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Image 10 of The Paducah evening sun, April 28, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

rTIIK THH PADUCAH EVENING BUN rfght on tho ground during the time of construction to assist In any way DAIRY INDUSTRY I A Blum otyo r tHMtaeM WAOTKD 1t5tATRUYus te Investigate oar folfcfcg il1jn Reports received hero in possible Washington indicator that the work l IN THH SOUTH wo backed by Mrs il1j It Ca1lijaf f Education f sistance given Delfts I of the sovdrnauestotiteleld loa I Suffering The doctors in bed for weeks is still less mental anxiety to J and druggists bills add suffering And your income is cut off account of your inability to work If i thet ont t We cant preventd < mindof worryt Thats a bad tanglebut the Maryland e GenerallA gents Paducah 4 Ji l t at x Z tJt 14 1 + Z V fr o f- a r- H L BKEJl 1XXH DELINQDBrlTTAILIST Sled TAX OXMSDnCIlANTS AT MEMPHIS Lasthalf 28Brer I Memphis April Fox II the speed marvel motor boat on a ensationalvrua against time trom Celered List Continued Cincinnati to New Orleans paid Memphis a short visit yesterday morning White Jae Nlatk and Wash arriving at 0 oclock and leaving at 1167 1015 after taking on gasoline and ingten 61 6 other supplies White VIck Broad Alley 31 4 White Stokes Broad Alley K B Dean owner of the Brej 620 South Sarah White Fox II has announced his Intention 111 6of making the distance between Cia Ninth St Williams Dtok621 Terrell cinnatl and New Orleans in CO hours s 363 Memphis Is the nearest halfway at Williams Toay3lJ20 South point and yesterday morning tho lit 1260 tie speed marvel had fairly skimmed Teeth St OOot O Wlteea across half the distance In twenty L > Rowland 248 four hours Prom nojv on it is only 1137 a question of endurance and it was Woodward Calvia North Eleventh St 407 for the rposq of demonstrating the Creeele Thlr Woodward durability of the Brer Fox engines 1628 that the effort is being made to break teeath and Monroe Sts all records Weelferd Bcett South Thir 1370 teenth RAttBOAD RATE WAR The aNTe property tax list for 1966 bavlsg Fees returned to Uie Chesapeake and Ohio Makes Big Cut Encctlvo May SI adMer M deUa MBt will be offered er ids at tile City Hall door on Washington April MesgftK May a 1909 at 10 oclock rate war a the City Treasarcr unless among the eastern trunkllnes fa near ly inevitable in the opinion of the InaW te Wm before that date terstate commerce commission ALBX KIRKLAND Thus CIty Auditor far the trouble extends only to rates on Import traffic west bound but the Pateeaa Kyn April IB 1000 likelihood Is that It will extend before Her Mother Mabel dear do you a great while to domestic traffic The trouble was precipitated some ever feel timid about asking your The Drlde time ago by the Boston and Maine husband for money No 1 indeed mamma but he seems to railroad in wiping out a differential he rather timid about giving It to of one cent a hundred pounds or 1m port traffic west bound which had ex me Chicago Dally News isted for years between Boston and the ports of New York Baltimore and m Page Nine CteaUaaed tewag 111 pi t 28A my expectedthe the reduction made by the Boston and Maine but a day or two ago the ratefrom Maines rat v Tho Chesapeake and Ohio rate goes Into effect on May 24 WATEU BEAUTY A- Chicago NDECONOMY as eblasd 1 HENRY BOSC COMPANYS BrlngThem agalnat scorching motorists GRAND JURY SUMMONED TO IXVKSTIOATE IiYXoiIDfO Ada Okla April 28The grand jury has ben impanelled here today to investigate tho lynching of tour white men last week Instructions given to sift the matter to the Bottom The attorney general sent an assist ant to aid in tho investigation and ef- forts will bo made to obtain the same of every man la the mobComplimentary She had just tried on her saw spring hat Dear mol she mused as she watched her reflection In the mirror I wonder why they call these peach basket hats Im not sure laughed the jolig i bacfielpr but I guest it 1s heeavee there Is often a peach under them And then she said he was the attest man ehehad ever met Chief of Police Auatgen of Ham is the Inventor of the new law operateby d s M d7 + win 917r eadlt l S ueeUon yoknow mYoDkenStateman hnever Mrs BaconMy husband oj f re I al fiare Warehouse for Storage I byDr SouthI I J J = Wo are masters of all the secrets ofthe confectioners art and can give you any flaver carry out any color Bcheme which you may desire In your Serving as we do ice cream ing hostesses In the yreftae tlon of leo cream and ices we can certainly best serve YQU LOUIS CAPORAL 331 Broadway Both Piuses o department r I HARRY L ANDBRSOIN MITCHELL early as our entire output is usually bespoken in advance g < WARDEN i I Everything Electrical Third Iw I I en ilZENSV SAVINGS BANK hratrara1 Third and Broadway DrI > 1 INTEIi It is wise to place orders I ELECTRICAL WORKS aft Delicious Ice Cream Flavors enacto heedleslI to Old phone i protects labor Mr Ovoraaa estimated that the head tax on aliens which he proposed would bring to the government six to ten millions of dollArs of revenue I police It an automobllls t New and AU from the w offered at the lowest New at either and of the boulevard falls to heed the command of the police t orkC3jfcago prices slack up a message will be sent t Ii lip WW b vbItftd JWf s r a eo tto Mti b twrcbw TbrrI and to addr- a motorist comes within range of tli A peW ee atratfre yxyt water gun he will he bombarded wit a three inch stream of water travel I lag as fast M a ICO pound pressur SaSOyNew livery Design selectclass One has mond WAUPAPERS > UBCI pla1for t4vl aa4 Sprb escHen e Washington April 28Mr Over of North Carolina offered ali amendment touthe tariff bill la the senate by which he proposes to place a head tax of 12 on each Immigrant coming Into tho United States Mr Overman proceeded to discuss hIs amendment l p unanimous con- sent Ho declared it was In tho In terest of revenue and protcctioat to American labor That tho tax he desired to have provided for aliens has teen held con stitutional by the UnIted States su- preme court was one of tho argu ments Air Overman offered la sup port of his amendmentIt moans not only revenue for the man = gunIs boulevardH Fire nose Overman of North Curoltea Would Make It 1Za Head Awe Xolla on a woman if she fulee to tell her ago ioh sconciiEns Van Motur I KyF EfJennings C J Co < City Transfer Co tlll Casu- alty Company will unravel it its bodily pain but we can ease your Our Disability policy furnishes an income when you are unable to work and keeps your mind free from care when you are well Its a sure dependence Tomorrownay bring accident br illness to you LeLustalkit oveIJio < show Prepare for it today you alsample policy 0 Agency019ee 8Tho Suppose This Had Been Yoii l R ibodily to their policy holders to knew bat we pay prompt cash for losses StreetOfke saytime pre no fun Jwil know that they of cafftol sad by millions of dol =Yot The there II is HHrp4M mMlkw of dollars I is every Indication in tho south of an CORI18Ctcd awakening of tho farmers to tho pos slblllties of tho dairy industry Dill Wwne 1581 i ing the past year tho department constructing for south- AgrlcBltHral Department Sees n assisted In ern farmers about 100 silos 36 Drawback la This Section Is barns and 10 dairy houses and a BOTH RIDER AD DRIVER Lack of Good Cows much larger number of such build- Ings are contemplated for the i ent year privately owned one too Our horses Perhaps tho results of the work FEED NEEDED HOMEGROWN are good In speed and action Our I la here testing have been as valu carriages and harness are kept to tho I able as that of any other to the During tho best of condition I Notify ue wHit farmer in the south Deyou require sad youll bo pleased Washlagton April I year this work has begun with 116 partment of Agriculture for tho post Iherds containing 3921 cows 43 of with both the rig and the coat of It use three or four years has been endeav- tthese horde containing 1428 con oring to arouse In the southern Idiscarded before thIS work bad been THZ TULIy UVERY CO states more of an Interest In dairy IIn progress very long because of the Incorporated Ing and with this object In view IIndifference of the owners With 84 Fourth and Kentucky Avenue bas been conducting a campaign of Iherds containing 2393 cows the Both phoned 471 education Tho department real- work Fs being successfully conduct Izes that there are some serious ed As soon as results oroobtalaed drawbacks to the southern dairy In from the record worK the owner 1 dustry but oa tho other hand there usually purchases a pure broil bull are so many advantages for the bust for his herd unless ho already had ness to be found In tho south as too ne far outweigh tile disadvantages At o Scores of Letters to the opinion of the best least CL MttnAgarThe department of agriculture Is dairy experts employed In the de receiving scores of letters from ap partment Some at the drawbacks preciative farmers who have pro AirKtnd of Hauling Second to the In the south ted by the work being done la their stdi Walhtn ton Sirccull behalf The following from a Oeor berot good cows secondly tho lack rgln farmer Is typical ot good homegrown end feed help thirdly the lack of suitable buildt ire I want to tell you how much mo Both Phones 499 department has been to lags OB the other band In thettthrough Mr J E Dorman FoldI il T 1 r opinion of the dairy experts 1 the Agent 4o tune to us TThcn TTC crcI Boath has the decided advantage ofa bout to get discouraged with tho a mild winter which does away with dairy Cotton seed products wore Since he shot himself in the right IKA TAKKN OFF BRAIN the necessity of erecting costly helIIhigh priced and we were feeding temple and after the bullet pasted tejr for cows as la the case In tho largo quantities of It to a herd of California Doctor Performs Wonder through the eye ball oa the side it north and secondly the advantage twenty dairy cows Wo thought they crashed through the nasal bone and fat Operation and Man Lives of a longer growing season lodged Imride the ethmoid just within wero all good ones When Mr Dor the delicate covering membranes ot Situation in the man came he dld not criticise our San Francisco Cat April 28 In speaking of the situation In methods severely or point ont a doz Moro than 100 grains of flattened the brain tbp south with reference to the dairy Ien cows we ought to get rid of Ho Iand twisted lead were removed Sat Industry Mr D H Rawl Chief of Igave us some record shoots and ad- urday from tho brain of Eugene the Division of Dairying Depart vised us tp keep a record of each Mobrq formerly of Ilalnflold N J Tho blessednessor moon of old most of Agriculture recently said cow carefully Wo did this A list tho man who tried to commit suicide The south has not come to a re was made each month It took near last week in Golden data park and ago U often but the extract of our alization of her opportunities as a ly a year to convince us that some now all tho doctors connected with past llfoDe lfaatredairy section There Is no reason of our favorite cows were losing us tho University of California have why the south should not In time money nut an soon as this was been marveling that no suffered no Churchgoing has cured many a man of Insomnia take rank with the northern states jfound out they wore disposed of more than the loss of his ejo sight la the quality and quantity of dairy The first winter Mr Dorman visited products list In order to do this us wo milked twenty cows most of DOVT fttHGKT the southern farmer must redirect the time and shipped nn average of Ho has Im- one hundred pounds ot butter per his farming methods That wo will launder your linen Ila poverIshed his soil for so many de week The second winter we milked a manner that will do you proud cades without giving It anything In twelve to fourteen cows and shipped not only one time but every Umo return that vow and radical meth an iivcrago of ninetynine pounds per odd la agriculture must bo devised week The difference was due to not one week but every week of tho If we can once get the farmer In silo wales and Babcock test There fiftytwo To make sure though try the south to realize the value of are many tamers reeding Just the us for a month youll try us the rest 1 dairying and If ho will undertake ItIsort of lulp I hove had I could of the twelve We ask your laundry In earnest He will becomo a teed point out dicn who vrnt to start producer sad this 1s exactly What dairies and they want to start work because we lDJOlle1tnadcarpet cleaning too Get our prim they seed In the south In order to rightIt build up the Impoverished son Th result would be that In a few yea OiWV CITY LAUNDRY dairying would work wonderful work In tho south In cooperation changes la soil conditions and this with the state authorities and In IllOBO 121 I industry should become as profitable stitutions as far as possible and to up Several of tho prevail upon the states to take as In tho north southern states offer unusually good and continuo the work so that the advantages both In climate and 1In department nay In time drop out The Best Carriage soil conditions to the dairy Industry of this field But It does not feel This is especially true of Tennessee Inclined to do so until the work be Sev- Service la Paducah which is well adapted to this phase comes more firmly established erAl of the states have provided men of agrkmKnre You get handsome Wall The cattle tick Jiaa been a Seri- and appropriations for such work appointed carriage when as the good results becomo more ous drawback te the dairy Industry and We give I serve you In the south It to true but In my apparent tho Interest Is increased prompt personal nttcn opinion within the next ten or fifteen ion at all times years this dread cattle disease will ADAI STEVENSON FORMER bo virtually under control In the ICE PRESIDENT IIJ PHONE 9 15 Chicago April 8Frlonds of The federal gov sections affected ernment has dose much to eradicate Adlal Stevenson former vice presi this disease hut mach depends uponI dent of tho United States fear he may n u the activity et local sad state auth not recover from the shock of sudden deaths of sisters and brothers within orities the past ten days Ho has been sIck Good Will ef Farmers Efforts are being made by the de In a local hospital for weeks and has partment of agriculture to assist the suffered a relapse The doctors eay southern farmer to overcome each his condition is not alarming but ow and every one of tile dlsadvanagea ling to his advanced age his friends referred to and to cooperate with uro alarmed them is the starting of this industry Defends Story of Extra Rib aright Nine maR under the direr Chicago In defiance of tbo high- of the dairy dlvtotoa of the de tin partment have been engaged for tile er criticism Ihtf Rev Frederick fi past three years la the dairy work Hopkins congregational comes out Motors Dynamos House Wiring I la the south and it to gratifying to In defense of the biblical account of womaas creation know that their work has enlisted Repairing and Supplies Infidels all laugh at Adams rib the good will of tee farmers As They toil us tho Bible be sistance has been tendered la the be says remodeling of eld barns the build gins with a Joke that It la ridicul lag of now ones the eewtructlon of ous to suppose that woman was Wo do silos the selection and breeding of mado as Qeacsls describes herds and the keeping ef records pf not care to argue that point fur feed and of the products of tho dairy ther than to remark that no one ex laLocal market conditions of cept the author of the first book 1 herds St Paducah Ky 326328 S the sources of the wpfrUea that are the Dtblo has ever given as satisfactory aa explanation ot the bogie New 423 Old 48Ua Pheaeat brought into the south from outside fling of things from a spiritual stand territory have been investigated As an example of what to being point Before wa dismiss a book which accomplished 1m this respect It maybe stated that twelve months rec contains what some think Is such a III1 J girds pf 719 cows la small horde l o- ridiculous story let us stop long o south enough to ask If after all tho mere cated In varloM psrti 1 PURVGAR R RUDY P PAXTON show an average iw It of I9440and invention ot tho story does not makeI Oofilkr Assistant Cashier President the poorest a lea of 376 The the book worth whilst Who today he has had a Jolly good laugh average profit et the beet ten cows after was 7924 while tile poorest tent will rlso and explain how It over oc CQWS mado an average lees of 1 per- curred to anybody to provldo for the cent The dairy eaperU of the de- continuation of human Ufo on thl B partment of aarkalture have found planet by establishing tbo family ro J out that it often VhawMMW that what latloaT Could anything bo more will make are regarded M the best cows show perfect than Just to when tested Muck poorer results a helpmeet for him and the thing City Depesitery Stale Depository than others 1 nthe herd and it is by was done keeping records and compiling such It is a hugo Joko that lies at the v 1 < N1t f 1 >5i ij 1111111100tItNt Capital 1 Ir r information M the foregoing that bottom of tho marriage relation and Vir 80000Surplus StocfclicdcrsUabUlty tho farmer Is enabled to eliminate the home Are the words of the 100000 the poorer animals aa4 te bring up moat beautiful of ceremonies but an the average production of his herd echo of an ancient and childish total security to depositors f 200000fanlo x to a profitable pelatsolicited Wo appreciate Aicouirfa ef IndivMMls and firm Asststanee Rendered mall M wuU M largo deposits and accord to all the same conrUxw Her Husband Well It takes two Not the least of the assistance treatment I Agricul to make a quarrel so Ill shut up rendered the Department of I His WlfOrThatfl Just like a con ture through Its sine Hold agents i s the help given the southern farms tomptlble man I Youll sit there and ON Chicago News In furnishingans for and supervis think mean things a110L barns and ing the erection > f teperlence IB 9001 that OPK1 8ATURDAV NIGHTS PROM 7 TO 8 OCIXXJK 1as no correspondence course IMimh Smart Sit i IDINGin an ambulance of I WANTKD II a I I SWILL WEDNESDAY dOIvnrtJrent onnu TPAID TIME DEPOSITS

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