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Image 1 of Park City Daily News February 14, 2012

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COMING UP Job safety Close one Industries working to lower on-the-job injuries, improve employees’ overall health. See Wednesday’s Business. Tomorrow SPORTS No. 2 Syracuse escapes with a 52-51 victory at No. 19 Louisville. Page 3B DAILY NEWS Park City Partly sunny. 53/47 Details, Page 2A Year 157 – No. 45, 48 Pages, 4 Sections TUESDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2012 Bowling Green, Kentucky FEDERAL BUDGET Guthrie hits Obama plan Budget proposal delays ‘tough decisions,’ congressman says By ANDREW ROBINSON The Daily News U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, R-Bowling Green, told the Daily News on Monday he’s concerned that President Barack Obama’s budget proposal doesn’t address the country’s long-term debt. The Obama administration’s budget that was issued Monday estimates the deficit will drop to $901 billion next year – still requiring the government to borrow 24 cents of every dollar it spends – and would settle in the $600-plus billion range by 2015, according to The Associated Press. The deficit for the current budget year, which ends Sept. 30, would hit $1.3 trillion, nearly a record and the fourth straight year the United States would be more than a trillion dollars BRETT GUTHRIE Congressman in the red. “It’s disappointing; we have to solve this problem,” Guthrie said. Guthrie said he hadn’t yet had an opportunity to examine the budget as closely as he would like, but his first impression was a lack of leadership on Obama’s part to solve the country’s short-term deficit problems. See WHITFIELD, 6A Inside When a president introduces a budget, there are always phantoms flitting around the room. President Barack Obama’s spending plan sets loose a number of them. Page 7A WARREN COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS District making cuts in custodial staffing “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, this budget, because it cuts people.” Nearly 40 positions eliminated By LAUREL WILSON The Daily News Photos by Miranda Pederson/Daily News Emergency workers and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities employees work Monday after an accident at U.S. 31-W By-Pass and Collett Avenue toppled a utility pole in front of Arby’s restaurant. U.S. 31-W By-Pass accident sparks outage that affects 1,100 customers By DEBORAH HIGHLAND The Daily News Telephone utility workers remained at 904 U.S. 31-W By-Pass this morning, some 18 hours after a two-car collision snapped a utility pole, causing a power outage to 1,100 city electric customers. Bowling Green police officers were on their way to answer a disturbance call when they were diverted to a collision on the bypass at 1:21 p.m. Monday, Bowling See FERGUSON, 6A Joseph Remington (left) of Bowling Green gives his eyewitness account of Monday’s accident to Bowling Green Police Department Sgt. Charles Casey. Nearly 40 custodian positions will be cut after the Warren County Public Schools Board of Education on Monday voted to outsource custodial services and make staffing adjustments to offset an expected $3.2 million in extra expenses next school year. Outsourcing custodial services will save about $344,000 and staffing adjustments will save about $1.15 million. An additional $1.5 million will be saved by cutting textbook, telephone, energy and other expenses. The board accepted a custodial services bid of $987,768 from Knoxville, Tenn.based GCA Education Services. The only other bid, from Sodexo Operations of Altamonte Springs, Fla., was higher. Custodial services will be outsourced at all eight middle and high schools, as well as Jody Richards Elementary School, which is opening in the fall. Outsourcing means 39 custodian positions will be eliminated beginning next fiscal year. The 15 tenured custodians will likely be spread Tim Murley Warren County Public Schools superintendent among the other elementary schools. Meanwhile, a new staffing formula will reduce the number of days some staff members work, including librarians, guidance counselors and some assistant principals. Sharon McCubbins, librarian at Cumberland Trace Elementary School, spoke to board members before they voted. She said cutting 20 of her work days will affect students. Even though school won’t necessarily be in session during the days in question, she said she needs to be at work doing inventory and preparing new materials and technology for use. See SCHOOL, 6A GENERAL ASSEMBLY Beshear unveils gambling measure; Thayer to sponsor bill By ROGER ALFORD The Associated Press FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear presented a plan today to amend Kentucky’s Constitution to allow up to seven casinos to open in the state, most of them at horse tracks. Similar proposals to expand gambling opportunities in the state have been debated for years, but have never been able to get through Kentucky’s House and Senate. “We believe that we have fashioned something that could and should and hopefully will pass both chambers,” the Democratic governor said. Republican Sen. Damon Thayer of Georgetown will sponsor legislation that would begin the process of amending the Constitution. If approved by lawmakers, the proposal would be placed on the ballot in November to be ratified or rejected by voters. “The issue of expanded gambling, after nearly two decades of debate, has reached a tipping point,” Beshear said. “Recently, the people of this state were polled by two separate organizations, including the state Republican Party. Both surveys found that more than 80 percent of the people of this state, regardless of whether they support expanded gambling or are against it, want the right to vote on it. The ques- tion is simple: Do we as leaders listen to our people or do we ignore them?” Despite a long history of wagering on horse races, Kentucky’s Constitution frowns on Correction 75¢ Newsstand 33¢ Daily Home Delivery Learning KENTUCKY LOTTERY An article on Page 1A Monday contained incorrect information. The roast of Willie Taggart on Friday, a fundraiser for the African American Museum, begins at 6:30 p.m. at the National Corvette Museum. Also, the building at 301 State St. is currently owned by the Housing Authority of Bowling Green, not the city of Bowling Green. Students build robot, make plans to attend regional contest. Monday Pick 3: 2-3-4 Pick 4: 2-8-8-4 Monday late Pick 3: 6-6-9 Pick 4: 2-5-5-3 Cash Ball ........................ 5-7-27-31, 29 Decades of Dollars ... 7-14-19-28-30-43 Page 1B See KENTUCKIANS, 6A Index Classifieds ............. 6B Comics ................... 9B Crossword ............. 9B Deaths .................... 5A Learning ................ 1B Sports .................. 3B Sudoku ................. 7B TV ......................... 9A

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