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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), October 4, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

"W' t OP&r3xtS!$t2vamH CfyV$&$SfwT Ji , ? $S T'y - ''3?i'7?y?ir i&ffti I No talk too hard, too roujh jio road, That led to that lixene abode" But, since to all iinpirt'i Heaven, One sleeting lite" has only given -- BT Twere madneis, sure, that time to wzfte 111 feaich of joys I ne'er can tafle; What- - hope tan bloom on life's lalt stage . Vhea each dejight is,pall'd by age ! .1.0..B. I ' miles irofa " JxN - PATENT-MEDICINE- LtfNl) yod ". Sale. Su-li- THE SUBSCRIBER court-hquf- fcveral tracls of Land in 1,..f rt HAS pans of Kentucky, for mam rtfodl sale, which he will dispose of I'eafona- - X-an- .- Jxintcni tt r prefurae, has j4 on tfie to CUrlci: coUlt boufe, leading iiom thcnte a3PbI joining the Und of Hubbard Taylor. This JOIIN CLAY.' .! ..i :. 11 -- i.' .. en .1.J 1.. ind.motable title-' -a deed of wuerJ warranty Lexmgtnr., 4th Augut, I V)6. wJjj be given. Any perftii- - inclined, to see It will be gratified by Mr. Taylor. The terms For iloT-iplying to Mr. Jofepli mav be known b VB HflLi.ovq TRApTS or LA. by in Lexington, or to Capt. Kichard Teirell en Beargrals. yvIJE tract lying in the wmniy of Carupbell, on th,e.vvate.csgfLoci3itcrek, containing 4 Aaron b ontaine. 3679 vl" HV, ''& "'. J'" "IV. " ' or of Kongh creek, naidncuuan, creek, . The whole will I r,rV djabout' -a bmnch W v!ded into ok, or two hundred acre lets, , A, F. maybeftfuitthepurehafers. lan(Js j,, fce rf on Jr,ate tonus ; one half of thcr purchafr mory to WAN UB lMMiDlATL-Y- , bs paid down, tor tne other a credit o tvje'.ve be wven; tne ptirchalcr vinj of pprovtu icturisy. rtiiy pcriun in- f""3?fa to To the Carpenter's artd Shop Joiner A) Co two or thsee hufinefs. lOrlNW.HOLnVatto.ijrfeft it yi rf 0 hM n jer uii iA J 6 BANK. jri SF.NGLBR.'y T S'effi-on- a. ngtoirI -- tir puria-ed.jri- th Lex-inglo- tf OHN COONS, - sit H f- T SALE, x. , 9 J SrEttASa: ni.n...J.i-- r H f ni uoc-aT- an i)1. OL)P ST OPEN GREAT to-th- . I "" c- rasent MERCHANDISE,' "'''S5. n - niii. Dinhl WfrbninPluntiftf admijHltrauon taken .on th Jtfij AGAIN, T . . .. dec. by r eltate ot olin IMny Mr .CKirifwhtr Bnamlccct, A?,rr t :j t? ..i i c. r.i..i Dy.rfr,!11 jk?", truuam Vcjcb, Efiz.,b'(tb EA,..i;,,ti r LL those indebted to the fubferi fact.. Thzit jvuis, ja iuiciccucu, tne jarpot d; lyiUhmtikcpbttJ and AW Sb'ttbir- ocr are once mnrs rMiii cri rn Mrt ta lrvino- of tns t nimaJi endsntt lueir rcipeciive accounts rft- - Uy tns will ot the laid deceafedr tn Chancery, ! Set those indebted to Weil and Guthrie Therefore all those who hae ny de (tere requefled to make payment to'the mands againll tthe fsidrt reftatc, and have 'p defendants, not Iisvinn. . o nfvanrtar Jublcnber, as that partnerjhip is ""' wM I. V theme theteTOtherappeaMnw apeeAJe to la aad by mutual cenfent. late administrator, "U ,.,c'" rules or th.urt, and it appei,-,w th. N. B. Nelson Thomaflbn isanthor-ife- d oi rnecourt tliat they arc not iniia- irjiuciis at rxeimn ' 't. r to.fettlv'he "' tmsiiate, on tne motion-ocounty, mat arrangements may lie t' e cojs. iept.a'7. EDWARD WXST. n u urocr:o crc r, ruaae to oiicnarge tnem. '. AI- t!iej,iildetendants doaooear Rer? . rpuz Last Notice. J ,. 1 .XPyi' - Knp-ni- nv f - djf-iblve- d . - . -- -- , iw.i-ii.ti- "'r above-accotinf- -- !.- -- i. :.... 1. 1. T7HEREAS, I am about jo rt.iovc ftiri eftatc, pay the same jV to Shelby county, rrvyvVile Ma- - to the. faidStenhens. whom hnrn m, J ' :; "r rrewjtt refuting to go with m, I pointed-niy- , agent in the Uate of. Ken persons crediting. her, 'on tucky. n all ijrty :coiint, a3 i will not pay'anvi THOMAS 'bEWIS' ' ' oeci3 ofherccmtrailltrrg. J' f ...t SeplcmbsSie .' - '.,, 1 1 " Wo'be' . r.v on tl, t, and iflu. of anfr the .bill be a copy of thii order n,.in - if...t. .ih n nmnths futcenively, and lome Sunday im- Siedj4teJ; aster divine lei vice-- , at tlie.Prefty te- rhV meeting-hous- e in foe town of Lexington, "" ""'1 a"tl-- r copy be pqfted at the door of fjic conrM.onfc intlie towji of Lexmstoi;. iA Copy,) Tgc. . ,1 Levi To.lU C, f, Ct nd f TrHM-HPLT- f knou-- jitf-ti- te TrZZi L' 8 Nctherltud Benj-jtirti- to the peo pie of Kentucky, has adverjiied tracts in tills It ate ioi fair, we. have g ven this friendly to thole whiun it" mary coridrr, tliai wj hie a claim to the follow ing Claris-oland, which bv the -said hetheiland, ia were fokl btoa.l- Diiitr ag fr Apprenpcespuf,1 - three C. F. C. fe-ve- ""-'- Two T'F't LEVI TODD, oi.-la- seer a piece. jnfen;ed by Benjamin S Cc:aand Jofcph Fenwickj in the Kentucky Gaz:tte, jth ths design of injur Vg nic-- in the fals of ijiy lands. Their pu'ihcion malicious as it is) pass but that I am appra henfiye- - ray fdejtcc might be couftrued into a toiif-flloof their charges and an acknowledgNov. I do affcrt tliat I ment of.jheir claim sold, land to Daniel Dwadhcad, nor cart ms. lie legally claim, a. 1 otic qi pruny It lie could, ww dq no the persons cbimiu. ,T It under him, make it appear? I have been three . wtf ijr LrOOU Journeymen, years cmlkutHvIn th-- . liate, and ahvjs defi- - Afo might UC ICitllillti- rousfthat my land difptwes K O "N (ed, ai daring their continuance I have been for House work, to whom gtnerous 3 wages will be givetr. exposed to much cruel and immentea ccniure. FOR StE By THI SUBSCRIBERS, In all tliii time little, or nothing has been doiie OHN Meilrs. Co:c and tenwick Lexington, April 12. tiy my opponents. f NE thousand acres of Land, lyips rortfr- tf V-West of ;be"0Hi cunuwingan lave publiilied that for all the lands advertised baiiKof CNcellerit Ore, as the tuulcriKir fuppofc bv tHe.n. a fjit has beetr commenced in the: D'ocTor Sainnel Bt own, That Fayette. for the quality of this ore lips been afteTtaincd by iourt of pjiartev Mr. Saugrsun of Lexington, to whom any person. J deny. ' i'ls true a fubperna iffaed againit me April lad, but 'tis 'm 'te Favette Dift-'if- t. in EGS leave to iniofin the vrrsitc, defircul sf piircliafing cm apply sort intbrma-tiofedually true, that the complainants have ne T,he, above tract of land lion, aJ;out that he will praiTtice MEDIGINE tliofe circumltanc f'lom tKt filed the'it bill tvelve jvURGLRY in its one mile mt!e from the1 Ohio river, and abni may form a j.ult estimate of and flora LittJe Scioto, whicV enjities, the puWic, I think title. 3. claiin fu impor- vicinity He occupies the liobfc in mites above the- thrcr Item's A Xx&im the villcllty of been established, would which Mr. Lb've lately lived, opposite supposed"'to be well calculated for a furnace tant, is It could have s runs, through jrofhave beeft'fo" h'i5 negle&ed ; or, at lcaft to Mr. Stewart's pruning oHTce. aad hasa fall of thirty would have aster coamensing. fu't. tftsv He will yhdertdke, on reafonaSle fi;et at o,y? Ipot, and about three qjartprs of,a they had imagined jnore keenhel's is inilrn(S' one or two pupils, mile froiji the bani of oreFor further parti, These laiidV terms, to n, culars apply' to- Mr. Alexander Paiker of tsey had anv chance of success. who-ca' hringgood recomnicndatibus, 1 trust I mall bj or'thd fubferibers mr Ws3&ijrlton Ifeilt, c6atiftue to sell, and September 5, 1795. doubtsof any person who ffileto remove-thBASIL JOtlKE. ii difpofcd to buy. Let aicurx. vos.ana cen- yv yrick, ia suture know, that I delpile tlie uy;JOHN CO&URH pociitical cant of their publication. Aster ad- April 1 f79; LXjf COPPER-SMITCuGns me of frauduient mtentwns aganitt in . jkS " n.ici-nmnn(v .thev kindly lav tnev nava EC 0 NOTICE, Informs his. friend and the public, the gb mterftlon of injuring ine. Let we ac tlinan is thev woutl not thinkfuch a cliariie that hchas just received a quantiry'of' iit.ttt,Ai, the partnermip ol AIexandei' injurious ' To tnam. indeed it misht not bb io and fames Parker fbv ths i use ucit quality, at Ins llis-sc ltfenfibly, and fcwr;,at ln0 men wou'c como'saifaucc, would in in Lexington whe(e,they Hiay"b"efhp-plie- d death of Jjnies) thc'cytccMtors pfthedeceafed, ftite of tlieir fawning ic wirh' any kind of woik in his earnelllv request" all tliofe uidcbftd to th; faii film, by bondr note; or book account, to tome" ftnt it as I da. ' line on the fliorcelt notice. B. NE7HERL4ND. "'""iu iiiuntuiaLciy anaieici" uiuir reiptuvff balances; lifee vise all thofa who have arty de- NOTICE. FOR mantis against fajd firm, w briiiRthem tonrard indeVed to-- the fubferibcr, 1 A LL person? R V OLtOWTNG ARUCIES; note or book. accountrare JU ther bybond, .nCuc.cJieam?itDeimm,eumceixpai? 1..1 Veqielled to come forward and make payment No mdulgentJi.ian nnHREE NEW STILLS of the befit on or oeiqre cue to Mr. i jomas - iiowaro, JL quality, and the veii'els fittingtheJk- - expected. ALEX. PARKER, 'Baltimore and Piiifedelphii, about" tlfcf tim4. . same, all'made tall fallr andt in good Ex'ts. ' JOHN COtiURN, cms notnemieives. 01 Tlioie who ao order. ' ftiip. a lively, yqung JlOMN BRADFORD, v tice, - may lest aiTurcd that they ihall be gro man, a g.ood dHliller. Atfq a Le:iirrton, April ta, dealt with as the law directs, at the expiratisn VERY LIKELY HEGXO GIRL, sixteen of said time fierefore I am in hopes this noAlso, the notedhorfs tice will be attended to, without turther trou-b- le years of age. IN Oy. . called t'h jepguson gray. 1 will as I am determinsd to have all ray accounts day of Decteiubernaxt, likely young geul, F 0 R 5 A'L E. finally fettlecVby the lit t3ke in exchange, GhO. TEGARUEN. ings and bi ood mares. Any gentle- Zntfteffit) flfrrtrfmerly occuoiedbv Eenfani'm S as a 3toier at the corner of M4in and, September 5, 1797. man' inclihiug topui chase, may.apply rofs ltreets,, opposite- the- Old Court HDufe? to the fubferiber living on Cane pun, ' KOCEIUES and DRY GOO5J3. adapted sour miles from, Lexington, Fayotce JTAR.GAINS ! X feafoni NAILS &c. WINOfAV GLASS Sajiuel Deeler-- to by rsand 9by rt ; also- a variety of' SAD county. on band, (ut my itore eppofite the HAVE DLSKY Saddles of di&renrdeffc'f uti'ons-- s adMarket koufe, Lexington) a good aGtt- - i.t I - managers A of the Lexhr-to- a r.fior ' '.riOfl.. Wf. ""rnirgais, ur ii OF every delcrip' j rtf. x W4l of flHrt . !ii. .11 t Jnrurance, have authorifed Mr. Samuel Voftle.-- ! will b? difpafed-o- , vwm. ur HOtTT IIHV10 - AH cctiemejy )ow fqr CASH pr "IK Ul LexirMton, to receive any monev oMl4Suited to the approaching feauVn.wSicir T'will fiiUDiiut;, by that may be due to them for tickets, and alfpr The iubiic's huiafelefcrvar.t-- T Jell (for ctffli only) lower then goods nave.evef 'to' pay such fuins as may" be 6ue to been sold in Kentucky. 'NATHAN BURKOWES:" of fortunate numbers wherefore, all th'ofe .As the above notice is really intended tabs Le:ngtir, Juney. who are indebted are. rquefled to mate itomplled'with en my parr, I have but payment. N. B. The ftibfcriberhasapnclcaga f SAT those- who- ineline to purchife 'oods, either THE MANAGERS. DLEKY Sadairs, Sidih-- l Utiles, tec. whole faleor retail, will on application, be-'.,. .,t.i v..- -Lexington, September 2, 1757 u, ttil vc-- mouerare terms accommodated-- so r CASH. Is ' M. SAT rERWMTE. TAKE NOTICE. Sspcemlitr 7.9, 779-7tf MDp-wtU, Copy) WHEREAS Jllk, ( ei CiirtNCERY. fotijfaciion of the court that he'is not an nha .bitant cf this- (tatc on the motion of the m ,jl.iin?,t bf his cpunfel, it is ordered, tr, thB ljud defendant do appear on tjie second Murf-da- y iu Nayehiber next, and answer the bib oi" 't,he coinplainant that a copv of thi older he ftirtWwith pnblrfted in the Kentucky Garetre for two months fueceilivlyy and fume .miucdjatcly aster divina service at tU l'iel- Hi the town of Lexing"Cyteiianmeetinjj-houfe- , ton, and another copy ha polled at the door of e in the towij of Lexinglon. tjie GOODS, HARD WARE, QUEEN'S WARE, GROCERIES, . And a small quantity of DRY SF ' George Clarke, dcftndtmt, -- ricohred The public, .T- JLj An Enslifli country paper a!Tsrt' that Lord Maath, who was lately sitltD 13 a duel ia ' FOR SALE, of 400 Acres ..., Military f P11, vrTf! - AuMNST The defendant not on Little Kentucky, and Fldvd j Fork, be tween eighteen and thirty Wiles from the ?ljs cf Ohio, of a good quality, and lies level, which 1 will sell on reafonahle terms for talh or ite- groei, and make a general warrjinty deed. B. NbTtiEilLsiND. March lb, 1 797-tf OXEEK OF BfBOrV. IF Qaa, or Fate, to man would give NIa two fiicceflive states to live ; 'Y.ii'fi-it- , In piin and sorrow lu ease, content; and bllfs.'jjhe laftj 1 then, would rack itty'ancious brain AVlth itudy, how that Rate td gain, fltij&0. Jfhri WCJellaiJ in the Bric-- Stsre reconprjefieedbufinefs ha HH opposite the Coin thoufe, lately occupied act! ,by Hugi ft.l'HvaiiiEfq. where he has to.difpofe . entered his appearence azreeabls to-lsthe rules of this court, and it appearing to t d of, a great varty of articles, tjQnfifJIcs of acres ofland, j.iJlve M)TiCE. C1IARL Tjcoultsibradiviiiojj Alio all persons who hive Ja'nv demands arriinsl: me for land, are deTiied to come forward,' as "i am ready to discharge &rf4 same. MUSES.Vy tjj for fae twelve thousand 5N V ted laud, are defyyd (o 'coine fonvari ajjdjiay ''off tiwir refpeAlve balances, in oider for d Sir '.irtltMi. t fltoll liflfrnr ' SACRED TO THE Ireland, has dice r" f Jppa- - All pcrfons for whom - "6p( "" l,r,,l . 'ul . acres jn CoS's diflridT, '5ooi ' riqvd roo onw tOik, 5000 oil lo. 500 on do do- - 531 ,3600-oon Grec tivei , 19s on Sandy, including a (ah lpiing1 icooon Licking creeW, 7ooonearthfe lick, 1000 on Kagle creek, 500 on the waters of the Ohio', 2,40b and a quarter, at theiliouth of Disk's iriver, 2316 and a half, on Jeilamipe, icoo on do. 1630 on HJclniaii creek, s 1 Eig-lion- e )O)O0o acres located-bySatuti- John1-fo- n el t'ayette county, oa aci'es ofi tlkharn, five hundred acics oh. in do, 2000 seres on Jeiluirrinc, all of which are entered in the ntfine of Benjamin Netherland. One moiety of the iollowiiig tiatfts-- , tiz: 1035 oa Floyd's fork, 2000 on hittlt Buljikirr, joooon do. 1000 on dt, toco on do fork", entered, irr the 3033 on name, ftf Benjamin Nethcrland, amS V'iliiain: May, toco' acres on JtJfa mine,' 2,506 acres err Hickman, rnterV ed in the name of John Mof, icoc? acics on Hickman, entsfred in the name of'jQhrf Brown 1335 acres entered in fhe.namc of Mena7iiiri Nc th'giland nd Johnllrrwsy 1333 Here entered in ths lad mentioned The two last mentioned- tiacts on Eagle creek, and 7,500 acres creek, entered in the nine-o- f Thomas Turpirr, 64805 acres, entered- in the? name of Nicholas ftlofeby,iear capti Oraig's, 16,37 andahrdt aces.orr-jef- J famine,, entered irr (he name of Charles Scott, ( 960 acres on Jcflairriney entered nitne name ol Wmium Staf-ford, the whole of which was t&e pro-- i ) 500 acrcg pei on Hickman, enured ir, ltae .o5 . ,,0 - orr-Ck'a-r - ,,, . '. V"v"' ". tk ,,ct T" .,' A liain Bradihaw, 9000, cfes ling on Licking, entered in the name of lohn George, atal FiehiriTg-Iitwfi- , 3000 acrei lying 00 the Watn 8 of Myty , lork, and entered in th; name.of Hubbaird and Benja liear-graff- mill Netheclarrdv Flod's-fork- , 5,900 on. enrered in the name of William May, 9,4031 acres entered- in tite5 name of Mildred Libhifot; on. the' - 5 !,; ." me ! "iF' ," i .1 wnio, 3422 acres on Kentucky, entered in.tbe. najae oS Francis Harris", 400a' on Harrod's creek, topo on Flcjd' farkr 1500 on, Floyd s for eBtered inthe name of William-Maicoojrn- Ohio, entered: in the- name of Jdhn May- and Johrp Harvje, jjfo acies dn Floyd's iprk, entered in the name of henjaiTiin Peter Coieiian, 2300 in the , name of Fraiicj-fiooo acres on ICemucky, entered in the name of SaiiiuefOldlfaili, tooo atrea cateretf '"he name of Bsiijainin'Jethejrland,, lying on uteen rner, 4o acres ont rioya s lorK, entered nj the name oft Benjamin Netherland amd Richard-Tayloriooq acres on Llkfwm, entered in the name of John and Benjanlin Netherla"nd, ifioopcres, and another traift of 420 euteied in the name of BcnjamiirN'etherhTid, Jyiag betwixt the"vNorth and Souifr to'iis of ilk'' tire-p-ro horn rith allorhe-T'lancJperty, ol the lard tVetheeIaiid.-.Foall thof lards thei a.'is'a Wth now com- ".'chced in the qnrirtfrffipn court for' the county .of Fae(te. Wr dd not : .. toi, notice-wjU.. . i eivc intention to wi S, re iam Mettiertantt, bin to prevent "' nocerlt people Irom bcirtp dstVand- d. 'Bt'N.S. COX. and - i y, - - fork-ensere- .Taj-Jo'j- , s r' .:. i - tf TOSEPH FEN W K K 1 LAHK . BONJS,

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