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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), March 21, 1861

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

TIT "If COMMONWEALTH. JELSL FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, VOL. 10, THE TRMVEEKLY mul SMITH, RATHER I'riduy, by & MASlTACTtllinllS P COMMON WEALTH Will bo published every Monday, AND DEALERS John L. Scott. James Simpson SIMPSON IN zm zm, zimnmm & SCOTT, and Counselors Attorneys at Law. FRANKFORT, KY. Office, adjoining Yromnn BvildinpTl': sitmc. AND LADIES FURS, At FOUR DOLLARS PF.U ANNUM, payable heretofore occvpicd by John L. SrnU. iu advance. 4J9 Mai ii Street, between Fourth and Fifth, TUDGE JAMES SIMTSON AND JOHN L. SCOTT will hereafter practice law in partnerThe Wkfii.y, a lanre mamship in the Court of Appeals and Federal Court at moth sheet, i published everv Tuesday morning at 21, Oct. Frankfort. Judge Simpson would respectfully TWO DOLLARS PER ANN CM, in advance. refer to all persons who have known him. cither Our terms for advertising, either in the at the Bar or as Circuit Judge in early life, or or Weekly Commonwealth, will ho as libmore recently ns Judge of the Court of Appeals of eral as in any of the nowspapcrs published in the would refer to tho perKentucky. John L. JAMES B. ri.AV. THOS. B. MONKOK, JR. TVOSt. sons heretofore referred to by him in his published gST All letter upon business should be pot-jai- ! & card. to insure attention: All business in th Court of Appeals and Fedpractice law in the United States, Cir-- f eral Court entrusted to this firm will receive faithA VTIL-cuit and District Courts held at Frankfort, ful and V prompt attention. a and the Court of Appenls of Kentucky. Scott resides in Frankfort, and maybe confided to them will receive prompt atten- found at all times at his office adjoining tho Yeotion. jan4 wAtwly. man Printing Office Address Tho?. 15. Monroe, Secretary of State, Frankfort, or Clay Jr Monroe, office Short street, VOORHIS", JOHN W. Lexington. M! Everybody wants to make out their bill:, and THOS. B. moxroi:, JR., SOUTH SIDE MAIN STREET, everybody can save a vast amount of labor by Has been engaged to attend to the unfinished professional business of the late lion. Ben. Monroe, having nicely &. Todd's Grocery Store, Communications addressed to him at Frankfort Opposite Gray FRAXKFORT, KY., will receive prompt attention. April 9, HAS just received his large and extensive stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, LYSANDER HOED, Consisting of Cloths. Cawimerrs, and Vetinj, of the best quality, and of the last styles and patATTORNEY AT LAW, terns. He also has on hand a large assortment of THE FRANKFORT, KY. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Law in the Court of Appeal, And everything necessary for furnishing a gentlePRACTICES and Franklin Circuit Court. man's entire wardrobe. Any business confided to him shall be faithfully COMMONWEALTH OFFICE p53 All work warranted to be as well done, and and promptly attended to. His office is on St. in as good style, as at any other establishment in Clair street, near the Branch Bank of Kentucky, the Western country. where ho may generally be found. Fit no Sale.-SB- S Frankfort, Jan. 12, 1859-t- f. Frankfort, Oct. 5, 1860-t- f. A. G. HODGES & COMPANY, LA.W N"OTIOE. CLAY MONROE. SETTLEMENTS!! Jiusi-nes- jfMr. erchant Tailor, JOB ROOMS Turn out that clas of Trailing in the highest style of the art, and at the- 53-- CHAELE3 F. CRADDOCK. W. CRADDOCK. O. CRADDOCK & CRADDOCK, "lYEVCWirSTtm H STRAUSS would respectfully inform the citizens of Frankfort wnd the surrounding country that he has opened a Clothing Store in the FRAXKFORT, KY. room on St. Clair street lately occupied by Mr. O. VERY LOWEST PRICES. on St. Clair street, next door south of W. Doxon. OFFICE Bank of Kentucky. He has just received an entirely NEW AXD Will practice law in copartnership in all tho COMPLETE STOCK OF WINTER CLOTHING, August 8. 1800. Courts holden in tho city of Frankfort, and in the HEAVY OVERCOATS, 5 EURO CLOTHING, of te. lie has also a general assortment of GenLAW BOOKS AND BLANKS. Circuit Courts f. tho adjoining counties Jan. 5, 1858-ltlemen's Clothing and Furnishing Goods, Boys FOR SALE and Youth's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Trunks, &c. He can furnish gentlemen with fine business M. AT COMMONWEALTH OFFICE. and dress suits of superior quality, and made in the best style, cheap for cash, T'Those who wish cheap Clothing are invited FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY. to call and examine his stock. O'Vtce on St. Clair Street under the Bindery. MONROE A-- HARLAN'S DIGEST OF THE DEMn. C. X. JOHNSTON, who is well known ?5 CISIONS OF THE COURT OF APPEALS. in this community as a Tailor, is employed as V. T. CHAMBERS. 00 J. W. Ft NNELL. S10 2 vols. Price salesman in this establishment, where he will be REVISED STATUTES OF KENTUCKY, pleased to see his friends. He will attend to Cut& CHAMBERS, 5 fiO 1 vol. Price nov28 tf. ting clothes as usual. DEBATES OF Til 23 CONVENTION, A W. H 00 I vol. Price . ATTORNEYS HARLAN, JOHN ATTORNEY AT LAW, BOOKS. GUIDE TO JUSTICES, CLERKS, SHERIFFS, Ac, by John O. Ubbxdos, ' Price vol. 1 3 00 THE GENERAL ACTS of Session 1855-1 01) Pamphlet form. Price LOUGHBOROUGH'S DIGEST OF THE STAT6,, UTES, 1 AT LAW, vol. 'Price FINNELL AT TO It NE YS AT L Went Side Scott St. OFFICE let. Third Greenwood Female Seminary, Fourth Street. COVINGTON, KENTUCKY. February 22, 1860-t- f. M ATTORNEYS AT LAW; BLANKS. BLANKS FOR COUNTY COURT JUDGES of all kinds, Price 50 cts. per quire. WARRANTS AND EXJUSTICES' BLANKS ECUTIONS. Price 50 ets. per quire. CONSTAULE'S SALE NOTICES, REPLEVIN BONDS, Ac. , Price 50 cts. per quire. SHERIFF'S REPLEVIN BONDS. Prie 50 ets per quire. KENTUCKY, Law in all the Courts held in 1RACTICES and the adjoining counties. e on St. Clair street, four doors from the Bridge. 1850-t- f. Jan. 3, FRAXKFORT, JOHN RODMAN, AT TOR NE Y AT LA TV. KY. FRAXKFORT, CIRCUIT CLERK'S EXECUTIONS. RACTICE3 in all the Courts held in FrankPriuC ets. per quire. 13 fort, and in Oldham, Henry, Trimble and BLANK CHECKS, on Branch Bank of Kentucky, Owen counties. Office on St. Clair street, near ;H Frankfort, and Farmers Bank of Kentucky. Oct. 28, 1853. the Court House. Price 75 ets.. perquire BLANK DEE US. Price si per quires. 01.1 Orders from a distance for any of the above mimed Books or Blanks will be promptly attended to when accompanied by the Cash; and if desired to be forwarded by mail, the postage will upon the condition that it be refunded by the person ordering the article to be sent by mail. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. J. II. KINKEAD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, . QALLATIX, MO. XJRACTICES in the Circuit and other Courts of j Daviess, and the Circuit Courts of tho adjoining counties. , : Ollieo up stairs in the Gallatin Sun Office. May 6, We are prepared to execute all kinds of Cook, Pamphlet, & COUNSELLOR 1857-t- f. MEDICAL CARD. and Job Work, In tho neatest and host style, on short notice, and as low as any olbco will do aiinilar work. G. KEENON, DR. J.permanently Frankfort, located in his professional services to the citizens of the town and vicinity. LAWYER'S SSOttieo on Main street, in Mansion House, Printed in the very best and neatest manner, and 2nd door from coi ner. Aug' 29, 1860-t- f. on moderate terms. ItOUi. J. lllf K KI.MUDUK, HAVING BRIEFS BLANKS. Attorney and Counsellor Clerks, Sheriffs, and all other kinds of Blanks, printed on short notice and moderate term?. FEANKLIN and Stereotype Foundry, Type 1G8 Vine Street, between 4th & 5th, CINCINNATI, OHIO, MANUFACTURERS OF A.NDDEAi KKS IN NEWS, BOOK AND JOB TYPE, Printing Presses, Cases, (.alleys, &c, Inks and Printing Material of every Description. Of all STEREOTYPING kinds B"k, Music, Potent Medicine Di- ic, ic, rections, Jobs, Wood Cuts, Brand and Pattern Letters of Various Htyleh. ELE CTR O TYPING In all its Branches. December 30, lS59-l- y. R. ALLISON . Superintendent. Corner St. Clair and Main Streets, Entrant? on St. Clair, opposite the V jVtoa N.SkSi list - of this School will nj January, 1861. rLR SKSMON: $00 Board, including ftiel and lights J5 Tuition in primary class ' 20 " middle and senior classes French, Latin, Drawing, and Painting in 10 water fdor.?, Aeh Oriental, Grecian, and Antique Painting, 5 each 25 Music on Piano 5 Use of instrument for practice 6 Washing Ut) 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 2 Stationery Instructions in Plain and Ornamental Needlework without charge. X deduction for voluntary absence. For further information address the Principal. jnn4 wJttwSui. nwreTt a u r ant. JJ s2S CHARLES M. HAWKINS, t'oravr St. Clair Street and Broadway, FRANKFORT, KY., (formerly kllih' RKSTAUKAXT.) this establishment, I am HAVING purchased first class RESTAURANT to keep a in all its departments. My Larderwill be regularGame ly and constantly supplied with Oysters. of every description in season. Fish, Arc, with all the seasonable delicacies, the most epicuriau taste can demand, served up in a style not to be surpnssed in any eating house in this country. My BAR will contain tho best and purest Wines and Liquors, tfcc, and nry aim will bo to keep this House in such style as to merit tho patronage of all lovers of qood eating and drinking. CHAS. M. HAWKINS. janlHtf. i'if " at Law, TKE PARTNERSHIP "Ttf7"mCII has existed for many years past be-- f f tween the undersigned and C. G. Graham, under the style of " C. G. Graham' in the Livery Stable on Ann street, in Frankfort, and in other property, real and personal, having been dissolved by tho death of Mr. Graham, I hereby give notice DENTAL SURGERY, to all concerned, that as surviving partner I will close the unsettled business of said lato firm. All BY E. G. HAMBLETON, M. L. persons indebted to it are requested to make imoperations on the Teeth. will be directed mediate payment, so that I may be enabled to a scientific knowledge, both of Surgery pav tho outstanding debts against it. ami Medicine, this being the only safe guide to THO. S. PAGE. Frankfort, decH tf, From tbi.H he is enabled to uniform success. operate with far less pain to the patient void of CAUTION TO DEBTORS. danger. All work warranted; the workmanship will show for itself. Calls will bo thankfully TROM information received since the death of I niy late partner, C. O. Graham, I believe ;jT- f- Office at his residence on Main street. there are numerous outstanding debts due to the kfFranort, May 27, 1S5.L late firm, for which notes were given payable to " C. G. Graham " (which was the style of the firm), but which have not come into my possession as JOHN P. MORTON & CO., surviving partner. I therefore warn all persons thus indebted not to make payment to any person GRISVTOLD,) lUOCKiS.iGlt TO HOKTON than myself or my authorized agent. If Bookseller, Stationers, Bindtrt, and Book and Job other dn, they will act in their wrong, and may be they Printers, Main Street, Louitivillc, Ky.f compelled to pay again to the surviving partner, B li AVE constantly on hund a complete assort-who alone is authorized to collect said debts. ment of Law, Medical, Theological, ClassiTHO.S. PAGE. Frankfort, jan2wAtwtf. cal, Sehool, and Miscellaneous Books, at low prices. Paper of every description, quality, and LEXIXGTOX, KY. ,TJ" OFFICE on Short street between L stone and Upper streets. Lirae- - HIS & price. HARDIN'S GALLERY OF ART, Ses-d- Twenty-Fift- .Y KY. TRAYNE RUNY AN', Pkinci- h The commenco on Mondoy, the T. N. & D. W. LINDSEY, 3 00 FRANKFORT, "ft 1 US. MARY PAL "Collegc. Schools, and Private Libraries supplied at a small advance nn cost, Whole mU or Retail, July 13, 18o0-b- y. House.) rank To it, Kentucky. FRANKFORT, opened a Gallery, tho undersigned CITY BARBER, respectfully informs the citiens of Frankfort Rooms under Commonwealth Office. and vicinity, that he is prepared to take pictures F you want your Hair Trimmed, Face Shaved, in tho best style. Having a superior Camera, he your Head bhampooncd, go to who m;iy favor him thinks he can plcne tho-:H. SAJll EL'S BARBER SHOP. with their patronage. Feb. 8, 1S60. M ELAINEOT YPES, PHOTOAMBROTYPES, GRAPHS, AC, COVE MILL FOR SALE. of sizes and in eases to suit the tastes of all, i miles North of Frankfor, on taken in the highest style of the ai t, and on modeSITUATED turnpike road. For particulars' rate terms. R. C. STEELE. X-.tie in ues uiose wno win to get their apply to Frankfort Ky. Augusts tf likenesses taken, to call and see specimens of his Satisfaction will be given or no rharge work. W. H. H. HARDIN. made. Telegraph Office Removed. copy. 13, Office city has been re-TJHE Telegraph Freight iu this of the Louisville, J Office moved to the HOT AND COLD BATHS Lexington Railroad depot. All Frankfort, and persons having business with the office will pleaso 1 0 bo had, day and night, at T. C. KITE, notice this change. SAMLflS BARBER SHOP. Agent. Feb. S, 1SG0. . jnnT tf. STAVING I .. Kentucky River Coal. just received a fresh supply of the RIVER COAL ; also a KENTUCKY large lot of CAN N EL, Pittsburg, Youghiogheny, and Pomeroy, which I will sell at the lowest market priee. All orders will be promptly filled for any point on the railroad or city, by applying to me bv mail, or at mv Coal Yard in Frankfort. ' S. BLACK. feb2 twtf. IHAYE MARCH 21. 1861 YOU WANT WHISKERS EO DO YOU WANT WHISKERS? Curt! Coughs, Cold, HoarenS9. In fluenzu, any Irritation or Sorencast of tnc 1 nroat, itclttvc thv Hacking DO YOU WANT A MUSTACHE? Cough in CotWumjttioii, Bronchitin, Athnia, and Catarrh, Clear and givt DO YOU WANT A MUSTACHE? irrriifflft fo the potcrr of Bclliiixham's celebrated StimulHtins: PUBLIC SPEAKERS AND SINGERS. the Whiskers aud Hair. Few are aware of tho importance of checking a The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to Cough or "Common Cold" in its first stage; that the citizens of tho United States, that they have which in the beginning would yield to a mild obtained the Agency for, and are now enabled to remedy, it neglected, soon attacks the Lungs offer to the American public, the above justly cel" Brown' Bronchial Twchetr," containing demul d ebrated and article. cent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial THE STIMULATING ONGUENT Irritation. is prepared by Dr. C. P. Bellingham, an eminent "That trouble in my Throat (for physician of London, and warranted to bring out BROWN'S which the 'Troche' are a specific), a thick sot of having made me often a mere whisWHISKERS OR A MUSTACHE TROCHES perer." N. P. Willis. in from three to six weeks. This article is the " I recommend their use to Pub- only one of the kind used by tho French, and in lio Speakers." BROWN'S Rev. E. H. Chapin. London and Paris it is in universal use. "Great service in siibduinghoarse-TROCHE- S It is a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet stimRev. Daniel Wise. nes?." ulating compound, acting as if by magic upon the "Almost instant relief in the dis roots, causing a beautiful growth of luxuriant tressing labor of breathing peculiar hair. If applied to the scalp, it will cure baldness BROWN'S to Asthma." and cause to spring up. in p!ao of the bald spots Rev. A. C. Eoglestos. a fine growth of new hair. Applied according to TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anything directions, it will turn red or towy hair dark, and injurious." Dr. A. A. Hays, rostor gray hair to its original color, leaving it Chemist, Bonton. The "Onguont" is an BROWN'S soft, smooth, and flexible. "A simple and pleasant combinaindispensable articlo in every gentleman's toilet, tion for Coughs, Are." and alter one week's use they would not for any TROCHES Dr. G. F.. Bigklow, Button. consideration be without it. "Beneficial in Bronchitis." The subscribers are the only Agents for the arEROWN'S Dr. J. F. W. Lane, Bonton. ticle in the United Stutos, to whom all orders must "I have proved them excellent for be addressed. TROCHES Whooping Cough." Price One Dollar a box for sale by all DrugRev. H. W. Warren, Bonton. gists' and Dealers: or ft box of the "Onguent" BROWN'S "Beneficial when compelled to (warranted to have the desired etfect) will bo sent speak, suffering from Cold." to any who desire it, by mail (direct,) securely Ri:v. S. J. P. Anderson, packed, on receipt of price and postage, $1 18. TROCHES St. Louin. Applv to. or address. " Effectual in removing Hoarse& CO., BROWN'S HORACE L. HEGEMAN ness and Irritation of the Throat, DRUGGISTS, AC, with Speakers and Singfeb22-6- m. 24 William St., New York. TROCHES so common M. Stacy Johnson, ers." Prof. LaOranye, Ga.t Teacher of Music, CHOICE FLOWER SEEDS BV MAIL BROWN'S Southern Female College. POSTAGE PAID, BY "Great benefit when taken before ? is hereby given that we will rigidly the law against all persons who trespass on our lands by passing through the same, leaving down our fences, pillaging our crops and fruit, cutting trees or hunting and fishing on our H. GILLISP1E, farms. EMILY SCEARCE, THOS. S.PAGE. Franklin county, August 13, 1800. "JOTICE inforce "cigars and tobaccoTTHE - LARGEST AND WE HAVE ON HAND best assortment of CIGARS and TOBACCO ever brought to this city. A box of fine cigars makes a handsome Christinas or New Year's gift. Call GRAY fc TODD'S. and get them at dec-2- KEADY. ISTOW A. 123.' Practical Treatise for the use of Justices of the Peace, Constables. Sheriffs, Jailers, and Coroners in Kentucky. Bt RICHARD rpHIS JL been H. STANTON,, Kt. NEW WORK, WHICH HAS prepared with unusual diligeno and care by tho author, is intended to be a complete and perfect guide, to Justices of the Peaoe, and tho other offieurs named above, in the discharge of their rospootive duties under tho laws of the state. Its arrangement is such, that while it presents to the officer a full viow of the law which he may be called upon to enforce, whether oivil or criminal, it affords him such complete and accurate instructions as to the practical manner of discharging his duties, iu each particular case, that it will be almost impossible for the least informed among them to go astray. Every necessary form which a justice of the peace, or other officer may require in the cour.e of bis official duties, will be found in its appropriate place in the work; and the instructions are so full, perspicuous and clear, that it will be found an invaluable official companion to tho9e for whom the treatise is intended, and a highly useful work to the legal profession, and all others, having business with those officers. The author has spared no labor to make it just such a work as is now most needed by the class of officers whose datie9 are so fully and clearly explained, and his well TROCHES and after preaching, a they pre-- I known accuracy and success will commend it to From their past the hearty patronage of all persons in Kentucky vent Hoarseness. VERSAILLES, AVOODFOKD COUNTY, KY. BROWN'S effect, I think they will be of per-- i concerned in the administration of the law. COLLECTIONS OF IMPORTED FLOWER SEEDS. manent advantage to me. The work contains six hundred and fifty octavo 246" A ST Kit , a fine collection in 21 var Si 60 Rev. E. Bkowlky, A. M., TROCHES 1 00 " 247 " in 16 var. President of Athens College, Tenn. pages, is printed on fine paper, and with large, 1 00 " 248 " globe in 12 var elear type, and bound in the very best style. bv all Druggists at TWENTY-FIV- E 1 Do 249 " " pyramidal 12 var Priee, $4 Oil. 8. C. BULL, ov20 witw6m. ' 200 " now dwarf Boquet, 10 var. 1 00 CENTS A BOX. Frankfort. Ky. " French pa?oney flowering 2il The Thoroughbred Young Horse. 1 60 very fine and beautiful 3 00 262 Stock, German collection of 36 var ,( 2 60 " " 263 of 24 var (i 1 60 " 264 of 12 var " THE winner of seven first prize? in ' Autumn flowering 266 " " the rings for thoroughbred horses, at 1 60 12 var the Lexington, Louisville, Shelby vine, and Emi267 Anthirrhinura, very choice collection, 2 vols., nence Fairs two of them being State Fairs will Stanton's Revised Statutes 2 00 18 var be permitted to serve mares at S16 the season, with 1 00 267 Balsam French Camelia, 10 var 00. the privilege of returning the next year a mare $10 3 00 268 Caranation, 12 very fine var not proving to be in foal. 1 00 269 Digitalis, S very fine var The blood of Japhet is of the most distinguished 2f,0 Hollyhocks, Paulsbert, in 12 var 2 00 1 vol., $5. strain, uniting from his immediate ancestors the Stanton's Code Practice 1 00 261 Larkspur, Dwarf Rocket, 8 var blood of Sir Archie, Medoc, Imported Bodford, Considerable experience in selecting, en- Diomede, and Medloy, and tracing through both ables us to make up collections which are invari- sire and dam to the best blood of England, and $5. ably satisfactory to purchasers; and our unusually having in afew lines of descent 17 distinct crosses Volume 2 Metcalfe Reports, full assortment the present season, embracing eveof the celebrated Godolphin Arabian. ry desirable novelty and standard sorts, either For particulars see bills and apply to the subOne complete set of Kentucky raised here or imported from the most reliable scriber, six miles from Frankfort, on the GeorgeFloral Seed growers in Europe, insures assort- town pike. WILLIAM J. LEWIS. Reports will be sold cheap for cash. ments of the rarer sorts nnd finest qualities, all mar!8 w&twljul of the growth of the pat season, ;,t"Send for a Catalogue. The Qreat Premium Jack. The complete Acts of the LegisA. BORNEM AN, ni. Seedman and Florist. ! lature, session 1859 GO. (Formerly the Property of J. H. Sheffer,) GROCERIES ! ! GROCERIES! 'ILL make the present season at my farm, Members of the Legislature, and E HAVE NOW TORE f f five miles from Lexington, on the Winchester and Lexington Turnpike, adjoining the farm of Dr. Nicholas Warfield, and will serve Jennets person's visiting the Capital, can ob8 hhds. choice N. 0. Sugar; at THIRTY DOLLARS the Season, the money to 12 bbls. D. R. crushed Sugar; be paid when the jennet is romoved, or 8 bbls. powdered Sugar; tain the above works by calling the insurance, to be paid when the 6 bbls. granulated Sugar; jennet is known to be in foal or parted with. Jen10 bbls. preserving Sugar; my store, or by addressing me by nets bred by the insurance and losing their foal, 6 bbls. Molasses; may be bred, back next year free of charge, grain 6 half bbls. Molasses; S. C. BULL, and grass excepted. Grass will be furnished two mail. 6 kegs, 10 gallons, golden Syrup; months free of charge, and after that time $1 50 3 bbls. golden Syrup; , Book Seller. per month will be charged. And the will be j bbls. No. 3 large Mackerel; grain fed if desired, on the usual terms. I have l half bbls. Mackerel; two hundred and seventy-fiv- e acres of as fine 10 kitts Mackerel; grass as is to be found in Kentucky, and conven1 bbl. Pickled Salmon; ient lots to feed And foal in, and every care will 20 bags choice Rio Coffee; bo taken of jonnots, and their oolls, tent to this 10 bags Old Government Java Coffee; Jack, but no responsibility for accidents and esi0 boxes Star Candles; capes, should they occur. The season has com18 bo?;es Tallow Candles; menced, and will expire tho 1st of December. 20 boxes No. 1 Family Soap; TUSCAROR'A is so well known as a Jack of 10 boxes Oerman Soap: unsurpassed merit, that I deem a lengthy descrip20 bushels dried Peaches: tion of him unnecessary. It is confidently be20 bushels dried Apples: lieved that he is the best aged Ja-in Kentucky, 4 bbls Sweet Potatoes; and this has been fully tested in the different rings 2'j bbls. Neshanoc Potatoes; of the Agricultural Fairs of the State before the 4 bills, small Navy Beans; best judges. He has taken premiums at all the 10 boxes Pearl Smirch; Fairs, viz: at Lexington, Paris, Winchester, the 6 hull' chests of U. P. and Black Teas; Together with a general assortment of groceries, State Fair, and has from a colt up been beaten but twice. His blood, size, form, and appearance, which we are now selling low for eash. A large supply of the above well known seed eminently place him at the head of all animals of GRAY Si TODD. feblS lm S. C. B t LL . his class in the United States. just received at BORNEMAlNr, rSold TUSCARORA y IS Fifty Dollars Dissolution. partnership heretofore existing between undersigned under the firm of KEEN'N A CRUTCHER, was dissolved on the 13th inst., by mutual consent. All persons indebted to the firm, previous to the of January, 1801, are requested to come forward and pay up immediately, as the business of THE lt mut the lute firm February be closed. 2S, ISfil. EDGAR KEENON ment of the business. EDGAR KEENON, N. CRUTCHER. J.iO. is charged with the settlefeb27 wAtwlm Partnership. E. GIBBONS having purchased the interest of John N. Crutchcr in the firm of Keenon 9 Jt Ci uteher, the undersigned will continue the business at the old stand on Main street. EDGAR KEENON, feb27 witwlra. J. L. GIBBONS. TT Notice t6 Trespassers. AftTE, the undersigned, forbid hunting, shoot-- T V ing game, and cutting trees upon our premises. The law will be enforced against all who do so. S. E. Scofield, Joseph Terry, Thomas Elliott, Joseph Parreut, Win. T Reading, Jcptha D. Parrent, Dr. J. R. Hawkins, A. 13. Read, Hugh Allen, Talbott Collins. ly Fkaxklin Cointv, February 1st, 1861. First of the Season ? Spring Stylos Ulnck and ! f? Col- i? ored Soft Hats AT KEENONS & I Je ! GIBBONS'. "A style CORDEROY HATS entirelv new, very neat, light, nnd genma'r4 KEENON A GIBBONS. yRENCH ' I teel. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. NO, SCHOOL FOE BOYS. RS. MARY WILLIS TODD has opened a i i l.,-J , ; tl,p Mansion House, on " 1 M. scuuo, 1U1 Main street.. Having baa several yers experience in teaching, she feels confident of giving sat- . isfaction to nil who may send in her. She teaches Spelling. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, and Latin commenced. 15 Teiiu, per 8elon of Twenty W eeki, marS twtf. XTKT v ,t I UU exchanged febl;" AWTE3D. POUNDS LIVE GEESE FEATH- Furniture will be ERS.. for wuil-'at cash prices. A. O. CAMMACK. Description and Pedigree. years old the 20th of June last,y 16 hands high, a beautiful black; mealy nose, is in fine health, with more smooth, good action than any large jack I have ever seen. He was sired by Mammoth Warrior, (the Rob Smith Jaek,) Mammoth Warrior was by Young & Everett's imported Mammoth, and out of a Warrior jennet. Tuscarora's dam, Isabella, was by Tippecanoe, gr. dam by Mohican, (a jack purchased in New York by Samuel Shannon, Esq., and brought to Kentucky,) a descendant of the Royal Gift; dam bv Achilles, ho imported by the ISAAC O. ROBINSON. Hon. Henry Clay. Fayetto county, marll w&twlra TUSCARORA was at 5 Can be found at all times, at S. C. Bull's, a general assortment of the very best make of LADIES, MISSES, The Premium Jack, SHAKSPEAEE, WILL MAKE THE PRESENT SEASON AT the stablos of Mrs. E. Nash, 4 miles south of Versailles, on the turnpike to McColm's Ferry, 6 miles from said ferry, at THIRTY DOLLARS to insure a colt. Persons wishing a conditional insurance for Jack or Jennet colt, can, by the addition of SfiO in the former or the deduction of $o Persons not stipin the latter, be accommodated. ulating the terms at the time of sending their charged the insurance price, jennets, will' be "jennets losing their colts before foaling time, can Jennets will be bred next season free of charge. be pastured gratis, or grain fed on reasonable terms. He has proven himself a sure foal getter, and his colts are not surpassed by any Jack's colts in the country. He has formerly stood at $40, but owing to the hard times is reduced thus low. Description and Pedigree. SHAKSPEARE will bo 5 years old next June, is jet black, with mealy nose, is full 16 hands high, with superior bone, style, and action. He has taken four or five first premiums at the different fairs. He was sired by the celebrated Compromise, and out of a Mammoth Jennet; his granddam by Jack Downing; gr. gr. dam by Mountain Leader, out D. NASH, of an imported jennet. B. McLOED, JNO. D. NASH. Woodford county, mar 15 w&tw3ui AND CHILDREN'S GAITERS ; BUSKINS, SLIPPERS, AND BOOTEES, Both with and without heels. Also, GENTLEMEN'S, BOY'S YOUTH'S, AND SERVANTS i Boots and Shoes. Fishing Tackle and rocket Cutlery. STOP THERE! HALL & HARRIS keep the United Slates, formerly the Owen'l Hotel. "When ou go to LouisvillesTOPTHERK JuoeS, The very best assortment to bo bad in the city, and many articles in the way of fancy goods, too numerous to mention, all of whioh wilU be sold at the lowest rates for cash, or to prompt buy ers on time. S. C. BULL, 'Co-l- y. St. Clair Street, Frankfort. fe.b.20.

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