of the iu London" not one of tho smooth Geore'ia. Texas, no, A'irnb,; l,,o ..1.,:., his otjvtit an l aims in the present sino; from the 'Southern States, and Governors most iuHamatory character were daily pub11,1,1 sim'lilr 'Cvh wl,oso vcrsrs edify and sissippi, a State which has already ijk, lor these objects and aims are but to; who leproscnt little moiethan amockeon-.oimd,.t- lished in tho Tribune and kindred journals Miches ileiiglilan ap- jtie Democratic-a- ud by claimin- - the1"'1'01!0 s ti tue lie v, dent a ltd from the government an 111,1 ... l, ; In- i ' I'li.nou:,!!!..,,,, expensive army to assist them in carrying u"u " na ,M"U"1 I""- 110 1,UW1"""' latter they still lack eight voles ofenotud. 1"'5 they, in common with democrats won as ne .lei.gutcd tlicm, and, un cut schemes and ambitions which are nure- - ul,u 1,lol liut'i'b "LI J Llui"S 61111 "oul to elect their ticket. But eoneedi.,-,,int by aims. They see the deplorable c n !i ly partisan and are positively destructive Massachusetts to enforce the obnoxious . uoiigiuea in puz- the vote of Virginia, Mississiroi and Tex i, tion of the cauntry, duo wholly to the in ol the peace and good of the country. It raft in New York. There is lcasontobc- - will not boeo,,te,l ,xl iig them . But tho hero of a. season , l,.,o ' " capacity, the venality, and the bad faith of! is 'ots like these which meet intelligent ievclhata portion of Baker's infamous , lides, and will ever ride, with it slave iii , ,, ., f wl"-the Radical party, and the necessity for a llun 01 uil l'1'"11' "T t'u,11 to c"sl deteeuves circulated among the populace his trinmi.hant chariot. The golden slat- . their votes, and wo cannot be suriii ised to other Statcs l.lahuCll , ,. Jo uot cou. rcttirmation, lhey see a p at orm and lin-- i that majoi lties protest emphatically and m obedience to instructions led on to u stiJ, oavcs ,ho Ua(lioa, tK.,.ct )y e has always a foot of clay. Demos gets principles put forth by the New York Con- - against a continuance of this kind of ., .. tho beginning ol the outbreak. tired of its handsome and accomplished . sllo,.:n,T. r,v which they do iu their inmost eminent. When the disorders began, Governor tion. But iu Alcib nines, am I next to the pleasure ot addition to this the fctalet Tho Pr'u demand a change, and it is hearts endorse, and which they feel con- llim 011 thc l'"'ronc' is the Seymour was known to be out of tho State of ilul;anaj cva,a :o Nebraska and Wis- party, "M:1 vinced would, ifm ought into prae. ical op- Uf and tho military authorities refused State ; of him nfl' it who will make the issue at the ai'iiroach- , , cousin claimed jn the above table nvn mv. eration in tne a.lnimistiation ot tho Uov- - :... ,.',.,;, , aid fnromnllv tendered in his name bvone to go Democratic, . .. .s. vs,... v.,,u I :n.i;,.;,i.,i J l i "J Neither consent of credible which will reduce ilmii a eminent would bung about that reforma-- 1 didates count very little iu this contest. It of his staff then in the city) with which lo cloctolftl vot0 lo 117 0l. thirty-cn- e short nor zeal in his champion is able to display tion, and J et does prcdjudice permit them is cheap government, honestly admiiiisler- - squelch the not in Us first manifestation. jofan eledion with tho vot(i Byron in a uniform I.Vhf Ti,m .. i, view ufl1'0 fllot that tl'Ocotintry is at to waver and falter with themselves as to eJ The troops ordered by telegraph from Mississippi and Texas peace, which the people reciuiro. A seri- excluded. Let, wore admitted to his intimacy concur in Ihe course thev will pursue, u hat cause they ous therefore, terrible Rochester, Syracuse and elsewhere in the them do as they please, the Radicals are t'teir accounts of his mutability. He' wnl espouse Seymour's or Grant's and ,0 the politicians, no doubt but good and interior did not arrive, and the only remecertain to be defeated. free of Their own organs was at once silent and whether they will do what they can to save wholesomo for the people because it is dy suggested by Republican papers nud and leadeis reveal enough in their figurine-- speech, and r.fiable of demeanor; at times it is at band. tho i 11st it til ions of heir country, or let them being born of tho people Republican leaders was a proclamation of and actions to prove this fact, and that sad and speculative as Hamlet; at times aa Nothing but the marvelous activity (lour perish, and all because Mr. Seymour is not a was iIonitio gevmour will be tho and the uulold resources of the ma.uai law, ami stic.i proclamation next P.'c.i-- i mocking Mid "lotesque as Scarron population their first choice for a slandard-bearc- i ? ,,. prepared in advance, and placed itlcnt. country could enable us to hear tho presg(nci.0lls aml benevolent, he deemedno We trust, as wo certainly believe there is ent burden of taxation, or induce us to sub- 111 1110 mums 01 i..en.-ira.,,...,, i. , , e, r,.,. wool, ueiiesi- not liiuch patriotism in the country, if it mit to carry it so long. But it is evident tated and the Tribune demanded his removTho WUhdrawal of Judge YoxtnS. 1,, t0 teilsc Lis rrk, children delTght can bo called patriotism at all, that stands that a reaction has set in, and it may bo al; and his subordinate Gen Harvey Brown Last week we expressed our high ad- - iu teasing their pets; and his correspond n such narrow ground. Xatioital Inldli-(jenecr- . that in the course of events as now fore- refused to obey his ordeis. miration of the patriotism and , . shadowed the next elections will result iu rifieing disposition of the Hon. John. 1). cl1K'C sl,ows ll,m parodying writers whonv Gen. B. F. Butler, fresh from his raid Young. He well knew, sending a majority to Congress possibly ''y esteemed, or penning lampoons as it did most of 1,0 in favor of repudiation, but certainly in f: upon tho beauty and booty of New Orleans bis warmest friends, that should he make on those whom ho had praised in verse. HaVb Vol' Enemiks? Go straight on vor of a vast reduction of the present enor- sunsequentiy came on ana cstaoiisii-ins the race lor congress this (all, and be elect - and to whom he had dedicated poems and don't mind them. If they get in votir mous taxation. The public mind leans at the Huffman House, pro- - ed by a majority of ten thousand votes, be is literal tastes were not more con- f Let us have peace, real peace, . way, walk around them regardless of their that way. claimiii" his nuruoso with the b,ipoa of oul1 1101 110 pcimineo to oe sworn in as ststent than his personal likmes. . , , n, jiiiiu m.:illl y, mm Lll i3 .i.v I"itiiii mi u u num 1111s iiisu iei. 0 J.lns spite, a man who has no enemies is sel- -!v yearns for the possession of that a bravo and the leer of a villion Pefore info uion caused bim to withdraw fiom anumg the toiemost innovators in Lnglisl.-.,. ., , . ii.iir-r.rl ... .0 rU .11. will goon tor anvining. piopeiuv w ...c.i snoni,, accompany peace. ,.i- tne coiorc-- i i. tins urphan Assyium natli,been tlic contest, and not (o seek, or accept, a poelrv, and vet a worshiper at the shrine. woiked that everybody has a hand in it. i he result of the 1 residential election may burned by the connivance or at least in con-- a Wc do not believe that he of P,"pe There is reason for thiiirinir A sterling character is one who thinks imi;,01;t to shakspeare; and through -- f nenee of the neglect of the Republican will now become the cats paw of design himsel andspeak.w athothmks. Sf fr" nclu" iHe is " tl.e -- Connaiioner., or one of then,; the ; poem vv.iicl, made liin famous Lot,voeu tv, ' sure lo have enemies, lhey are as nceessa- . bed lime .,.,d breakfast l,im J reflated bv Radical legislation as to drift riot was stimulated into excess by tho agent ry to him as air; they keep bim alive, us into another civil war; but it is clearly and agency referred tc Martial law was so doing? 0 think not we hope not. Spenserian measure, he could not endure andaetivc. A celebrated cbaiaeter who was tne duty of tho Northern States lo set the tho end designed Irom tho beginning, and but should he, il would not be in a cause Thc lvicry Q.icea. Like Horace Wal- soal c"pbatically upon the issue by their surrounded by enemies used to remark: thcre were to bo the apology for its procla- - " hied, would rally the people of old Flent- ,10 icvi!'0(1 killgs yct tIloie ,.c few votes and leave nothing to chance or no ingto his sitpovt. ine of the .11 his "lhey are sparks which if you do not bow opening lor conhiet. mation and enfoieement ho expression of anwritings for 'King Mob,' r,R,,n;,(,s r,. will go out themslves." Let this Le your suitimeut in tho late elections The conspiracy failed owing to the fact tainlv very imprudent and be often satiii::cd his own order, and yet leeling while endeavoring to live down the in Kentucky and Oregon is but the pre and firmness of Governor Seymour it It was meant lor no good, it w ill do no be was proud of his Norman blood. He upon failed as a prior scheme in the scandal of those who are bitter against you. cursor of a great It is not endorsed ly the same quar- goo.l. of was consistent in his love for Shcllev ami If you stop and dispute you but do as they tho verge o4' which ihe country is uoiv ter for tho deportion of President Lincoln the BalUtU's o,m eonn'y, for in it wo lind Mooi0( an,i iho 8tlokos he most severely a decided expression ol sentiment 111 favor desire, and open tho way formjre abuse. standing. 1,10 cull' ,U'atl,s tl,0b0 oausuJ failed the winter before, and it failed from of another policy. We hope that Judge foU woro Lot the poor fellows talk; there will bo a The last words of Potter Caggcr, the thc same'eause, namely, the inte-ri- tv of Young will not listen to the tall: of the of J,is school and college friends. Shelly, reaction if you perform but your duty, and Now York Democratic politician, who was Governor Seymour. Hence tho vindictive tiutetin but maintain his honor and ili"iii - bv his scholarship, by tiis imaginative hundreds who were once alienated from killed on Monthly by being thrown from ness of the conspirators toward him who v 11,1 Ul colllln.- - 01 ll,c luture with a ic - power, and his metaphysical speculations, ,ur ''1S ,n,sul!l;;h patriotism. you will flock to join and acknowledge a carriage in the Central Park, were; ill(il,ircd lim with a kind of awe, whicU had twice frustrated their designs. It is wav' their errors. "This is the last of it John Mr. Devlin. the criminal s old game of snouting "stop aid uol, however, unci lore with true alfec- svi,iA.,i.i ;r' ... , . rti I..11 ...w.. t.i Unv.v ,,,.1 ,1... 1T. uyiuu..., 11 tiuel, ' in oruer to iliveit 1110 attention irom TirMiko McCool, the celebrated bi nisei' li"'- - Moore's society and correspondence " is stated that during the reign of poss It himself. In conclusion we need not say that was married last Stfnday night to Miss afforded him unmixed nud unfailing Queen Elizabeth a blacksmith made a lock No. ton, daughter of Daniel Xoiton, ''gbt. Neither was thcie any vai iablcness a m.mThoTh' ahvavs en leavor Governor Seymour did not address (he rio nH and key and He knew to it a gold chain, iu his ''.'meanor to dependents. his friends; but a rich contractor of St. Louis. tors at any time or place as tQ su;t circnrastan,cs t0 1,;,,,, nnil( fastened all o which articles were so minute that ; . liicu wouh as well as ho knew that of tho bo did convene good citizens to maintain ,csi 1v aocommoaato llilil!iclf ' " theiiiselves in his tho chain was fastened round a Ilea's neck jTJTBoyd Winchester, Esq.. ef Louis- - parnsite-- who sii'iii.-. order and did speak to them Mayor Op- To I'.et :, and 1 ita he was a aml the lively little beast trolled about villo has been nominated as thc D. uioevat- dyke and Shoril'f Lynch standing by him . 1. ... i' .1 .. .1. ... r inn.-- , lciieiea wiiu poiieei case. and by his speech and action, he saved ic candidate for Connies in th.- l,oi;;.;vi'',e Kind and equable maoler; he played with. .ir. (al are the most often like iCJT '1 win ought to cnligbten us as to the effect the negro's -A. P. Cpivo-- ,. a.voiding lo their deceits, the Medniuj shin,Iho cilv from 0 cater outi:i"e( un, dark uioou "uebber mic lUn-- lu place of , 1.: of domestication on the si.e of a licit. :i:c;;!iil-:i:- t. " pre '.ua- - cimuv, ir !.t: ." in prom Il'.utc I WWII-..-rc-o- Will practice in Montgomery, Bath, Powell, and Clarke counties, and in the Court of Appeals. Jan. 1 y. U. P. DRAKK, - - , The shadow of the midnight hours Falls liken mantel rouud my form; And all the stars like autumn flowers, Are banished by th whirling storm. The demon clouds throughout the sky Are dancing in their strange delight, While, winds unwearied play but I Am weary of the night. Then rise, sweet maiden uiiue arise, And dawn upon ine with thine ejes. The gentle morning comes apacP, And, smiling, bids the night depart; Rise, maiden, with thy Orient face, And smile the shadow from my heart! The clouds of night affrighted lly, Yet daiknes3 seals my longing All nature gladly sings while I Am weary of tho night. Then rise, sweet maiden min?, f.rise, And dawn upon me wiih thine eyes. ratc-3- . ! TheTcrrxbl.aCouutor RovoluUouAp j The linden, like a lover, stands, And taps against thy window pane; The ffi'low, with its slander hands, Is harping on the silver rain. I've watched thy gleaming taper die, And hope departed with the light. The winds unwearied play but I Am weary of the night. Then rise, sweet maiden mine, arise, And dawn upon me with thine eyes. legitimate business of the contracting partie3, will be charged for extra, at our publishoti I - HEAD. BUCHANAN rstuitsli j WEARY OF THE III GUT. TII0MA.S O NUMI1ER 0 s ' The force of habit's strong as death; And w hen her time shall come, Iler epitaph we hope to see "She died of chewing gum.'' lit From the Xew York Herald 8lii. save their country from ruin. Tho most glorious of all entorpi ises is to make a country free, and the next is, to see to it tlml that freedom is not lost; and if. is for this that the great conservative element of the country, led by Horatio Seymour, are ing forth to fight. ' ttf (t i'Cf tvu. y -- j!J. 11 MOUNT STERLING, KY., THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 18G8. TTMU , L 2; 3! fil S 4 CI 7114 7 y i;f2c. One insertion (Ine month Two months OLICB xrnPTTnTr V 11 Mi .lit 1 'lilt TiMSRS ordered for less tlmn one month will lie charged fifty cents per square fo each insertion after the lir3f. .Special notics3 1.") cents a line for the first Insertion, nnrl il cents a line for each subsequent iuwrtie'n'. .Man deal lis iuserted Obituary no'icis ten cents per line. The ri v !!,'; vMrtitlH to annual advertisers will be strictly cuufiined to their own business; and advertisements Occupying more space than contracted for, or advertisements foreigu t0 the Advcili-eivieiit- Imilalion of WOOD and MARP.LE done in the highest style of the art. Being a practical workman, and one of large experience in some of the principal cities, he is fully prepared to lo anything in his line in the LATEST STYLE. Call and examine specimens at my shop on Main Street, next doer to Lindsey Hi Stevens cause of which he is tho standard-bearer- , Cabinet Shop (up stairs.) for tho most sacred cause in which, men Respectfully, JI. J. I'OWER. Jljiril tho struggle of a people to engage 30-O- ' .T Sey-wa- ' l ,,..,.." o flflo,-,!,mu- '1' ,. nei-r.w- 1 l'"51 U- i u .. ,. ,i v. ''" l'lur v;,-,i,,;.- , counter-revolutio- i I i , sell-sac- , -- l.ead-quarte- 1.1 t ti A j ' ' i f 1 ltr j ,U1;r14:;,,S f A;,t0:f: i counter-revolutio- n l'-- '. j j .. " 1 1 - li'.-n- , J --

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