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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-1- The Executive Committee of Stnte University of Kentucky met persuant to adjournment in President Barker's office Jan. 22nd. 1916 there were present C. B.. Nichols, T. L. Edelen, P. P. Johnson Jr.' C. B. Terrell and R. C. Stoll. Mr. Reynolds of Yew York was fre- sent and a discussion was entered into over the question of the re- lation of the student body to the temptations of what is known as the Social evil, which is now being regulated under the new ordinances passed by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Lex- ington. After many suggestions were made as to the future course that should be persued by the University Authorities in regard to this question, upon motion made by 7Mr. Edelen and seconded by Mr. Johnson the folliwing desolutions was unanmously adopted. Resolved: that the President of this University request the Commissioner of Public Safety of the City of Lexington, to instruct the cheif of Police to direct his patrolmen to arrest all students who may be found in any house of protitution or house of assignation, and deliver then to the Universitv Authorities that they may be properly dealt with. Should an arrest be made at night time when such delivery can-not be mode, the idenity of those so arrested must be assured before they are released, and such reported the fol- lowing day to the University Authorities. Be it-further Resolved: that the President of the Univer- sity, shall by public address and by such other means as he mey see fit, inform the male students of the University, of the passage of this resolution and 6f-the determination of the University Authori- ties to enforce them.

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