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Image 4 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

raw UI THE PADUOAH l SUN EVENING E 1YKD1trBDtYtA11tLL M f tho two tracts of land hereinafter r noon with a lot of country produce I I DEPARTURESDick Fowler for described towit l 1adncaU t al Somo of the best ferns which From llackaltclfc f Fourth Beginning on the south Cairo and all way landings this morn AND WEEKLY ArmurooN 1rovctl by Lapse of Time do remarkably well under adverse sldo of Broadway and Twontyflrst t ing at 8 oclock with a big cargo of conditions are tho maiden hair streets i thence towards Court streett freight and a number qf passengers M1X PUBLISHING COMPANYAla Backache is a heavy burden known as Adlantum Crowcanum the DCCORPGHATED its feet and 3 inches to n16 toot al Clydeatfor Waterloo with 15this oven cars of oIn 6 oclock Nervousness wears one out l ey thence wcstwardly l along tin Ing F M FISHER PrealdenRheumatic pain urinary ills ferns with the many different north side of said alley 140 feet freight and a number of passengers R J PAXTON General Manager Sho will return more or less to the west line of saidI for way landings sorts that have sprung from It in All are kidney burdens etrea at tke poltolBc at Pi at 1 recent years Tho hardiest by all Dally effects of klaney weakness tract and east line of West End im net Monday Joe Fowler for Evans second clan matter means Is tho Boston fern but many No use to cUre the symptoms provement company thence in a vlllo and all way landings imme known as If tho northwardly direction with said lino diately allot transacting business at of the freak varieties Relief is but temporary CBSCH11TIOX RATMl sports which have sprung from It cause remains of West End Improvement company the wharfboat Sho did a good busi BTHS1 DAILT BVH combine great beauty with hardiness Cure tho kldneyu ana you euro 180 feet more or less to the sputa I nws out of this port Royal for Ool y 10 y Carried per week < a tho cause side of Broadway thence east along conda this afternoon at 2 oclock r MUperper month In advance n to Allremarkable degree the varieties named are In yew In adTllceOOTIRelief comes quickly comes to the south side of Broadway 69 andi carrying a number of passengers and Bf Mil common cultivation among tho flor stay a good freight list Chattanooga for 791 bO feet to tho beginning UII WEEKLY SUIT l0av year br mall postage 1114HUOO Ists from whom plants suitable f Beginning at tho north- Chattanooga and way landing at Fifth growing in the living room may west corner of Twentyfirst an AMr M THE SUN Paducah Xy aboard She will return in about 12 The only baking powder Pbona lit obtained A llttlo care with a house illsProvo it by your neighbors case Court streets 111 South Third thence POea Oeorgo Cowling lor Metrop fern will make it last many seasons along tho west side of norChwnrdlyI dajo Heroes Paducah testimony made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar Payne A Young Chleax uaHw- and increase rapidly In size and bus ails this morning at 11 and this after T street 165 feet nnd 3 Tho story of a permanent cure Jerk representatives l ness A soil composed of teat mold noon at 430 doing a good business rHB HUN can be found at the follow and R little sharp sand will bo tau II W Buttorff for t on both trips tee place OI to produce the best results Nashville last night at C oclock sufferer from kidney trouble for ClIo B D Clement I plenty of water but be sure that t hoa long tit West End Im1 doing a goodB freight and passenger organization and resolutions time I was bothered by an the cast line of t Van Culln Bros for Nash pot drains well Bo careful not toa J aching back and lameness in my rnvu rent roruiuiny thcncci south business night Richardson flatenedi On motion of W A Derry adjourn ateer House as this weakens tho overwater at 7 oclock rills last = shoulders in fact was never without wart ly along the said east line of theI out with freight The CumberlandI have it and grabbed his hat and mont was taken to 8 oclock last plant PM e West End Improvement company ducked down tho steps night r IMIH If growing Boston ferns cut off river packets will bo in port again First Days Session On motion of W A Berry adjourn N used a great deal of medicine but 1Sn teat more or ess to tho north next Saturday AI Margaret for tho the runners all allow only trro or Tho first days session was notable mont was taken to 10 oclock this anything that relieved line of Court street thence east three crowns to a plant Always never found as Tennessee today with several empty Doans Kidney Pills wardly along the north line of Court keep the plants out of the sun and me as much = street 360 feet more or less to th breadth escapes especially on prelim morningIncidentally Mr Berry Instructed keep a close watch to stop the rav- which I procured at the DuBois Son west line of Twentyfirst street tho the Ayer Lord Tlo company Boat Inary organization WEDNESDAY APRIL l Cos drug store I now teal well beginning ages of the mealy bug If It appears evening corner DoIng tho same for New Orleans yesterday delegates Red spider and thrip are also trou and my condition has Improved in property conveyed to T C Leech by with a big tow of coal Dlrmingha- I not without providential Interven precincts story way Statement given in blesome pests and can bo fought by CDlCUIiATION STATEMENT O A Senn c by deed dated De- for Birmingham this afternoon lion It was fortunate that Jack 1900 spraying tho foliage with a weak Temporary Chairman Fisher cember 13 1900 and recorded n A Permanent Cure solution of tobacco water Deed Book 87 page 341 March 1909 supposedly friendly to Barry gave named the following committees yes On February 18th Mrs Romatn a will be duo to I Steamer Kentucky his proxy to an antlUarry man and todayCredentialsLuther said I am glad to say that I have county clerks office morrow night from Illverton Ala stood for tho temporary 5 Graham Mc j 1783818r53G 9 Which two tracts of land lust chairman had an attack of kidney trouble and will leave on a return trip Satur ship but oven at that ho would Cracken Claud Shemwell and Clam S di J Kidney Pills cured mo above describedare subject to- day evening at 6 oclock Doans 11- R 19 a 5113 h8p Snot have been beaten had not W A Once Iad att bianhallj I every reason to believe that n purchase money lien In favor of C STOIUESAROUND 3 TOWN t hord Cijrllale 374n1i37 A Senn for 200000 but the Ile II euro is permanent resigned and will 9II I on tho Chattanooga t W while they Permanent organization H the bankrupts fatvrcM ship on the Clyde this evening as ono McCrackcm precincts Price against 9 For sale by all dealers FostcrMllburn Co But amounts to only one third of said of tho mates in place of Tom Jan were being counted 50 cents 536 7Traveling salesmen have many fun- 24 6384 S John Younkbrs of falo New York solo agents for tho sum with interest thereon from De nary Peter Welton went on tho Eaton man voted for T headmen nn comber 13 1906 which onothlril Ileiolutlons Henry Holland M> ri E Gardner ny experiences and being thrown Unltcd States Chattanooga OB mate today of Carilslo for chairman as a mat shall R 00000 3with so many people make them Remember the namoDoan8 interest is probably worth Shemwell Marshall A Capt W II Edwards has returned I keen judges of human nature Mr and take no othSaid Iota or parcels of vrouud from the Falrvlew mines where he tcr of preference Ho had 133 votes D Mooro Ballard Dr Wllllnghnin As luck would have It tho sccre Carlisle shall be sold separately aid then a frill Clark tells the following story B34C 30 unconscionably long a whole and free from any nn l nill of his experience In a restaurant In Convention r ea Lanes were lions thereon and BuVJit to hg ap In Kentucky and Golconda one of the out of the way places Ono ontfctuiattio delegate from 5378 16 proval of the referee and the true Several men were eating at one ta Aj Ballard county had to telephone The Cutaway brought a log rat Total tee shall accept thy bid that realizes lout of the Tennessee today for Padu 4ble and one of them seemed to bo Inhomo yesterday to find opt for whom Average for March 1909548Av- 3a hurry Addressing an elegant ge x program seemed the sale after j erage for March 19083943In- tleman ho said Please pass the min the District Court of triO United the largest amount atsale as requited cahCapt Young Taylor that tho secretaries all arrived at advertising same for States for the Western District of by law Ho shall sell said property of tho Padu 1540 beans mister crease porary chairman insisted that bywas call Dry Docks company has resigned paporman Personally appeared before me thli who had kept tally hint directed Jo vote for Barry KentuckyIn at public auction at the county court The man to whom he addressed Thats of Thomas C Leech house door In Paducah Kentucky a April 2 1909 IR D MacMlllen buss soil sent off tho report that Gardner raised his gold glasses Cap was docks sad will go to farming seas manager at The Sun who at his remarklooking at tho man for- a bankrupt IIn bankruptcy elected witch Indeed he wlUIl plater 11 oclock lit tine forenoon on the tarn Taylor no for Chalk and after rasa line tfarm on the for the time But Mr Berry and Irma that the above statement of minute said Did you think I was on To tho creditors of said bankrupt 24th day of May 1909 to the high V Sherrill trustee of the estate est bidder for onethird cash one Hlnklevillo road and a fine new coun Representative Eugene Graves In th e the circulation of The Sun for missionary and at the same time of said bankrupt having tiled herein try residence of the waiters K ored with B O I elly n Kerry deleI dclogato voted for month of March 1909 U truo to the showing his disgust third on a credit of ninety days and lJincr sale of the onethird on a credit of six months hiss petitions for the gate from Lament and changed his Met of his knowledge and belle One prominent In the con Omrhl Fonenstr Several of the salesmen around property hereinafter described and with interest at the rato of 6 perOC votes to Jack Fisher PETER PURYEAR After that vottlon wont to a worker yesterday delegate h tho secretaries managed to attain n the table punched Bach other andex1 the samo having come on for hear cent per annum from dato until paid Notary Public McOra ken Co ing bolero mo of whIch hearIng ten for which deferred payments th o 2 correct computation of tho vote bu My commission expires Janus At Mt Vernon will continue tho newspaper In the ar and thrash the aristocratic days notice was given by mall to the purchaser shall execute bond payable days I mans report was lug tire result and scoured him 1912 citizen but ho such phenomenon hap creditors of the bankrupt now after to the trustee with privilege to the falling during tho next 12 to 24 hours wrong for Berry and braves had change his vote This dOlegaBway = Honed The farmer turned and saidI duo hearing no adverse Interest beIInstructed to vote for Judge Harry pay the cash and tho then rile At Paducah will continue changed 109 votes anti FlMior won and the politician convinced the dele ng represented thereat It is order- purchaserIn to Dally TIioHIit Walter come here Interest that event to be abated to rise during tbo next 24 to 36 hour by 193 gate that it Will All right to vote for Yes sir ed that said trustee bo authorized for tho unoxplrcd term of the bond At Cairo will continue rising 12 to 24 I It is always right and always IIn W F Bradshaw Jr presided harry later as he was instructed but fashion to do good to sell the portion of bankrupts Tho trustee shall keep an accurate Noun reaching about 41 feet f want to apologize to you thats estate specified In saidthe to yeti for Jallor for temporary petitions and account of each lot or parcel sold The Walaih at Mt Carmel will all You see I mistook this party f or You wore only Instruct 1 Tkcro 1Is a now taco at tho harem trod j but I hope you wont be offend described as follows nnd the price received therefor and continue falling during the next 3G there was evidence of a determina chairman blurted the door today lion to deal with perfect sincerity In ed to vote for Barry pass them boa to whom sold whim account het hoursTho ed at lt+ Now JuSt worker and It IIs alt right for you to forest In the following Beginning at shall file with tborraferee Immedi o t T hnofC itt Florence and Ibci mater or all tho controls rand we will go on with the dinner a stono on the south side of Broad- ately after sale rrie deal by whftchJftWTi5LFr vote lot anybody you want tq for Riverton will rise slfihtlr tor 1 Its always a clean convention io f way If extended and on east side those who do the cleanlrig up chairman chalrmani that dont make any differ Witness my hand this tho 26th hours then fall At Johnronbllle I was chased temporary of Twentyeighth street as dedicated day of April 1909 wo will continuo rising during the ncx went no further All Interests nnthic WKO with your Instructions A1 Kentucky Kernels J by A J Weldon and T W Allen onfsilc to harry combined but Hol tho dolcjjiUo voted for Fisher 36 hours Tho cavalier treatment of bakers EMMETTW BAOBY thence southeast and exactly parallel by the millers make us long for a from below St land had a full fledged booin on The Mlislnlppl Referco in Bankruptcy earnings show increase Twentyseventh street and 400 AVKIK STIUIS return of the day when knighthood Louis to near Cairo will continue taIl-I early In the day LFulton 1with west 1 will grade and gravel feet of Twentyseventh street was in flour Tho rough work was Bond during Ing during the next 36 hours TrnMcewB Notice of Ale streets 346 y feet to a Stake or stono on To the o the afternoon Intermission and lost of said bankrupt Hardli St6harpr Hopkins county tho north sldo of Court street if ex This creditors ONLY A nninAcnB night Ono young delegate said ho andl black at Cuchruit Shoe Co Ti 1F i Newton Utley is theonly man l n Is to notify you that pursu Why Corn llion headache Liver Pill I was offered 100 V hopfiaa1 Had the killsself to desert Darry Ilrondxvny tho Black Patch ant to the foregolngordcr of sale I I f Maggie Morehead C2 dies a an I one shall sell tho lots of ground therein I temerity to publlcljr resent the Im Mayfleldi Ills informant told him A Louisville feet to a stake described at the county court house hundred 100 putation that ho war a flight rider man would give It to him Several Llzrle Roper dies of typhoid fever thence northward and parallel to tho door In Paducah Kentucky We think better ofvbim for It retired to tho recesses of adjoining at 11 at HIckman + first llntf of Twentyeighth street oclock In the forenoon on o counties with crisp nw bills that CONVENTION the 24th T Smlthwlck HIckman drowns 346 Y foot to stake near Broadway day of May 1909 FKIDAV AND had never been used before All last Ion THUItSIUV Of course it will take time to dl I at public auction Mississippi f In a line with the beginning corner SATUItDAnight was spent In log rolling The abuse the minds of Barrys followeto death and a stone at the northeast corner to the highest bidder on tho terms Frazler condemned rthat the count of ballots was not un committees couldnt agree on a re- VlK supply and according to tho provisions of mrnn of A J Weldons residence lot on stated In said order wiimeir port which gavo moro tlmo to frame necessarily delayed while the Padu- at Whlteshurg W NIsbet retired merchant the west sldo of Twentyseventh OeBtteuea tress Pint pass up combinations buy votes and tire nhletra Mill children oxfiinU and Witness my hand this the 26th cah ring was making converts yes-I dies at MadUonvllle mens plain too oboes just received street thence in a southwestern di day of April 1909 terday but this Is politics gentle out delegates from the county who front market and Fllmore Flood killed at Parma rection and parallel to the lino on the price thAi wo coming and said It had ont word t o wouldnt trade men II V SHERRILL Trustee Cadizmake will moro them rapidly Mo hurled at So Court street one hundred 100 feet lobby of tho Palmer house that tho 0 silo v lo Barry hurry up at Seventh I C may buy 1to tho beginning Being tho same credentials wero mitring The dole Tho election of Jack Fisher of Mlrctloim and t dont roles yourS oun T E Gardner was elected tem- and Main streets station Louisville S t i Lax gates said they were not In tho lobby Benton temporary chairman WAS a property conveyed to the party of l porary chairman of the convention MayElla Will Ward iho first part by A X Weldon and yesterday for about flvo minutes I field married andGravesBurnett It was hinted a megaphone wasnt blow to his fellow townsman lion 1600 mens tan l S4CO mens oxblood oxfords JUI10 in Virginia Weldon on September 30 used In sending tho word It Samuel Pierce namedcounty E Barry and thereby hangs a tale until two votes wore changed postmaster 1899 as shown by deed of record in utn MacD Ferguson moved as a sub Jack was selected delegate In tho 1600 mens pat tan oxfords one of was only a coincidence when Heights Marshall county stitute that tho convention recera 15 South Benton district Barry Bays at I4CO mens pat colt oxfords 9210 tho secretaries walked down fro 11at Cumberland Presbyterians at Ow Deed Book 60page 88 In the Mc 8300 mens pit colt oxfords racken county court clerks ofllfe minutes until the delegates could fur his solicitation the stage had whispered In the car But yesterday Jack 4 CO mens gun metal new church edifice oxtorda5so0 nlsh credentials or affidavits Second Beginning at the corner of someone before tho voto was an- cnsboro plan Mangrum I Berry transferred hit proxy to Henry Ito mens gun metal oxfords BUnd Joe NEWS is booked over of Harrison and Cypress now known pretended to agree with him and nounced I 1300 wonjons pat leather ox 9100 vaudeville circuit at 200 the week as Thirteenth St thence with Thiro amended the substitute extending fords Caroline Steele Versailles maid ofr teenth street down tho river towards 270 the recess until 2 oclock Ferguson oration of tho body THE REIGN OF LAW honor for south at Confederate rcIClay street one hundred and seventy 400 womens pat leather ox said tho delegates wished to go home But tbd worst blow was tho ad- Night riding Is over in Kentucky union fords hirer Report ifa25 and protested at the delay which rev tho to per of whom Tho Sun Tbo few Berry Simpson and alleged coal PIttsburg 65 08 fallIcalled the fact that antMlarry dele journment In work afternoondelegates 300 wrens pafc leather ox IHhttfpfeYily denounced law mine conspirators on wee ono mit personal on tho ford In federal Cincinnati trial 336 06 fall gates aro riding on street car tickets To the astute chairman of the 300 womens tan lessness totWbegtnning were hear court at 122 04 risoxterArtitpo stake thence at right angles One Louisville First congressional district Is due 300 women tily criticized because timorous ones i loodpxr9rd t1th1 00 std hundred of sovcntythreo feet and I t tho credit rod putting It over and 200 mlsscsr pat leather ox thought the state would be given aIOFFICIALS GO TO276 02 tallItho committee produce tho creden all tho cleycr work three Inches to Harrison street Mt Vernon name As usual the state was bad of tho antisa fords 1D railI FRASIiFOItT TO PROTEST thence with Harrison street one hun- lilt 9125 I given a bad name not because news loon league In tho rural precincts 200 misses tan oxfords flpG 11 roll I 15101 dred and eightysix feet to the cor Nashville paper dared expose outrages but Delegates from the city and county Chattanooga 150 childrens oxfords from fall fended the committee by saying ner of Harrison and Thirteenth the because the courts did not perform l Florence loft for Frankfort today In the 16 04 fallttcredentials were all given by the sec lleader the beginning their duty and juries refused to conttterest of having tho tax assessment riseIrotary of the convention to tho com Up to the adjournment last night Beginning In the line of Johnsonvlllo Third vlct tho jErta25 from 199 to I rato kept the same The state oUt south side of Clay street 200 feet In Cairo sldII Kentuckys reputation has been d ale have Tailed the state tax assess 532 06 fall Then Jack Fisher found his voice ventionwasnt much else to the con- Young mens 300 hats v9Mo direction frost tho Ohio river from St Louis restored for the same papers that so Iment 10 per cent for AicCracken t I Paducah 303 03 rise Iand put the motion to adjourn until the corner of Clay street and Thir Burnsldq On motion of W A Berry the roll vigorously denounced night riding county Tho delegates were Mayor t 69 16 fall 2 oclock There was a smattering of just as zealously havg been publish + James P Smith Judge R T Lightcteenth street vizrThe southwest Carthage 112 21 fall ayes and a storm of noes that stag was called for nominations for torn of said streets and thcnco notary chairman ing reports of trials In tho federal toot Auditor Alex Kirkland George Mens UOO straw hats 00 tr Clay street from the river 4Q berry tho Mens 150 Straw hats stiffX011 On motion of W A courts and tho convictions in this cir 1 Rlvgr stage at 7 octocfcithlt morn Emory Gus Singleton Earl Patter with thence at right angles to Clay feet Groceries cheaper than youI cAn cult Kentucky has been redeemed son andWcs Troutman The party street towards Harrison street 165 ing 503 a ciao of Oj3 slnco yesler shoe repairing nominations wcro closed On motion of W A Berry tho roll Ibuy them anywhdrp dress goods no and to Governor Willson and the of delegates expect to return Satur day mornlng The river hero will feet toan alley and thence parallel come to a is in a class by itself few local officials who stood by hIm lay morning was called to elect a temporary Il ions furnishing gouda at a great stand by tomorrow morn with Clay street towards Thirteenth Ingand then begin falling In duo much of the credit for teh saving to you NoUrc Barrel of 4 street 40 feet nnd thence parallel On motion of W A restoration of order r Berry tho Ifirst patent floursuporlor to Omega Chattanooga ARRIVALS from MILITIA P street ICC foot to Thirteenth t temporary chairman appointed com 775 delivered Tho governor was criticized for IN WETS AND DrtYS FIGHTt withbeginning repair shoes so le mltteo on credentials permanent THBJMCK trending out troops The Kentucky I1T Broadway good for more ser b ChiliIcolhe 0 April 28rTho lo u An undivided onethird Intoiest la soldier boys of whom tho state has nn cause to be proud were called Will cal militia was railed out today to eons IJcssIans But they patrolled restrain the wetting wets and drys at 1 er from 1vansvilleagIaljay landIngs this freight the Black Patch and they restored tho local option election hero Trou wltgfa confidence in the law and gradually ble started early with the arrest of and passenger list ror thisport Dick II public oplmon was regained Its bat = District Superintendent Eldridge of Fowler from Cairo aad anw v1and us in filling prel anco The reaction was rapid Night iris AntiSaloon league on a trespass II J ildlng Is now unpopular and tlm c hargeboadling ho was seeking ovldcnco tions for it enables yestefday I papers that denounced Willson uro c 530 with 40 loaded coal boats iiens shoes half solo I at The leaders on both to give what tho doctor orders vigorously on the side of law and sides including the chief of police and heel sewed or pep S100 and barge in tow lort belower MIl sissippi were arrested Womens sowed or George Cowling from Me order II 50c peg tropolis this morning snd this after- Let the news bo spread abroad Kentucky is not only a peaceful OFFICER Mom HIGHWAYMAN noon doing r good business Pavonla point to glvo tho very best Leaves Paducah 9 n m Arrives Cairo I p In state but she has an admInistrationI I from the Cumberland this morning HATTLK VICTIMS TODAY service in this department Arrives Iaducah II p m Leaves Cairo 4 p m Ladles turned capable of restoring with a tow of several barges of cross sole taming It and the overwhelming 1 ties for the Ayer Lord Tic com l any Royal from Golconda on time majority of the I this morn ng with a lot of freight and It Lunch or dinner as desired11o intoxicants Music on board l HOUSE i number of passengers Heapcr from Light refreshments Go and spend a fow hours visiting tho mines at Cascyville last night There are few members of the held up five citizens on the principal I fern family that thrlvo In with a tov of coal forthe West Kenextensive tucky Coal company Birmingham 111I tlio ordinary living r omThe nat T 4 I rom Ural IwblUt et the term Is In a Uveljr cliijK K iabcPad cab Sun warm theist atmosphere dryair of tho dwelling and nURDENS LIFTED tlio Is detriment tt Boatt E7u Baking kidneyb 1a 0 = t6 > > freightd I rr > 155377 isom n + 1 S Ajt nowlI tint Itry mudo inna linet LMrs rsJ LFlod IW Not secondrholeehad laterb lrlthhoWttoI mectlnKI > Slipperxfori i 1 t Barrynx 1 en I orrlrerrl1udolrh Bernicel erBankruptcy Notice S It l flh 1 > 31636 haltr foobum Demong thntwoI matn recognitiont 2053v1 B6392 23536 GIf 15396 22536 15387 25534 195397 26534 116400 27534 125402 29633 115400 AhsoluteyPun bi Meyersve angloslwcstwnrdly i Powder rr OUl1rlUlteedby Bee Hive Specials I J + WAITRvery I rlchtSnld everywhere r aI oneI pen oxfordstt119 I fo Iprcldlng J I r I I I RichmondI guiltyI eEvansville281 Carmelx100 7902 423vl 0800 Ins 1 paidDelegate J delegateshad generalship mltteet I > Vi1 9100J i4iBoys prt1jQ0Mens i Our CALLTf CClvdfreight 1PJlerTenncli600 11IsjtIDoazfrom toI IIscrlptlons I Itoothertrobber e flj 111tfrc POliceman oneIhlshwainan Wet theyre IIW andheel J5Cs o b tberTeagesseaa ur I Excursion Sunday May 2 Cairo and Return STEAMER DICK FOWLER S Fare Round Trip 100 lj J l Bestquickest J II The Streets of Cnlro r

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