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Image 3 of Free Christian commonwealth, April 23, 1868

Part of Free Christian commonwealth

n cannot plead the excuse ot the three disciples; Uie- - slept tor sorrow your sleep arise irom smtul negligence. "Watch am pray that ye enter not Tests of Character. temptation." A grcttt maii.y admirable actions into us because tlieyare aro overlooked by Two Pictures of Death. Take, for inso little and common. In a scantily furnished chamber lies stance, the mother who has had broken slumber, if any at all, with the nurs- an old Scotch minister with gray hair But ing babe, whose wants must not be and wrinkled skin. deep-se- t his brow is eyes are disregarded; she would fain sleep a high and broad; his hour cornea, bright and piercing; a smile plays while when the breakfast but patiently and uneomplainingly round his lips; and. though feeble and she takes her timely seat at the table. dying, he looks calm and happy. Let Though exhausted and weary, she us speak to him and snv: "Do you think yourselfdying, dear serves them all with a refreshing cup of coffee or tea before she sips it her- sir?" He fixes his eyes calmly upon you, self, and often the cup is handed back to her to bo refilled before she has and slowly replies: "Really, friend, I ant not anxious o you had time to taste her own. die. bear her eomnlain this weary moth whether I am or not; for if ill be with God; if I live, he will be er that her breakfast is Cold before she has time to eat it? And this not with me." Now let us sfep into yonder man for one, but for every morning, perhaps, in the year. Do you call this a sion. JMitcrmg a richly furnished small thing? Try it ami see. O! how chamber, we find a dignified person- does woman shame us by her forbear- tge enfolded in warm robes and seat- l in a large easy chair. He, too, is ance and fortitude in what are called Ah, it is these little feeble and dying; but the light is unlittle things! things which arc tests of character; it steady, and he looks like a man ill at ise with himself. Let us also ask borne "little"' trout en ess, him a question: "iM r. G ibbon, how does the world the humblest home is made beau-t.heyes of angels, though we seem to you now?" Tin1 cloqueut historian of the Bo- Lu l i mv it, alas! until the chair is vac nt an the hand which kept in man hm pi re for he it is closes his his domestic machinery is eyes for a moment, then opens them motion again, and witli a deep sigh replies: i:id cold power! "All things are fleeting. When 1 A Mother's Influence. ook back I see they have been fleet A col If: e student, not a professor ing: when I look forward, all ht dark of religion, was accustomed to kneel and doubtful J Protectant t'liurelanan. down and pray before retiring to bed. A Few Words to a. Father. who' was praj'erless His speaking of it, said: Take vour son for a companion and profane, "It's on account of a promise he whenever you conveniently can; it will relieve the already over-bu- r has made to his mother, 1 suppose." praying, he dened, "anxious mother of so much Of his spoke thus sneoringly, but his conjec- care. It will gratify the boy; it will please the mother; it certainly ought ture was probably correct. Happy are those sons whose moth- to be a pleasure to you. What moth ers teach them to pray, ami whose er s eye would not brighten when her influence over them on account of a child is fondly cared for? And when pious example is so powerful thatthey his cyejjvindles, his heart beats, and are constrai ned to do as they have been his tongue prattles faster and faster taught. with the'idea "of going with father," The young man who was not does she not share her little boy's ashamed to pray, even in the presence appiness, and is not her love deep has been ened uy her husband s consideration, of his irreligious for years a member of the Presbyte- so just, and yet too often so extraorrian church, was joined in marriage dinary? ft will keep him and you out to a pious lady, and fills with honor a of places, society, and temptation into high station connected with one of which separately you might enter. our State governments. It will establish confidence, symHie other, who made light ot a pathy, esteem, and love between you. mother's holy teachings, wasa young It will give you abundant and very man of talent ami a good scholar, but favorable opportunities to impart inalter leaving college he failed to oc struction, to infuse and cultivate nocupy a prominent position among ble principles, and to develop and men. He died a few years ago, prob strengthen a true manhood. It will ably as lie had lived, a scofter. enable him to "see the world," and to To a pious mother's influence many enjoy a certain liberty which may ot our best men trace their elevation prevent that fufuro licentiousness in the world which so often results from a sudden freedom from long restraint. e Chrisllan f ottiiiiGmveaUli J 1 self-denial- self-forgott- en e I ! room-mat- room-mate'- s room-mal- Not Seeking to be "Edified. Christ's Sympathy for the Poor. it is, 1 think, a matter lor very The Son of God appears to have deep regret that this is not an age in which Christian people want to be felt an especial sympathy for the edified. It is an age in which they poor. Some of his most tender words their cars tickled, ant delight to have a inn Itipii'citv ofanec. dotes and of exciting matter, "hut they little care to be well instructed in the sound and solid doctrines of the grace of God. In the old Puritanic times sermons must have been tiresome to s the thoughtless, but should think they are more tiresome to the thoughtful. The Christian of those davs wanted to know a great deal of the things of God; and pro vided that the preacher could open up some point of Christian practice to make him holier and wiser, he was well satisfied, though the man might be no orator, and might lead him into no fields of novel speculation. Chris tians then did not want a new faith but, navi ng received the old iaitn, they wished to lie well rooted and ground ed in it, and therefore sought daih for illumination, as well as for quickening; they desired not only to have ine emotions excited, out also to have the intellect richly stored with divine truth; and there must be much of this in every church, if it is built up. Hk3-t&--tH- lV0 now-a-day- Hpuryeon Jesus Praying. it was necessary for the sinless If Jesus to spend whole nights in prayer, how much greater is the necessity in cir case? What a silent rebuke is tuere, in the example of Jesus, for those Christians who never or seldom pray. Jesus was perfectly, free from sin, he never knew the burden of a guilty conscience. Thero was a delightful harmony between his will and that of the Father. No sinful thought ever stained the pure mirror of his soul. Yet it was necessary for him to pray. He could not live without prayer. It was his habit to sin ud much time m vnvi-rUc w ent apart from tie i in order to hold communion Father in heaven. The 1tas his closet. l'iic to pass in those davs 1rut into a mountain to inued all night in pray- . 1 us and the midnight nir .e fervor of his prayer. Jesus praying! All night in prayer! Let the pra3'erless Christian come here and learn a lesson from his Master. If it was necessary for Jesus lo go to his Father for strength, how can we hope to succeed if we neglect to pray? We arc surrounded by powerful spiritual enemies, temptations arise at every hand, our own hearts are like tinder waiting for the spark to set them on fire our own conscience condemn us, and oftentimes we would rather getaway from God than enter into his presence. Is there not an absolute necessity for prayer? If Jesus could not live without prayer, neither can we. Prayer is a duty and a privilege, but a necessity as well. Prayer is the breath of the Christian life ; we cease to live when we cease to pray. Prayer opens heaven and brings down blessings upon our souls. "Pray moves the arm that moves the world." Jesus praying! Can you be his disciple if you have no closet! You ; of consolation were expressly intend ed for them. "Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not. neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedelh them. A re ye not much belter than they?" "Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." The rich were not shut out; Nicode-muthe ruler was received; the offerings of the wise men of the Kast were accepted. But let us not forget that it was emphatically to the poor that the blessed gospel was preached. Poverty sull'ered in fellowship with the Son of God, and solaced by his sympathy, has a lustre greater than that which sparkles from diadems of kings. The pious Lazarus is comforted not only when borne to Abraham's bosom, but when lying in rags at the gate, seeking crumbs from the rich man's table. His crust may be sweetened wiui rellecfions such as these: "Am I poor? so was Lord. Am I hungry? so was my Lord. Am homeless? the Son of Man had not wnere to lay ins head. Niall not the disciple be as his Lord, and the serv ant as his great Master?" A. L. O. K s 1113- - Some 3'oung ministers have been greai- - injured oy talcing up their creed from a sort of second or third rate writer. Toplady, perhaps, litis said that he has found his preaching most successful when it litis turned on the grand doctrines of Calvinism. A man admires Toplady, and adopts the same notion concerning his own ministry. But let him turn to a master on this subject. He will find such a man as Traill handling the sovereignty of God, and such high points of doctrine, with a lioly and heavenly sweetness; which, while it renders it almost impossible not to receive his sentiments, leaves nothing on the mind but a religious savor. Hiehard Cecil. Simeon on Transubstantiation. . One of the papers publishes from "I Recollections of Simeon," the following anecdote, which 'bears hard upon the folly of transubstantiation. "When Wolsey and Erasmus disputed on this point fan essential change in the elements.) Wolst'3' said to I'h'as inns at parting, 'Well, only believe that it is so, and it will be so,' Erasmus, on leaving England, borrowed Wolscj-'- s pal fry to tike him to the ship; but, instead of returning it, carried the animal off with him to the Continent, and sent this answer on paper : Quid roilii dixisti do eorpore Christi Credo quod edis, et ed 4, Rio tihi r.'seribo, do too palfrido, Credo quod babes, et hahes Whieh may lie thus pnraphnsed in English If wine and bread, mere human food, Becomes the Savior's ttesh and blo.d, When I in faith reeeive it ; Then faith for oil as much may do, And your li st jade is safe with you, If you will hut believe it. The prosperous man who himself up to temptation bids farewell to welfare. Of all earthly music that which reaches fartherest info heaven is the beating of a loving heart. Traveller's Story. uncle, you said you would some more about your tell us travels in Eastern countries." "So I did. Charles; and .as you and our sister Mary seem quite ready to isten to me. 1 may as well negin at once. Ji ut as a story is 01 no great alue unless it teaches a lesson worth T r ..I it earning, 1 win, wnne oil. try also to do you good. In our British lands wo do not know much about lofty walls around : a .' our cities. ,i- e go to sieep atiugni, without any fear of being aroused by the alarm that an enemy is at our oors. Let us be thankful for our safe and quiet homes, f u some eastern cities it is nuite otherwise. High uid strong walls inclose the houses 'or defence, and those who work the fields, or labour outside at trades, or are on a journey, nave to jiass and out through the gates in the wall. It is usual to shut the gates at , .1 i night, anil to open tnem at 0:13 .ingnt. mostly fired as a signal A gun is when the gates are closed and open- . '11,1 t l ed. Miould there no 11113' persons oe- yond the walls at the evening signals, they are shut out for the night, and must find a place ot row' where they A " Now, ; My Saviour. Oh, what hap Jesus done. for me? He pitied me my Saviour. My sins were groat His love was free-died for ino my .Saviour. Exaltcil hy the Father's side, He pleads for me my Saviour, A heavenly mansion He'll provido For all who love the Saviour. "1 Jesus dear .Testis Thy namo is sweet, my Saviour When shall I soe Thoe faeo to faeo, My wondrous blessed Saviour? . To my weak steps Ho doth give heed, He wateheth me my Saviour. He hi'lpeth me in every need, lie lovoth mo my Saviour. If tleareth, and doth answer send To in v poor prayer my Saviour; And he will keep unto the end The ehild that trusts his Saviour. . .1- i5a-ivuii.i- 4 . . i. 111 Jesus dear Jesus Thy namo is sweet, my Saviour Wh n shall I seo Thee face to faeo. M v wondrous hlessed Saviour? 111 The Little Boy's Faith. Do you know what faith in Jesus Christ means? It is to trust in him with all our hearts. It is to give our souls to him to be saved, because there is no one else who can save us. A little story will hell) to make this plain to you. A family lived in a bouse which stood near to a wood.- On a dark night the" went to bed. The wind blew anion the tall trees, and largo black clouds passed over the full moon. While were asleep, a tire broke out in tine of the rooms of the house. The father soon heard the loud cry of "Fire!" At first he did not know what it meant; but the cry was louder and louder. And soon there were many people, who cried, "Your house is on hre, get up, and comedown. I hen they knocked hard at the door. Th fattier now sprang from his bed, and great was his alarm when he found his own house hi flames! He ran again to his room, and awoke his wife Then he took the babe, and they got out at a back door. His eldest bttl anboy, about ten years old, was other part of the house, near to the room where the maid slept. The father cried. "Oh, what shall I do to save my poor boy ?" lie did not care about his goods: Ins dear son was ail he thought anoui. 111 made his way to that part of the house and met the maid Hying Irom the flames. "Where is Charles?" cried the father. "He is in his room," said the girl, in her alarm she had come away, and forgot to bring the chil with Iter. And now the stairs were 111 in flames. The wind blew on the fire, am made it burn wildly The doors and the roof were ail red and burning In a short time poor Uharles was seen at one of the windows. "Oh father dear father," he cried, "how shall get out?" He could be seen by the lire in the room, but the thick black smoke kept liin'i from seeing the peo pie below. L u t he heard their voices and he cried, "Oh, stive me !" "Here I am, my son," said the falh er, and he held out his arms lor Uharles to jump into them. "Here I am don't fear. Drop down, and I will bi sure to catch you." Charles crept out of the window but hung fast by it. He knew it was very high from the gound, and he was afraid to let go. "Drop down, my dear boy, criei the father. "Oh, I can't see you, my dear, dear father !" "But I am here. You can trust mc I will save you." "I am afraid, father, I shall fall. "Let go, and don't fear," cried the people; "your father will be sure to catch you." And now Charles felt the flamei He was certain that if he hung ther he should be burnt. lie knew that his father was strong, that he lovei him, and that be was waiting to sav him. Then be drew in his breatl let go his hold, and in a moment he was in his father's arms. Charles was saved from the fire, .ami there was great joy among all the people who saw the sight. As you read this true story, did you not see how great was the danger of little Charles? There was only one xy for him lobe saved from the fire. I To could not see his father, blithe heard his voice. He knew that his father loved him, and wished to save him. Then he felt quite sure that his lather would save him. So he fell into his arms and was saved. Do you not know that every child is in danger of being lost forever? It is the loss of both soul and body. And why? Sin has brought us into danger. How glad we should be that there is a way made known to us in the Bible in which we can be saved Jesus saw our sad state, and iie "came into the world to seek and to save that which was lost." And to save us he But now he is in died on the cross. heaven. Though we cannot see him, be seen tis. And in his I10I3' word he says,that he is able and willing to save till who go to him by faith. It is as if his arms were wide open, as f heparins' of the lather were when Charles fell Into them. He tells us to come to him, and be happy, lie waits to save us. He speaks' to you now; will you not hear bis voice, and trust and love him ? A little girl was once asked why she loved the Bible. She said, "Be cause it tells me that Jesus Christ died to save sinners." "But what makes you think that : .1 Initi Theological Seminary f HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, OF PKI.VCE Is. 1 J )ther country 1 am till in self, as I lookin: goof v-ii- Geo. H. Gary, Wholesale & Retail Druggist, ATo.81 Fourth at rat near Main. "Merchants, Physicians mid Families who Jivo us their orders may rely nti giUing article of e;ood quality, ami as lo aa tbe market will afford. .. t3. HED. If. CARY. Kinos. T ?V Tin) E would respectfully call the attention of Superintendents and those wishing to pur-vhiiSabbatb-sclioo- l books, to our li&t of Sab Libraries, including and Family inbrary, Jin. 2, containing I ml vols. ?1R 00. " .No H, " Kill vols. Shi On. Sunday-scho- " n' m iNo. 2 Sabtmtb school sun jf arn- IStifl m 1 that it time. Ttrki n, and At last thV n it had rx sjirang uj only just entere my mind that I might after all he too Lite. The hour for shutting the city gates I knew was not far off. The rowers jmlled away at tho oars, and as we got near the city, I jumped quickly ashore. I had to get my jiassjiorts that night, that I might he ready to start hy the ship in the morning. J n some conn tries, Charles, no person is allowed to go away without a passport; that is, a permission to leave. "I ran toward the gate, but, when within a short distance ot it, J. saw a flash, and (hen in an instant after the report of the gun was heard on the he hour had come; evening breeze. 1 was a lew minutes too hue. he gate was shut. I cast away the flowers had gathered on my journey. They could not repay me for my delay and los?.?" The ship sailed early next day without me. and I was left behind to blame myself for my folly. il "Sufh is a travellers story. you listen to ruc'while I tell you then is such a thing as being one minute too hue, in matters ol higher concern. You may be too late for the railway or the steamboat; you maybe too late for a party of pleasure, or to receive a bag of money; and you may suiter for your folly: yet another tune may come when you may set yourself right again. But, 1113' dear children, do not forget thtit you may be too late for re jieiilance to obtain pardon to enter oil may he not only one heaven. moment too late, but forever loo late ' Your life is like a journey. You may he so taven up with the pleasures that lie in your path, that you may loiter by the way. As I lost my lime on the hanks of the A lie, while gatl erinir a few flowers, so it may be with you. You mav he very busy in pleas iii!r yourself, but what if you should not attend to I ho great concerns of your si nil ? It will be sad indeed you let the days of your youth pass away, wnne you neglect lo give your hi'.-M(l .1.' i-- ' mid not seek pardon vsiits blood, uras 1 1 1 l 1 If you wUatjf at jrarrow It- - 111 ion 1 L11 wa I that J find I "in. m : so nen i ii' tbu man; rUiered over . shad to see their them they late. The danger, w Aime is now. It right and ll A may be the onl 4 you and "There, Chai n home, l et sister are reads you must not v mi have read to me the partible of the ten virgins, in chapter of .Matthew. the Iwehty-hTt- VIA 1 .1 i h w!m FtiTit!" doy-- r vols. S 5 on. 50 vols. $ 4 oil. 50. $25 00. Ml " No. 1, Lib-ar- (Preaby. Board of Publication) 100 vols. $15 00. i ''Now slop': those are words do not forget them." solemn ; COACH & CARRIAGE At ANUFACT NO. 20 Between 1st GR, STKEKT, and M,, UR MAIN 8TA.N DING, 27 YEARS OLD STAND iiY., Manufactures and keope o.oiistautly on hand, a general assortment ot Carriages, Jcc, &c.t of tbe latest fashion. 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STOBIARI)'s Louisvil,Ky its .second respectfully invited: Tiiee books aie nifii.ulaciured in a m at aud in.. si, s.ibsta ntoil iiianni-r- , whu-rcuuera tu.iu uarable and ecooni.Cat.Q Kach Grammar contains an nbriiL-nu'iioi itueil within itseif, Ci n oailiii; oi Uio lo..iug and piincipbs oi gia.nmar, distinguished by beu g printed nan Uoj ,argest tj pe r;s. C. P. BARNES, W,'Bl M"in Bfeet, EDITORS: i42 pugi.a. 2 50. The books of Ir. Ejll ieni ' sericb nave been severa yei:r belore the puLJie, and have mei wiib tho approval ol me bi eoinpchiit ju.ig.-a- . They are lavome texi-- b .oks m sehoois, acadtnrougfiou the United emies, and I'.i.dlugB ritaies and Gaaada., and to urn lollovvi. g excellences ol llieso books teachers are bt.ul 2ii licv. E. T. Baird, VHI S NOIvMAL K0' i Jpecia rates-a- nd THE SOUTHERN BOYS AND GIUL'SMONTHLY. THE SEW STOUIJARD , iih Juip.dnci iou on Greek V. i Kfli!MK.Vrs Of A Kn HMI'll'IC. lt2 pp. work presejiB in pioptr older nu ll parU of Arithmetic as are mi st uoolul in uidiiiary business eoinpu.alioiis. Price to Stcijiiard's Nkw Practical Arithmetic, em5i; bracing af modern l..r.n and uieln-odwith Ami ysis ot E;,uii!i h. Price $1. HO 8t. hi. ard's Goiii'i.KTU Aai iimki ic; bein" the u ISow Practical AnlliincLic, wii.n an Ajipen-diembracing ail tho subjects taugiu in 5" Higher 1)0 Tins b.ok irbviales en tir.-lthe use of a tiiner Arithnieiic. i'rice 0c Consort Bouar's Hymns of Kailh and Hope, (ihree 4 soriea) 2 " Lyra Conaolutionis 2 Life and Letters Madame ' 50 K.athrina. A Doeni by J li. Holland 19 5(1 olobe edition of Dickens, complete For Bale by DAVIDSON k ROBINSON, 6 60 7 .'. 8tu.nt. Theoiogic,,, pens at half tl,e above reduction for other g v,i3. wu. 75. $1 s L. L. D 4 Bo -- d ouality Miiiistei-saii- Introduction lo the cc.ts. luecn Victoria's I'rince 0 So 511. in Gkh.kk. Grjiiiiinar. Chur"h of Goil. J?y the THE History of the Jouch, D. D., 01 Co 'uniliia Kcv. Chas.Xj. 3 2 4 o. 4 SO 6 r.o 7 r.o s on Hi oo 4 ir, nJde'morrri',S90'' S riHOIAKD'y iiy Ji liu Lord, oi 2 'J', 27 3 l' fin fi; (in no 113 2 3 3 3 4 4 a!;;,:,,!; Vo- Tina S. C fl i 22 2. 3 3 no 5 0(l 111 T i! Hew Books! Hew Eooiisi! The Old Roman World, t 7 8 1' Seni b:. mail orVxpress, on receipt of price bv mml. mcl.-.ssiamn f ,r rpuim poStge. " 50 ' ,uai" cents 51). k.d'iT-- 1 u,it 5 l i so! -1 1 'Jit''- 1 'i - S -- lt s ml 7.11 !,"r;! 2 T. nets to A in! lews d Sio.ldard'a, .m oil aa to Bullions' G: a niiu;ir. i l 5n. Latin :ni.ihh With ISjnouj nw. i between Seventh and I'.iu'lilli Street Main SHOW-CASK- ti ClCKRo'8 ii I ! LiCTloNAiiif. (JLAUK. JiltADLKY, ; Dkatii is but eternity. With JiuiiM Notes and Knolisu-Laii- street, Hot. Main and Mnrket. : , cabulary, Eali.u-t- . v. 6(11 KY. LOUISVILLR, 60p12 Worth E.emembc-ring'- . , Mejt'lu-nein writThe Rev. Mr. HENRY V. ESCOrT. J. V. E.SCOTT. ing to a youthful parishioner, uses the & BOH, following language: "You read your J. V. ESC0IT Bible regularly, of course; but (Jo try MANUFACTURERS OF and understand it; and still more to feel it. JJead more parts than one at Looking-Glasse- s, Cornices, Pora time. For example, if you are readtrait and Picture Frames, ing Genesis read a Psalm also. Turn Ac , the llilileinto prayer Thus, if you are SILVKK AN'H WOODEN i rrc m triers and overy dccriptioi) reading the first Psalia, spread the OfDealers in Freuoh, Jiugliah, ami American Bible on the chair before you, and kneel and pray, 'O Lord, give me the blessedness of the man that walketh FRENCH AND AMERICAN not in the counsel of the ungodly.' 'Let me, not stand in the way of sinners.' Let me not sit in the seat of the scornful.' This is the best way of Photographic Goods, Engrahe will save you ?" learning the meaning of the Bible vings, Cliromos, and LithoThe little girl then said "Because and of learning to pray," "Search graphs; Jesus Christ took children in his arms, the Serijitures !" and blessed them, 'and said, 'Suffer ARTISTS' iMATEKIALS, Truth is al ways eonsistant with itlittle children, and forbid them not, to come unto me;. for of such is the self, and needs nothing to helji it out; is the largest iu the South wont, it is always iiear at hand, and sits up- OUR faclory with all the lt st ami mot kingdom of heaven.' " euj'pliod on your lips, and is read 3 to drop out improved machinery, and we arc prepared lo Was not this girl quite right? and price before we are aware; whereas a lie is .:ompv:te both iu qualitytho United oi work with Stales: All in The wonders of his lovo troublesome, and sets a man's inven- uuy establishment bold by us are warranted of t.r ioodo imported No human words ean toll, tion upon the rack; and' one trick lineal quality, and offered at lowest market and Whieh brought the Sa ioitr from a above, needs a great many more to make it iofls than market priets. To save our souls from hell. Lord Jesus, grant that we .May know thy saving grace: Livo while on earth to honor thee, And ill heaven sec thy faeo. C.KSAii's N .No. 72 Kourth -- ''A'rrd tfic HO vols..Slrt OH. 7.1) vols. $ S till. 75 voli. $ S OH. " Chisd's Homo Library Child's Ck biuet Library oung Men s Library. Young Women's Library ; thou I could the No. t.rate oerns. With till . CoMMKNTAKiKa. .M 5J. the morning atla. In addition to theabovo we have a tarere stock I to my of Juvenile books well adapted for tSaboath ii ucnools. AU'O, neutiou ISookti in endless vavrs, or stood riety. Ordora from tbo country will receive Baibd'h Classical Manual of Am io: t Geography, Greek anil Uotnao Mjiuoiojji , Anl.iiui-tiek one trifle, prompt attention. and t.'hri nolo:; UAV1DSU.N HO 111. SON, and K s Latin Lnoli ii ami 1 s ' " " Ho. 4. Juvenile Library, No. I tllow- - when ed to "S. i LlKllAKIES. SARISATH-SCIlO- for ti.'41'hers on r; -s h LIST, Kr,, i liiin-i,ve.- o rillfli 511. V and th was J 4i e: 5- Stiitf-ncon- Jar-tame- d 1 terhBul . 5mth-seho- One day, when going through Egypt, I was in a small boat, sailing lowly W)wn the. river i lie. Sometimes I landed W look at the ru- temples on the side of the river, to jiiuek the ";:!' flmvers that grew T fl:ll WMsl well tlio liio-J- i to the eitj iwaro that I had .hat evening, for 1 flo sail to tin , EXT-BOOKS- riT.MNHKI) HV FACULTY. WII.SOX. Past. Theol. SHELDON & CO., NEW YORK. 11. DAUNUY, Theol. and Saer. Tibet, W E w'uhI tbe.witntioo f S.M ITU, Oriental hit. IS. ?.t all 1n f o vl o flrr interrr ud in (lie Fui.ject, TIIOS. U. I'KCK, Ch. Hist, anil Oov,; of eduifition lo the loilow ii g valuable list ol Session, of 8 months, from Sept. 1th next. Kxjionses total $!Sll. lint liberal seholar-shiji- s toxl books: BULLIONS' SERIES OP GRAMMARS AND p'rovided for deserving candidates. CLASSICS. Post- - ofiieo address llamjiden Sidney, Va. Common School Grammar; l.eint; an introducRoutes From I.ynehliurfx, Riehiiiond, or Petion to Analvtiml t.nMi Grmiunnr. till cU. tersburg , Va., via Fanuvillo by railroad, and Analytical ami 1'k.:th:ai. Ktu;i.iH Gramuak, thenee s'ven miles by daily stage. with a coi'ijii. t uud nislom of An' . Catalogues and full details furnished on nlyB'sof A wink, $1. to R. L. Dat.nkv, Clerk. EXCISES in Anai.ysu an,. I'akkino. 2a eta. March 20 tf I'kis. ipi.ks iik Latin .jkamhau. il .ill. Latin Kkaiikr. With no Vooalia-l.'trami referf-ncejjatiu Gramto ESTABLISHED 1827, mars. $1 50. Exkiicihkh in Latin Cuirvmo.v. Adajited to tho Latin Grjiniiiitr. s) 5n. K Y, Dr. S. t can. T KDWAKD, VA. VALUABLE SCHOOL, AND COLLEGE $1 25. AND G'OMI'I.KTK PiiHUvi.Ka's tV Particular attention given to Orders by Railroad or Wagon. Dec. 20, 'fiti. s, i KKY TO f)TODI)ARD's OFFICE 125 Third Street, East Side, Between Jefferson & Green. fllW PllACTIOAL A KITH A UITH CLASSIO BAPTISM lUetiuing (if IJAPTIZO for Routeul" M "It HI. AitiriiMk'iic. A new and work lor Colleges, Seaiinaries, Academies, and ii ig Scnools, b'; A. fachuyler of Gl'.i i. Price $1 25. Stoudaiid & Hknklk's Eliomkntaiiy Ai.okrra for tbe use of Gomin- n Schools and Acyde-mii- s, by John F. Stoildard, A. M., and Prof. W.L. Hciikie, of uliio t..uih-wester- n formal School. $1 25. Kky to Ktoddahd St Henkle'3 Elkukntary Aluhiiia. $1 25. Stoddard Jc Henklu's Univkkbity Alomira, for High bcbools, Acad. m es, and G..i,eg.s bv .li.ini F. Si.'iridard, A. M, and Prut. W. it fienkle. 52S pp. Price f 2. Kf.Y to Stoihiaru k H knklk's U.nivkrsity a. 42. SHAW'S BOOKS. Shaw's Ojrn.iAi.s ok Litkuatiiuk. By Thomas B. tha.v, ii. A. New Ameiicau with a rikcicli oi American titeiiuure by tienry T. Large 12mo. 4sy eoi-tio- page-A iricc .tl 75. CuMi'i.KTK .Manual ok Enolish By Tli niuS b feuaw, nu.ti.or oi English Literature." Notes ami by Lf..U., ituthor Litkkatuhk. s Knitcd, with Wil ia.m hmith, Bi i.l ; and Classi- "tiuuih's i.h a Skctcii oi American Literature, by ilcLiy T. Tack', riuan. Ono vol. Large 12ino. Prico .2. KOOKEIi'S rHVSIOLOGIES. lIooKKit'a First Book in PnisioLi uy. F0), Pubol cal" lic .Scboois. Price Sk HookKR's Ii i'a WBIOI.OOY and eIyoiunk. For Academic.; and genen'i rcaiiiLg. iiy Worth-ingl.o- n Uooki.r.M.D ,Vnbi (!..!lr".;.. Price $1.75. LOOM iS'S Piii.vIuLOGV. Elfmkntsok Anatomy,! hisi.-ii.uuand II viii en k. By Pruf.J.K. LooiuiB,Presuleut of Louisburgh University, Penu. JteatiUfaiiy illustrated cclo rod plates, and original orawinga. Price l. ? j. COMSTGCK'S SERiES. Sy8tkm ok Katukal Ph ii.osoh y, and enlarged, iiicoci'iig int.-s- discoveries. Fully Illustrated. I'riee $1 75 Elements ok Ciikmlstry. 18til,and adapted to the present state of the Science. I'rice $1.75. Botan v. Including a treatise on Vegetable Physiology and liesnrintiou of Plants. Price with $2.00. Elmmkntrop Geoi.ouy. Cioth. Price $1.75. Introduction to iMinkraluqy. Price $1.25. BROOKLESliV'S A:5TKONOMIE8. Buocki.ksby's Common School Astrokomy. 12nio. 17:i pages Price 60 cents. This book is a com- pend of BlIOCKI.KSllY's El.KMKNTS OP ASTRONOMY. years TW10NTY Colleges approve. "It comes in like BLUC11ER at Waterloo!" "GALE, CARSON, FULLER, COX ANT, all tiH.HHK M 1, 2d Edition. 3,000 By John Brocklesby Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 12mo. Fully illustrated. Z1 pages. Price $1.75, PEPSSNEa'S GERMAN GRAMMAR Price tcttle $3 50 7th ami the quention." Clergv $:i 00. Wm. lv'UTTER A CO., Cherrj, Philadelphia' JiuLjLK VOOl ) FEMALE ACADEMY. H11IE next Session will oiien on Monday, the 1 9th of S piembcr. Rev. W. W. HILL, D. D., Principal and tcaciier ot Mental and Moral Science, Logic, Uh toi-ie- , Artruuomy, Geology, Evidencoa of Ctinsi ia nit v , Ac. Rnv R. G. McGEK, A. M., teacher of Nat-m- ai Science, Latin, Natural Theology, ilii-tor!:eniii9ii&hip, kc. Una VAi.LIW E. 11 ANN A, Assistant Principal, and teactier of Mathematics, Engiisb. G ra , 111 101-r- Ac. .Miss LUCY a.s RGEANT, tcaciier of French, Paintiugaini Drawing, Etnbioidory, Needlo Work, Calmtheiiics, io. Prok. KJ). MAHl'.,toacherof Music on Piano 2uher and Organ. Mr.-- . AMANDA GRANWILLE, teachor ol Vocalizsi.iion and Ouitar. This school is located at Hobbs' Station, on the Looisvcle k Frankfort Railroad twelve nines Irom LouisviLe entirely in tho country, but Hcccssible by rail six times a day. Tho neighborhood is uusucpftssed for health an.i beauty of fwonory. For circulars, address P.kv. W. W. July HILL, Ilobbo' Station, Jeb'eraon county, Ky, 25. To Ministers of the Gospel. HARK AND VALUABLE WORKS, sols OWEN'S Commentaries, 45 vols institutes, 3 vols " Letters, vols " Instouiio, vol.. Traill'K Works, A .'., -'f BOOKS. 16 $36 00 76 00 5 00 6 'A 1 t- .' ..-.-) Howe's Works, 3 vols.. McDonald on the Penteteuch, 2 vols Romaine'a Works, 8 vols Lewth on Isaiah History of the 18th Century, by Schlosser, 8 vols W bitby on the Now Testament, 2 vols., folio Bishop Hopkins' VV01 ko Witsius on the Covenants, 3 vols., calf.. " 2 vols., boordB " '' Edwards' Works, 2 vol., cloih, " " 4 vols., sheep Barrow's Works, 3 vols Treatise on Christian Doctrine, by John Milton, r vols., boards Clark's Commentary, 6 vols Henry's Commentary, 5 vols Tholuckin Romans Woods' Works, 5 vols McKuig'nt on tho Epistles. IleugEtcnberg ou the Psalms, 3 vols Hengsteuberg on the Genuineness of Daniel Hengsteuberg on Ecclesieastes Mulier on Sin, 2 vols " (or ; 00 i 7 50 10 00 15 00 2 50 15 00 10 4 5 4 12 12 00 0 00 7 60 04 00 00 5 00 20 00 25 00 2 00 12 OO 4 00 11 00 A Com ca rati vk Englihh-Gkkma- n Grammer, based on the atliuity of the twolangiiagce. By Prof. Elias Peissner, latent' the University of 5 00 Municb, and of Union Collcgo, Schenectady. 3 00 New edition, revised. 31n pages. Price $1.75-- s 7 60 A LM t. R'S BOOK K EE PING. Netinder's Planting and Training ol the Palmer' Practical Pont-c- i keimno. By Joseph Christian Church by tho Apostles, 2 H. Pa inrr, A. M., insirucior in New York vois 4 tO Free Acaduny. 2mo. pp. HIT. i'rice Neander's Hutory of the Christian Blanks lo do. (2 uumla is), each 5a ceuto. 5 vols Church, 18 00 iiY to do. i'rice Id cents. Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, bv John Pye Smith, 2 vols K FETE 0l FEEN'GH METHOD. Mosheim's Hibtrie?.l Commentaries on A New MEriion hk Learning the French Lau-uuatho Slate ol Christianity during thy B J. a.n (justave Eeetels,i'ru:e.-6o- r of tir3t S25 years of tbe Chi istian Era 4 00 b and German iu the Bfoklyn Poly-vjchn- ic Bengel's Gnomon, 2 vols V 00 lattiLuie. 12mn. Prico$i.75. A KKIf TO THE NliW JisTH.lU in Tkunch, By J. Kitt. 's Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature, 1 vois 10 00 G. Ko .ids. I vol. 12 no, Price ftu ceuis. 18 00 Thb Elements ok In illlectual Phii.osopiiy. By Olshausen's Commeuiaries, 6 vols Bledsoe's Theodicy, hall uior 3 00 PraLois VVayhmd, i). V. 1 vol. 12uio. Price Lectures ou the Prophecies, by Georgo $1.75 Juiikin. D.D., 2 50 Schmitz's Manuu. ok Ammknt II, story; from the The undersigned have in addition to the above, liemo st mi s to tho OvtT'.ui w of the Western E opirc, a. d iro. with coi'iaiis chronol- a large '."i'knf very valuable Theological and religious books, which they will sell at a liberal ogical T .b cs and Iu lex. I'y l'i. Le. i. bard, Scbm Lz, I'.it.S.F., i.d.ngbiirgb. 12mo.i 6 pp. discount from publishers pri-- es to minis'ers. DAVIDSON Address, ROBINSON, .Pri i7a. 72 Fourth Bt. bet. Market and Main, For sale by DAVIDSON k ROBINSON Louisville, Ky. uisviileBy. j Aug. 15. .!. Ia

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