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Image 1 of Bourbon News, August 17, 1906

Part of Bourbon News

1 a < 1 < 4 J f EB 0 U R B ON NEWS H > 1 t c I j > PUBLISHED EVERY t VOLTJKE XXYT Y AND FRIDAY J3T JTitE YJSAK PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY AUGUST 11 1906 UMBER z lay Be of Interest Here Powers to Be Tried in November Trarance Commissioner Henry R jvvjtt states that but few reports jj v j been received in the State from who carry insurance in unau tr zed insurance companies The last th K Mature passed a law requiring each rjrson that takes insurance in unau ¬ thorized companies to report the same upon the first day of July or within thirty days thereafter and pay a tax of b 2 upon each 100 of premiums paid The law provides a penalty of not less than 100 nor more than 500 for fail ¬ ure to make this report The Commis- ¬ sioner states there is a great deal of this kind of insurance in the State and irany persons will be subjected to the penalty unless the reports are made The fourth trail of Caleb Powers will take place before the Scott county Cir¬ cuit Court in Nove mer the opening date being yet unfixed For the defense will appear Judge James C Sims of Bowling Green Ky JrSai uel M Wilson of Lexington and Judge H H Tye and Judge R S Rose of Williamsburg The latter is a Drotherin law of Mr Powers For the prosecution Charles J Bron ston of Leixngton > Robert Franklin of Frankfort J K Hendrickof Padu cah V F Bradley of Georgetown and Ben Williams of Frankfort I I I Wants to Purify Party William J Bryan in a statement at Paris says that Democratic National Committeeman Suiilvan of Illinois and John Hopkins rrdeliberately robbed the Democrats of Illinois of thier po ¬ litical right Mr Bryan says he was anixoys to give Mr Sullivan a chance to retire without a fight but inasmuch as he has refused to do so it is probab ¬ ly just as we l for if we must fight to purify the party organization the sooner it begins the better Mr Sul ¬ livan says Mr Bryan has been misin ¬ formed and that he is being influenced by Messrs Dunlap and Thompson I tat In last issue we stated the funeral of the late Mr John W Bed ¬ Prof Lippard is here meeting all who ford was conducted by Elder Carey E wish toenter the Business College in Morgan and it should have been Rev All iriteretsed should send Dr E H Rutherford as Mr Morgan September t their names to the News office at was absent from the city Dr Ruth ¬ once lt erford conducted the services bothat the house and the grave I The Skyscraper t lUo J J r e e e e r k I I I Sell Real Estate Rent Real Estate m 1 I I 1 I I I I I e e ship We heartily agree with ton Herald when it says like to see joint debates the Lexing ¬ We should between the candidates for Senator and also between the candidates for Governor The voters would be in better position tog t the real facts at issuj in such a de bate than a cava in which Governor Beckham speaks in Lexington Wednes ¬ day night and Senator McCreary an ¬ savers him in Henderson Saturday night in which Judge Hager speaks in MJ Sterling one week and General Hays answer hini the next week I e e R F to Dissolve Partnership a = = and will continue until the entire 9 I PARKER L 1 JAMES W It g BECRAFT 8 e 2nd Floor Wilson Building E T Phone 748 xtsR afP r44rgtrts trtY rr + f I FRANK I r < tt f I take this means of notifying the people of Bourbon County that I have sold out my business to Messrs John W Yerfces Jr and J Clarence Ken ney Yerfces Kenney They will if r t t t t if V Ladies and Childrens Oxfords Wash and Silk Suits Shirt Waists and Separate Skirts Lawns and White Goods f = t v t I I 4 r- New Styles in Skirts Just Received i if i t i 1 1E i == c 1 + + + t o > i 5 to I it PRANH f i t rO ffi c 7 I 1 r N > 1 f == + v We Are Offering Some Very Special Prices on G f oYt t AT t i c J- Robert J Neely SUMMER GOODS > 0 r ness will be conducted by the new firm on and after that date I take pleasure in recommending these young men to everyone of my customers and the trade generally They were both raised in this county and are well and favorably known to everybody in the community I hope my friends will give them the same liberal patronage they have given me in the years gone by For which v am very greatful <> 4 < > Greatly Reduced Prices take possession Sept 1st and the busi¬ > i i + j r + + Ur + + u f 7 3 CO ot oi + + qifu fix 15- I v T < t oz r < I rl i ez t S rtr tr t r r tr try CO t t > s x tiojn Sale 1 c t stock is sold Nothing changed during thisDissoli T > t Iit Ttfi 9 4 I- JAT COST F Cash = ItII t l f 1 EVERYTHING or real estate and manage same after the most approvedand modern methods tit Announcement I r- Sale will commence Tuesday- August IIi ee8e e e e e I I am also prepared Beckham at Lexington Beckham opened his campaign at Lexington Wednesday night He ar ¬ rived in Lexington on a special train accompanied by his wife a number of her friends and several Frankfort poli ticans He was met at the depot in Lexington by Mayor Combs and his henchmen and escorted to the Phoenix Hotelwhere he received a number of friends but we are informed by one who was present that the down town reception looked like a frost to him Jt was anything but an enthusiastic affair He was not out to the auditorium where he delivered his speech and could not say how about his reception there His speech was lengthy and mainly m defense of his administration and in answering the charges preferred by Attorney General Hays taking a shot at Senator McCreary as he waded through his manuscript He did not mention or take a stand pn any national iuestion and one would have thought he was running for some state office instead for the United States Senator If < i I Gov f = I 8 1ft Attention = I e t ei Receive Prompt I to furnish loans on I Gov a Ifil I Entrusted to me will It I i c DISSOLUTION I Business I Eveyone who contemplates visiting The fourth annual reunion of Mor ¬ the Bourbon Fair should not fail to- gans cavahy took place at Parks Hill visit the Skyscraper Main near Tenth Wednesdsay and Thursday About 175 I f r I galls Men street convenient to the Interurban of the daring riders were present Traction Line for a cool refreshing Senator James B McCreary who was drink of Wiedemann beer in keg or one of Morgans officers was present bottle The finest line of old whiskies and delivered an eloquent address The Chicken Cock and Van s following officers of in the city the Association hook Try our line of imported wine were elected for the ensuing year Our cigars have Mumms extra dry President Gen B W Duke First the right qualities for a fine smoke Vice President JW Bales Second Vice THE SKYSCRAPER President Judge M C Saufley Third Albert Lyons Manager 14tf Vice President Major 0 S Tenney Secretary and Treasurer G R Kel ¬ ler Corresponding Secretary John G Bourbon Fair Privileges Sold Roache Chaplin Dr E 0 Duerrant Auctioneer Geortre D Speaks sold at Executive Committee J D Hunt J the Bourbon Fair grounds at public W Sharp G Wall W H Robb H auction Wednesday the privileges for M Taylor the week of the fair for an aggregate No girl with a new engagement ring of 786 The dining room privilege can understand why anyone should The want to wear gloves was bid to 50 and withdrawn privileges sold were as follows Lunch 27 HomeKilled Meat counter Sam Brannon soft drinks T F Brannon 76 cigars and We have some of the finest home tobacco ThosHayne 13 news stand killed meatever slaughtered in Paris agent of the Le Sherman HSTfversT ington Herald 1 hitching privileges Will take pleasure in filling your order Ollie Hedges 100 orange cider Let with something nice Give s a trial 27tf LAUGHLIN BROS 70 lemonade ton and Snyder 25 Clarence Sprake ice cream and PluiuiiierPiiikard 8 sjda water 16 fruit A Longo candy J H Lctton 13 shooting gal B H Plummer and Miss Elizabeth lery V K Johnson Georgetown 25 Pinkard both of Bourbon county Iiv merrygoround J A Wharton Val ¬ ing near thiscity drove to Cynthiana lei View 126 ice cream cones John Wednesday and were married by the B Jewell Lexington 25 ball throw- ¬ County Judge of Harrison County ing and cane rack Will Gardner Mul linsvilie 95 target shooting photo 10 striking iullery W E Poe I m ichine 10 balloons and whips A Veach Cincinnati 40 I I 4t SALE OF I fCIQthi11g Gents Furnish eeHHHeeeee ings and Shoes YOUR ei A Correction j hrt rii 6 I 40q a

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