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Image 4 of Annual report. 1909

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

STATE UNIVERSITY LEXINGTON, KY. . BOARD OF TRUSTEES. His Excellency, Gov. Auousrus E. WILLSON, ex-Oificio Chairman. ` » PRESIDENT JAMES K. PA1··rIcRsoN, Member ex-Officio. HON. JOHN G. CRABBE, Superintendent of Public Instruc- tion, Member ex-Officio. BASIL M. BROOKS. ESQ., Slaughtersville, Webster County. "‘l).~xvID I·`. FRAZEE, ESQ., Lexington, Fayette County. HON. FRANK HOPKINS, Prestonsburg, Floyd County. *l CHARLES B. NICHOLS, ESQ., Lexington, Fayette County. JUDGE ROBERT L. STOUT, Versailles, Woodford County. JUDGE HENRY S. BARKER, Louisville., Jefferson County. I HON. Tmins CARPENTER, Scottsville, Allen County. HON. VVILLIAM H. Cox, Maysville, Mason County. DICNNY P. SMITH, ESQ., Cadiz, Trigg County. IION. CASSIUS M. CLAY, Paris, Bourbon County. l . HON. CISSIUS M. CLAY, Paris, Bourbon County. · HYVVELL DAVIES, ESQ., Kensee, Whitley County. I RIIIIIARD C. STOLL, ESQ., Lexington, Fayette County. Louis L. \VALI

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