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Image 6 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

Tm r4t bIJcAn tAtl tine rv U ff7 EVENING t I TUUn Ml1 RED- lack With a 1 e8 lei r 1cause 1 FaI Pre Is BENEFITS SECURED Up YOQN i I- De You Get Every woman covetsashape many of them ly figure and Lam deplore the loss of their girl I iMhijMC lakes TetTikNalk JlBABnYBSTBRDAYI ish forms after marriage kposno111rItltet4 To 1ABUOAH HIGH SCHOQIj BY I The bearing of children is bye NEW AWHNOWIKNT prNirp ROot he great kidney often destructive to the mothers shapeliness All of this can be avoided by the use in Mot Friend before baby comes as this liniment prepares the Special Judge HagkM at apHs From Ix cal School Maf Enter kbot fulfills both for the strain upon it and preserves the symmetrY of her form lde ducah University ef CWcage1 every wish in overMothers Friend makes the dangerr of childbirth less and carries her coming rueufuitlsm I safely through this critical pall In the back kid Thousand grate period neys liver bladder fully tell of the benefit and Unman Ufo Held Chcnp By Juries and piery part or the In explanation of tho benefits psor la Iho Clrcttit Court of TMt relief derived from the use cured by tkePaducab IUgk0cuool b < j ii cttlltt Ing placed on the tit ot cooperative of this remedye ipld4wtergadscald gpalninpeaeing Qok mallei tree to all tiperUnt mother pf liquornlne- secondary schools of the University pf followingnec REGULATOR CO HE KUDFIELD l pfbeorpnd pcrcot1cI that eaplessant- Chicago r the following statement bpp Aiteati Ga r aecoaelty ol being cotqptlled o ooftCp by superintendent Car town COW oniiiXAXCB ISSUH Ifcrogaihe day and to get tit israpy been rccolted l U W during the night nageyAny WO > JEt CUTTHIIOATS AUUESTED but the ijlatanco of the village was 80 graduate ra secondary echool recomaaenkd for Sw Roots nothave kidney liver great that suspicion did not at brat In Cooperation with tho University everytWag but If you Ve or bladder trouble it will pas reuM just of Chicago presenting plhooMceMother awl Daughters Who Used inn center here Murray Ky April 28 Special you need It ben thor to Slay Travelers Caught Human Ito is held very cheap in the remedy la private peselicesaad- o adraleslops at the university ono eugbi tested Frightful Fate Averted t CaDowaji county It the verdict of bpp4oeo successful that a specUII sr of the certificates signed by t hofsc IL would have been a cripple ror Ml ulty and Jho principal of the school has been Juries In hOmldde cases tried in the I St Petersburg April 28A band life from a terrible cut on my kae circuit court of thlB county durlnc raaK ment this paper piadc by winds iI showing that tho full amount of cob woo Pisa t readers of sol female cutthroats who for many pap writes Frank Dlsberry Kelll the past tow years can be taken as a rwwly tried it may haY IJMIkJtotK lege preparatory work has bcepdone Io months past hue been committing her Minn without Bncklcns Ami unlversjly on at sqverai cases wherccvi sent free by mall also a book 11i8g will with impunity a series of brutal mur ca Salve which soon cured ran In criterion In have warranted extreme iwore about SwampRoot and bow to such be accepted and the out entrance wid deuce would certificate i fallible for wounds cuts and bruises penalties insignificant sentences of a 1ontlfJoU1laVfkld czamlpation tdcrtrou It soon cures Burns Scald Old fepres few years in the ipenltcptlary have e1 The officers ot a cooperating when writing mention from St Petersburg The principal Boils SkIn Eruptions l worlds bet been Imposed until one would slmeet reading this generous school havo the privilege pf nominat culprits ore a mother and her two for Piles 25c at all druggists bcilcve that murder Is condoned offer la thisaddress sad ing one member of each graduating daughters who kept a tavern As to send your t rather than punished scholarship at tho malter sisted iby other women in the village IX TIlE SAMtf 01411tAY KII > I class for a two Ir Kfiprer X Cu Ai the present term of conft arblycent- slty of Chicago they murdered travelers who stopped XAPKIt TVKXS OV WOMAN murder cases havo been tried and Jila UaartonNV Te at the inn for the night disfigured Mercer April SSrJames Bdyli sentences at two and rive years in andoacdoltar slic bottfes are sold byII Each cooperating school aY send l Dont make any lie toVesJeyQA4 orgmiUgn and today turned on the woman charged thq penitentiary havft been returned all druggists Use game SWIr Root to the anauat oratorical contest oc bntremember I With being 91I accomplice l B kidnap Tho cases Were thosb ot Fred and Dr Kilmers Swearp Root ed the Ad curling at the University ot Chicago I i ing Billy Whitla aaa cursop her Vlctor Jones charged with the mur dreae Hlagh amt on N VOB cveq bottle la November ot each year one boy I sloop of these corpses were found declaring the attorneys were paying der and one girl Tho successful contestof Will Lewis tho killing occur- all their attention to tier and not ring At aibaptlrlbg on Sandaji a f tors ants are awarded a scholarship for SA nigger noon giving him a lair deat which meets at the university In DRY COLUMN Belylng that the evidence he eago tho USE getsI more justice than I My said warranted Capital punishmentstrong have no attorney letters prosecuting attorneys made Senlore In cooperating cbopls may Theyre giving me- appeals for tho infliction of tho death are Intercepted In any number enter competitive honCincinnatis a dirty deal on every side lam be- penalty or tire sentences fred JQ es COUNTIES or ezamlnatlops In1 certain subjects Ing made the scape goat and made who Admitted the killing but madq TWO MORE INDIANA the successful cbntcitahU being en TO OUST SALOONtf MOSTFAMOUS to bear the punishment of others tho plea of selWefense was given titled to VVicholarihlpin the unlvvr 0 five years Victor Jones woo If im ilty for ono year plicated Crokcr Sails Home the kUns at all tired a The principals and Instructions In CALlOWiYCASES r > > i aSfSS MOT1IElgF12IEND I oirecta ltfOrrc 1 I intho fIr > girls Tears i Anty Drudge Why whats the matter dear What are yeu crying about vIPrtttWirlOhjmY beautiful new waist is ruined and it just makes mo sick That clumsy Will John soilupseta plate of refreshments on it Last night at the party and spoiled all my fun Anty Drudge And his too Ill warrant But dry your t I I i- I rirtns youfeel spredWiU 1 flow1tldltream 1 f If you had only known of FelsNapthayoVc6uW have I IN GiBSONH 0 r 1 Ilt Richard shot Into Lewis back and ran WASJJackson County Dcfratii the Wets bjr New York April IS on thoLustalnla on sentenced Jo two years Croker who tAu About JiO nml White by t Wednesday morning for his home in ij Close to 1000 The Town Cow Ireland was busy today shaking 11 The town cow faraisbeotheIuirn hands with friends who called on him at the Democratic club to say good hi the campaign BOW Off for city Indianapolis AWn 28 J Ind by lie says he wilt visit the United Aces In Murray la lieu of the fac lonal differences that usually control White and Jackson counties the lat > States annually hi polltcal aRalra la Galloway The ter containing the Important city of Every man with a side show ability city Is rather one >s4ed factlonally Seymour voted under the county lopeaking and old Sookey was thec option taw and both are In the cal thinks he can do circus stunts inly chance for tin argument for the dry column The wets circled Sey andldatc before the primary to beI by 303 majority but this was h overcomeby tho country vote and the county Is dry by about 370 majority bo Pl tty lawns which surround the White ountyr which contains no njiany pretty homes made grazing IImportant cjuvoroved an easy field < lands for hungry tovincs arc busy for tthq local optlonlits and the offl preparing a slab of candidates for slat count wilt show majority close while those who the city council counin In 1903 we wrote you regard would have Sirs Jow remain on thqtto itOOOi The contest by aboth deal good ties waaiEhatacterized ing my husband who was suf term where tho was sent two years bjtterhcsB bbt the electionspassed fering from heart trouble HeI ago will also put up a ticket and thd of wltlBt troalblo at tho polllhc off people wilt choose which they willc was supcrnnuatcd by the feature the work tf the HOTELIn Very Center of the tUROPCARPLArf 150 and U Citys Busl activitp 1I 1 Lowest Prices for Highest Grade Accommodations Superb Cafe Service J j THEA G CORRE HOTEL CO Cemllnt X Barkhtrdt Pnwed Up rata Provrstar Onut BoUI OUelauUJ I IDISk harrows ana plows sharp ened as good as new SIGN AVOIIK8 osUo Harbours N 3d 1 I 6t KILGTHECOUGH ICURE LU1 wsDRKIN 1 Said He Would Die We vraatyour patronage and will make every possible effort to obUkaadrctamit Wewant every Gee who visits Cincinnati occa sieaally to kaow that the Cilson Heave is the aeA advaatsgeow place to atopt thqofvne Ten Doctors Club Breakfasts and Table DHote Dinners S Georgian Conference Ten doc- tors at different times said he would die You advised Dr MileslIar Remedy and Rev storative NeriifZt we did as advised and improvement was apparent from the very first He tecovered and theConfehcnceln 1904 gave him a charge fie never felt better although he has very heavy work and does a great dent of camp meeting work lam so glad we took your advice and gave him the Jto This proves what Dr Mlle Heart Remedy will do Get a bottle from your druggist awl tike it according to directfoqsY It does not matter whether your heart is merely weak or you have organic trouble if it does not benefit you take the empty bottle to your druggist and get your money back AILTNIl TAiID IlOFsIAO LUNG TROUIES- OR MONEY REitNDED repairing maintaining or or storing your automobile see us bettor results for iesB money Corner filxth and Jef ferson streets Bpth phones Nor II J7 How Good Oh 4i- 9 u their increasing patrons a I A h Dispensed with care and com plying with pure food law to variety of creams and sherbets the best tkafmoney and skill can srodueo Delivered to any part of eityany quanti- > stafIufq j iSTUTZS COLUMBIA IIIt La ilt I Taken with you in your auto mobile doubles the pleasure of the run Wo have Some flew models especially adapted to Ono the new automobilists I I KODAK A<1 tyCadiesinae1resh daily and delicious 1 ilk Stufz Ice Cream Soda TVDISCOVERY lawI and Machine Company EUARANTEED SATISFACTORY 1 iA commit1ee JJ The KenlHCkjf AolQ ort OJhlestsI ful good results from its juse MRS T S EDWARDS Milner Ga h 7a1A110flti John Jones has resigned as sales- man for the tolmcco association t t go out off busfncss as a result of the Murray IJls successor has pot beenIIvote In the two counties This score appointed makes fortyfdur counties that have > i total of fortytov voted dt out Galloway I local opljon elections held under the Argnment on the demurrer to lhffccounty jff suit to set aside the Democratic pri Mayor PrpIjHiltJi 1pral1e majy held in Catloway county last Chllllcothe p April 281aror November because of alleged Irregu Wallace D Yaple has prohibited bj rltleswl8 heard tyi lion D H proclamation + the parade announced Hqghes of Paducah special Judgo by thenwWotets of this city com Selected to try the case yesterday poicd1 largely of tho church women The ihi It was fled by defeated candi- II and pun ay school children of thus dates at the ipnmary utter notice atI place Tueswhich was to ceatest had been filed before the city dfttrnboO Thl take parade Is under day county committee but did not apcom pear to prosecute their contest when tthe auspices of the local option mlttoo In charge of the contest of the committee met to consider It the 2egatnst the wets The demurrer argued yesterday Was to tho Jurisdiction of the state courts In the matter Judge Hughe reserved hIs decision for further con CwUlB AgtrdfcBla That tnealfr Grow sjeratlon hair Vlie Jf rriH cry mhlntlli alleged for tho suit The grounds Resorcln Is one of the > u brtha contestants Is that the official live germ destroyers ever most Offer discovered call made by the committee for theI by aclonqc and In connection with I Beta tea Ihot which is both germl general elceIoldal and ant Optic a combination is would o21 before the j erejformed jWbich destroy the germs Lion for which the nomlnaUons of IIi madeW rer allowed to vote as has which rob the hair creates anatural been the custom Jn primaries In this nourlshnwHt and alsotho s alp clean which IIhealthy condition of preventt4ha development of new germs tPllocarpln although not a coloring iou was to be held 40 days prior to matter or dye Is a well knowrr In the date fixed as required by Attorneys for the successful candl gredlent restoring tho hair to its tho loss dates contend that the governing au natural color when a disease of hair of the was the recourse has bceareaased bye thority of tho party ry i M of the contestants and that they scalp In proper com should have appeared hefero that au These iBKroilonts blnatlonwlta alcohol added as a thority and made their pleas stimulant andJrforlta well denned PGM perfect the nourishing properties most effective remedy that Is known Convention TioMeniMrtccTs for scalp endhalr troubles LonlwUJe April 28 Louisville IsWe intro a remedy which Is chiefly Honbrcd by the Election pf Ar o be cpmposcd fof these Ingredients In ljur Brown mster boilermaker for with other extremely Ira N railroad to tho presidency 4 combination tho agents We guars Association of I valuable wedlclnal J1 cure dandruff 1f the International antee It to sltlV taster Boilermakers which convenes and to grow h ircven thooghthe In annual session at The Seelbach to scalp In septs Ubareof hair If tbs >ielotrow morning at J0 oclock The Is any Jltdfett In the roofs it loctlon will be In recogaltlori jot Mr will posItlTelycare baldness II tho trowas services tit behalf othe or scalp hag a glased shiny appearance gallant and anlzatjon and ol his its an indication that baldness Isi winning fight in bringing the conven perfflarierilV but ln slvery other in- lon to Loulsvlllo froraa strong oppoI stance baianes4 1 t curable Itlbn at the convention eMastiycar at Wo want everjqno troubled with ctrolf r scalp dl cjfse 0rloan or hair to try 1t It does Rezaii3r licit Tonicgrow hair to Starting an itatiilessChain not cunr dandruff and Doth father and mother struggled the satlsfftctlpn of tha user wo will vJIan ly to teach little Erne to re- wlthoufvoucstton or qulbblo return peat the letter As1 The child em ever contpald us for It We print phatically refused ta pronounce thelthis guarantee oh every bottle it first letter of the alphabet and after has effecteda positive cute In 83 permany vain efforts the father retired cent of lases where pnt to a practical The from the tight discouraged mothers took the little girl on her nexnll 93 Hair Tonic Is entirely lap and pleaded with her affection tt > olrlli tolthll serve Youcaa take a picture J1000 of a second > I McPhersonsDrug bplrylgate ilaku trrr HiiylerH A1o Cawly Itevali Itcmetlles KtolU fipctroflione teste un tie November Members of the teaching staff of cooppratlng high schools may Pour I sue studies at the University of Chi ago In the summer quarter at one salt the usual tuition rates Enquiries concerning these scholarships or any other matters Involved In the relations ot student admitted from cooperating schools should bq addressed to Protestor Frank J Mil lot university examiner for secondary schools the University of Chicago In vlaw of possible changes In the administration of tho school the university reserves the right to revoke the certificate any time upon duo no Lice of thjjtfohool Nathaniel Butler director of cooperating work- J wont you learn to J I W you be preparation at in 11talnljx we know of no better guaran j tee toIlte yest 1110 IItIIiO and 4n I a j dL J LIYEBTOCIL Ucattle Louisville Ky April The receipts were 09 head for two days 755 The market was quiet but little doing no material change In values some little Inquiry for choipq light butchers and the best feeders slqw and stackers nil pthersyor Bulls steady canners arid cutters dulllIllcb cows unchanged No heavy csttle here Woo quote Ship ping steers H7C0C butcher steep and helter 3OB2i fat cows UO 5 cutters 293 canner bulls IZ2CO42C feeders U5HH stockers I22C4H0 choice mll h WORM BUFntAQISTS for the guests of the t pun try since all evca ate upon Rug land where condign exist such as are found 4n no other country Mrs Jda Husted Harper of Now York brought greetings from tho The afternoon American woolen b meeting was addressed t y Miss Helen AKSI1MIU1 Intrroatlonnl Meeting in Londofl dressed lljr American the added Ail London April 2SThe attendance pf delegates pt tho fifth congress of the International Womans Suffrage Alliance which opened hero was Ust Kaus1e1I largest la the history ot the organiza The llnjnock of KIICCTM tion Mrs CorrIe Chapman Catt of New York president of the Interna lies in a keen clear brain backed lions League of ttoruai Suffragists by Indomitable will and resistless en- ergy Such power comes from tho occupied tho chair Gj I Sirs Calf physical condition Is splendid health that Dr Kings New such that she will 4 o compelled tri Life Pills Impart They vitalise evabsent herself from all tidal fun > ery organ and build up brain and W Harmon J take lions IQUMc comeion tions and guard the utmost precau body writes A They are Itzcmore pills KCc the best She Va to her strength JHefc spoke for more than an hour at the I over used 26c at all druggists Hogs nBcelr fsJ74for two dye meeting however Her address 2810 Market rul 4 steady owing strictly confined to international wall The hardest thing for a man to do to extreme light receipts selected poet and tho rejected all Is to get any real fun qut of being a to condemn or approve the model citizen OI either methods of the militant suffragettes roughs JC1C down The pens wore In Great Urltain She declared that r fivcryV sprnstfr + WfcSWir Ker condi a neutral attitude was the proper one tlon ss merely twpyoraryi GjQ tbdajJ U2i > OIpounds bOgljlselling Vr or oily Sheep and Lamblt Receipts 14 for two days 729 The pjarkot was quiet but little doing best fat sMell Be down fall lambs q adQwnj springers common sheep nnd lambs very dull8t touls April 28rCattlo Res cclpta 2600 Including 10Q Tpxans market steady patlvo beef steers I350Q690 fctockcrs and feeders HCOQIC2C copra and boilers J3CO lp2G calves I4B00C7B Texai nod Indian stejrs I40C36 cows and I = G8o llp18HQ Know that wi uro rniklnit every effort to servo tbu ypry boats Crcac unt Soda Vttor hunt our now IceloM io milili Ana CJi8toqicrflBAy thntvo are ColBg this very thing nfllltI > I D E WILSON the 1Ice Cream I f 1 < i lights 1 425 O 710 packers 690 W725 butchers and best heavy7fJ 730 Sheep Recelpts 3500 mar ket toady native muttons UG- cud OG26ilambllG8 t Itla Top 2Yetc Doer r Oroat deeds compel regard The orlaicrowns 1U doers Thats hythe American pcopl pare crowned Kingf err atom Ia < ImsatctrIH lx nlsvlller > ToIHJtoM AprU28The PIckett I rarehouae sold Ig Iwcsamd dark INDEEENDJNT to c UILDERS- p IT BELONGS TO YOU health fprce It kills orajsj and colds and la grippe vanish t healscough racked membrnnes and oughlng stops Sore Inflamed irpnchlal tubes and lungs are cured and hemorrhages cease Dr Qed tore Black Jack N C writes 1It tired me of lung trouble pronounced n 1 as I say A papaTwIll want nut to Ray Sus no boon C Simple directions for washing n other houscholdcleaningarcprintedon the inside of the red and green wrapper t j a right wily anda wrpng way everything tod And there isa new way and an old way tOrdo almost everything The new way to wash clothes is the PelsNapthai way in cool or lukewarm water no boiling either in yinter or sum mer and little rubbing And the FelsNaptha is the right way j as wellsaves time saves the back saves fueland the wash comes out cleaner sweeter Whiter It is up W you to choose between the VONw betItfr UQOITrial tsbeaskodI preICflbed atolY DoArlo why RaY lo pperatlpg school Are members of onferenco thot Annual educallqn l wplch meets ftt the unjnvorslty In r I tTheres I FAMOUSHOTEL Ja Anty Drudge Dries Miss Pretty r t Every dollar spent oa your own homo adds to Its value and beauty and Is yours Let us help you get one by soiling yeti on easy pay Oa and Meats a choice lot Ifa our elegant SubUrban Addition lear street car Ifne acteflaablo to light and water ifJ I West End Improvement llo j Xnoe IMtf 8 4th1H Old v Co riiMS 7M t M7 A

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