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Page 1032 of History of the Orphan brigade

1032 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. McQUEARY, J. C, Owen County, joined Morgan after enlisting in this company. McQUEARY, YY. J., Owen County, joined Morgan after enlisting in company. MASON, S. F., Grant County, captured at Harrison, Nov. 23, 1863. MERRIFIELD, E. D., Nelson County, captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863, and died in prison. (See Co. A, Sixth Kentucky Infantry.) MILLIGAN, J. PATTIE, J. L., Franklin County, was transferred from a regiment of First Kentucky Infantry Brigade. POSTLETHWAITE, Yv\, Jefferson County. PIERCE, J. M. POTORFF, NEWTON, Jefferson County, died at Post Oak, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1862. RILEY, W. H., Bullitt County, transferred to White's Battery. RIGGS, G. A., Grant County, transferred to Seventh Arkansas Infantry, Jan. 1, 1863. RICHARDS, THOMAS, Garrard County, bugler, served to the close. REEDER, SAMUEL P., captured in West Virginia, Oct. 1, 1864. SHERRON, I., Garrard County, died at Sweetwater, Tenn., Dec. 1, 1862. STALLINGS, AV. T., Bullitt County, served to the close. SMITH, J. D., Bullitt County, served to the close. Died in DeAVitt, Ark., Feb. 10, 1891. SMITH, F. B., Bullitt County, killed in Franklin County, Tenn., July 2, 1863. SMITH, AVILLIAM H. ("HOOSIER"), Bullitt County, served to the close. STONE, H. SNYDER, J. T., Frankfort, captured at Hoover's Gap, Jan. 24,1863, and was killed in prison. SHERLEY, JOHN C, Jefferson County, quartermaster sergeant, served to the close. SANDERS, C, was transferred to another command. THIXTON, JOHN, Jefferson County. THOMPSON, N. B., Jefferson County, was transferred April, 1863, to Co. A, Sixth Kentucky Infantry (which see). TURNER, J. J., Garrard County, died in Rome, Ga., 1863. TURNER, J. L., Garrard County, died of exposure, at Fairfield, Tenn., 1863. WALLS, N. H.

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