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Image 2 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

n l z > EVENING SUN THE PADUCAH PAGLlWO Did You Ever IrL Spaghetti JTtosW Didyou evtxtlja spaghetti puddrattfpr dessert 1lty btifc Itsgo ir And ihiiis ordfotte 6f the many tasty dishes that be prepared with Faust Spaghetti In fact what an adaptable food spaghetti is until you try the Faust Brand ITfcetker for dinner upper alone with other food romJ sc lip to dessert there always a use f- orFAUST t i > > A tr f BONDS tJIrTAKINGt i Kealseky and MaltWhiskey wishesto l men and women who need good tonic stimulant may know what the worlds best tonic and Road to Bo In Operation In Two Years From DateCider and Poplar lUnflf line J slfa nt> aSPAGHETTI laseee Then consider the economy of it A highly nourishing food at a mere fraction of the price of ifieat So easy to prejxtte and so many ways of sere ing it Youre never at a loss for something tempting and nourishing with a package of Paust Spaghetti in the house No other food compares with it in cooking variety nutriment and low price Get a package today Nearly aR grAeeri sell It live and ten cents a package Alt write for book of over 20 Faust Spaghetti recipes tree on request MAULL BROTHERS St Louis Mo BOXDS WM BM a doneforihlm TAKEN finIshed PuroMalt I There Is every reason to believe that people of Cairo will take the 2GM0 In bonds for the Kentucky Ohio River Jnterurban Railroad com- pany and that the matter will be closed In a very few days so tar ns Cairo Is concerned The Commercial club committee which has the mat l ter 4n hand Charles S Carey W J Faust half poundhalf pound sultana talflu onetfvt oee > and Johnston Charles Feuchter onehalf ounce allspice l foil the fp r1I tlllu the wine and I etnun Mayor Parsons have liyit with much will llo Ihln rind until tender Thea Juice SpaghettiPudding add the mtlt sod tact wen beaten tour Mr Caroyi chair encouragement Into a dish with the other DRredleOU i max of the Commercial paid for till thirty days after Veaecaelan government and a rep l I reeeatatlft of the Ethelburg a syndl few days with his slater Miss AHle the road bits been built and 1s Hh operation the proposition looks fo> bate of London for a settlement of A Preliminary Mile faro Arranged- yoqds vorablo to men of means the disputes over the match and call for Amateurs Over 14 Years ffioncpolles of Venezuela held until The roadis to be completed within Old recently by hndlsbcompanlez Clarence Virgin was burled Sun- two years from date and Is to deliver passengers and freight Into Cairo day I Attfll WMps Mackey Morels Ferret has returned from a Mr Carey says he has no doubt tho Columbus 0 April 2SAbo At 525000 will IK taken In n few days The foot races atWallaco park will Ipleasure trip vto Chicago cairo JC Poplar llluff toll of California champion feather- Ibe Interesting next Sunday afternoon Mrs Julia Jeffods has returned to Poplar OluFf electric weight boxer last night outclassed Iand from reports a large crowd will Iher borne at Charleston Mo after n Tho Cairo mi Mackey of FIndlay O In be out to MO the sport The races Ishort visit to her daughter Mrs line Is the latest project of this na tune that has been started and some eight rounds of a scheduled ten will be the first pulled off In Paducah George Woodard to 4 e1ng done for It by I round bout Ho knocked Mackey although tho running races have been Newt Toler has after quite a utaV effective ork according to reliableflown twice In the eighth round popular all over the country this at home resumed his traveling tyi O V Tucker reports Mr Tucker fs going over whereupon the police stopped the spring A preliminary race Tor one the BarberoToler Cigar company the line and preparing to make sur bout mile has been arranged and It wittI and Is now on his southern trip veys and secure right of ware William Still spent Sunday with through be open to all amateurs who are light the several counties which No fee will be charged and homo folks and will start for Mem of foot A tho line Is to traverse Mr Tucker kthe only condition Is that the runner phis thla w has had experience In electric line u must not bo under 14 years old As WIHamDuaar who Is mall mes- construction Ho will bo able to rery edy Sbeaid Jete la Flgfet a rM school boy who EV attend senger on the I C attended the port progrcisain a little while vf fill Cairo s tN fists Pools college will be entries money will funeral of his uncle Clarence Virgin Bulletin very notnenns of late being not be offered so as to destroy their Jtato area frown SundayArthur this n atu oa children ttftm m M+ ky IM cold weather loud come bat standing In college events but a Crider our exasSistAnt post In raauMos to ud In BwreiT wily suitable prize will be given All eq master was Iii town Sunday slinim eo grown peruoii If sugar did not dissolve la the mouth rtrbedy rtoaM loin la flestroylnz thmust be registered by 9 oclock trlea you could not taste the sweet beat Way to eel rid ot dneleal 4M rue ZUetrlo Rat lid Itoaen Friday night at Princes cigar tore GO Money Cornea In Bunches to wi k Sseerea GROVES TASTELESS CIIILL TON f while rlrM Relit out of the house to that they may be published Saturday to A A ChIsholm of Treadwell N aa strong as the strongest bit Y now LtMeIDMlJ Poaeble His reason Is well worth 10 is afternoon you do not taste the JMiaiai MMMk FuM to MM everywhere or For a long time I suffered ter tonic but Tho winner of the mile race will be reading flvr yrwMM do not W k u MIIoa peaM rtfalM of price x ox box given the opportunity to run the last item Indigestion torpid liver con bitter because the Ingredients dissolve fan If the etlpatlon nervousness and general dissolve In thenoutii but do Btewrie rule Co mile in the ton mile race and fwMm stomach he writes amateur can make the tenth mile In debility I couldnt eadlly in the adds of the People as sleep had no appetite nor ambition e Jnst as good for Grown Sljrp Crfam4JiM has been truor Children The First and Origin rnn the entire ants es4 set faUBa vjanung in thousands a 10who willwill be given distance grew weaker every day In spite of all astelcM Chill Tonic rite Standardmedical treatment Then used ElecHudnell prize at kaMM all oret the country It Bitters Twelve bottles restored or SO years SOc has WAB a place Jn the family medl the champion of Tennessee for five tricmy all oldtlmo health and Tlgor Now housripe eloeet IIutng the reliable ho1t repeilcs where it Is kept at Is confident ot trimming earned I can attend to business every day Infallible kaiwl for use la treating cold in t-e Carnes Is training quietly and has Its a wonderful medicine S BASEBALL MEWS Jwst aa soea aa some member nothing to say lie Is regarded aa a tor Stomach Liver Kidneys Blood hlii 50c at all druggists begins the prellm dark horse and will have plenty of and Nerves W lwiw hwI4 inary sneezing or snuffling It gives backers It In claimed he Is a runner N1T10YIuIddAQUIti i Wlie England Shook Immediate relief and a day or twos of note but Is keeping his record un w L Pet top to a cold der cover and will spring a surprise In tho course of its long history treMmeMl111 lItas GGC C it England has known a few serious Boston 3 c iffciffc H fpktrM act checked become The amateur race will be called at C 621i 3 earthquake shocks In the days of Philadelphia hrosjte and rug Into a bad case of- oclockSpectators GOO C 4 will be given the chance William Rufus ono was felt through- Chicago otinrlk G GS3 7 to keep very close time on tho run out the country and In 1274 an Cincinnati GiG G C nera as the track will only bo a one English earthquake destroyed Glas Pttsburgh G 3 375 New YorkZ > circuit TIE NEW PLACE OPEN eight mile track The runners past I G 3 333 Brooklyn bring the made ituiitlo whllepart Pdule 307 4 lee Crews wholesale and re I the grand stand as many times as ton in as the result of an earth St Louis faH oie gallon 100 possible In the main event the ten uuako Jn tho sixteenth century Per 12 taB a 60c delivered At Cincinnati tulle race the two contestants will haps the most recent serious shock our cream to be Qanraatde pass the grand stand SO times Tha was that which inflicted much dam Cincinnati April 2gltaln caused money refunded seed or track Will bocoveretl with sawdust ifig In tho cistern counties In 1884 the postponement of tho Chicago Over 2 gallons 75c per gallon rfinanslop lYousb fund was opened Cincinnati contest here t LHKe8tll1ircbes Ice cream forjtho BUtforera London Chfon Electric Coiiuwnys Earnings c espiesaspecial price Ionln At Schnectady N Y April28The 1 110r Give Us a Trial St Louis April 28 Pittsburgh annual report of the General Electric won the game In the eighth when I Lenox Confectionery company for the year ending January cwcoiyraUons File Article toss to tho hows profits AprU 28Thc Phelps muffed DIm 31 1909 Issued today Ky Broadway 618 Frankfort t year of 4802252 The Walnut Street Land company with plate for the lit H EIr Mount paid In dividends during tho UUloiJ Capital stock find tho foul IScore C 10 1 year was = 5214025 leavlirg a sur- Apijel compah with ilOOOtf 1St IAuts F plus at the end of the rascal year or Btockufncopqrated today In tho d SHOES SHOES SHOES BatterlesiLtwh and Phelps Wi pjfrtmfnt of secretary ot state 16102830 I fj ert > ttml i tin hlgh grade lls Adams ani Gibson Rknes elft rLove but the blind rilOMlXKNT D1tUaGIST r aAti1id ltJiia trempalty ness Is not Incurable Otherwise t PhiladelphiaApi128Phltadelp131 aroiway there would be no brcachofpromlue StaiSlfia HetwtaUoaOa the Merit hfa again defeated Brooklyn by suits of a Ifftlr JSestercr bunching hits on Delia W J Gllbort tc wetUkaow Mr J perwrnallj druggist of this place Batteries CoValkl Dooln and guam QCIT that 1oi the Sage and Sulphur flair Restorer m positive- Jacklltscb BolllndBergen ly bring back the color of the hair At New York and that It will also remove dandruff Now York April 28rfhe visitors And there is a worth satisfaction stop the hair tram coming out and the sjwrt Trading Is easy npd fJore A druggist must hit Ames Lufhamahd Waller at > maiko it grow will Is also a ccitala cafsfactlon when lonow what bo is talkteg ftbout before you dual with f ho wfll on his own responsibility Ira 027 thIs much for a remedy and a rem New York It r 10 15 0 TT edy so highly Indorsed certainty do Boston Batteries Awe Durham Walter serves to be given a fair trial Probably there is not ono out of a and Schlei Ferguson and Smith huhdred poopSe Uiathsia such oJlId AM EIUQAX ilEAGUK of hair aa Nature ihlonded tb y N should haw end such rte they might L Pet they would onto uso5omhavo If 3 727 thing which w6irid keep their etalpi Detroit i 3 700 tree from dandruff and euro ttchlrijg New York fiSC 1e scalp falling hair and other trou>1 Phlladelpht Y h6 Chicago GUi i of the tort ffl Vl fl Ri r Jilw W J OttboTt 6aySW3reUri Jlr for less than 3 cents 15000 Sage and Sulphur Hair nesloTar wilt do all this and also restore the natur other plants to select from 85000 222 al color of the hair Ifwbuld seen Washington that with Ills knowledge of drug See stosk before ihcralstry his judgment 4h the mat At Boston Boston placing APrJl28MorgAD was ter might be tolled on At any Tate with his guarantee that the remedy driven out of tho box In the fourth HE Score will do all that la claimed for lt and 3 J72 that he win rotund the monctji If t Boston to dont a person takes rri risk In try is tug one of the 50c or JlOO bottles t 192 Quinn which may bo tad at W J dlibertis lanes and Carrl an WJl rIfo < < atthe I i lI Nagm if Rats > agar E jtllt contestd ande > te damaget f 1 y = UK AiA 3e 1y 2n Aal blind bMlRAIi dt r I Ey Fishing is Good InI I D E WILSON j awW i 4r5 4100s 3641St r CUT PRICE SALE f centplants i t 1Ii 2x7 ord- BROS ersSCHMAUS tt r I Both Phones rlr m jJ lJ r T ll 111 jr 1U p t stucab7 uIRI ltt 31natter t and Klelnow f1 Pure it long1lfeJ mien Of Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey PUpfJesthe If you wish to keep young strong and vigorous and have on your cheeks thfe glow of perfect health take f t When you ask your druggist grocer or dealer ftr Bvffys Pare Malt Whkkeyfcc sere lei get the rwHilae toe only absolutely pure raeJIclnal malt whlik y aad is soW hi sealed MUleS oalyjT etcrIn trnlk Price 91 Ii OM Chemist ea tile label and rake sure tte seal over I cark It wfefokea Look for the trademark the Writ ttt > CeasaltlB pfcyslclan Duffy Malt Whiskey Co Reckutw N Y for free HhiMratcd Mwtftcal twkkt art free advice CAUTION ie Its I and biscuit were kept consumed ItKHAItKAHU IIClIIT ISO At Cleveland They had described many remark halt of the biscuits aa4 wlno theru Cleveland April 28Detroit was able freaks of lightning The dWInp wore two quarts oC4Ur apiiet a chair here but rain prevented the game broke a goblet and finally glided out saidThe most wonderful performance by tho same window It had entered At WlUihlnJon ashington April 28 Philadel of lightning that I have ever heard leaving four cigar stubs behind The divine smiled phia wax to play Washington but the about happened In my church In I know tho lightning did all sane was postponed on account of Newport N H back In the year two rain It was about thla season The this said for my sexton told mo April day had been fine but tho so the next mornings Ho was piiu evening turned sultry and a terrific and nervous and bloodshoteyed with Chicago At Chicago April St Sullivans sin- electric storm sot In about 9 oclock gle in the ninth after two wore out In the middle of this storm a To kill yourself for a woman Is I lightning flash unslld the Iron bolts scored the only nin of the game I Score ft II K of the window shutters of the church romance Chicago 1 4 1 darted Into tho building lit the gas Unless you work yourself to death i St souls ji 0 3 2 In tho vestryroom opened the Thats real tiro Louisville Courier sAWhlto and Sullivan closet where tho communion wino Journal I I Waddell and Cfrlgor 1 > awoA j Automatically Care for Your Glasses Pct IJ V 81S1Louisville Indianapolis Mlnneapolisr Toledo St Paul Kansas CUr 8 6ti 4 I v SOU Paul1I j Kansas city SU j we not in UK IThe 401 363 339 153 It 2 J i HoUtr a dtaelxd la wait or vest and atria nuirilly winds up the shall wlm lfuca G1li Ii 6 7 7 8 C 4 Columbusf lre ai I t L11IInatItSSQCIItTiON Automaticm m j Eyeglass Holder m Sent post paid on receipt of price Optical 609 Broadway Stelnfeld 3 I C Co Ulacfc Qu Bwta JolcllJa i rk I MeI f1 f Toledo t Louisville 4 i Ij- A i Minneapolis Milwaukee 12 1 2 tunings Columbus Indianapolis OF INTEREST TO 2 0 WIVESap CoOl and Cojr Kuninlcr ltcsdrl are numerous In North Michigan For Michigan In Bummer book of pictures and descriptions tree to per sons planning vhcntion trips wrlto C If nag rirD P Agt Loulsvlll ax yo was In Oloecow wood Aal I said was that you was perfect sober on the Sabbath daylLoudon opln Ion plurall ball so uho thnt ho fell Krlioolboy lintel a leap waiting for supper anti ho was At N feast suddenly awoke to the realization of his theatreHis thoughtful mother had placed a heaping saucer of I then dreamed S nudgeThe cm hits plate hlmttlie < without any serious drain upon his incomes guarantee you a FIXED MONTHLY INCOME FOR LIFE no matter how long you may live and even if he should Iy Kyr die before you dof JjoiiM < i Post Toasties and crcain then ugave 1e how your husbandcan Not Very Xclgtitiorllkp Was not a verra nelghborllko thing to bo doln August when you was tellln tho whole toon that I was drunk all the week that lohunry a Would you like to know DugeidYon Auul1 never said no such oat o my lips Dugald Mackay MOThERS i Jy 7 IAN our GRAHAM 1 I I I Malt Whiskey has no equal a destroyer of poisonous germs In the body It Is In dorsed by clergymen of every faith nurses and doctors of an schools as a positive cure for dyspepsia Indigestion nervous All diseases of the throat and rostrafl lungs every form of stomach itroubte ma Jed eonWttoM of the body brain and muscle It htarttonlc laria chills fever and ILfW14Qwelk n1dtd a I blood purifier and promoter of health and Every testimonial guaranteed gentilno and b published In goodfafth arid with full consent tromavlslt I as stlmulant sulrerer1e loAmIWilliamKarr I can with It to of rli r tI you a few words of praise of It I trUthfully say that It waked wonders me and I will cheerfully recommend anyone young or oW who Is suffering phutiberp s N is so pleased with the results derived from tak terurkaal s rahamof 181 Elizi4th Street Chicago 111 River Ja Okl8 A MF e L- I V Nervous and Generally Run Down cI1T1zRi1 f caiiT you have no idea AFlttL M WK JB8DAY r s COUPON I and Vltliont commltJlBg wyspK or my husband to any action please send mo your booklet explaining how a wife can bo guataii i tTi month In a case where the teed a Life loving I l Taste Lingers Popular pkg JOc Large Family size J5c t i husband of age incomdofa aud the wifoyearsIgygars of ago Signature Made by r io O Addrwu Posture Cereal Co Ltd lalllt Critic Mib I tl i into e < ii < 1D08 y j t

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