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Image 7 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 6, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

MMOttt0060 00tO 1 BREVITIES I VALLEY STATION. EASTER EGG HUNT Under Auspices of Young of Middletown Birth. People's Society on April 15 Contests and Prizes. Mr. and Mrs. John Westerman are the proud parents of twin babies John Henry and Elizabeth. The seventh annual Easter egg hunt will be held on April loth from 2:30 to 5 o'clock p. m. on Frof. Horn's Presbyterian Church Notice. lawn in Middletown. under the ausCol. Bennett H. Youtitf will preach pices of the Young Feople's Mission- church next ary Society. 11 o'clock. boys . All The best high jumper, from 15 to 75. prize: best foot race, 50 yards, 10 to 15. prize: best foot race. 7 to 10, From Loft. Lad Falls prize. Robert Shaw, eight years of age. GIBLS. sou of Knight Shaw, a farmer, a mile rope from Waterford, suffered fractures 15 The75,most graceful race, jumper. 7 to 10, prize: best foot to in a fall of an arm and several ribs prize: best foot race, 4 to 7, prize. from the loft of his father's barn. Sack race for boys and girls: potato race for boys and girls. AdmisGeo. Babbitt Dead. sion 10 cents. The funeral of George Babbitt. "." years old. who died Sunday at his Services at Lutheran Church. home, Kloyilsburg, was conductThere will be preaching at the ed Tuesday afternoon from Browns-borMethodist church. He is sur- Lutheran church Sunday All morning, are corvived by his wife, son and daughter. April nth. at 11 o'clock. dially invited to attend this service, as there will be something of imporWillian Goodlet Dies. tance to all. Wm. Goodlet, forty years of age. The Choral Club has changed the died Sunday evening at his home on from Thursday evenings' Beady Ban, near the Snider Sunday afternoon at 2:.'i0 o'clock. in Spencer county, following The regular monthly meetings are an illness of two weeks with the grip. the first Tuesday evening in each He is survived by his wife and six month. All are invited to attend children. both meetings. at the Presbyterian Sunday morning at are invited to attend. a Office, of John Reise. The funeral of John Keise, a farmer, was conducted this afternoon front the residence, near Fry's Hill. 'J'he botly was taken to Louisville lor burial. His death occured at ! o'clock Tuesday afternoon and resulted from apoplexy, with which he He is was stricken two weeks ago. survived by his wife, who was formerly Miss Margaret, PeCaef a Kttt, John Reistl and a daughter, Mis. By lie. taljctn Decides in Favor of Defendant. Mrs. Marie N. W'insor sued the Heights Land Company Jefferson asking that defendant be enjoined from digging a ditch ami laying pipes will cause water to How on her The lot near Jeffersontown. tried in Judge Kirby's court yesterday, and the Court decided in favor of defendant. It was shown that the water had always run across the property of plaintiff. Jefferson Heights Land Company was represented by Ben F. Gardner, attorney. residence 36-- AN HONEST CAPACITY CREAM SEPARATOR 66. Mr. Ira Wheelei is very ill at his "ome nere witn measles. Mrs. Will H. Hinkle, of Bardstown. was a recent guest of Miss Anne Bryan. Mr. Emory Dravo spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Dravo. Mrs. G. F. Sorge, of Michigan City, is visiting he"r mother, Mrs. R. A. Vaughn, here. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ragland entertained Mr. Charles Stephenson, of Frankfort, Sunday. Mesdames J. W. Omer. Ed. Finlev and son, Paul, were guests of Mrs. J. C. Bruce recently. Miss Mary Hoke, of Harrod's Creek, - All separators are rated at so many pounds of whole-milper hour. DE LAVAL machines range in capacity from 1350 to 135 pounds of whole-milper hour, and the price depends largely upon capacity. We make the claim that under any and all conditions a DE LAVAL machine rated at 450 pounds capacity will skim as in an hour as any "would-be- " much whole-milcompetitive machine rated at 600 pounds per hour, and we have proved this statement so often in actual contests, that it has come to be an accepted fact by all dairymen. Every DE LAVAL separator is tested for capacity before it leaves the factory, and we guarantee every inachi-o- to separate its full . ated capacity. k k well-inform- ed Before you buy a Cream Separator see and try a De Laval Have one set up at your house and test it alongside of any other machine you like for capacity, cleanness of skimming and ease of operation. We don't ask you to buy a DE LAVAL upon "claims." We do ask you to be sure and give it a trial before you purchase any separator. Catalog and full particulars of our "free trial plan" gladly mailed upon application. is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Francis Hoke, this week. Miss Anne Bryan was the guest of Miss Carrie Mae Tucker, of Louisville, last Thursday evening. Incorporated Miss Ethel Fawcett and Mr. Chest er Haycroft, of Louisville, were the 124 W. Jefferson St. guests of Mrs. Ora Gratz Sunday. Louisville, Ky. Mrs. W. F. Hunsinger entertained Mrs. Charles Hunsinger and her daughter, Julia, at diuner Sunday. Mrs. John Patterson, of Decatur, Ala., is at the bedside of her father, Mr. Pete Carlin. who remains Quite Leonard House were the guests of alysis and although he recovered ill. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Carlin Sunday. sullieiently to attend to his work he Rev. and Mrs. Grant Perkins, of Mr. and Mrs. Graves, of ('lark's, has not been in good health since. Onaway, Mich., are guests of the Mrs. latter's uarents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mc- - and Mr. and guestsBright, of LouisMakes Assignment. ville, were the of Mr. and. Mrs. Daniel. Ed. Mrs. J. C. Bruce entertained Wed- nearSweeney Sunday, at their home Sweeny Ranch Dairy, near Jeffertown. nesday night Mrs. E. A. Hays and Mr. Wallace Brown, of Bardstown. sontown. tiled a deed of assignment children, Gladys and J. C, of special agent of the Commonwealth in the County Clerk's office in favor The Current Events Club was de- Life Insurance Co., visited Mr. J. C. of its creditors Monday. The Louislightfully entertained the afternoon Alcock yesterday. Mr. Brown is also ville Trust Company is the assignee. of March 29 b3' Mrs. Comingor at editor of the Kentucky Standard. her home in Deer Park. Mr. J. M. Guelda is seriously ill at The liabilities are estimated at Mrs. Mollie Smith, of Louisville. his home in Gregg's Addition. Four $4,000. No schedule of assets were Mr. and Mrs. Van Wheeler and Mr. years ago' he suffered a stroke of par filed. Louisville Dairy Supply Co. I n DE LAYAL - k wm -- Funeral PHONES- Friends will confer a favor 66 by reporting all the visits of themselves or their quests for this column. Call either telephone number, 36-- 3 Mrs. John Miller will entertain the Ladies' Aid of the Christian church next Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Neal, Miss Rena Neal and Mr. Will Neal spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Bland, of Kosmosdale. The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church was entertained by Mrs. S. E. Dodge last week. ,,,,1 nin V. KLikiev were ir'u'ests of Mrs. S. A. Groom last the Smyrna News Notes. week. Mr. CarlTobbe entertained a few Miss Lillie Burnett was the guest friends iast Sunday. Those present of Mrs. H. B. Burnett Sunday. Anna. Marwen-- : Misses Dorothy. left last Miss Johnnie B. More-megaret and Rosa Bischoff, Messrs. week for Madisonville, whereshe will Pete Bischoff. William Kustes, John spend several weeks with relatives Tobbe and Carl Tobbe. Rev. B. A. Brandon, of JeffersonMrs. William Bates was the guest pulpits with Rev. Satur- town. exchanged Bethany Sunday. of Mrs. Herman Tobbe last Robt. Johnson at day. There was a family reunion at Mr. Mrs. Herman T'.V.e wisited Mrs. Wr., nmiilv's home Sundav in honor (). Lutes last Thursday. of Mrs. Demply, two of thechildren's ?nd one grandchild's birthdays. All week of the family were present and spent The Louisville Times 10c a quite a pleasant day. Prompt delivery. Welford Alcock. I XXXXX"X XXX XXXX1 duties. nr.-icli- post-offic- I - PERSONAL April 3. Miss Mary Campbell and Mr. Leon Swindler were the guests of Miss Annie May Miller Sunday. Miss Hattie N. Dodge left Wednesday to spend several weeks in Russellville. Sherlev Miller was the guest of Mr. and Mrs Robert Miller Sunday. Mrs. John Napier's guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Napier, Mr. and Mrs. William Napier and little daughter, Frances Marion, of Highland Park, Prof. W. Lee Napier, and daughters, Amelia Lee and Ivey, of Hope, Ark., and Miss Aileen Bowser, and Mrs. Bettie Bowser. Misses Ethlinda and Alma Norton and Marv Lee DouVe suent Friday and Saturday with Miss Elizabeth Dodge. Mrs. Newt. Tucker, of Louisville, spent Friday with Mrs. John Napier. Misses Myrtle, Ruth and Mary Bridwell, Tessie Chamberlain and Franklin Bridwell were the guests of Miss Dixie Uurnett sunuay. Prof. W. Lee Napier and children returned to Hope. Ark., Wednesday where he will resume his school J Fair-moun- t. that cast-wa- : Mail Ordersfilled quick ly and satisfactorily. Okolona Will Have Public Building. The okolona Improvement Company met Monday night and completed plans for building a new storeroom It was decided to and public hall. increase the capital stock of the company to $10,000, after $.",000 in stock has been subscribed. Subscriptions already amount to (4,000, ami President Lips stated that no diffy No 1 dle of May. The marriage of Miss Belle nedy and.Mr. Samuel Kdward John-sotook place last Thursday, March 30, at B o'clock, at the home of sister, Mrs. K. A. Low. The Kev. T. S. Wood performed the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Alex Kennedy, a prominent farmer of near Jeffersontown, while the groom is a promising young business man of the South. The young couple immediately went to housekeeping in their new home, which has just been u s completed. PRE-EASTE- R matter what style of dress you have planned for this great dress occasion you can find here just what you want. s sum at $10.00 Kennedy. Ken- l Made in fashionable styles and of strictly mixtures; the fabrics in black, navy, gray, tan and in coats lined with good satin; newest style skirts; women's and misses' sizes. women's coats FROM $4.98 TO 14.95 all-woo- Coats in serge, covert, silk, novelty cloths and in rubberized fabrics; Spring Coats in every fashionable style, desired color and wanted size. Coats in covert, serge and novelty cloths in nicely tailored models. Pull-lengt- SUITSTli95 Hip-lengt- At this popular price we show a great variety of styles and fabrics, many of which are exact duplicates Among- the many choice of fabrics axe white serges and silk pongees. Women's and misses' sizes. h and Full-lengtCoats for misses l from 13 to 20 years of age; made ot fine serges in all colors and in a great varietj' of fancy wool fabrics. Many entirely new and handsome models to select from. Three-quarte- Discussed at Meeting Held at Mt. Washington Tuesday Evening Another Meet- SUITS AT $19.75 ing Saturday. Handsomely tailored garments in a wide choice of good styles and fine fabrics. Some severely plain tailored, others variously trimmed with wide braids, satin bands, etc. The coats lined with heavy peau de eygne, in colors to match. Women's and misses sizes. Citizens of Bardstown, Buechel and Mt. Washington met in a big mass meeting at the latter place Tuesday evening and urged the use of the Bardstown road as a part of Lincoln Boulevard, which is to run to the old Lincoln homestead and Mammoth Cave. Another way that is ibeiug worked for by enthusiastic supporters is the old L. & N. pike. A meeting will be held at Klizabeth-towSaturday to urge this route to n taken. Flans were taken at Mt. Washington meeting to improve the Bardstown road atd put it in a condition in order that the committee will select it, when the time comes to take definite action. Citizens along the route will subscribe to a fund to be added to the Fiscal Court appropriations for the purpose be Hrst-cla- h MISSES' COATS FROM $3.98 TO 12.50 - higher-priced-model- LINCOLN WAY ss h , GIRLS' COATS FROM $2.98 TO $9.75 The richest of wool dress fabrics, combined with perfect tailoring and most artistic taste in designing pricethat and trimming has produced suit models at this will please and satisfy the most exacting demands. Women's and misses' sizes. age- - Jaunty Spring Coats for girls from 6 to 14 years of Many new styles are being shown, notably those with the deep shawl and sailor collars, while the range of materials includes both the plain-colorecheviots d and novelty cloths. The New Silk Dresses New Spring Waists by r all-woo- SUITS AT $24.75 of improving the:ike. Another matter decided upon at the conference, which was attended several hundred enthusiastic citizens, was to show the directors of Louisville Railay Company that the proposed extension of the Fern Creek line isn't prohibitive, as has been dework will clared. This "show-me- " be in charge of a committee appointed some time ago by E. C. Roy, president of the Buechei Commercial Club, which, with other organizations in adjoining towns, is making life merry for the railway company in promoting the extension. The conference last night indorsed the proposition sprung at the Buechel meeting to employ an engineer to make a survey and estimate of the cost of this extension and show the directors of the railway company that the improvement will not cost more than $50.000 a mile, with an extra $50,000 for a bridge. While the railway people have madeno attempt to put an estimate on mileage other than to declare it prohibitive, thev have held that the bridge would cost $200,000. Complete Furniture Store Third Floor. SHOWING OF WOMEN'S FASHIONABLE APPAREL GREAT experienced in raising the remainder. 'J'he new building will be a frame structure, It is plan.' feet in dimensions. ned to have it completed by he midJohnson i . INCORPORATED iculty will be two-stor- n inny o pnun t I ' 1 WASH WAISTS in linen, lawn, lingerie, voile and marquisette, in tailored and trimmed styles, lrom 98c to $4.98 New Dress It would be impossible to do justice here to the many clever creations in Silk Dresses that have been evolved for Easter wear. The wide range of weaves, designs and colorings in taffeta, messaline, foulard and pongee silks, made up in so many entirely different and attractive models is beyond adequate description. New Silk Dresses at $10.00 The wonder is how they can be produced for so little money. Well, we have sacrificed a large part of the profit just to give you a good dress at this price. You may choose from a dozen pretty models in taffeta, messaline or foulard, in both women's and misses' sizes. New Silk Dresses at $12.95 . in messaline, pongee, china silk and taffeta, lace from Silk Dresses made of the new Persian bordered pongees and foulards in the most pleasing color combinations and designs: also in the fashionable striped taffetas and messalines. Women's and misses' sizes. S2.98 to'S7.50 Handsome Silk Dresses of extra fine quality silks, in a great variety of designs; colors and color combinations, variously finished with lace yokes, band embroidery, etc. Women's and misses' sizes. DRESS WAISTS i New Silk Dresses at $14.95 A r Skirts From $498 to $14.95 Chiffon, Panama, Serge, Voile and English Worsted Dress Skirts in a great range of new designs and in every required ize for small, average-siz- large figures. i e and extra"

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