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Image 8 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

TAG > toTHE mma GEN SPRING VALUES US J Imro just received a delayed shipment of the articles mentioned below and IB order to close them out at once tvo offer them at the jjl BroBRltt About Peace by Manner in TrrriWe Cruelty of tho Wild Horde of VaHatlrs In the Which lie Convinced Confederate Tiwn Annlm of Federal Strength t v 20c Malaeble Rake 10tooth special price 3Gc texheavy Jtalaeble Rake 14 tooth special price C < 0o Regular Shank Bottom Hoe blade special price r 6 in blade 4GcErheavy Shank Planters Hoe Goo Ex Heavy Solid Socket Planters Hoe tIn Gc PlowBoy flack Dand 4 InHeavy Web special price 2Cc Plow Singletrees 26 In long special Plow Singletrees 26 in long extra heavy special price Specials for Tomorrow s 1 following extrentoJow I irjcess J LADIES BAZAAR SAYS HISSIOHAR GRANT Makes Assert otis Ho Was a JDescribes tko Terrible Scenes t Military Genius ir AttoBdiBsr Massacre- AVc JOe r 4 98 Silk 15c 20c 2c XO SECTIONAL I 1VEDNFSDtZ ATJUI M ADAM IS A HELL TAFT PRAISES REAL r PADUPAH EVENING SUN JHTTKUNKSJ OFFICIATE 1 SO COWAIIDJ WKHK 27c hlades20c2- Petticoatt31 5 Ribbed Vests Qc 1 Linon Lawn Waists High or Dutch collar 3GO 98c 1 I Slippers ofknkle strap pumps in black or tan248 baby loft sole SUppers SOc colors25c Constantlnopiei April 2STho foe Philadelphia April 2SPreldent We have the most complete assortment of Ladies Outfittings and night Vas the prlnclpa lowing account of the dlsorde Taft last speaker at the Grant birthday dInner Adana has been received here by Jelt ever displayed in Paducah = 0c of the Union League In this city and graph from The Rev Herbert Adam missionary paid a striking tribute to the soldier Gibbons n All the nbovo are now goods and strictly tlrst class and sold wth The entire vilayet of Adana bas president Taft was sharply criticise i a year ago because of his references been the scene during the last flye our absolute guarantee Satisfaction or your nloneq back to General Grant and he took advan days of a terrible massacre of ArDepartment Second Floor Elevator tage of last nights opportunity to ex menIans the worst ever known in the n The terror press anew his admiration for Oen history of tho district oral Grant as a man a soldier and has been universal and the govern chief executive of the United States When the president arrived last I evening ho was met at the station bj an Immense throng and given an en Conditions have been unsettlei I thuslastlc welcome Entering tin au tomobile the president was escorted to Ue Union League club house by political to THE HOUSE OF QUALITY be first city troop of cavalry The the latter and their open purchaslni Ureeta were lined with crowds orI of arms PHONES I7 < t 4ZZ4Z4 BROADWAY people who cheered vociferously Armenians Hurry limns JIA At the club house the president Early last Wednesday morning held a reception for more than an while I teas In the market I noticed that the Armenmnt were closing they soorouvn MAYOR is DEFIANT hour the banquet Taft paid tribute shops and hurrying to theJr homes At OFFICERS ELECTED Ky 317 He defend An Armenian and a Turk had beer K Den Bow of Town Bcurinf to the soldier statesman A id Grant against the assertions that killed during the night and tho corps Xante Ponies Being llcmoveO he was not a military genius and de cs were paraded through their respec lared that the general represented tlvoquarters The sight of the deaf Den Dow City III April 28 BY IAIHJCAll COMMANDKIIY Ol the veryi genius of the war to sup Inflamed the inhabitants and crowd How a 300pound mayor can lose KNiailTS TKJHhAlS hisI ness the rebellion because It was at once began to gather In the streets official position without the situation of mlllitary and other ma- IlKAU AWIIItU MIIIKItIits mind that grasped the thought armed with sticks axes and knives- trtct conference in the center of Ad I of an election fs something A E IIKH IN MY JKUSIa chines Acroplanlng pramlRvs to bij of the outbreak They young Armenians assemb ana on the dayprotected hundreds oi how mayor or former mayor of hat until we had met and fought the como by tar tho most popular craze recolved and ipponents and convinced them of our led A few Den flow City cannot understand marIn the center of the covered April Newark N J The Grand Commander Will Meet Mr Ben Dow gave out this state- strength we could not expect to have refugees In the American seminar In Italian correspondent ket and began firing revolvers Into for girls and courageously endeavor Admiral Joseph Nelson Miller U 8 pays Mr society tho received inure at Ashland May 0 and Wright has i united country ment the air By 11 oclock In the morn- ed to pacify the warring elements N died at his home in East Orange 10 These things he did and brought Ing than two hundred letters from IIrlll I was not a candidate for the the crowd had begun the looting Rear Admiral Miller retired lorrntlc ladles asking to bo taken On Thursday Daniel Miner HOI today office of president of the village board ibout a condition of complete pence of In Nov mU r shopsThe era and Henry M surer American tote front active service for n flight of trUstees of Den Bow Oily at the Taft spoke especially of the spirit of military commander of Adam Horn In Springfield 0 In 1898 I have not said that the peace made at Appomattox and was by my side in the market whom slonarles were killed under treacher 183C ho was graduated from the by last election Officers were elected last night ous olcumsfances rants magnanimity and farsighted academy at Annapolis In 1856 the Paducah Commandery of Knights James Olroyd had no right to run ness This spirit we now rejoice In the firing commenced lie had not On FWay the Aremenlans yielded naval Templar at a meeting In tho Fra for the office but IJ did state that he he president courage to endeavor to dlsnersc since when there has been llttlo mur and served during tho Civil war partdeclared and In the the to run ttnlty building After tho election had no right vacancy at that time ai wo sections of lhg country there Is the mob he returned to his resident dering icipating In both attacks on Fort Fisher and in bther notable engage the now ofllcerrt ww liifaled The there was no and did not venture out for two days bitterness 10 remaining lIe ex In 1Illilile OmdltlonHo rapidly won promotion r1 fleers elected Wile KrtiimiH com tXo election was or had been pressed Found Howling slob i Adana I s In a pitiable condition month the belief that It Is possible to gen called bX the village boars of trusmander Clarence O Drown the war was assigned1 to King the two sections even closer William Chambers field secretarj The town has been plltagdd and wrect and after commands eralissimo Harry R lank captain tees to till the position of president Important ABSO of tho Young Mens Christian Aether general S Palmer Martin senior of that board ed and there are thousands of homeOther speakers were Gen Horace elation and mjeelf proceeded to the less people here without means ol The resignation of Peter Steib warden Harry L Meyer Junior KKET V08TUH Governor Stuart of Pennsyl Konak and found a howling mob de- livelihood It Is Impossible to eaU warden Robert S Robertson pre was never accepted and was with Porter tend a mclmpolllan newspaper drawn clertrIn ample tlme vania and Mayor Heyburn of Phlla manding arms with which to kill the mate the number of killed The mid knp thoroughly pouted Any or Into Edgar W Whlttemoro record from the Olaours We then went to the telo corpses lie scattered through thi the following dellverrl tit your door one shall receive square treasurerJohn erFred Ackerstandard bearer dealEveryBen Bow City ibut Ia want a lelphla graph office to summon the Brltisl streets In Oehlschlaegor Friday when 1 wont out 1 each days ChicagoTribune Itoconl Celebrate at IMUslmrKli consul On tire steps Of the bull Jlni sword bearer El square deal myself and Im going to the dead I If mid Ktnknjnrr St to pick my way John Brooks Pittsburgh April 28 Secretary of we saw three Artiichians who hat had Sunday morning between too bridge Q Stamper wardenJames set I counted a dot pulillr liMtIM I iloheItemnrrat State Knox was toastmaster and been massacred Th1 Bodies hat Jl Vance sentinel George O In bodies In uitrh UmirlcrJoumnl taJor General Frederick Dent Orant been mutilated While we were In en cartloads of Armenian to the Times IniUvllIo CommcrclnlAp was gram being carried The finance committee JleiuphU Tlic Ermine SunbOc a Work he guest of honor at the annual din the telegraph otflch a mob burst Into onehalf hour Fitted properly to your eyes appointed as follows Fred W Nagel river and thrown Into tho water It peal Nens9clu star Ximlivlllo Tea I Her of the Amerlcua Republican club Harry R Hank and Edgar W Whit the room where wo were and klllei the Turkkh cemeteries graves are be nmsrnii American by a In commemmoratlon of the anniver two Armenians before our eyes Tin tag dug wholesale temore JOHN WIMIKMt The condition or try of the birth of General Ulysses unfortunates were supplicating the the refugees is most pitiable No GRADUATE OPTICIAN Mr Wblttemore has been eminent Local Circulator New fir That 3 drant last night Secretary of pain of the Vail when they were commander for two successive terms only are there orphans and widow HO S Plftli New phone 1310 rind satisfaction guaranteed Commerce and Labor Nagel Repre The grand commandery will meet In down beyond number but a great many Eye glasses or pccfttaft re- tentatlve Foster of Vermont Rep truck Ashland May 910 ana tne eminent suffering from WlllflllT Fcnml rUrIOrn Life even the babies are paired and broken lIgohox rtv resentative McKInley or California commander generalissimo and the Wo managed to make our way In severe wound j I ItKJIITH FOIL 200000 placed Jen Frederick Grant and Lieutenant Let us show you our patent ptaln general are representatives rep c Sltuallon Unspeakable U 3 Grant of Illinois spoke briefly to the next room where we made may confer the power harness It wears like a pgs although they resentatlons to therVall This officla London April = STho Homo The situation In Adana Itself II nose We give special attention on any member it Is unknown who Ho wai mid ho could do nothing unspeakable On Friday afternoon correspondent of tho Globe says that Tramp r Lady Im near perishing ifrald for his own life and he made to repairing washing and oiling will represent the Paducah com GMlital Oerlllltlli 260 socalled Turkish reserves with Wilbur Wright has sold the Italian from exposure l mandery at the state meeting harness and carry a full line of ip attempt to protect us Somehow out officers seized a train at Adana rights to his aeroplane for 1000000 Lady Are you n congressman or we managed to hnrsn collars banes chains to the Interior or compelled the engineer to convoj lire about 1200000 to n syndicate 1 suppose you senatorTown TopicsThe Departed whips sponges chamois skins the Konak where we remained al and to Tarsus where they took part which will at once begin the con carry a momenta of some fort In lap brushes curry combs he side of the government offlclali them In the destruction of the Armenian Yes it Is aor the next fortyeight hours that locket of yours dusters fly nets and everything DANDRUFF quarter town which Is the But lack of my husbands hair That afternoon the situation grew bert partofofthat In Two Weeks or Money Rack in the harness line Tarsus Their work oj Yes your husband lIS still alive druggist Hstlnctly worse The Armenians looting was thorough and rapid It U In fact W J Gilbert the Harness Co IlckMe Tie Ata Kilp BBggy but his hair Is all gone las a wonderfully efficient hair re withdrew to their quarter of Adam iid that they fired the great historic Up Iaerported torer called Parisian Sage which vblch is situated on a hIl and con Armenian hujrch at the most Tarsus TheCtr Third Hi Inbtay insM osta only SO cents a bottle that Jr rerted their bduseq that held advant I dandruff In two igeous positions 1 qto fortreesM lien ydmoihhcdflhlefTiand shattakes a man with a cheek of u guaranteed to cure It the fighting weapon for two days brass to boast of his heart of gold weeks cir mpqcy back tered Important rUtorlctabtets Ev Parisian Sage Is the discovery of luring which tho Armenians succeed- erything portable was carried away y me of the worlds greatest scientists ed In beating off tho Turkish anai but the church Kadlf twisted their l r I jl who knowing the value of sago as a Wednesday evening Major Daugh attempts to burn It Fortunately scalp cleaner and hair restorer com British vice consul al tow persons were killed there This lined It with other Ingredients InI yWyH the vII owing to tho proximity of tho proper proportions and the result It iierslna iivrlved at Adana and oMab American callage where 4000 desti in the shed headquarter In thehouse of a kite and bomeXess p jreons bad sought ho most wonderful hair tonic Iragoman of a wealthy Greek mostI refuge world j L7 Parisian Sage Is a most pleasant 4llept where many refugees had been daintily perfumed hair dressing and received The wife of the British OPTOSKH GltAIV fMMHMa jesldes curing dandruff your druggist vito consul who was brought Into Ad ma under fire on Thursday tended vlll return your money If It falls to top falling hair or itching of the iersonnlly many wounded women and FnrmerH Union to Support Scott Hill Aimed At Mnitlpiilntlon shlldren icalp Adana Wala lieu grow and women It will make hair The bazaars ell Adana was Washington April 2811ntlOl vho desire soft beautiful and luxu were There on Ore I ij Dutch Collar Waists are cant Jialr cfnhave U In two weeks was looted and sot unceasing shoot W Summers of Dallas Tex has = pledged to Representative Scott of continuous and j by using this famous quick acting overy part of the Kansas chairman of the house com 7 tho rage We haye a i sells It ng and killing in W J Gilbert reparation own and fires raged In many quar mltteo on agriculture tho support of l under a guarantee special lot which willj tho Farmers Union and the entire Dont let any druggist tell you he ers Moslems from the neighborhood agricultural Interests of the South something Just as good as Paris placed on sale tomorrow has and not- an Sage because here Isnt any hair jegan pouring Into the city protests west In his efforts to stQp gnmb ling In farm products withstanding of vehement They include The girl With tM restorer so good arms to these Mr Summers represented the Long distance champion of Tennessee Auburn hair is on every package and he Vail distributed Turkish re Farmers Union In limo recent hear- Ircautlfully trimmed rou get a Inuch larger bottle of ParisI- men alleging theywere Soft Lingerie Wpistl Ing before tho committee on agricul 9Bc Irish lace lung sleeves acd Dutch collar an Sago for your CO cents than you serves j1 t Major DaughtyWylle at the head turo get of tho ordinaryf I 25 value jf troops which hecompolled the Vail I have used various hair tonics Long dietanco claniptou of ludintla At tlio Market gave 10 supply went to the railroad end of Walstof Hno quality dnttfd Swiss i and can say that Parisian Sage Mrs cOood morning Bridget I In pre l be town SiAn with Vallencennes and profusely tficed the hair a good healthy silky appear tenting and was successful the vHlngerl from coming In hope your master and mistress have Long sleeves and Dutch collar A regular 200 value ance rids the head of dandruff and 1 o Adana Later while the major nt forgotten that theyre coming to 2e Admission keeps tho scalp cool and clean t pacify the town dine with rao tonight 200 r recommend Parisian Sage as being Val attempting to Boxes saatizig1 Cook Indade and theyve not floe for tho hair anti far ahead of any he was shot and disabled theyve ordered a good hearty meal I Deals land Will Furnish Music 11 Mlisloimilcs1 Work other tonic I ever used Miss Emma o Mlwionarles of the Central Tur Foes 62d Adams street Owos = = 11 ey misIon had assembled for a dls == 0 = co Mich December 9 1908 I lie Iatl prlcgiile3G- c ReadytoWear Low Prices is Our Motto RetdytoWear Tike dlsorlden IA anl11l1oslt1 Handsome Souvenir Given With Every Purchase of 100 or Over for Today Only THE LADIES BAZAAR C Bergman > Gerstensang Proprietors Paducah Broadway e 8Jtear I Ior1t < I New Set of Harness EYEGLASSES ITd1IdN > WOLFFS gt i I uJt r LONG DISTANCE > tntLt New Dutch 1 Waists 98cto25Q c Championship of Kentucky Ten nessee and Indiana al At League Park Sunday After noon May 2 bel WAL TERCARNESS trimmedi Preliminaries Begin at 330 ithriea = r W R HUDNELL 11j1 r MILE TROT RACE O FORI 1 Collar 10 oclocklInrporsDnzar k r U i COAL TAYLOR c = I A < BRADLEYBROSSole Both Phones at f

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