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Image 3 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

I EYNG sP- 1HB EWDTJCAH hDxf nAyAlxlIt7181 I 10000000 OFFBRS llfSTANT KEUCT1 SIGNAL MARS PrbfW II PickeriHg Urged teiMake pxporl went < j2llan t t J jRnlt is InluiblticV I Uclny f trtnln < =i tIhjSf I FRIDAYICLO Jm OATAIWH ouget dont When Nerves Twitch L Weak Women > Experience counts rkfSho says Before took Cardui for my female troubles suffered death a thousand times ithville They twitch pull to sometimes soothe the nerves into forgetfulness and repose Of course the reason you need Cardui it that it womans medicine that acts on womanly fcroub is n j L0 Read the ex of Grif perience pf Sims Alta Hanes I upWhat uffer greatly from their nerves echo beJC4DeoJlJcttl ronjtho I NLu 01- rid of that nasty huralllatl g disease catarrh You can do It It you really want to TMSHMQNTBST But you cant cure catarrh jn a I I i few days bats an utter Imposlbll Ity because there is no remedy known that will kill the catarrh City Needs Its Wagons Mast germs In that short time Rut you can cure catarrh if you Close Contort Earlier will have 11 little patlenco and breathe In Hyomcl pronounced Hlghojno three of four time a dan Hyomcl cures catarrh by killing Qonlcftts for Improved Yanla How t ever Extended to May the J J bcvcntcetitli r js a powerful antiseptic Hyorae WilY ITO rttOSt PREAD QIr 1 w I I I andattex Carduitt nri inland Australia where tus trees TOm AWAUUKD 4IAY 17 hence helps womanly nerves IDBAI catarrh leasofnever existed FIELD CONHIDKK IT ttili Try Cardui has been so wonderfully successful in well woman It gives relief Instantly stops 1ii Trill tiatt4SOOIrHn felteving or curing other woinhtf ailments thafrwe VAL UADaI hawking In a few days and Is guar owr f de ilbIncr symptoms of Female Dlteue on health hntcne diet 11 to cure S fortewomeennteSe in saying will surely help you are aOI A Fort Worth Tex April 28T A anteedtbronchltls catarrh asthma croup xa pIIIo1 CTntt he podpald Adc1te or money backs A Booc Medicine Co CbatUoooem 1 or IIOOOOOOO bill been raised and toad Cleaning up rontcudi for Clill vfor ttiq purpose of signaling tho planet complete outfit Including Inhaler a Marl If William Henry Pickering costs 1100 and extra bottles of Hy I drcn Close Friday Contest for most Improved e professor of astronomy of Harvard omel if afterward needed cost but 50 f cents Sold by leading druggists 1 prcinlKCfc Kxtcndcd to May 17 e University will say tho word It IIs every whcro IInj to Bchool Awarded Clay clarlflcd atmos pointed out that the Hpmel certainly fa 17 < phorp level ground and Urge unln and I accord It the credit which It Wert Texas tnakc habited are merits There IIf nota t ho conditions perfect for experiment deserves and Ing too strong tot mo to say regard OIM In that section I The committee in charge of tho an after- The Star and Tclcgrain prlto contest met this morning In renoon paper here sent Prof Pickering 29 + IIQ 4 J gard to extending tho time beyond n message saying it bad been author Today the offi the American missionaries there were reaches Washington April 30 Many petitions have been WOMAN SUFFRAGE WAR IN TURKEY Jzedq make thp pledge for O1llnllytdais had to depend entirely for their cafe up to last night No direct received urging that this be done but erl1erlmenhJIt ho would make themj Information on the Associated Press word was received frtfnr them today the board of public works cannot ttpVPProf Pickering has not yet dispatches as Ambassador Welshman Beirut is qulotittd the announce iv afford to give the use of the wagons replied to tho otter It Is raid that ho Is evidently awaiting the formal an- rnent of tho sudc sso 9pMehemmed LIKELY TO PASS any longer oils there la much city would enter heartily Jnto any OXIKST nouncement of tho selection of the Reechad Effendi to Afojul lamd all Conttinaed front page oaeJ Indil work waiting to be done and all tho mcnts of thla kind but that ho would new sultan by the Turkish foreign sultan was well receivedII JV7M Itopncaa1OTY soar MemIwagons are In constant use hauling v ndrlw thou who made the otter to scp belchtnt and cutos aU stomach dlsa despotism such as the country had office before communicating to the t Itho trashawayldr < he contestant juntjl additional nod more con1 Iethronerueat Af tiroyed They average about 76 loads a day Bill Advanced te Third Read not experienced In many generations state department Speculation is rife elusive evidence as to tho Inhablta re as to what will happen Paris April 28French fews the street Iinspector reportedThe Armenian massacres of 1895C organized government under the ton of Mars had been secured by ob It being recog papers In general approve of the de lag i > Illinois Senate It was decided that the contests were laid at the doors of tho sultan servation before spending to llargo a p f resent chaotic con The opln whure the children are concerned but whether ho directly fostered them nized that In the nobody can safely thronoment of the sultan sum on experiments which might possible Inhabitants dition Ion l e hold that the strong and re hut the planet will elate on Friday next aa first an or not Is not known Yet Abdul predict of affairs prove of but little value I what the outcome will be generated Turkey will bo Able to Will shortly como around jnto a pod flounced The contest however lor Hamld has performed some valuable i < present a firm front to those who Won of exceptional advantage for tIlO the most Improved premises will lx > Unlht rorSlnntol Resulted in No services to his country in addition to J The universal opinion however Ininirn4 Hum Not Ntfdnl Young Turk party Is equal covet the outlying provinces which lalctlal ChnngcsUopkllia arid As H moves about I observation preventing the partition of hIs do- I that If the Boston Mats April 28 Imposed a new era with will be the best means of preventing AUInrcnts Hold Conference to the Prof orbit It cornea into n position where JI mains In Europe among the powers bright trust prospects is in etorofor Tpr the reopening of the near eastern It Is neared to the earth than at any If a took the Turkish army disor question other time of the year ganized and useless and made of It n IItih an observatory of the highest pos average mean distance from of the unseasonable cold weather TUB HILLS PASSED yjMTKPDAY strong lighting force Its He organized slble cfllclency In tome favorable lo the earth In tho last several years is This will include the awarding of the Ofllclal Announcement Favors Young Turks in educational system permitted a Waphlng pn April 28 ipfficlal dls cation is Won Texas where he and approximately SOOOOOO miles DutIflag to the most improved school yard London April 28Tho Constanti dally press Inspection and gave deposition of nople correspondent of the Chronicle other celebrated aitronomers canary next r munificently to Mussulmen charities patches conflrmlng the fallor rather late next lumJ1also the children who are contestry on extended obtcrvatona of the Abdul Harold as sultan and the proc- was received In audience by >Iehera planet will swing around to I Ali incr Procre Springfield III Mciianimnl Legal SurtTKyoV planet within tho next few years This a position only criminals Jleljemmed med Reschad In art Interview the 30000000 miles from Ing are urged to get busy In finishing Mohammed Reschad Effendl tho lamation of his l brother could be done he raW for a very Effendi up tholr work as only two more days as Mehmed V new sultan declared that he had aV the earth I younger brother of Abdul Hamidj was Heschad small part of the Immense sum which were received at the Turkish embassy ways been the advocate of a consti remain for the trash to bo hauled It an observatory of efficiency which passed It Is proposed to expend on the under- In working order In the clear otmo is away and to notify Streets Inspector Senator Womacks bill law It pro- born November 3 1844 and is tutional charter And parliamentary tho senate becomes a legally and according to the Mussel taking Seize All Hnmlds Goods lastW41ousIle announced himself phero of the West Texss hills about Ernest JJell at once placing In their vide that physicians in the state In mail taw the successor of Abdul These observations tho protestor dispatch a firm supporter of the policy of the ordcrs It wJl be Impossible to ex stitutions to prevent procreation roan Hamid London April may yield Information continued Constantinople says the commit YoungTurks tend the work beyond next Friday where deemed necessary perform the Up to the granting of the constitu- from such as would warrant furthor and If the observations found warranted operation of sterilizing on habitual tion last July Mohammed Reschad tee has seized all the former sultans 311YtCtIlAjtiAHIIly 1W effects incldlng his Jewels as well OIlURt71J31I ATTENDANCB niore costlf steps In tho work name going on with the work there would criminals idiots and Imbeciles Effendi lived In practical captivity in as I y the building of enormous reflectors l A hard name to pronounce called his vast personal fortune still be plenty of time for expending Fur WPIIUUISI KuTrnpj a palace on the shores of the Doe by means of which the suns light the largo sum necessary Wpmansjiuffrage had a close call liborus Ifo was surrounded by a Board of KxtciwioB of M > E Catch tobtflldthc I can bo reflected at sufllelent tatenslty Immense multiple reflectors necessary I No Improvement j ihi scnatij South A moUon to strike out household composed of creatures of to reach through tho 400 < Ml00 for such an undertaking largest Islands of the Oeorglan li iy its Tho latest ad- Beirut April 28 the sultan who spied upon his every vice received here show little im only 3V4 hours run by the Grand moot ttU9 jnU0 jarth and Marti Memphis Tenn AprU28Church action He was not permitted to and attrsit tho attention of the plan men from every section Of the south IIlost bya vojLftAt12 yeas tq 20 nays Jeavo the palace grounds without th JnUlnck BJlWI lle out the dlllturbedreglol1 of Asiatic qr9 In ntendaVie hew upon the sea ttI1nb11JtrttittI How did the Queen of ShoUa one short of the constitutional ma permission sultdn Since tho Discussing the matter at lohgth t ravel when she went to see HoloI t jority of the BCtjatq The bill was advent of of thepopular government I Turkey Every day adds to the suf lions of the board of church exten- the refugees and 1roillaPkerlng said Thibrovlty of mont asked a Sunday school teacher lest ycar ho has enjoyed a degree of ferings of the dispatch from to tho sion of the Methodist Episcopal the telegram from Texas does not per Adana church south The body will be IB death list A No ono ventured to answer personal liberty hereto unknown to says t mil me f qtay from what sources the that the fires have been ex conference three days The delibera Could the have gone by the ralli him I money for tho experiments is coming way pickerel and pike abound tinguished but there Is great fear of tions of the beard are being held in For 11 tbo telegram was signed with thei further Incendiarism The American the First Methodist church A pre elm said a little girl r Will Recognize New Ruler lit The senate pasted tho bill compell nameOrlhe newspaper mission buildings are among those liminary meeting was held before tho Indeed Well wo would like to > v know howyoufound this oats ing railroads to haye full train crows Oomo Nrair In Full Prompt raved Twenty thousand persons are general meeting was called to order Washington April 28 Chicago Hi however I dont feet that we on aU tr1ni1 arid providing what recognition wUlbeglvenlhenew desttute and there are tows supplies About 100 prominent churchmen par in the second verse know enough about the planet as yet the child It says she tlclpated In the meeting which ww shall constitute A full crew The government ofTurkeyby th vadjnln of any kind respondedII to spend much money in signaling to great train pWtdeif over by the Rev F Mc bill has the backing of all the rail istration when the official ncwsof TitBits mJIllOOT LKE HILT I All I Murray of Louisville Ky 1SAs1H J1mSrTUJtJ road mens organizations of the state the order of things In the empire era attacks fs still besieged The house passed the bill making it a felony to sell glandered horses Nashville Tenn April Vote for Senator V I 1 a Iff 1 pretty IuI WUh BOOK1V Take CARDUI dinlife 1of it Beut1FrAvq t MIa eSA cures I tablet I IJmanytresldenta > lhogebehnd keyI dowersTend the Idiotsland < 2SA lurlllslngobserv11IUOOI plyturesque IIorthatlit 01thot b03tIfng Womansisulfragp s throughe theIOllCtlOIl nl1J1Information i 1 ttoHadJIn 28ha r ea1lion manngersUnited + one on tho Rcelfoot lake liljlsnnd the other on the neb and ator Porry had a conference with ime lawsfly a vote of 73 to 8 the Governor Doneen Just before the I aatoUIU directing the attorney genJ legislature wont lute joint session to vote on senator Stop Market Cornering tOII house committee on judiciary tsl lfcolfootJake JIlA tOIR I authorlzjIII ractlcallYItltll Students Not Allowed ITo i i- < I j > j a lIf you arc a woman 1 I I lit M IOt J and you have this symptom geti Vegetable Compound without delay Lydia E Pinkhams Backacheseelnsaninventionofthecvilonetotrywomans Only those who suffer this way can understand the I t Speaker Taylor attacked the Reel foot > ll I bitterly declaring that topas41t would jn lltcct cgpdonq the aplg and substantiate the contentions of t he night riders that It was con t Qtcatpry and that the stibfitanco of the whole thing wa846 have the supreme court reverse itself Mr Purr year led tbo fight for the kill and tho argument aceomp4nylpgtho conid l tt i t i t i t j miseryWe Ye > toproposed guessesWe name another remedy for fe- male ills which has been so successful or receivedso many l testimonials as has Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetables Com nnnnr1v YcgetalIcCOntllOllnclto No sick woman does Justice female Ilia medlcincMatI 5 has U jt I MrsPlnldiautitiytf1111slckwomen has to write her for advice Hire rytpus HU f hralth free of eh oLa tla 1 II find Conies to Noted Musician Meran Tyrol Austria i t a < doctoraeprescrlptksntetJI4II Good cvlflcrico 4rliik coflTcttiwiHiOnt JOBS a that I tItH l r4i iedploducaloisu5t1 i be used fUll some rtsk tlilnrto tlilBklBK otllcr PalmerL Well pestetlpeople pow Madenttand why coirccdrlnkliiK Mionld Up yegitlaled bjr the doctor It contains a ilrnR WAV rEINl ilvhlc f1i tlracaHsti of numerous nil little anllliig BOHID bcvohilHg serious- D Owen Arlington J D Hebron Memphis W II Leathers Murray Howard Amlrinvs Vaslivlllo Dr J S Davis fxjvolacovlllo John F Cocke WJcklllfo II M Harris Mor gandeld James D Bennett Louis vllle Ooorgo W Smith Benton J I POetHemtaright DelvedereFjIMorris Loulsvjllq ti fp FSJcrtyddyvtlic City New Rlchpmfe S UI111il Us in congress < t e shlP defeating C 11Co kiln of Chi If I II 4l tSi Sato Is School children use up nn enormous anleiuilter brala groiving fast Servo jg j l1diYro JTherta lm > u e Washington April 28x Returning Wright IHIllata CttseHplon from the Grant birthday celebrator at Philadelphia Taft arrived In dew York April 28 H A Washington it 43I tills morning He IvNgbt of San Francisco won the loft tho private tat Independence a- t Dat onal amateur blllUrd champion I 0 let School clilldrfHlM vo IOKtum wlthiKoodicivain or milk brewed inul a weeks TfkiewHI le n tale ef y o xlfloiirlslinicne WOW r dLunch ihipnla oas Jt coataIM joatwm Siiwdo of clean hang wheat sklllfHljy roasteeltecla4hsg the bran coat ivlicrelu Nature has grown the =Grid J 1 i TalaablorpliospJyate ntpotath TIlls organlcI vitssl Hcccssarjrto rebuild wasted brain ami ncrvu cells gwagRprty VSvMy H G Mont- Shannon gomery Dycusliurg1 Ferrcn Smith Ilnd JohfflBradyiOUhortsvllie peter Foremjin ietropcrifs JR nt-l Moreland WnhS t Uai polo SU1lthland fJt j fpr4du t i HvFemlnp vert ttr nocy feoor ether Ivarmfulslibitnnrc F A Zaw BVansylilQ H T Darks dale Guthrie W B DIakeniore Mar tin E T LeQu lonJ Klllbuek J A Moore MempUJat JEt D Bennett Blrdsvlllo Louisville Alyn Miller Call M Bean Bentdn j knew coffee is a 11 McGe Lasqunlej M Moran Tyrol Austria April 28 ClarkielHk Helnrlch Conned former director ott tho Metropolitan Opera hobse l ni i Tallahassee Fln it Kpri 28pTho K w York who suffered an apoplec Florida house pt representatives tic BtroUa several1dnB ago died adopted a resolution Sadoralgg Dom peacefully orray of WllllnrnlJrfnryhn This Is in the nature dfa rebuke to Con rAFT IIKTUIIXS TO gressman Clarki pf Florida who ro WASHINGTON TODAY crntly ritloiscd Bryan In a speech C4nlIaaOmobileforlbo1F very fair lunch at the Sew HOTEL ARRIYAIS I thousands ofcures of such cases You notice w6 say has cUrcd thousands df cases That means that we arc telling you what It has done not what we think it will do We tA fcw eeHtaHII1ebuya TtchotJIIJthl Cleveland t J ITo Drunk Coffeer Ing of wheat or nnyi other grain foodstuffs stocks or bonds unless tho seller Is the actual owner of tho commodity sold at tho time of tho trans action prohibiting the boards of trades or stock exchanges from per milling such sales nnc providing for the punishment of telegraph and tele phono companies from sending moss ngea In aid of such sales rhorb was but onoi dissenting ryote I 3 IJableavonthpugh uthqrzpg The bill 4be condemns U t on of the Jake prpvpfced little dls gll opposition fo 1 the prop t cusston to read the two fqllowmg letters osltjon of etato control of that body of waler was transferred to the billI for proof that Mrs Pinkhams medicine cures backache ttaqklnjr the title of the West Ten caused by female diseases neuea I and company Jo tho lako ItI was not passed however until an iJrooTflyn K Y r I hfiye Wen a rrcat Iirrcrrz with R COR taut Italn In lily buck 1 wall mlvlscd Yo use Lydia I51MnkIiam amendment limiting the expenditure p YegetablcCongronnd ferU RRCI the I ain has lisattttcsrd I feel for employment of assistant counselI like an 6w VTMHRII Inca that awful pain Weaderttlaatlremedy ionby Mr Webb hlesft the ai eTercr of Hint Kreat anti bad been adopted An amendment by MM Peter Oaf fney 548 Marcey ATC Broeklyu 1i1 Mr Langford to empower the attor JIUwftiikc s WL14T ilia E PJnkhRmn Vetrfetabl CeM ney general to Investigate tho titles would like ta tell the pound has made me a well woman and I and thug proceed In the manner he Mkole world about It saw proper was lost and as It stands I snffcre4 from fs male troubles aRIl fearful paln lAIR operation hack I had the beet doctors and they all advised anmo a wjU that ohlclsj Wuit institute suit withLydia 13 IMnWiHuis VctfQtalilo Coinppjind made to am Toady to tell every out exercising any itdiscretion as of woman and I I have no more backache whether he thinks a werltoHoua wtu whist tbla medicine HIM done for mer Mra Emma Imae a useless appeal to the courts 83a First St jlihvaukcc Wis S Vegetable Compound has made Lydia E Pin hul1 JlElN lOn COMUKI DIKS souls tireph sentatlvcjB Y i aKeson r t They Ilketit whcnpropcrly JY for e i tri 111- IL J- fi POSTUM Itcuil limo Posturn Cereal little book IlieSloW lu WcllvlHt In pkipi Or seiUlTr h cow to CttMpanyliMiti IRttlsCrrekr MkwiU 5 A r

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