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Image 2 of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), March 26, 1970

Part of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

SECTION A, PAGE 2, THE VOICE JEFFERSONIAN, THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1970 Uddgoi's Gun Uagrjonoir off sure winners In the biology department were Carol McClure, first, and Debbie Loeb, second. Their entries were on noise pollution and Its effects, and eutroplucatlon, respectively. In the physical science department, over-a- ll winners were Robert Ballard, first, and Steve Lechson and Vic Craln, second. Ballard's entry was recording servomator positions while Lechson and Craln Jointly prepared an exhibit on Laser photocommunlcatlon. Other first place winners were Ken Shaper o, investigating the speed of sound; Mark Tasch, response of euglena to varying ptl; Pam Moore, coffee acidities; Jeff Hull, halography using laser light; Tim Bartoo, electronic organ circuitry; Sheryl Glasscock and Carol Vardlman, biological support for continental drift; Julie Harrison, Sally Luklns and Mlndy Belharz, electrochemistry, and Bob Garrett and Paul Graham, simple planetarium. The event was sponsored by the St. Matthews Klwanls club and Waggener's science department and staff. Schools. Mrs. Gertrude Weller, sponsor, announced the Regional Science Fair will be held at Jeffersontown High School April 11. Preceding the fair, the sophomore class sponsored a chili supper in the small school cafeteria. Over-a- ll Ridge Park and Eastern High tiff? icjgiMir A gun deer season of five days In all counties of Kentucky has been approved by the Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission. The season will open Nov. 14 and continue through Nov. 28 with hunting being restricted to bucks with antler or spike visible above the hairline in all counties except three. m these three, Barren, Edmonton and Hart, deer of either sex may be taken. Again the limit for the entire season, either gun or bow and arrow, is one deer. The archery season will be the entire months of October and December In all counties for either sex deer. Judges were science teachers of Waggener, Seneca, Butler, Westport, Plea- week. 1 opens In November ScSonco Fair announcod Winners of the March 19 Waggener High School Science Fair were announced this deer season Added P.O. service EASY RIDER promised for 19,000 Trips to the Post Office to pick up the mail could become unnecessary for some 19,000 Kentucky families In 109 counties under a major new postal service program expanding home delivery announced by the Post Office Department. Persons living more than a quarter mile but less than a half mile from the small post offices affected who now have no city delivery will be eligible for the service. Under the old program they were not eligible for rural delivery if they lived less than a half mile from the post office. '!-- ' ' TO: OPERATE ?v -r'i K TO: MAINTAIN - Stand up bars for service and storage. A game of the Zodiac develop your psychic ability i TEMPLE, Louisville, played host to lodge dignitaries of various sections of Kentucky Saturday night as James Booher was honored at the annual Potentate Ball at Convention Center. The program included dancing from 9 until 1. Mr. and Mrs. Booher, left, are shown with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Swope. Swope was general chairman of the event. " FROM THE CAMERA OF DON ARNOLD TO: OWN Yy PASSPORTS IDENTIFICATION PUBLICATIONS u CARLTON PERRY, INC Backed by parts and service for years to come. Priced lower than comparable brands. 112 S. Clifton Louisville, Ky 40206 PROSPECT GARAGE 896 1358 objets d'art IN LOUISVILLE Wholesale W.F.& KEN BROOKS JCT. RIVER RD.& US. 42 PROSPECT, KY. Retail & less moving parts 50 MAII THE MICROCOSM '8.50 KOSAIR Fine Portraits speeds ond 5 forward reverse. Instant height adjustment from 1" to 4" 228-116- 24 Hour Service Posimasier genera to speak April 1 A Pltaia inquira about our A Y special offer on wadding V Don Am old Studio i r Shelbyvilla Rd. Plaza 895-739- 6 Winton M. Blount, the 59th postmas- Also on Thursday's program 1)6 th ter general of the U.S., will be the annual Industry Appreciation Day luncheon to honor industry leaders by the principal speaker at the annual mem- LOVE'S WAY SERVICES Kentucky Department of Commerce anc bership banquet of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, April the Kentucky Chamber. This alsowli: be at Stouffer's. 1, in the Brown Hotel. LeRoy M. Miles, of Lexington, president of the chamber, reported that the banquet will be part of the first-da- y activities of the annual Congress of Kentucky Business, a gathering of state business leaders. Vfc t first day will be de"voted to a pro- Wednesday luncheon will honor gram for the membership in the chamber and the second to annual meetings of other business organizations. A "If it were a horse, I'd say it was ready for the glue factory." AL RING EIIC0 896-912- Hubbard's Lane ners in the annual Kentucky Chamber FIELDS EVANGELIST REV. CALVIN FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Middletown, Rev. Ferd Graves, Pastor March 28-Apr- 5 il The principal speaker will be Dr. Otis Slngletary, president of the University of Kentucky. Beautiful Blooming Plants W. if on DIRECTORS Richard Backlsy Edward Butler Robart Hammer Louis Hubbuch Gene D. Langan James J. Langan Robert T. Langan Morton Weinberg J. Ashby Miller TP. Roth FX. Thiemann, Jr. Wilbert Watkint (2) HEY DAD! CITIZENS BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION ANTICIPATED DIVIDEND BEGINNING FEB. 1, 1970 WILL BE 6 ON ALL ACCOUNTS. imwMW WHY DON'T YOU START PREPARING FOR MY COLBY INLEGE EDUCATION VESTING AT CITIZENS RIGHT NOWI 6 3717 Lexington Road ALL YOUR FAVORITE PLANTS IN THE SIZE AND ASSORTMENT YOU WANT . . )W 69( ARMOUR BONE MEAL Reg. $1.29 99 J0Y AFRICAN VIOLET SOIL I Peck size Reg. 98c PEAT MOSS 78( $1.19 NOW 50lb reg 1.49 PEAT MOSS II 0 V Michigan fully sterilized Michigan fully sterilized 100 lb. reg 2.49 1.79 up $1.99 )V Reg. 25c to 59c Now Si3 old wwsam "The greatest 12 16 OFF 0Z. FRUIT TREE SPRAY 0Z. TOMATO-VEGETABL- E 25t to 39( fallowing GAL. &QT. SIZE LAWN WEED CONTROL DUST 0Z.SEVIN 5 DUST 16OZ.10CHLORDANEDUST GAL. &QT. SIZE WEED KILLER PINT CRAB GRASS SPRAY PINT MALATHI0N SPRAY 50 8 16 Uourbon" (a tfljo 0E3 NO. 2 BAG SEVIN 50W Kentucky 0Z.CHL0RDANE72SPRAY QT.PESTR0Y 25 DDT SPRAY 16 0Z.R0SEDUST SHAKER 10 0Z. R0SEDUST SQUEEZE BOTTLE 3K iLsac BRING THIS COUPON AD TO RECEI VE THESE SPEC IA L PRICES CHECK YOUR LAWN MOWER NOWI Only 1 week left on our $6.66TuneUp Special kodrtssT'W 897-168- Reg. 99c ea. PEAT MOSS POTS g at Stouffer's Louisville Inn at which Paul Grubbs, state commissioner of commerce, and Ken of public InHarper, commissioner formation, will speak. The Wlltatt DltMIIInf ConptiV FOR INFORMATION CALL Complete line Planted Dish Gardens breakfast-meetin- y ARMOUR BOX GOODS HYDRANGEAS, single bloom in 6" pot, 1.99 HYDRANGEAS, 2 blooms in 6" pot, 2.99 HYDRANGEAS, 3 blooms In 6" pot, 3.99 CINERARIAS, 6" pot, 2.99 AZALEAS, 6" pot, 3.99 AFRICAN VIOLETS, assorted 2 54" pot, .49 AFRICAN VIOLETS, assorted 3" pot, .79 CALADIUMS, white, 6" pot, 2.99 CORAL BEGONIAS, 4" pot, .79 PLANT COMBINATION, 6" red bowl, .99 GARDENIA TREE, BUD AND BLOOM, 6" pot, 4.49 The second days program will Include a Joint meeting of the Kentucky Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and the Kentucky Industrial Development Council. This will be a sk the person who buys it! FOR YOUR DELICATE FAVORITES TULIPS 3 blooms in 4" pots, .79 6 blooms in 6" pots, 1.79 TULIPS HYACINTHS, 1 bloom in 4" pots, .69 HYACINTHS, 3 bloom in 6" pots, 1.59 LILLIES, 3 bloom, average, 1.79 LILLIES,3to5blooms. 1.99 LILLIES, 5 blooms and up, 2.99 CHRYSANTHEMUMS, assorted in 6" pots, 2.99 ROSES, baby rambler, 3.99 Grubbs, Harper to give talk PER ANNUM INSECTICIDES PESTICIDES Members of the panel will be State Attorney General John C. Breckinridge; Louis Scalzo, deputy chief of the Organized Crime program Division of the U.S. Department of Justice; Wayne Hopkins, of the crime prevention and control division of the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S., and George C. Burton, Louisville director of safety. The panel discussion will be at 2 pm. 7:30 each evening 0 FERTILIZERS UK president to speak That afternoon, James M. Caldwell, station manager of WAVE and chairman of the Jefferson County Crime Commission, will moderate a panel program on "The Menace of Organized Crime to Business," Ky. & flfffi Star program, a movement conducted during the year to provide student-teach- er achievement recognition. Winners in this region were William Marc Strull, a student at Atherton High School, and Dolly Gordon Sturman, a teacher. CARLOS GRUBER SONG LEADER Shelbyvilla Road win- The V Garden club to meet The next meeting of the Cardinal Garden Club will be held' at 10 am Wednesday, April 1, at the home of Mrs. W. B. Wlnterbottom, 4420 Taylors-vll- le Rd. The program will Include a lesson on corsage making. Old Birdstown Distilled md Bottled by The Willett Distilling Company, Inc. Bardstown Nelson County Kentucky Alia twMiW In 4 per tie M Proof tni 100 Proof BottM I Bond, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (f y fit ' CENTER G97-14- G3 130 ST. MAflflEYS AYE. LOU., KY. 40207 PAINT. HARDWARE. TOOLS. FERTILIZERS (Scott., V.rtqgrttn. Crttnfl.ld). PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENTS. DECORATIVE CABINET HARDWARE. EDCERS. ROTO TILLERS TRACTORS. LAWN MOWERS ( JpcobiW, Toro. Eoton, Southland), MINI BIKE SALES AND SERVICE CAS LITES AND GRILLS, tAWN CHEMICALS, Z HAUL TRUCK AND TRAILER RENTALS TOOL AND EQUIPMENT RENTAL . JOHN DEE$E (Solo & Sorvleo). s'i E-- : " ; "

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