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Page 342 of Judge Richard Reid : a biography / by Elizabeth Jameson Reid.

JUDGE RICHARD REID. Fourth. Pledge himself that when the case against him in the civil court for his assault is called, he will make no defense of his act, but plead guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court. Failing to return an answer by the appointed time, the exclusion was to be unconditional, and to be announced publicly Sunday, May 4. But Cornelison asked for a delay that he might consult with his father-in-law, then in Scott County. One of the Elders granted this delay of his own option and without consultation with the other Elders. On Sunday, May 4, the church was crowded with its own membership and citizens generally, in the expectation that, though late, the church would at last vindicate itself and Judge Reid. Contrary, however, to all such expectation, Cornelison was present; and in contrast with his usual habits, was in a most prominent pew, and in full communion and fellowship extending personally the right hand of fellowship to two persons who that day connected themselves by letter with the church. The indignation at this was intense, and only the more intensified when, under cover of the granted delay and his newly developed piety, Cornelison used the Republican Press of Mt. Sterling to bring out on Tuesday, the 6th, his last infamous attack upon Judge Reid. In this last article, as if to reveal a depth of depravity not hitherto reached by his brotherhood of criminals, as if to leave himself without the refuge of a single honorable instinct to which he might appeal as cause for mercy, Cornelison made personal and un- gentlemanly allusions to Mrs. Reid, and charged upon the Christian Woman's Board of Missions of Kentucky, of which Mrs. Reid was President, that " some of its members had said the souls of the mountain people were not worth saving;" adding, "and these are the people whom Judge Reid expects to vote for him in his race for Appellate Judge." Three thousand copies of this falsehood were dis- tributed through Judge Reid's district during the latters 342

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