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Image 5 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

L p WEDNESDAY APRIL M THE PADUOAH Lh I EVENINOBUNpAa I JTm 1 The ms has made many friends 1 J tiger of tho restaurant for tho Va Noy News company Is unknown k NEWS OF COURTS I G Keillor superintendent I maChlnery and his assistants R 1 Society to Fight Tuberculosis of Chicago I j Boll and J H Duker and made a n The Louisville Evening 1 Court I Are being handed to the people at Harts nave you looked into Post pays I were in the city today ifined J It has been said that a womans and costs Duncan McCue fined U I inspection the Illinois Centr 1 of the extremely low price Mart Is making during the sale They are Ayers M work Is never done The thousand and costs It Is Bald that nothing wll Breach pocketbook eratlflcrs ordinance Jim Just think tho whole stock offered at and one household cares and duties rowill begin an active crusade against which crowd on the shoulders of Patterson fined 5 of Robert Leo Haw they coraVout of the visit as prices never thought of before Your cash works wonders at Harts toltho passlnKthrough and stopped oK every housekeeper soon sap am 1 t r now Phono and mall orders have quick attention i tlon and wreck the delicate adJu make I regular Inspection ment of the nervous system iThe Mite society of the German culosfs association AA 100 Scrub Iworth fined 25 and sentenced to cue Step 1 Evangelical church will meet tomor w 120 Step Ladders84o76c Scrub Wy tow afternoon with Mrs Goorg0 l 60c lOc Set Tea Shear wOehlschlaeKer 823 South Third streett mond submitted a plan which so 6c Prftnlnc Trowel 1fc ei Toiit Q pleased the president W C Nones I So lOc Garden I 36o 75c Set Tea Spoons snot tho members that she was reo being an extract of rich barley mallI cd Will Blythe continued to April H I 25c Garden 75o 126 Set Tea Spoons I tured and choicest hope will help you JJ 22c 35c Rake today by Patrolmen Roed 450 Set Knives and conserve your energy beingpi COc Potatoe and Beadles Tho police found he Fugitive from Justice Robert 30 350Wymond has digested it is easily assimilated 11 Cic The 4 papers Matting Tacks a sbantyboat In Dogtown and health and at Lee Hawkins continued to April 30 her 3e lOc Mouse Traps T250 Set Knives and Jon gave as her excuse for running turned nil has energies toward the builds strength induces peaceful Mayhem Wcs Beaumont held to an the same time j work and the personal assurance sleep t 20e 40c Meat Saws Forks 150 ehertmnothemoth she wanted of nearly every eocletyi leader In the their restoring the nerves to iwer ball fixed at 300 to o was takca 16c 26c Masons Trowel 150 Set Knives and normal state city and state that sho will get all I I 85c Drawing Knlte60c7I Forks Pa6t Insist Ulna Ia 100 I Circuit Court I of Mr John Stew tho assistance sho may need from SOc 75c Set Knives and Forks 60e 5c Drawing Knife For breaking Into a railroad car art who died Tuesday morning a t this element 60c Set Knives and Forks 3 60 25c Paint N Henry J King colored was given l 15c Drawer I his homo on tho plan Is to organize the city Her Hlnklevllle road 0c Paint t eight years In tho state penitentiary 48c s was hold this afternoon at 2 oclock first This will do by dividing It Into Order a 0c Step Ladders 5c Paint this morning King was an employe burial was at the Mt ZIon como districts precincts and squares After IIDozen from Your of the Illinois Central railroad com A E Stewart a son or that shall have been done a certain Local Druggist v JIThe money saved and big values given Mr Die pany and robbed box cars When his daji will bo set aside pn which every- I from Memphis this morning man woman and child in Louisville 5 rA largo crowd will be present a t I court house tomorrow at tbo will be acquainted with her plans and the Confederate monument fund IIs I the trial of Louis IFutroll and father J enlisted In tho battle against this ter meeting with a generous patronage of breaking Into a car was dismissed l- S I Futrell farmers from Model Able malady from the many who are interested inas the court thought eight years was enough Incorporates Sirs Wymond will devote tho the monument cruse Tenn for the murder of Horace Jim Edwards colored pleaded Osborn the street car motorman t case Is tot for tomorrow and It t Mrs J W Reed of 333 Monrool guilty to the charge of malicious cut l- Tho ting and I is thought that 4t will be called Street Is convalescent after a several county was given six months In tho JailWANTED Good cook at 3000 I WANTED Position by experienced Ham Davis Statue to He Unveiled I days in I Spencer Foster colored pleaded Broadway Old phono C94W housekeeper Address H care SUn Mrs I I guilty to the charge of obtaining Tho FOR RENTFive rooms upstairs FOR lUNTomce of plants k0 room Iyou can get many plants for little a monument l money by false pretenses and he was 603 North Sixth Front office groudd floor Awirat given olgbtccn months in the pent money UNREDEEMED Schubert piano for 100 Fraternity building 411S and are planning extensively for tho event The monument is to Sam Miss Villlnes woe a guestof Mrs WIII tentlary A charge of housebreaking 100 at Ike Cohens IVNTEDYou to get our propo Davis the toy martyr and hero Tho mouth Hook 433 Clark street HOLDS CJOTCIL diamonds on easy BOARD and room 350 week sttton alias Davis statue is erected at tho state summer qnd made many friends lall payments Eye BOO Jewelry Co 316 wore 321 South Third Champion Conquered Bcnttlo Doctor f Copilot and the unveiling ceremonies ll Mrs L 11 Ragan has returned grand larceny charge FOR SALt Alt household goods Broadway will be held there tomorrow The Nashville and Columbia Tenn after tried on the pleaded ofguilty Hut Had JIll Troubles Lula Helm and was must bo sold by the 29th 440 S Cth YOUIl LACE curtains need clean schools of thy city will tako part In a visit to friends You will make no mistake In given one year in the penitentiary LACE curtains laundered and Ing t Kansas City Jdo April 28Int- tho ceremonies as it Is desired to Ire Mr W C Bingham has returned while Will Helm was dismissed prose upon the yonng minds cape to his he cleanest fastest cleverest and1 home In Maydeld after a visit For grand larceny aMtUe Boll1 erers Phone toO most scientific wrestling match over daily the beautiful lessons of Davis fo his cousin Mrs John Cunningham FOIi dBNTSecond floor apart heroic death rather than betray a j HAIR GOODS made to order f Mrs Wiley Sparks of the Mayfie year i bent In Sans Souci apartments I trust d Lonvenla Miller Old phone 374a road Is III of rheumatism Steam hooted Apply to W ECoch John U Robinson of this THE LOCAL NEWS finally conquered tho toughest op Mr Isaac Washam of Denton 1 IOHT horse motor for sale cheap ran d the guest of his piece Mrs tent he has faced In many monthsy lat The Bun office Belt Dr Benjamin Franklin Roller muac STRAYEDSorrel bores about d5 Jones Fifth and Washinston FOR RENT 5roo n cottage 321 The case against Joe Gardner for tho Confederacy Jefferson Davis White stocking bIndCOO U tar physician from Seattle last night OUbert osteopath Dr Mr and Mrs IL L Peacher 432 selling cocaine without a prescriptionI Madison st Apply at 325 Madison hands high le a Reward for nny Information There havo been rougher and ruder Broadway Phone US Kentucky avenue left this morning was dismissed in a verdict returnedI FOR RENT Apartment Hecht C E Rowlett old phone 1130 Rubber 0tamp seals brass eten grappling bouts In the big hall butt Luther League with Sirs Rudolph for Evansville whero they were by Jury The case was prosecuted I Flats 611 Adams never halo Kansas dtlans seen a Tho Luther League Will meet called by the death of Mrs Poachers by the state board ds etc At tho Sun office FOR SALE at A bargain ono each tho of pharmacy onI E MORGAN Horse shooing new Smith Premier Remington andFor wallpaper at bargain price match in which there was speedier Thursday afternoon at 3 oclock with isister Mrs O S Bonharn evidence secured by Louis Cheatam general repairing S I Mrs Robert Rudolph 1525 South rubber tires Oliver typewriters May fc Starks Tho Rev D W Fooks left this colored who went to drug stores fa Twelfth street Old phone 5C2R 624 Broadway morning for Calvert City the purpose of purchasing cocaine things Mr E G Wolfe left this morning FOR RENT The hotel at Norton Its time to use Kamlelters Cash CALL Rucker rp hone241 The Jury had not reported at2 about this wrestling sport and don t KogsdalePeppcr Wedding Tonight j roach exterminator Pressing cleaning for Nashville on business oclock in a similar case against T Mlle Apply to F M Fisher for In for old clothes Thq marriage of Miss Annie Rags Homegrown cut flowers of qual let that elude your memory Gotch formation Air and Mrs Owen poison 111C Cooncy 219 feouih Seventh and dyeing Tljo champion won dale of this city and Mr Eddie Doll Jones street have returned from fly Fresh flowfcfi dally Brunsons will remember FOR CLEANING and repairing street the first tall In 37 minutes and 55 Pepper of Lone Oak will take place Sharon Tenn after a visit to rela 629 Broadway harnesssee Paducab Harness and OIL BALEGrocery stock Good Suits Filed In Circuit Court with his favorite hold a this evening at B oclock at the rest The steamer George Cowling second The Fidelity Trust company as ex Saddle Co stand good business Want to change will make special excursion trips be crotch and halt Neison The second denco of the brides slater Mrs Miss Madia Mayer of South Fourth ecutor at the estate of Mrs Settle Apply to Covington Bros BLAOK MINORCA eggs tor sale business tween Paducah and Metropolis next tall woe won by the Iowan In 18 Henry Harris 1601 Broadway TJio street who has been ilUof malarialI Buckner deceased filed suit against L Co E Theobald old phone 1427 Iminutes and 29 seconds A reversed ceremony will be performed by tho Sunday Stay 2 leaving Paducah fever la Improved today C A Wells for f 110 It Is allegedI per setting WANTEDWe put new coven on wlrfrtbont 930 n m 2 p m and G Nelson did the damage A crowd of Rev O T Sullivan D D of the Mr Harry Walters who has been that the money Is duo the estate umbrellas while you wall Large 4 room house 5500 erappjlng bugs witnessed the roadway Methodist church iOK ItENTOne p in Returning leave Metropolis at MilSI guest of Mr W M Morgan 1100 newly painted Lcnnlo Sanderson will bo maid of the 1253 Kentucky Av White peo- match 1 p m and 430 p ro Jackson street hag returned to ChI- Cp 316 Broadway Deed Filed Old prone 05a honor and Mr Thol Futrell 1 best cago is Rourid No Intoxicant ple only W W Rogers deeded to Alfred Brunsons cutrate sale of plants man WIRE screenings and furniture no Cowling WHAT cant be beaU Our salt trip 26 cent E J Mr A X Veal salesman at the Housor property on South Ninth at their grecnhousecs in Rowland I rising bread Donsch No Butze Owing to the ceremonies attend- Old town Is1 wow onprices and prompt attention s phone 280I Wedding of Interest InIPlanters Protective association r t Clrnksvlllo ant upon breaking ground for tho turned from a business trip to Wic phone 1018 Paducah new West End Mission of Grace Epis PRESSINO CLUB membership U v J H sMaxwel and Mrs C E Max Miss Katherine Anderson and Mr Htfe this morning TIIItEE XKW ROADS BiHlAIDS pugs curls and pompa Attorney and Mrs T L Wallace well deeded to C T Allan property per month Clothes called for and copal church the rehearsal lor tho Howard Daulcl both of Clarksvllle Old phon dours made from cut hair or comb1 combined choir of boys and adults Is Pino liluff Known How to Get Tenn and known In this city wero and daughter Miss Helen Wallace In tho county for U and other con delivered JaB Duffey l ings Addle Core 812 CIda ell Mayflold have returned to their slderatlons 338a postponed until Friday afternoon at married there this morning Jnvlta of Them Old phone 1098 4 oclock SPECIAL B F Brown making 6 W W Rogers deeded to Alfred lions have been received In Paducah home after a visit to Mrs Wallaces FOR RENT 9room house 410 aunt J Tho Mons Auxiliary of the First PlnoBluff Ark April 2SAt tho The brldo IIs tho daughter of William North Mrs A G Cunningham 62 8 Houser property on Broadway near 400 photos for 139 next 30 days 90foot lot high and dry 10th Sixth street Corner Third and Presbyterian church will meet to- most enthusiastic and largely attend Anderson a prominent banker of tho city limits for 850 Modern Both hot and cold water I morrow night at 745 oclock In the ed mate meeting ever held 4n this Clarksvllle The wedding took placo FORBALEOas range in firstp L D Sanders 316 BroaJ I Beautify Paducah parlors of the church class condition used three or four way city last night five hundred capital at tho handsome Anderson home At Brunsons cut rato sale of plants months 01d phone 1464 The revival at the aiichanlos late and business men at the Jeffer- Mr Daniel Is an employe of tho as bookkeeper I burg Methodist church IIs drawing son county court house put them Clarksvlllo postofllco and formerly you can get many plants for little DELICIOUS Ice cream and caldlesa WANTEDPoston young man of office assistant fay I largo audiences and before next Sun selves on record as wanting the Pine lived In Paducah whero ho went to money Any person selling or giving any I Always fresh Miss Sadie Owens competence and ability Can furnish Intoxicant to Oscar Baker will be 407 South day many additions will be had to fluff North and South railroad the school when a boy Ho Is the son of F Address t of reference j prosecuted to the full extent of the the mcmbeishlp Tho Rbr J Il bridge across the Arkansas river at Robert Daniel and a nephew of Mrs OLIVE LOGAX AUTHORESS FOR RENTolve room cottage care Sun this point tho Parker road to Monti William tray of Paducah Distil iv ENGLANDflaw Jones of Arlington Is assisting tho j Modern conveniences 1036 Madison S pastor the Rev E T Lewis Just This cello and the Rock Island connection t WE gTAKOH lace curtains CLIP BAKER Brother j Ring 36 or 28London April 28ollve Logan morning Mr T M DavK of Arling from this city to Leola via Clio 1 Pojiulnr Visitor of Pncliicnti the degree of stiffness that makes f 8PO 89 an authoress dyed today at the l18 A committee of ton arrived and ho will have chargo Cleveland county Mrs Ouy Harrison McFall of Dof Cent ml Labor Union hug nicely and dry them upon I ono hundred business men will be bolt who Is the guest of her to All delegates are requested of tho music tames that make them square and motherS meet at the hall Thursday night at 1112 stretck Ulem smooth and rues Star Next Saturday the rosaurant at named Wednesday by President V Mrs Mattlo Black Tucker at tho I For years sho was a voluminous 730 Business of Importance FJJRN1TURE bought sold and ex Laundry Phone 200 tho Union station will bo taken O Alexander of tho Pine Bluff board Gait louse Is being delightfully changed Louis contributor to magazines and how s chargo of by the Van Noy News com- ot trade to raise 250000 to secure tertalned dbrlng her visit OIY Baugh 205 South HOW to double your pleasure Sea Mf H DANAHER Sec papers and wrote books < Third New phone pany as tho National Hotel company them Tho subscription lists will bo vllle t he Kentucky Auto and Machine Co Mrs McFall waa formerly Miss WK ILVK THKtr baa sold thb lease Mr J F llama separated which idea carried on n OFFICE counter and partition in Wo are prepared to store and main motion of D C Dell and each road Llnnle Hell Tucker and IIs a popular MISS MUIUKL WHITE mol the manager of the restaurant the Ankle Strap Pinups for Haws t Register building for sale Apply t- am n your car In first class condition MA UK IKS PRUSSIAN TODAY jClilldrea and Infdnlo The latest nut at the Sun with Mrs Ha mm el will go to Chicago will be subscribed to as favored At visitor In Paducah where she has a small cost Then why worry and Wnukkcrton Ind on a visit bo tho mooting it was tho unanimous been tho guest of the Williamson best at CochranSiioo Co tII S3 Brood WANTED to rent lease or buy Doth phones 56 j Parts April 28Miss MurielI foro ho will bo ttqtloned at another opinion of the business men that all family on frequent occasions r furnished boarding house Address IIILADIES and Gentlemens Straw White the daughter of American Am- Mr Hammcl has been the thrco roads would bo secured without station 1 care this Panama Hats cleaned by Victor t manager place September and further dclsrt Kentucky Women in the Lend bassador White was married today locM ANKLE STRAP PUMPS WANTED Gentle horse for light Champloa Straw Hat As Is Its annual habit tho Ken to Court Herman Scherr Thoss o f Oochran Hliqc Co 325 llroudtvay Satisfaction Old and year JafPaducah tucky delegation to tho D A R t tbo Royal Prussian Cuirassiers Th oI Ihave a full lino of Ankle Strop wagon work for a few days guarantoodJkJUiphons 915 40BItcongress Is among the smartest on ceremony was performed by Roger II untlpv for Ladles Misses nUll Clill obese 46Ca FOOD PACTS v roadway What an Sir D Learned hand smartest both In the Yankee Allan mayor dren black and tan A prominent Georgia physician sense of the word and as regards Sixth street Six rooms and balk ILLINOIS COAL ft FBfiD COM went through a food experience which beauty of toilet Pray dealers la the best UhlcaariBed Our Kentucky IPKDKIIAIf AUTHORITIES GET Dont miss the cutrate sale of Apply W R Katterjohn Lump egg er women know how to drees and do ho makes publicFOIt SALE One good work horse cgal sold la Paducah WIUGHT MiD MARTIN plants at Brunsons greenhouses in It was my own experience that so The Kentucky delegation Is In at 12 cents per bushel1 delivered Boston April 28owlngtothe JRowland suitable for country use Mrs J I town and Office a constant flurry of social engage probable difficulty In the conviction la the city I anywhere Bacr 209 South Second street > yards 16th and Tennessee streets mcnts when their D A R dutlen nro on tho charge of blackmail tho police Mr George Katterjohn has gone tor WANTED Young men Pleasant prescribed It to convalescents and done for the thy Kentucky Is solid today turned Wright and Martin over 1 Old phone 658 Now phone 733 Louisville on business work good pay Apply 302 South other weak patients that the food IIs for Mrs Mathew T Scott and naitr to the federal authorities to prose Individual automobilsi EVERY a wonderful rebullder and restorer ally Isnt tho gracious lady with cute on the charge of Illegal lion of in United States and abroad tho sliver ripples Jn her abundant t mall tho of nerve and brain tissue as well as should Join International Automobile eerie at 206 S 2d St Ask for prices Born hn bred In do muscle It Improves the digestion hair our kin Pamphlet snowing dealers and sick patients always gain Just as brier patch Isnt every last Scott J AI WARSHIPS EX ROUTE J prices of automobile Urea also appll WANT ADS 1 VV1ANTEDExpereence stenograpTO LOS XCiiKS TODAY I did in strength and weight very In Kentucky nn Inlaw more or loss cation blank mailed upon request of hors We are loyal we folks of Los Angeles April 2SThe Jap rapidly her wishes extra work Address hHome office Buffalo N Y Bten L care Sun l I was In such a low state that I the Bluegrass and strong adralnlstra anese warships which have been here II TELEPHONE J M Wash for some days sail tomorrow for San t MONEY SAVED by buying coupon BOY WANTED311 had to give up my work entirely andI tlohststs Into the bargain Broadway wood baled straw lanes posts Ington Correspondent CourlcrJourn IFrancisco During their stay the offi went to the mountains of this state b1T5S THJoZEVA Leg pasture for stock sauer kraut and Co cers and men have been entertained horn setting ekes Phono 1215 Both phones but two month there did not Improve nl whisky In the city for seed I In a lavish manme Iq fact I was not qulto as well as PRESSING club 6o1 TrlmbloI YOUR OLD wall paper made to Tlfo Morgan Statue I when I left home look like nay C 8 Creason old p hone 878 now 64J Money saved Old phone n Town Topics has the following I phone 2029 My food did not sustain mo and I FOR RENT salo or trade for city WAN It became plain that I must change tho Kentucky la greatly interested In FOR SALEChian cabinet Nce even roam hquto hut property 4th St equestrian statuo which is to be Hot Springs Is a noted Then I began to use GrapeNuts foodI rack library table kitchen rage bath and all modern conveniences on erected In Lexington to compioraor WVANTED place for the cure of blood Secondhand rolltop end In two weeks I could walk a ml111I ato ctejf Apply 612 Broadway Old 1C acres of ground Also farming Confederate gen dlscasqs However It costs I Old phono 153without fatigue and in five weekI oral the celebratedMorgan Tho plas- phonq l945 v Implements for sale Bargain if deal i Hunt money and IQtsof 1V to John EWANTEDCompetent male sten J returned t o iny home and practice ter model under tho skilled hands of Is made by Slap 10 Reason for sell 1SITINO CARDS that neat and apend tho necessary threo I Hammond Packing Co taking up bard work again Since thatISignor Copplnl who opened a studio attractive kind printed In large or lag owner moving away Adress A to twolvo months there time I have felt as well and strong AII In Lexington for the work Is rapidly o FOR SAL quantities James H McEwcn C Hargrove care Prudential Life Thats why wo recom I ever did In my life phone Co or old phone 435 corner Eighth and mend NjraJB Hot Springs As a physician who sticks to help oon SA ESu of clothes size of SEE Forks Lumber company for FOR SALEThe best cheap farm Blood Remedy all sufferers I consider fta duty to FOR CITY PROPERTY coat 35 Call now phone Iwbose kinds of screening Odd sizes in Massao Co 111 seven miles from IU nn efficient and roll make these facts landing Nlco sevenroom cottage bath ed aro delighted at Its progress Tho ICO acres YOR SALEHouso and lot 635- made to order Both phones 1276 Owens storey worth 1100 blgorch remedy composed of able Trial 10 days on GrapeNuts when monument when completed will bo ildings now and all modern convenlenccBa eorge stI 1001 to 1027 standard ingredients Also regular food does not seem to sus placed Inn small park adjacent to t on 16 acres of ground the d fine spring in pasture On acknown curattvo value Lib JLIRROi PLATING furntturo re salctain 1hclrodwlli work miracles count of neglect some parts are J farming Implements for mov the chloftlans old home I paving New phone U90era quantity for 910oral house work Apply Mrs M Awa shing With Theres a Reason Reason for selling owner rate would Traduce WANTEDTo buy milk wagoq in Look in pkgs for the famous little Confederate Monument Benefit at crops of anything and self for Ing away Bargain lf deal Is 0Gilberts Drug Store good condition Must be cheap Pete Address May 10th llylllebook The Road to W SO per cent more Price nnbr Ul I made by Star Theater ht MMH 77 rmft M4 inKwir Caporal 419 Broadway Kver read the above letter A new WE WASH lace curtains very care per acre Would tako In exchange A C HAIIGHOVK Care PruTho benefit given by Mr Louis GET IT AT GILHEUTfl or old phoao See Pvof C R fully PIANO BARGAIN one appear front time tQ too They Farrell at the Star theater tor the Get them cleaner and whites unlaoumberedcJty property up ta dential Ins Co are genuine tmtand full of Iranian Paducah chapter United Daughters II r 435 See Hopes n you could at home Star Uun U- oO I Kentucky awslst Inteak of the Confederacy in the interest ofII rTPboae ZOO p i t t 0 11 = c r t lJ JI I thIl IDhand shop f straw jI f fOGIALOIRGLBS1of caI oragnIir ItI Now I t l the- l IIhI I I indows I llVt C Drush5c1- IIlOJtJn Iloel1c thlt oflher hook310 ForsoO IIn liv Laddera68c Brushhoc SpoonsCio FreemaneQ 1 I I I carrYIst homeU I1hemi in I I officiaboard PabSt Extractt Anlappeal H JrMi J I Values Not Known Before IIollco I BrushlOe3- PullGo6- quantityto Brush220 0 HART GAO I Brushlso3- i SONS CO IllnessI Nuhvl11cI Je 1 > WelI d1lmlssedIII I I MollieILaundrye negroId any I SJ 100Js matIFrankpobiro ChicagoIe 1 1 IJ streetr Kentuck71aTCnUJ skillIThisiRbller tiveep 1 i Jewelrye Reasonablew E Adamk I f i > I DroadwaE Notice Thirdb tJMonroo C enI TlmelI Donatedlid I 90tatI ollceal IIYj omcea 1 Means GrapeNutefood JS Hot Sprinqs Now Reme u olorcrwpk0517S thoI publicI 1 RENT 1 dSALEI OR TRADE Itfor CIbookOdcal lCi4I TBron nerFOR ofI tJ TenthI Itt aMOO l t11 lcaBerC BFOIL en Pure Blood Strength I 1 is iiii Ws 1 t96al AdamsIn IonroeD anMIDDLE waLltUemeyor blphQne tllUS aoHr w

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