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Page 341 of Judge Richard Reid : a biography / by Elizabeth Jameson Reid.

PROCEEDINGS OF THE ELDERS. doing all that could be done to injure his victim, attempt to justify the first outrage and subsequent persecutions, then set a day, when, by open and professed repentance, he may hold on to his church membership, and maintain a re- ligious respectability! Judge Reid replied to his brethren, J. C. Walden and Dr. Hannah: " I have nothing to do with the action of the church; that is a matter between them and Cornelison. He can never say or do anything to repair the wrong he has done to me. But as far as his repentance is concerned, he may do what he can to save his own soul. But whatever course you two pursue will be satisfactory to me. I know that you are my friends; that you will do right; and when- ever you sift this matter thoroughly, you wvill find Thomas Munnell at the bottom of it." In their dilemma the Elders called into their consulta- tion President Robert Giaham and Prof J. W. McGarvey, of the Bible College, Lexington, Ky. The result was that the following terms were submitted to Cornelison, to which he was to return an answer by sundown, Saturday, May 3: First. Publish a card in the newspapers withdrawing all that he has published or caused to be published, prejudicial to the character of Judge Reid, acknowledging that the personal assault which he made was unjustifiable, even if his suspicions had been well grounded, and asking the forgiveness of the public for an act so unworthy of a citizen and a Christian. &cond. Acknowledge in person to Judge Reid that in making the assault upon him, and in making public charges derogatory to his character, he has wickedly wronged him; beg his forgiveness, and pledge himself to do all in his power hereafter to repair the injury which he has inflicted. Third. Appear before the church with a statement of apologies made as above to Judge Reid and to the public, and in addition de- clare that he has sincerely repented of his wrongdoing; that he has prayed the Lord to forgive hima, and that he now begs the church to forgive him for his sin against her in the person of one of her rulers and against the Church of God at large. 341

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