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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 6, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

OPTIONS SECURED. New York Dentists THE JEFFERSONIAN 426 S. Fourth St., Louisville. "J Over Besten & Langen. What Will Be Done By the Government HAD BATHER WITHOUT PLATES ASD HO LAW? THAR IN OHE UW8 HEW8PAPER." AND BAYIHG HO 4 Local Newspaper, Published Every Thursday For the People of All the County. V m:ike a specialty of inserting artificial SUBSCRIPTION PRICE 11.00 PER YEAR teeth without the use of a plate. PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. TEETH EXTRACTED POSITIVELY WITHOUT PAIN. J. C. ALCOCK, Editor and Publisher. C. E. ALCOCK, Business Manager. The largest and oldest Dental Offices in the South. : Advertising Rates SET OF TEETH $5. Teeth cxti acted free when new ones are ordered. A GOOD OFFICE OPEN TILL 9 O'CLOCK EVERY SIGHT Cards of Thanks Obituaries Readers Six words to the line. Display, one insertion only 5c 5c per line " 10c 25c " per inch matter June Entered as the postofflce at Jeffersontown, Kentucky under the Act of Congress of March 3. 1879. second-clas- Sundays from a. hi. till 12 in. Lady always in attendance. 13, 1907, s a.t Member of Kentucky Press Association and Eighth District Publishers League. KEEPING Thursday, April. MONEY 6, 1911. Honor Roll. AT HOME Following is the roll of honor of Kennedy school District 49, for January and February: Grade Wm. Westerman First (highest) !I7.3, Ernest Broyles, Ida Skyles, Aline Schehr, Goldie Shad-bar- is always a dangerous practice and moreover is a constant source of worry. An account with the n. Third Grade Geo. Skyles (highest) !i.7, Hallie Hunsinger, Geo. Zeitz, COUNTY Ella Summitt. Harry Kennedy. Grati Grade Florence Fourth PANK (highest) 97.7, Ruby Lee Porter, Geo. will relieve you of this danLausman, Eieanora Sonne iter, Ar same time, thur Drescher. Lula May Schueiter, ger, and at the Elmer and Henrietta Schneiter, you will find that doing bus Margaret Finn, Maggie Schehr. mess with the bank is much Fifth Grade Edward Graff (high more convenient, and in evest) rvin Kennedy, Ferry Gooch, ery way more satisfactory Joe Roselle. Seventh Grade Jackson Kennedy than keeping your money at (highest) 90.2, Beulah Broyles. home. Eighth Grade B. Wm. Bryan (high-esHo A. Mattie Porter. Albert Schnei ter, Edw. Drescher, Catherine Hun singer. W SOLICIT YOUR Eighth Grade A. Wm. Lausman, Chas. Kennedy, Everctte Lee KenE3USINLSS. nedy, Ernest Winand. Headmarks for January Harry Kennedy, Edw. Lausman, Beulah Broyles, Ida Lausman, Irwin and Jackson Kennedy. THL JEFFERSON Headmarks for February Everette COUNTY BANK, Lee Kennedy, Beulah Broyles, Edw. Graff, Edw. Lausman, Ehua SchneiKY. JEFFEB80NTOWN. ter, Geo. Skyles, Henrietta Schneiter, Florence Graff. Present ever' day in January Tony Roselle, Eva May Hikes, Geo. Lausman, Beulah Broyles, Ida Lausman, Anna Snyder, Arthur Drescher. Will Stake tin- season at the place known as Mattie Porter, Irvin Kennedv, Emil the old Snyder farm, now owned by fid. Shanks, near Tucker's Station, on the Jefl Gerth, Edw. Lausman, Everette Lee ersontuwn and Tin ker Station road, jusl Kennedy, Joe Roselle, Albert Schneiback of Herbert (loose's place, at ter, Jackson Kennedy. Arthur Ger-inJno. Lee Hoke, Wm. Lausman, $12 to Insure a Mare in Foal. JEFFR50N . 1 t) WARD BEECHER g, WARD HEBCHKB wjis bred by M. Robert, son, is 7 years old. darkwxay, 10 hands high, of good proportions and large bone; weight LtSg pounds. His sire was the Sam Harvey Whas. Kennedy. 1 fcJ. 1 - cn Ut Ot. iT it ill tll.l j V1 if ii i - in !n 111 LI Tony Roselle, Harry Kennedy, Geo. Skyles, Mary Lee Shehr, Ruby Lee ' Times: The Hon. Swagar Sherley, when approached by a reporter for The Times and asked as to the status of the lisii hatchery in this couutv, said that Commissioner Bowers, in company with himself, had examined some twenty or thirty sites andhad finally determined that some four or five of them were adapted for the purposes desired by the Government. Options are now being sought on these particular sites, and at a later date some one of the options will be accented, urovided the terms are reasonable and fair to the Govern-- I inent. Mr. Sherley said: "It is desired to not only establish a pond station, but to have a hatch-- I cry in addition, aud if the proper volume of spring water, together with the necessary land, can be the largest fish hatchery in this section of the country will be established. In order that this may happen, however, we must have a site that will warrant the Commissioner in asking further appropriations for the propagation of the fish and will justify the Committee on Appropriations in authorizing such expenditures. "Heretofore the law simply provided for the establishment of a hatchery within a State, leaving it to the Commissioner to determine the locality, and Jefferson county is particularly favored by having the it as the place for a hatchery. The justification for such a law will have to be had in the finding of a place that is adaptable for such hatchery and a disposition on the part of the people of the county to aid and facilitate the Government in all ways in securing such sites and making a proper expenditure of Government moneys. When the hatchery is established its usefulness to State will depend entirely upon the amount of protection given in the various streams, and steps ought at once to be begun looking to the enactment by the coming Legislature of proper laws for the protection of the fish. No laws, however, will be of any value unless backed by the determined sentiment of the people themselves." d, STATE FAIR BOARD. Arrange for the 1911 Fair Committees pointed. Full Membership Present. Ap- Farmers Home Journal: A meeting of the State Board of Agriculture was held at the office of the State Fair Secretary in Louisville March 28th. The chief business was to make arrangements for holding the fair this year. The following action was taken: An executive committee to take active charge of next fall's fair was selected, to consist of M. C. Rankin, Fred R. Blackburn, J. L. Dent, H. S. Van Zant and M. H. Fromau and several Louisville busiuess men to be selected at a subsequent meeting. All the members of the Executive Committee except Mr. Froman, were originally supporters of Mr. Shy for hands anJ weighed 1.200 iounds: l'orter,G. Lausman, BlanchSchehr, 10 hands, imported Ward Beecber's dam was a Kentucky jen- Beulah Broyles, Emil Gerth, Ernest net, B bands, of imported Spanish Mood, vVinand, Ernest Broyles, Florence by the John Brown jack. 10, hands high, ol Graff, Ida Lausman, Eieanora SchneiWhaler blood, imported. Ward Beecber's breeding is from large slock, kind breeders ter, Arthur Drescher, Elmer Schneiand sure foal g' tlers. Ward Beecker has proved lo be a line breeder and a sure oa ter. Jackson Kennedy, Catherine getter. There is not a better jack in Jeffer son roil llty; his oottsare large and line. Don't Hunsinger, Geo. Gerth, Aline Schehr, the secretaryship. tail to see this jack before you breed. Various members of the board were Jos. Schehr, Henrietta Schneiter, Edw. Graff, Edw. Lausman, Joe Ro- assigned as heads ol departments for 151 lie by the Harvey Jack. I i SOLID MARK selle, Jno. Lee Hoke, Anna Snyder, the coming State Fair as follows: Commissioner Rankin Poultry, Wm. Brvan. NO. 22ec pigeons, plants and flowers. making highest average Pupil Will make the season it same time and place, at Prof. M. A.Scovell Beef and dairy Florence Graff 97.7. cattle. Class making highest average to Insure a Mare in Foal. $10 G. N. McGrew Woman's departFourth Grade 88.6. SOLID MARK is a beautiful mahoganyba ment, farm implements and machinDaisy DeVenter Bryan, saddle and harness horse. 7 vears old. anil has proves Mswrit to be a line breeder. SolTeacher. ery. id Mark was foaled May. HoJ. He is sired b) dark Chester. No. UBS; grand sire, Denmark J. L. Dent Horses and speed deChief. J. 11.. No. B8& Dam Meta S.. No. 157T.: partment. Moved to New Quarters. bv Trust, he by Ten Broeck. Second dam. Pearl Cray. Nd. 7k7. by Banta's (ieorge. he H. S. Van Zant Mules and jack by Sumpter Denmark. Third dam bv John Messrs. Her bold and Carl in, who Waxy. No. 100. he by Van Meter's Waxy. F.S. stock, collie dogs, vegetables and The first time he was shown Solid Mark have been conducting a cleaning, melons. won second premium last year in the light harness ring at the Kentucky State Fair: pressing and repairing shop in JefferL. L.Dorsey Sheep and goats. also won several lirsl premiums at the Jeff- sontown for some time, have moved M. H. Froman Swine. erson county fair. If mares are sold or traded tootherparties to the house of W. H. Martin, oppoWm. Adams Field seed, grain and A lien rethe service fee becomes due. on tained on all colts until season fees are paid. site the office of The Jeffersonian tobacco. Care taken to prevent accidents, but nut the public, square. In a short time Fred R. Blackburn Minerals, forshould any occur. Don't fail lo see this horse before you the building will be remodled and estry and horticulture. 6 breed. they will occupy the entire first Auditing Committee made its retioor. These young men are deserv- ports and gave Mr. Newman his I3EN YATES, and Cumb. phone Jeffersontown, Ky ing, progressive and quietus as secretary of the 1910 State 40-- e, 6-- They are s laundry and agents for a clothing. take orders for tailor-mad- e Help them succeed by giving them your orders. have been doing well. first-clas- Dr. E. L. Floore. DENTIST Midnight ia the Ozarks and yet sleepless Hiran Scranton, of PUBLIC OFFICE OVER Clay City, 111., coughed and coughed. SQUARE THE JEFKERSONIA He was in the mountains on the adJEFFERSONTOWN. KY. vice of five doctors, who said he had consumption, but found no help in the climate, and started home. Hearing of Dr. King's New Discovery, he began to use it. "I believe it saved my life," he writes, "for it made a new man of me, so that I can We Print Anything now do good work again." For all From a Visiting Card lung diseases, coughs, grippe, asthma, croup, whooping cough, hay to a I ook IMMIIMIIIMIMIIMI JOB PRINTING ana WE CAN SAVE MONEY FOR YOU While you are about it, put on a good roof, one that you won't have to be painting and fussing with every little while to keep it in proper condition. Get the guaranteed, trouble-proo- Regard to the Fish Hatchery. LITE IH A COUNTRY BAYING HEWIPAPEM TEETH Jack. Guaranteed RooffngS JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. Ky. fever, hemorrages, hoarseness or auinsey, it's the best known remedy. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all druggists. f roofing I, ji m Reliance Rubber Roofing and One plv 5 years and it is the only proofing niaua backed so liberally. It's easy to lay, costs little and gives long priil faithful service. ml Ask for samples interesting booklet "Guaranteed Roofing ". They're yours promptly for the mere request. "The Roof Durable" J and it won't make much difference what the weather so far as your roof is cciicei ned. TJ7M ; - v OCKHQFF 426 East Market St., Louisville. Ky. Reliance is fully guaranteed without painting or coating, Three ply, 0 years; Two ply, 8 years 1 WORK. WHAT are we set on earth for; to ton. seek to leave thy tending JOHN MANNING. W. V. HALL. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. the vines. For ail the neat o1 day till it declines And death's mild curfew shall from worn sssou. God did anoint thee with his odorous oil To wrestle, not to retsn. and tie assigns All thy tears over, like pure crystallines, For younger fellow workers of the sou To wear for amulets. So others shall Take patience, labor, to their heart and hand. From thy hand and thy heart and thy Drave cheer And God's grace fructify through thee t ail. The least flower with a brimming cup may stand And share Its dewdrop with another near. Elizaueth Barrett Browning. EMBALMING DONE ON NOTICE. Ail SHORT Work In FirstCSass Style. Prices Reasonable. GOOD AND BAD LUCK. luck is the gayest ot all gay girls. in one place she will not stay. Bacit from your Drow sne strokes the curls, Kisses you quick and flies away. J in F F H RSONTO W N Cumb. PiiOiic 712 , KY. OOU II i OF ALL KINDS DUT Mine. Bad Luck soberly comes And staj's; no tancy has she for flitting. Inatches or true love songs she hums And sits by your bed and brings her knitting. John Hay. Floor Paints Floor Stains Floor Varnishes AN EPITAH. TTE sang a simple forest song. To him the day was never long Amid the blooms and feathered throng He loved with ail his heart. He took the hand he knew was pure. He preached the faith he felt was sure. God taught him how he should endure Shingle Stains, Wood Stains, Calcimo Wall Finish, Johnson's Wood Dyes and Floor Waxes, Index Prepared Paint, Roof Paints, Glass for all purposes. Ana gird him to depart. Norman Gale. Now aud then one unwittingly of se- eessity moves into a house that is already inhabited with the notorious bedbug, the bane and object of loath ing or every cleanly housewife. A friend who was confronted with just such a situation as this resorted to the sulphur method, which consisted of sprinkling about three pounds of sulphur on half an iron kettle of live hardwood coals. It did the business. The sulphur fumes penetrated everywhere, coming out of the cellar windows and through the cracks in the shingles, where dead bugs were found by the dozen when roof repairs were made later. It is well to set the kettle of coals in a shallow box of earth or on an old piece of sheet iron or zinc to prevent things catching tire in case the sulphur bolls over. To make the smudge most effective all the interior doors should be open, and all windows and outside doors should be closed. 1 : OUR QUALITY GUARANTEED. BRIDGES, SMITH & CO Incorporated. 227-22- 9 West Market Street. LOUISVILLE, KY. i HI Green Traiu Iw at i wm stamps ba mm V Given on all cash sales DDAC handy trellis om which to train raspberry, dewberry and logan berry T.Pflriin? vines consists of three wires properly JA O posts and crosspieces. iiipported by DEALERS IN two of the wires which are at the out side being of equal height and about Goods, f two and feet apart. The third xire is between them, about a foot above. The first season's growth of FIRST-GLA- SS BAKERY !N vines may be trained along the lower side wires, while the following season First-Clas- s they may be fastened to the Higher central wire and the side wires used as before for the new growth. By this method the fruiting vines may be kept separate from the new growth, while Free delivery on all goods. the berries are borne where thoy can 71 Honesty is Our Motto. Cumb. Phone . be got at easily without scratching the hands. The posts need not be placed at more frequent intervals than are necessary to support the weight of the vines, as the wires can be stretched N. R. Blankknbaker, Fisherville, Ky taut by proper bracing at each end of Fred Myers. Jeffersontown, Ky. 4. Cumb. Phone 702. Cumb. Phone the stretch of trellis. A The - Merr hartts Groceries, Dry one-hal- .TeffersnntAwn. ---- ---- Feed and Hardware CONNECTION, Bread in Every Respect at 6 Loaves for 23c. Tickets given. I 2 20-3- V IH SAVE BIG MONEY Home and Farm, one year to.50 1.00 1.50 Uncle Remus Magazine, one year Good Housekeeping Magazine, one year Louisville Evening Post, three months. The Jeffersonian, one year 1.25 1,00 Total For a short time only you can get all of the above for The Home and Farm is the South's greatest agricultural paper; Uncle Remus Magazine, founded by the famous Joel Chandler Harris, is one of the best magazines of the country, and especially interesting to South ern people: Good Housekeeping is one of the best magazines published for the home and housewife: The Evening Post is a daiiy devoted to best interests of Kentucky and The Jeffersonian is the only county published in Jefferson county, and stands for the uplift of the whole county. Here you have a wonderful offer $5.25. for Funeral only $2.00, a saving of $3.25. (Subscriptions to the Post will not be ac- Stock Always Complete. cepted from persons who can secure same from local agent). Subscribe now before the offer is withdrawn. Send P. O. money order or paper money to THE JEFFERSONIAN, Jeffersontown, Ky. $2.00 Fair. The report shows receipts for last year amounting to $59,438.32 with disbursements in excess of receipts so as to create an indebtedness of $2,577.24 which added to the outstanding notes of $13,500 makes total liabilities of $10,077. 34. The Board entered into a contract with Frank P. Spellman to furnish the amusement attractions for the 1911 State Fair. A general discussion was entered into by the State Sanitary Board on the means of ridding the State of scab in sheep so the quarantine against shipments of sheep may be raised. There are two claimants for Secretaryship of the State Fair. Secretary Newman claims that he was elected last year for a term of three The Jeffersonian can save you years, and Mr. Shy claims that hi money it you will have your print recent election is legal. The courts ing done at this office. Call us up will be called upon to settle the over tne umDeriana pnone. question. MYERS & BLANKENBAKER Directors and Embalmers Sunday Couri Calls Answered Day and Night. er-Jour- na ...ON SALE AT FANELLI BROS..,

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