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Page 1050 of History of the Orphan brigade

1050 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. who made the fame of the organizations (infantry, cavalry, and artillery,) noticed in this work were men of character, men of mind, and fitted for civil as well as military affairs. Taking the organizations in numerical order, and arranging names alphabetically, we note that the Second Kentucky Infantry gave to the prominent business and civil service of the State as follows : Capt. Robt. J. Breckinridge, an able attorney-at-law, an eloquent and popular politician, member of the State Senate; Cabell B. Bullock, who has held civil office, and has been prominent as a citizen and man of affairs; Capt. Wm. Ed Bell, for many years Clerk of the Anderson County Courts (County and Circuit), and recently a Deputy Collector in the United States Revenue Service; Capt. W. T. Beaseman, Sheriff of Harrison County, before and after the war; Col. S. F. Chipley, Clerk of Louisville Chancery Court, and since then prominent citizen of Pensacola, Florida; John H. Crain, member of the Legislature, 1S85-S6, for three terms City Recorder or Police Judge of Lawrenceburg, and Mayor of Lawrenceburg for the term beginning in 1895; D- p- Coulter, Deputy Clerk of the Graves County Court, 1874-1S78, Clerk of the County Court, 1878-1882, and again, 1886-1890; F. M. Handley, attorney-at-law and prominent citizen of Melbourne, Ark.; James W. Hoffler, Justice of the Peace, Jefferson County; Charles Herbst, Librarian in Atlanta, subsequently in Macon, Ga., and long active in the work of locating burial places of our fallen comrades and having the remains sent home to rest in their native soil, also collector of mementoes and zealous promoter of all that looks to the perpetuation of Kentucky's honor and fame; Charles A. Haskell, long a prominentand self-sacrificing minister of the M. E. Church, South; Edward B. Harding, for years connected with the Louisville police, and murdered while on duty as an officer thereof; Charles J. Klem, Jailer of Anderson County; Woodford W. Longmore, for many years Clerk of the Harrison County Court, subsequently Clerk of the Court of Appeals; Jno. H. McKenzie, prominent in business and in politics, member of the Board of Education, for some years Mayor of Versailles; James Mernaugh, City Marshal of Paris for some years; James McGuire, U. S. revenue officer, has held also other positions; Pat Punch, Jailer of Montgomery County for some years, and from 1S93 to 1897 Deputy United States Marshal; A. T. Pullen, prominent citizen, and representative of Graves County in the Legislature of 1891-2-3; Lieut. Willis L. Ringo, business man and active politician in Hickman County for some years, afterward for eight years Clerk in the State Auditor's office, then Assistant Secretary of State, and for awhile Secretary of State, since then an officer of a business and commercial organization in Eastern

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