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Image 1 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), June 30, 1960

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JV'1 J, 4 W II iI 4 ! f """"" v" I.- '. ?, - j- -- I k .1 v- -, ' f ' . V (!j-ff'"' ; 'N Vi vr.v I' ; i ffrron Reporter Photo SHORTS WEE? BETTER FOR WADINO these morooned residents of Ceroid Drive lft, Pfctur wa mad about ?:30 .m, Thursday AT oportmtnti hunj in phiv, most of tho morning, RIGHT, Jrry' Drivo-i-n icb fvict artfl wo cutomf vlilblo in background, wa vf!UJ by omo two Ptn rtitauront; Tht to throo foot of wator, $ctnt aro along pardttown Kood at Buochol Dy-- f ait. f ply r,rt n))I Wo ,. t' ( ivf'"" rw Y UV'J UJJJXJ .6 Ccrvino Southeastern Suburban Louisvilh and Jefferson County s Btb Suburblt got Its feet wet last week as hip-deand higher water surged down streets, highways and across low- aregs It provided Itinerary swjrr'.ng pools .for, the YlP youngsters. Their parents commented; "It wasn't even this bad out hero In '37." Repdrterland Is still cleaning basements and floors which Inch rain were flooded early Thursday when a record fall descended on Louisville thing like this before and I've and other Kentucky cities durlived around Okolona all my ing the night. Water rose so suddenly In life," Preston Highway, which some areas thai residents had Is not unaccustomed to flood little warning to evacuate the water, was Impassible as far north as Fern Valley Road, premises, In Okolona, not usually afOLDTIMERS, recalling they fected,' boats and rubber rafts were high and dry when Louisreplaced cars as a mode of ville was under water 23 years transportation for about two ago, paid little attention to hours, rising water until it began BUECHEL'S Miracle Mile pouring Into their basements and lapping at the front door. (Bardstown Road) near Skyn Theatre resemFern Creek way Prlve-IEven high-lyiat least one family bled the Ohio River, Pajama-cla- d reported Gerald Drive apartment whlrh Inst cvervthlnor CKCfnt which was moved out of 0CCUP8 stood marooned on car porches watching an the driveway Just In time, Beargrass Creek tribuHIGHVIEW Fire Chief Joe tary creep up the sides of Stark can't remember "any- - cars parked out front. ep flood 5-- 12 Yaw - No, 5 3 Sec, LOUISVILLE (18) KY., THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 1160 riont Vcc!; 'Shades cf 1937' Claim Qcportcrland Suburbans ; ' it. k , 4 V; Monday's holiday will be observed by The Exporter, The classified deadline, usually 9 p,m, Monday, Is being eitend-e- d to It a.m, Tuesday for I 10$ coy Pfi, f)' $u? era. copy, wherever possible, should be In this office not later than Friday, Results of base ball games will be car rled, space permitting, if received by 10 a.m. Tuesday, The July 7 edition will also contain "Suburbia News Today", our n It 4" i'i monthly magazine supplement. A boat, manned by Paul and Sonny Adklns, 344 Plaza Ave- " - nue, was used to evacuate neighbors in the 340 block of Plaza. ng AS IN MANY cases culvert and storm sewer outlets were not sufficient in size to accommodate the heavy seven-hodownpour. Water backed up on both sides of General (Continued on Pg 8) ur swimmers SOUTHERN'S UNFINISHED POOL contained enough water for Thursday. The unprecedented roinfoll of the last week has delayed construction. It is doubtful if the community pool wijl be ready for the holiday weekend as previously predicted, but the contractor is stepping up work pace, i , . ,1.' it i ' ,fo ., 1 pi C (O , cc -: o H --1 , JO uj in Q ai . CO ( u. f UJ m n PRESTCN HCIHWAY TRAFFIC moves cautiously, as signal light suggosts, through Ckolona at Outer Loop intersection. Note boy in rubber raft at extreme left of picture. PLAZA AVENUE resident Betty Owens, in hip boots, helps her father from boat. Jptcicl Police Ernest Mercer, right, stares at water surrounding his home of 352 Plaxa, Unidentified man at left holds Ettty's parakeet cage. V.'

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