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Image 125 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, (1908-1909)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. COLLEGE 01-* AGRICULTURE 119 A I Botany, or Agricultural Chemistry. As these branches of instruc- __ tion are further subdivided, and others are added to the curric— , ulum in later years, the range of selection will doubtless be in- l ° creased. . To secure the degree of the College of Agriculture, a student . must be able to offer a minimum of 69 credit hours, inclusive of g` those required in Military Science and Physical Training, in Q agreement with the requirements of the College of Arts and · [ ·*`. l Science. ~. The term "credit hour," or briefly a “credit,” as used in this , , College, is defined as the satisfactory completion of a study in- _ volving lectures or recitations for one hour per week for one year, or laboratory work for two hours per week for the same · period. ` ` Military Science and Physical Training are classed as laboratory ` ‘ . work. ‘ i Persons excused from Military Science or Physical Training, - for disability or any other cause, must offer an equivalent number , of credits in some other subjects. A student must take a sufficient amount of work each year to · · secure at least I4 credits, and he will not be allowed for the same time more than 18 credits, exclusive of those in Military Science A or Physical Training. Y _ I I`: I `I’—‘| ‘ Fil in liv"` l ` V. 2.- M ;. · 1 · - “ i

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