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Image 7 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

a mL28 t W1rDNEbD THE PABUCAH EVENING SUN II 1 STATE REAL FOR SALE wvon a- Qatar pOBtoffice Wild Rb tIr divide to nullpurchaser 80 acres on i tinea t Ixt a1i aftd will divide to suit 3 handsome well equipped i- country home cloea T RANDLJS rS 419 Broadway Real Estate ltr L W ANTEOJD = sphere BANltfJlltJIIlf1Iu ran ran pertEe WhIt01ntteis tot s tees Wfl MORE w h tlAM1tfortlUCcatalotue crud ikauseoss Prattled Paducah Incorporated way r1T ROAD A e uMsss 314 Broad 111 H j ad eeh Menay Part tlK pff- pm Bat te- nw I M TlMk pit Y 0 TDD3 e a4 neit TABLK t lItUII I iirt BtX STARK sldtthe r reached the esfoln and Burrell Ilrtlook prove to be such realizing the ndvan taue that goes to a man who stands squarely on both feet Then he beard l I MMIMKRMYAK0UP Weve been beaten growled Stark angrily pushleg past him and coming around the corner an ugly look lit his eyesGood Burrefi nodded afternoon pleasantly Lee answered him nniatelltciljr Stark said nothing but Runnloaa ei clamatlon was plain Its that cursed blue bellyl When did you get bereT said Stark after a pll A few hoar a oM How did yon cemeV asked Lee Block Boar creek Bald the soldier curtly at which Ilunnlon broke lair while tht trader uttered her name In amaze EUROPEAN PLAN went L tVLUftck to ready TaMc dHetc Breakfast s9ci she said Wevf been expecting you for quite awhile WW TAYLOR A SON Inc Ooryrcte4 1fo yjbrway Mh 1IOt m tfDuta funny tIng foi s Who tot yon wv said Poleoa bout dts strike eb7 I Mother I made hot the girt an Arrlre Padaeab Leuttville Cldclsriatl east 3C2asi swered 4lSpm Take off your parka and come la1 Uwlavllle Louisville Cincinnati mart 610 pm Harrcll Invited but Stark strode for iTpblB N Orleans ronta 128 pm ward on a Hold minute This dont look Uphti N Orleans south 1120 am RUBBER STAMPS Mayflald and Fulton 1s 40 am good to me You say your mother tolf I suppose youre Princeton tad Evllie 610pa you daughter ehr Old Man Gale Brow Stencil Milk Princeton and Eville 411 PHJ other nodded Checks Uouto bum Princeton and Hopvllle 936 aa Nccla Umq What Cairo St Louts Chicago 741 am learned about of day was It when you beta Puce and Sign thlsf Chicago 7t86pm Cairo St Louis Cut that outr roughly Interjected Markers etc s MetIfs Carbdale Bt L1100amMyou think I double crossed Gate Do etlle Carbdale Bt L 838 am your Learn Pa4eeali Tbo Other turned upon him IIAUINI STAMP WMKS Louisville ClnelinaU east 138 aaIt looks that way and I Intend to Loutovllle 750 am find out Yon said Yesterday you rwM I ItS s Tbr1 tt Louisville Cincinnati east 1125 am Hadnt told nnybodyI didnt think about the woman Memphis N Orleans south 357 am Memphis N Orleanr south 6lCpm said the trader a trifle disconcerted Mayflefd and Fnltoa 4 20 pa whereupon Ruunlon gave sent to an Frlacetoa and Kvllte 133 am man roayonr girl Princeton cad Kvile lltKam Mi of us I suppose and thisothers theres Princeton and Hopvllllr 285 pa ahead BDGAR MITTBIORE Cairo tho way tooSt Louis Chlcato 9 Nam on Npnscnsor Bntrcll cut In Cairo St Louts Chicago 615 pm Keflto Carbdale St L 940aa I callifriceck work chuckled the slipping 420pa Canadian tarn I go put of his straps Uetlto Carbdale 8t I AGENCY utampcdln I tak De hex J T DONOVAN Act you long Xecla OMr OfltoaAnd now Im Me too said Lee JL K PHATHBR Aft goln to tear Into some Of them beans nataa 9wt I smell abllln In yonder The others followed although Stark and Rannlon looked black ant tad lit NEW STATE tie to nay It was an uncomfortable meal Every one was 111 at tao Gale MKTROPOLIg In parttealar was quiet and ate less than any ot them nil eyes sought RIA BaHfy reel Btarka face frequently and once the blood left his cheeks and fete eyes elij blared asbe observed the gambler itewest sad Bet Betel lea Rate fa06 Two Urge Sample boldly eying Nccla teems AYI reoMM Meetefo fagm 1ou area mighty good looking girl The only eevtraUr located DeW N for a blood remarked Stark at last Y FREE e tkra sky led simply and Thank you eke l the soldlerTa dislike of the atan crysUl REAL ESTATE PRICE LIST used Into kate on the Instant Tbbre PATRONAQB COMMHRC1AL Call Sea Jor Tilf es for k was a tone back ot his word that SOLIOITHD seemed aimed at the trader Meade tnou lit bet Oak chewed no sign of I t tKI the mcaUwas Hnfahed ta eflencc I FRATeRNITY BLDC ftoaaa 833 after which the five belated prespect TKNNKSSKE ST LOUIS AND PADDCAH IC5f ors went out to make their location fear of latempttoa was upon JUJm 1ACi1sAC034AJil ILLINOIS CENTRAL EXCURSION BULLETIN Louisville Ky Southern Electrical and Industrial Expo sition Dates of sale April 12 15 1119 22 and 24 return limit April 2Cttu Round trip 0 EXCURSIONS 11 it rt trip rate 700 Oovlngtqn KJIttate Ea Ken- campment 0 A tucky Date4ofltale MaylTth and 18 returaitelt May 22 Round trip rate 100 < WIV OBoe Rooas2aBd3 tlia tI rIs Ashland KtGrand Com mandery Knights Templar of Kentucky Dates of sale May 17th and 18th return limit May 23rd Round trip rate J 1560 9T DONOVAN HM 1IUTHKil Agent city Office Jkket Agent Unfon Depot Milam Dentist 529 Brutaj 8W Plan U Dr ling Bracks Deatist Trueheart Building upstalrs next to Catholic church 16a kun 7M a th 530 p R 9M plWM t NIntIftHI = lL seII > pas ser- sC L DICKERSONPaducab Work Done By Expert Tailors 180 BROADWAY H ICEOf Whom I Buy 1W 1 INo I The Ice Dealer who always1 looks after his Interests or the Dealer who considers ko the Consum looked at the Perhaps lll own majority you hOYe of the people have and are buying but the t rlltlof as light INDEPENDENT ICE AND MaaagerBoth The Blue WaRoas Sell Ice Tenth at Live and Let LiveTrust9S HOTEL Broadway Fifth Avenueland 27th St I ass IMttItt tia4 AHCosWthn kclowllaUte I CK FI5HERI lt 112 Rof JFARLEY pa Truehari Building Me Broadway p at efkIHrs 8 r III OWEN Dentist Get together all of you I Its aoth> lag to be excited Qterl said Stark How did It happen Ilunnlon final ly asked Gale who had sunk limply upon tile edge of the bunk bat whet tko Old man undertook to answer his words were unintelligible and he t week hip heed helplessly shouts Stark told his finger on the bole that Theyve already done It You the bullet had bored In the log close tostep them wbereheWassitting sod laughed Yes I can stop dress MM Never alad old man It missed me I want the ground that girl has br > lx Mcbes You know there never staked and Im going te Let R It lIes was a bullet that could kill mo Fa next to Lees and Its rare to be rich rix shooter proof Ours to so tar away Jt nay not b4 Wbad I tell your triumphantly worth the recorders fee TWIt creek ejaculated Lee to the lieutenant t Doret of nil In the cabin had Bald JBothteg skated apart from the other She made her location legally be bad seen the affair from a distance said Runnlon as It were nnd now stepped to the bed You leave that to ae When wffl to lay his hand on Gales shoulder the other boys bo Beref Brace up John Sacre Wcul Your Tomorrow moralagv I told them to face look tek flour Come outside an follow about four bears behind and get liT air I not to run 1 on us till we had finished Polcon fed his friend down the trail Theyll camp a few jaltea down the for halt a mule without speaking til Gale had regained a grip of himself creek and be In early You couldnt get bet three ehr add nattered Anally 1 never did such a thing before That all I could tod who would agree to give op halt Poison hcvef ta all my life Can wa count oa tfeeiir Wayr Insisted the Frenchman What do you mean Hubr the otberignwted rise worked with me aad Soapy Smith on Dont lie wit me John Im ksh to be watch you nnderocat my tile Skagway traU Geod0r i against tissue Bet count hat wen you turn roan for see If any lag the girt and the UejttftMMt Start body leeklaV Well that iwMl de I thought you were asleep said mused He outlined his plant U1eIaII the two re- Gate Lee cook turned to the cabla To be eeatiaaed Ia Beet bam r tag supper > Polcon bad fmtohwUuevewU pipe MCGUO BlTKS ANOTIIKKS EAR OFF IN FlOUT dejected though his e reashone like Teeth were the weapons used by diamonds and roved 1tolilieae tothe Felix f Beaumont colored and Felix other Ualf uncon loesiy be heard Mltchteorr colored in a lively fight Stark saying MHchlson bit This girl wee about Tew ete but at 900 yesterday not so dark However you remind ao Beaumont on the arm and Beau of her la some ways Tbata why It mont came back one better and chewputs her la my mind T wtplaoso She ed off MltchlBona ear After chew- 1 l9t a fine Chanfiontad there was of tale whet weds a aay w1a var p a a4 pda sheTeea j day slSlug he6a s6aa = Cu No tap MIl AWOLITTCLY FIREPROOF Patrolman up while Beaumont escaped 1 Rooms foot In I It la Impossible to tell wboro Sb iunPUN PLAN great deal orderly woman will put tblagi I pagion Men lbraetl March smart get thatevelaet Out gt bdla vlftta5tM ente 1 1nI 111 hnkhlonr lKnttoH tMlRlr tff L IMOU + for criticism with confidence if you have made It of ilOMAJA lour For there will bo no fault to be found with It from crust to center Includo a sack of this flour In four next grocery order Dont take an- y other kind There is only one best flour as youll acknowledge when you come to use the MOMMA brand cia Well the Ask your grocer t JV L GARDNER It CO I V te Incorporated a r w 1 GIIreceipt newlrev pnexpecled1H9II1 Hi 1 Tlu BOTEl T Jro In this country PLANT SALE II htQ men or women s encases man any oilier physician lEs jmeciicinti are world famous for their attoniihini aficacy CUT RATE REAL ESTATE i tourmou pltyaica organixadon lronlcnlsncerI i f form sawOale WELLThe dellet5 co l- 8 > ChGVandWorld11s IT MAKES WEAK WOMEN STRONG addressing himself to Io leon and Btarl while the trader was bad stretched himself to smoke and symptoms woraana peculiar ailmenta are fully set out of earil ottake hIs six shooter from his belt knk lamany Thlealraliclont smell right and 1 then remove the knotted bandanna stuff kirk Its a frameup rem has neck and begin to clean vtne pay m sat Dahl exclaimed Doret Jhe old jnnn sent the sid on ahead of us to blanket all the good ground been a careful and methodical man IIA Stfltti CtHE FOrt Istratlon were discussed Mrs Sebtt reflected Poleon and evidently Would Ttata wfcatbedld I MANGY DOGS AND ANIMALS will return to her home In Bloomlhg Walt wan wlanlt Interrupted Po not go to sleep with his firearm la bad ton Itt In a few days and will later leon hUrelceBS soft aha womans ceadKten A physician in the city from De mako her residence here where trio I tol you dat 1 know all bout dlf Nobody fbg4ed that Gaylord troit suggests the following remedy can keep In close touch with tho Black DeAr creek too You member would outgo trouble Stark was say for mange Ho was a visitor at police organization eh Waal isebbe you tlnk Im traitor 1 lag for he didnt seem towa JeaU too Wat Vy don you splk outr oven sect Just stupid and kind of heavy headquarters today and called Chief Collins attention to the great num MIMTlA ARTILLERY nl were alone and wltted But oBeBlght The thredottUiu hklook advanonly the sound of Gales ax came tc tage of enneWajabeenceand sneaked ber of anlmaja he had seen In the city affilstcd with the disease and offered Wilt nc Drilled by KeRular Officers them bat at the light in the Cana utI to tile houee The story teller nt rroctico dians face RuBfttpa hastily dloclalmed pausedabd Necfa who waftmdcr the the suggestion as something that can any such thought on his part and spell of bto reeKai I IUgEtlJJlIB oas Washington D C April 28Tho be easily applied by any one He says 4ark shrttgyednto dental Tees yes What happened theist one application of the yellow water instruction and practice of the militia pumped from underground pipes will batteries and target practice There are mea quite devoid of the Go over flat Stark stared gkjomlly nt affect a cure that the animals treated held at tho encampment of wit lio tt e human face and hto hands and held his ability the regu silence for a More Kuanton wal of this species must be thoroughly wet with It lars at Spartan WIs during July and his month full minute the tale appearing te hue Mange Is caused he says by an in + August In which bitter in oveiviaallee the batteries of tho more than a fleeting later that be must bare it out So when awakened sect and the water kills them state troops will be drilled by army est la him j l tbey paused te Dluse the next stake lit officers Batteries Fa pj Fort Sheri It was one of the worst killings addressed Mmeelt to Htark Joud enough dan III E of Leaveji prth Kan D that over happened In those parts he NKW n A It WIKSIDKXT lOMtlei 1a4 or Somebod1lieroatlend Keapbto and all Southern eteta74S am train eonneefii at hollow Sock let with chair ear and Broiler for MerapbtaI IB PBB irate censeeta at BoBN teak let with ebalr ear tad Sure relier for NaAvlUeT L Weilaad City Ticket As THE MAOIO LeesayWell 1 IertLIt Pralker AYad1IhSTRCGT 782 Arrive 110 9 m from Nthr1BIbmtbta aid all goufcera petati Arrive 816 pm from NasbvUle iL Barsfeam D EN I s Arrival na BtHCn7 HOTEL pm 6100 M open muttering CoBttaaed From Last Issue CHAPTER Vlt r Woman I ii termed will endure bravely and patiently Burrell and Itnanlon bend over tile 4COPYR1TTd90tYl1ARPt1IBTill011tW HMhTNMoCIO YORK CITY Wlllln ta ir Arma t Kntr lblstst UlnnL IUIC Block tim WMmtkrr 1 a mlast silt of tanrk nMrlr6 CWtr Yoi rat FOR Fs nDrMW > od tr 4 rW Weak Atbe yPierce pthili Pierceh golddust tation to care for dead talcs Ills heart burned within him too fiercely REX BEACH trIiRrclll pa189 Jaebe quietly j The story did not Interest the Cans dian Hla mind was In too great agi LBY 889 pm O vets 121 pm 127 7ir GkaMaaeega r > 5li pm Lor faieali I Ie pto1i ir XaahTlHe iceajpkto veraans 840 fH ir to KteksM < 01081111 144 ew 0 ir Cfca BOOf 710 pm > 1r JaekM 7t1t am ir AUaaU 11 n NIIMea riLeapbiuxra Ir1teMI4 LT tosHrtncfl + AKot a Mat 84aoreHot IlirikkVilltf road 25 minutes drive fromr iob14j i Tff i j BAPPIERr I Bcoadtry toner the Gaylord man ror iJennett bad been running second best from the start and everybody thought It was settled between her and tie other one However they were married tatl DflkM oaee Qtef PACT 8EVBT 140 per day and upward QEORGE W 4Ief x11ittld SWCENCYi HokIt 7 Pseritictoe o Ct

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