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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 6, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

THE JEFFERSONIAN ADVERTISING. CLASSIFIED JEFFERSONTOWN, Advertisements under this head One Cent a word. No ad taken t or less than 10c. Thursday. April For Sale. FOR Sale. One Cockerel and Ave Leghorn pullets, line stock; cheap. R. Cumb. phone. B. 1 6, 1911. Fiscal Court. April 3. Miss Edith Collier was the guest of Miss Katie Quinn Sunday. Miss Mamie Hahn. of Lyndon, was For Sale. Yellow onion sets. l.(X per barrel in chaff. H. L. GOOSE, Jefferson- the week-enguest, of M isses Koth-enburge- d Mt town. NO LAW Named For Jefferson County By For WORTHINGTON Brown SMITH. Jeffersontown. TREASURER KY. Lloyd W. Gates, Attorney, Given Place Over Lawrence B. Waters, r. Who Has Served Anchorage Town Board's Action in Levying Tax. Graded School Election Called For May and Others Will Probably Do Twenty Four Years. Likewise. COMFORT WEAR Master Bruce Sims is the proud possessor of a beautiful dapple ray pony, purchased last week. In the case of Walter S. Forrester. Miss Annie Blight spent Sunday in Uilts one Lloyd W. Gates, of Middletown, Fwr Sale. Three a taxpayer in Anchorage, against year o'd. A. U. OKMSBY. Jeffersontown. Louisville with Miss Marion Stone. was elected Treasurer of Jefferson the Board of Trustees of that town, r. J. L. Quesseubeiry was the Ky. county Tuesday morning by a vote of truest Friday of Mr. Zack Pernell anil Judge Bingham handed down a de- live to four in the Fiscal Court. For Sale. Fresh Jersey cow and calf. a', tamily. near O Bannon. cision luesuay in so tine Dahlia clumps live cents each. MISS These three essentials always Little .Miss Annie Mabel Maddox Lawrence B. Waters, the defeated that the trustees which he decides l was ti.e week-enKM MA SNVDKK. Jeffersontown. guest of her grand candidate, has been Treasurer of the thority on March acted without au lo when they ord parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Maddox county for twenty-fou- r found in "STAR BRAND" Shoes. years. The ereiiaievyot .0 cents on the 100 .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mitchell and For Salk Kan le Brand fertilizer lor all north ot taxable property, 50 cents vote as cast is as follows: crops; always on hand, K. V. SFKOW1-- . M iss Mabel Maddox spent Thursday in The "STAR BRAND" Low Cuts For Gates Magistrates Wheeler, of which was to be used for general Louisville. Cum Ij phone 90. Miss Ueorgiaphine Young returned Vogt, GirVord. Berry and County purposes. The case was an agreed one and was lor the purpose of testfor Spring combine more COMForSale A good, gentle work horse: fT.". to her home in Louisville Sunday, al Judge Weissinger. ing the validity of the board's action. Kt.uti ;(, Station K. ter spending several weeks with relW. A. OAILBRKATH. After the Town Board had passed For Waters Mrgistrates Dorsey, PORT, STYLE and WEAR than atives. Louisville. an ordinance making the levy there E. T. Chamberlain left Thursday Robb, Hollis and Dacher. was doubt as to its validity, and prepany shoes you have ever bad and For Sale Six months' old registered night for Columbus, Ohio, on account Mr. Bates is a weil known attorney, arations were made to petition the of the illness of a "dear"' friend. Hampshire hogs, both male and female: and his many warm friends were glad County Judge to call an election in Miss Edna Littrell and Mr. Will each; also one fresh registered Jersey cow at MODERATE PRICES that a might S. A. STIYKRS. Huechel. Ky.. Cumb. phone Claxon went to see the show at of his success in winning the ap- Anchorage so question vote fixing be taken on the of the M E.111-Keith's Mary Anderson Monday af- pointment. He is thoroughly quali- proposed levy of twenty cents for ternoon. fied to fill the position, which pays the establishment of a graded school. Miss Vestina Grunwald attended J.."io) a year. acres of Mr. Gates served the Judge Weissinger has Fir Sale Two and ordered an ground in Livingston Heights, adjoining Jet the Educational meeting at Seelbach county one term as Representative election for May 13. last Wednesday and was much pleastersontown and near car line; beautiful .Judge l.ingham said the ouestion and made an enviable record. building site: price less than half of other ed and benefited thereby. to be decided in the case was whether Miss Clara Mae Netherton had as Lawrence B. Waters has served as property in same neighborhood and on easy Board Misses Treasurer for Jefferson county twen theexcess had the power to fix a levy terms. Call Cumb. phone :tKf. or address J her guests Thursday night Rothen-burgein of 50 cents, or if a vote of Anna Claxon and Jennie Lee C. ALCOCK. Jeffersontown. Ky. tf years on the day that he was the people must be taken to validate During that the levy aboye that figure. He says T. L. Ellwanger, little Douglas defeated by Mr. Gates. For Sale - Young chickens just hatched Maddox and Mrs. H. H. Simcoe. who time he has always proven a capable the town charter empowered the M US. CHAS. D. TYLKK, Cumb. phone have all been very sick, are somewhat and efficient official, and not once Board to fix a tax rate for general and school purposes not exceeding Jeffersontown. Ky. improved at this writing. Mr. Will Claxon and Dr. J. L. has his ligures been changed by the 50 cents, and that there is no proFor Sale Kggs for hatching pure bred Juessenberry returned home, after experts who have examined his work vision under the new Constitution or for light barred Plymouth Rocks. spending the week-enwith Mr. and from time to time. He has ever been statutes for a specific levy for school iHS (ncoriorated purposes byjthe Board of Trustees HKNRY HA AG. Route l.i, Jeffersontown. Mrs. Ben Lawson, of Tavlortown. courteous and accommodating, es lor any levy in excess of 50 cents. or Rev. .1. E. Thornberrv is still sick pecially to county people wlu went TWO STORES For Sale White Wvandotte eggs for sit and unable to fill his appointment at to him for favors and seeking infor 15. AG KR. Fisher- - the Christian church. W. H. ling. HJB lor We hope The citizens of Middletown have 132 E. Market and 214 W. Market, Louisville, Ky. rUlc. Ky. will soon be back again in our midst. mation in regard to the county's asked for an election upon the graded Mrs. Leslie Monks and son. Mr. funds. Mr. Waters has many friends school rpuestion, and it. is probable For Sale Single Comb Brown Leghorn Herbert, and Miss Maggie Carfield who regret that 'he was not permitt that it will be held on the same day eggs: H per sitting. Address A. K. SCHOTT. were guests of Mrs. Martha Broyles the ed to serve on for another twenty that also Anchorage election is held. 1907 Stevens avenue. Louisville. It is reported that several other tU Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hi litis were the four years. school districts in the county will Believe Bill Excessive. Revival at Methodist Church. guests of Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Downs. vote on the graded school question. For Sale. 2,i head good, mares of Stone Court. Sunday. tam .Teller-rn of th- - Fiscal Court The revival meeting at the and horses; also, several cheap mules HENRY Mrs. Jane Peyton, who has been ill Tuesday the claim of Clareuee ParHUDSON BROS. & CO.. 10411 East Main St. sontown Methodist church, win Caught After Long Chase. for the past two weeks, is con vales- Louisville. Ky. Chester Pally, mg. alias William have been in progress for several sons as expert engineer for inspectIlodgers, colored, wanted on a charge days, are resulting much good. ing and reporting on the I'rimrose Mrs.J. E. IMnnell, of Prospect, and Is the Name For Sale io.OdO strawberry plants That Has Been Selected For of having forged checks on Herman Haverland. Late Champion and Sena- daughter. Mrs. A. V. Hardin, were been preach- school house road lor $535 was disHeskamp and Charles Gorbant, of Rev. Mr. Johnston has the guests of Mrs. J. W. Downs, of New Hotel in Louisville Complitor Duulap. Price. BUM per thousand. Lyndon, was taken into custody Tues ing tine sermons and giving the truth allowed and on motion of Magistrate FALCK& WILLIAMS. Route. 11, Huechel. Ky Stone Court. Thursday and Friday. ment To Great Editor. J In day afternoon bv Countv Patrolmen of the bible without varnish. Mrs. Susie Hunt, of Harrod s William Bench and C. W. Chowder doors of th" .'.lurch will be open to Gilford he was allowed $1"0 for his Creek, has returned home from a after a long chase through the coun isit to her daughter. Mrs. Clarence night, and several converts services. Most of the Magistrates A prophet is with honor in his own ty. The negro was tried in Magis morrow Thomas, of Mt. Sterling. For Rent. be taken in. The meetings will t bought the oil! excessive for the Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Tvler and ountry. Henry Watterson, great trate R. O. Dorsey's court this morn wl'.l j work done. probably close Sunday night. collage in children. Misses Lucy and Narcissa. est American editor, of Louisville, (or ing. Fur Rent. One were guests of Mrs. J. E. Pinnel J.C.BRUCE. should we say Jeffersontown ? He Sunday. Mr. Alexander Downs and Mr. Lee ives here), is honored 'by his name For Rent. House of four rooms; also 25 week-enguests of or :lo acres of good bottom land for corn on W. Hihbs were Ky. Mr. Albert Bauer, of St. Matthews shares. J, A. BEARD, near Fisherville, inch top A One and lt JOHN PRKY, Huechel. Ky. For Sale wagon. one-tourt- h -- Duroc-Jerse- STYLE y --VI U-lt tt-t- d n-- -- 40-- one-hal- f $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 r. ty-fo- 3 40-- tf T."iC d S8-1-2 Y" 32-2- 4 1 WATTERSON .1 Bu-bac- 41-- 2 four-roo- 42-- SELECT YOI R d t Wanted. Wanted house of three rj ritrht man. Cumb. Early SPRING farm ncrunv d "- EAS TER SUITS WHILE STOCKS ARE LARGE Our real reason for urging you to buy now is that we are selling garments you will like and because every day's delay is robbing you of a day of apparel pleasure. Suits from $7. for the new hotel that e Louisville. The of the finest in the lusandsof warm friends nry are glad that the ire so wise as to give the ame of Watterson. A vas offered to the person he best name. Many were sent in, but there y people suggesting the nry Watterson that his 1 n ho-on- i ed first choice. S SALE urt in the action of J. F. Kate Ackerman, etc., de- - 911, int of Lot No. 10, ublic auction to the high-allowin- g property: plat in Jefferson County lots conveyed to J. F. jMarch 8, 1886. recorded in Jeffersontown as land running back 200 'jells by deed from li. We carry Strouse & Bros. makers of High Art Clothing, and other good makes. At $10 At $15 At $20 Yob will find Suits that have undergone the same rigid test as all garments in our higher priced displays. all-wo- In SERGES, TWEEDS and CASHMERES. You may select from Suits that evidence the color preferences of the season browns, blues, grays, tans, etc., with tine chalk or pencil stripes, as well as iin plain colors and weaves. We are anxious to see that you get what you want. All sizes 30 to 52. The "average man's" price, you'll see garments that are far above the average store displays: you'll-finevidence of Berman's superiority that's conclusive. Fabrics and patterns for conservative or modish dressers. d Stylish Easter Clothing for boys and children. Confirmation suits a specialty. Men's Furnishings and Shoes complete with everything new and SPECIAL The stock of Felix Kahn & Co.. of Chicago, merchant tailored stock of Clothing, bought recently, still on sale. Suits made to measure to sell for as high as $45 our prices $7..")0 to $20. Special attention given to mail orders. I 10 tin said office D. B. 497, unty, Kentucky. rchase price, due six test from said day. RNOLD, ssioner Hopkins C. C. MYER BERMAN, W. Market St. Bet. 2d and 3rd. Louisville, Ky. 216-21- 8 e. 1

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